So You're Such A Doctor Song
192 She Would Act Just Like A Snail
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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192 She Would Act Just Like A Snail

In the past, after the two of them were done, she would always hide in the covers to put on her clothes because she was shy. Now, she had nowhere to hide and could only put on her clothes in front of him.

She felt extremely uncomfortable throughout this process.

She really wanted to cry. Her eyes hurt, but she just endured it.

She held it in until her eyes were red.

Even with the thin shirt touching her back, she felt it stinging.

She wiped the tears away from the corner of her eyes with a hand and turned to pack up.

"What are you doing?" Song Chuyi clenched his fists, seeing her like this.

"… Going home," Changqing said in a hoarse voice with her head down.

Song Chuyi was slightly disappointed. He would rather she pout her little mouth and stare at him with resentment as she did in the past when she felt wronged. Even if she were to cry out loud and kick up a fuss like a little child, that would be better than how she was acting now. She wouldn't even look at him properly.

He didn't know that although Changqing always liked to throw tantrums, she would only do that to people close to her, just like a child. She would act more intimately and express her emotions more readily to whomever was nice to her and doted on her.

Once she felt that the person would harm her, she would act just like a snail, withdrawing into her shell and never sticking her head out again for fear of getting hurt again.

Humans were sometimes sensitive because of their innocence and because of their sensitivity; they knew how to hide themselves better.

"I'll go back with you." He stood up.

Changqing didn't say anything, only dragging her aching body as she searched for a broom in the kitchen.

"Let me do it. Take a seat. There's glass on the floor; don't walk around." Song Chuyi quickly walked over and took the broom from her hands, sweeping the broken glass on the floor clean.

Changqing stood at the side as she watched him. Although she didn't want to see him at all right now and also felt that giving her a sweet after slapping her was a shameless move, she just needed to put it in her heart silently. Saying less wouldn't offend anyone. She was mainly afraid that what happened then would happen again.

After the floor was swept, Changqing walked towards her car. Just as she took out her car keys from her bag, Song Chuyi snatched them from her.

"You're not feeling well—let me drive." Song Chuyi quickly walked up front and opened the passenger side door.

Changqing didn't look at him, pulling her aching body as she staggered over and sat inside. When she bent over, her back hurt as the skin was tugged and ripped.

On the way back, Changqing stared out the window drowsily but didn't dare to sleep.

When they returned to the Yan Household, Song Chuyi's brows knitted slightly. "That, your dad…

"I won't tell them." Changqing lowered her head as she pushed the door open and stepped out of the car.

Song Chuyi felt a spicy sense of embarrassment flashing past his face. He indeed didn't want Changqing to cry to Yan Lei about it.

About this point, he was really shocked. In the past, no matter how many times they had quarrelled, no matter how big or small the quarrel was, she had never cried to Yan Lei about them, unlike his cousins who would always go back to their maiden home to complain about this and that every time they felt wronged.

Actually, sometimes, she was quite sensible.

The more he thought, the worse he felt.

He quickly followed her and saw Robben wagging his tail, following Changqing up ahead.

Now, his dog was basically reduced to being her captive.

He let out a sigh.

Back in the room, the first thing Changqing did was shower. When she took off her clothes and saw the densely packed love marks and bruises, she silently cried for a while. She wiped her eyes dry and stood under the showerhead, but when the water trickled down her back, bringing back the pain, she cried again.

Song Chuyi sat in the room and watched television programs for a while. When he saw her coming out, her amorous eyes were slightly swollen and moist.

He stood up frustratedly. "Come over. I'll stick some band-aids on your back for you."

"No need. It doesn't hurt anymore," Changqing said softly, shaking her head.

Song Chuyi's face sank and he walked over, bringing her into his embrace.

Changqing was flustered. Horror filled her clear eyes.

It hurt him to see her like that and he didn't realize she was so frightened of him now. "I just want to help you stick on a few band-aids so it won't hurt so much when you sleep at night."

Changqing bit her lips and only looked at him uneasily. She was afraid he would do something beastly again after he lifted her shirt. The area between her thighs practically hurt more than her first time. "Pass me the band-aids. I'll do it myself."

"You can't stick them on yourself." Song Chuyi tried to persuade her.

Changqing couldn't help but say: "Are you sure you just want to help me stick on band-aids? It's not to look at my body?"

"What do you mean?" Song Chuyi's face froze. Had he already become a sex fiend in her eyes?

Changqing pressed her lips together and didn't speak again. She just couldn't trust him at all now.

A trace of annoyance flashed in Song Chuyi's eyes. He let her go and stuffed the band-aids into her hand. "You do it yourself in case you think I'm harboring any thoughts."

That was the case.

Changqing pressed her lips together and went into the changing room with the band-aids.

When he heard her locking the door, he was simply furious.

10 minutes later, Changqing walked out and lay straight on the bed.

When he came out from the shower, she was already sleeping in bed. She was sleeping on her stomach with her face turned to the side. This sleeping posture made her round little face pressed on one side and she looked clean and cute. It was just that her slightly-knitted brows made his heart ache.

Song Chuyi stood by the side and watched her for a while. When he got into bed, he scooped her in closer to his embrace in case she rolled off the bed in the middle of the night.

Changqing didn't wake up. However, after a while, she pushed his chest away with both her hands and turned around with her back facing him coldly.

Song Chuyi opened his eyes and thought she wasn't asleep and pulled her back over again.

However, she rolled out again not long later. Her breathing was stable and she had a pinky by the side of her mouth. The corner of her mouth always looked like that when she was sound asleep.

She was really asleep.

Song Chuyi's face darkened even more in the darkness. When they slept in the past, she would always like to roll towards him and when she was in a good mood, she even liked to lay on top of him like a tortoise. That way, he felt like he was sleeping while carrying a child. Her body was soft like cotton candy and even smelled like milk.

At first, he couldn't sleep well because of her, but now, he still couldn't sleep well because of her.

The whole night, Song Chuyi was tossing and turning while the woman beside him slept very well.

The next morning when he woke up, he even saw a saliva stain by the side of her mouth.

Her pink and full lips were slightly pouted, making him think of the jellies he had as a child.

Song Chuyi watched for a while. Suddenly, he had a thought of wanting to try the taste by the corner of her mouth.

When this thought flashed in his mind, he was even a little disgusted by himself.

He held it in and only used his finger to wipe away that stream of saliva. The tip of his finger grazed past her lips. It was really soft.

Hence, he couldn't hold it back this time. He lowered his head and gently sealed a kiss on her soft and full lips.

Changqing opened her eyes. It was blurry at first, but when she saw him clearly, she appeared to have seen a ghost and moved back suddenly, falling straight to the wood floor.

Her back was already in pain and this time, the back of her head hit the floor too. She was dazed from the pain for a while.

Song Chuyi reached out with a black face to carry her up. Changqing quickly waved her hands then climbed up bravely and strongly by herself. "No need, no need. I can handle it on my own."

His face darkened once more.

"When are you going to stop this?" He gritted his teeth, staring at her with his sunken brows.

"I didn't do anything." Changqing blinked. Her look when she just woke up was cute. She was just afraid of him; was it wrong to keep a distance? She didn't even argue with him, cry, or kick up a fuss.

Men were so frustrating.

Song Chuyi squinted his eyes ruthlessly. He gnashed his teeth and took a deep breath, saying, "If you didn't, you would've longed cried and asked for a hug and rub like before."

Changqing's face felt a little hot. She also wanted to cry and wanted to ask for a hug and rub but she didn't care for him anymore, and she didn't dare to let him hug or rub her anymore. "I was just innocent and ignorant in the past. Now, I'm growing day by day and I'm also getting stronger day by day. If I still cried, how childish would that be?"

She suddenly thought of this saying that went around the web: If a woman married well, she would never have to learn how to become stronger. If a woman didn't marry well, she would become stronger and stronger, and she would be able to conquer all obstacles then become a masculine woman.

She might've been too childish in the past. When Song Chuyi treated her a little better, she flew to the skies and thought he would always dote on her and care for her, just like how Yan Lei cared for her.

However, now that she thought about it, she was too naive. He didn't love her at all, so why would he dote on her unconditionally?

She was upset inside. However, it didn't matter if he didn't dote on her. She still had her dad, her sis, and her grandma to dote on her. In the future, when Shen Lu was married, there would be Auntie Shen Lu to dote on her and Fu Yu would also become her brother and she would also have Fu Yu to dote on her.

Thinking about it this way, Changqing wasn't so upset anymore.

She wasn't upset anymore, but Song Chuyi was flustered inside. He scoffed. "You're growing really quickly; it's just been a few days, yet you've grown?"

Who is she kidding?

Changqing frowned as she thought solemnly for half a second. She said, "Sometimes, a person's growth has nothing to do with the length of time. Some people only need a day, a minute, or an hour to completely grow."

Song Chuyi was actually speechless and felt his nerves swelling from anger.

Seeing that he wasn't speaking anymore, Changqing gathered her spirits and went to shower. Although her head still hurt, it would be better in a while when she acted coquettishly to Yan Lei.

When she was brushing her teeth, a tall figure suddenly entered the bathroom and he took half of the space at the sink. Suddenly, the place felt cramped.

Changqing glanced at his cold profile and brushed a few times casually before washing the foam off and wiping her face, retreating quickly.

Song Chuyi closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

She was obviously hiding from him and still denied it.

After washing up, he walked towards the changing room. Changqing, who always took her time choosing her clothes, was actually already done changing when he went in today. She was dressed simply today with a pair of denim shorts and an off-shoulder top, looking a little sexy, especially her fair, thin and long legs.

"You can use the room; I'm done." Changqing retreated carefully.

After Song Chuyi was done changing and went downstairs, he happened to see Changqing clinging onto Yan Lei's arm, her little head leaning pitifully on him. Yan Lei was rubbing her little head with one hand and on the other hand, he was holding a bottle of medicinal oil as he said, feeling sorry for her, "It does seem to be a little swollen."

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