So You're Such A Doctor Song
201 Her Husband Is So Poor
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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201 Her Husband Is So Poor

After hearing that, Changqing looked at Song Chuyi. "What do you think?"

Only then did Song Chuyi turn over to look at the myriad of wedding photos. His memory of wedding photoshoots was still stuck on the year before, when Zhan Mingwei had his. After he had his wedding photoshoot, he said he would rather drink a few bottles of Five Grain Liquor with high officials at the drinking table than do something so torturous like a wedding photoshoot. In his words, he had to stand there with his face stiff from smiling.

However, Zhan Mingwei said all women loved things like this.

The image of Changqing's eyes brightening when she flipped open the photo book flashed past his mind. Even though she was trying very hard to conceal it, he could still tell she was looking forward to it.

"I'm… fine with anything." He thought about it and replied to her. "However, if we have to do the photoshoot overseas, I'm quite busy nowadays and I'll have to rearrange my schedule."

"Actually, many couples have their wedding photoshoots during their honeymoon." The Manager said with a smile, "Both of you haven't had your honeymoon, right?"

Changqing shook her head.

The manager said, "We can have our photographer go over with you during your honeymoon to do the photoshoot for two to three days and after that, they will return first while you can continue your honeymoon overseas. Many couples do this now. Actually, couples from wealthy families like Mr. Song and Miss Yan mostly have their photoshoots done overseas and only around two to three sets are done in the studio. You can choose a classic style for the studio shoot."

The Manager opened a classic-style wedding photo book which included photos of a Cheongsam during the Republican era and a dragon and phoenix robe. Changqing had a better impression the more she flipped. "I think they're all very pretty. I feel that this Republican era military uniform looks pretty good. This dragon and phoenix robe is quite interesting too. I haven't even worn one before."

"Actually, the effect of the photos would definitely be better than these models, given both of your figures and looks." The Manager quickly said with a smile, "The photographer won't need to take too long for good-looking people."

"Then for the studio shoot… I'll get these two sets. Do you want to take a look?" Changqing asked the man beside her, who was sipping tea, for his opinion.

"Mm, you'll look good in anything." Song Chuyi finally muttered something that made Changqing slightly happier.

After being praised by her husband, Changqing felt even more interested in choosing the setting. On top of that, with the Manager's prodding, Changqing booked another four sets which were the ancient castle style, knight style, romantic underwater style and aesthetic style.

After she was done choosing, Changqing still felt like it was insufficient. "I feel that these shots on the yacht and plane look pretty cool too."

Song Chuyi thought for a while and said, "Shaobin has a yacht and a private plane. We can borrow them for the shoot."

"Wow, he's so rich." Changqing couldn't help but make some calculations. Why were they such good buddies but Song Chuyi only had an Audi A7? Compared to Li Shaobin, her husband was so poor.

"What kind of gaze is that?" Song Chuyi squinted.

"Nothing." Changqing retracted her gaze silently.

Song Chuyi snorted. Even if she didn't say it, would he not have guessed it? "His things were all given by his father. I just don't splurge like him."

"I can tell." Changqing pretended to nod understandingly.

Compared to a thrifty person, she liked someone who splurged more.

"In that case, it will be eight sets." The manager was smiling so broadly she couldn't close her mouth. It was time to make a big profit again.

"So many…" The corners of Song Chuyi's lips twitched. Zhan Mingwei only took four sets before and he was already dead tired. If he were to take eight sets, wouldn't he go mad?

"It is quite a lot." Changqing nodded and was in a dilemma. "But they're all so pretty; what to do?"

She looked at Song Chuyi with her large, moist eyes. The kind of look that one couldn't bear to reject.

Song Chuyi's head hurt. He had never been interested in taking photos. "Why don't… we take six sets first? The ones on the yacht and plane can wait."

"Can we take them in the future?" Changqing was suspicious.

"Of course. If you want to take them, we can take them anytime." Song Chuyi tried his best to make himself sound natural as he pressed his lips together. "The plane and yacht are all in Northern City."

Changqing found it made some sense and decided to make a booking for six sets first.

After that, they had to choose the clothes. The clothes there were all pre-chosen designs which were later custom-made by renowned designers overseas and there definitely wouldn't be any similar pieces.

The clothing design had to be chosen too. Changqing was dazzled while Song Chuyi was basically sitting at the side, sipping his tea, unable to provide any constructive feedback.

She only managed to settle with a design after choosing until 1 pm.

At last, the wedding photo shoot and honeymoon venue was chosen to be in England.

Song Chuyi paid the deposit and when the two came out from the VIP room, they happened to see Guan Ying who was walking out from the changing room, wearing a pink wedding gown.

The three pairs of eyes met and Guan Ying's face, under her exquisite makeup, changed. Her gaze landed on Song Chuyi's arm, which Changqing was holding. She felt a sharp pain on the tip of her heart. Other than signing up for a wedding photoshoot, there didn't seem to be any other reason for them to show up here.

Changqing was also slightly stunned. Other than awkwardness and discomfort, she was also slightly shocked. "Are you getting married too?"

At the mention of this, Guan Ying's hand covered by the wedding gown clenched into a fist slowly.

The manager said with a smile, "She's here to do a photo book for our bridal shop."

"Oh." Changqing captured a hint of embarrassment in Guan Ying's eyes and felt increasingly bad and remorseful.

She really didn't think that Guan Ying would be reduced to taking jobs like bridal shop photoshoots. If it wasn't because of that drama series where Guan Ying took the horse kick for her, Guan Ying would probably be very well-off now.

"Manager, I'll go take some photos." Guan Ying didn't look at them again and walked past them with a cold face.

The manager looked at her retreating back and her face sank as she chided, "Why doesn't she take a look at herself? She's just an actress who isn't even second to third rate. Mr. Song, Miss Yan, please don't mind her too much. I'll give her a good lecture after this."

"… There's no need." Song Chuyi frowned slightly as he spoke.

Changqing clenched her fists angrily. "Manager, Guan Ying is our good friend. Please don't talk about her in that tone. Otherwise, we won't do our wedding photoshoot here."

The manager got a fright and quickly said, "I just saw that she was rude to you. Don't worry, since Guan Ying is Miss Yan's good friend, I definitely won't treat her badly."

"Mm, don't make things difficult for her. It's not easy for a woman all alone on the outside." Song Chuyi instructed lightly before walking away with Changqing, who was in a bad mood.

Because of this little episode, Changqing's mood, which had finally improved, was soon down again.

Seeing Guan Ying like this, she felt self-reproachful and also remorseful.

No matter what happened between her and Guan Ying, the foundation of their friendship was still there.

Besides, she couldn't understand something. Fu Yu plainly promised her that after Guan Ying recovered, she would be recommended to be the female lead of another new drama and he would groom her once again. Why was she reduced to doing photoshoots for a bridal shop?

"It's getting late. Let's have our meal outside," Song Chuyi said.

"Mm." Changqing nodded absent-mindedly.

Knowing that she liked to eat barbequed meat, Song Chuchu specifically brought her to a barbeque restaurant. Although the weather was warm, the air-conditioning was strong. Changqing didn't have much appetite and only ordered a few dishes casually. She wasn't active in barbequing and in the end, Song Chuchu had to personally flip the meat over for her.

After finishing the barbequed meat, Changqing said, "I want to go home."

Song Chuyi frowned slightly. He initially had plans to take her to the movies. "Are you still thinking about Guan Ying?"

"Guan Ying has good acting skills and shouldn't be in the state she's in now," Changqing said, feeling upset.

"Her acting skills are very good." Song Chuyi scoffed softly. He was lied to so badly.

Back at the Yan Household, the moment Changqing got out of the car, she saw Robben being chased about by little Lolita around the courtyard.

Auntie Zhang stood at the door, smiling broadly. "This little couple has been kicking up a fuss the whole morning."

"Really? Looks like little Lolita has been adapting pretty quickly." Changqing's face finally showed a slight smile. "Auntie Zhang, let's give little Lolita a bath."

"Sure. It's time for a bath." Auntie Zhang nodded as she took a basin out and carried little Lolita to the courtyard to give her a refreshing bath. Changqing then blew her dry with a hairdryer.

After the hard work, she was so tired that she lay on the couch sleepily to get some rest. When she was about to fall asleep, she was carried upstairs by a pair of strong arms.

"Sleep on the bed," Song Chuyi said as he lowered his head.

Changqing was exhausted and let him carry her up.

When she was placed on the bed, she was pulled into his embrace. Changqing lay on his chest and napped until 4 pm.

When she woke up, Song Chuyi was also up, hugging her as he stroked and kissed her on the bed. Changqing was soon stripped naked by him as though she wasn't wearing anything to begin with.

Changqing felt that men didn't waste any time at all when it came to things like this.

From four all the way till five, he took his time and didn't enter, but Changqing was already full of red marks all over her body from his bites and her face was blushing.

Song Chuyi hugged her as he kissed her again and again.

Changqing felt annoyed by all his kisses and said, "Go to work quickly."

"You sound like you can't wait for me to leave." Song Chuyi's face sank and he was a little unhappy. "You don't seem to like me less than Robben lately."

"No." Changqing blinked innocently.

"Give me a kiss and I'll go to work," Song Chuyi said as he looked at her.

Changqing was a little speechless. Song Chuchu was indeed getting increasingly childish.

However, she still lifted her head to give him a peck on his thin lips. He didn't let her go and hugged her again, kissing her for another five to six minutes before getting up from the bed and getting dressed to go to work.

It was past five. The moment Song Chuyi left, Changqing crawled up immediately to give Fu Yu a call.

"Changqing, it's rare of you to call me," Fu Yu said in a seemingly joking tone.

Changqing suddenly felt embarrassed. Ever since that day when both families had dinner together, she had basically zero contact with Fu Yu.

"What's the matter?" Seeing that she wasn't speaking, Fu Yu asked again gently.

"I just.. wanted to ask about Guan Ying." Changqing said softly, "I saw her at a bridal shop today. She was doing a photo book for wedding gowns. Isn't she an artiste under your company? You told me that you would arrange a new drama series for her previously when she was hospitalized…"

On the other side of the phone, Fu Yu was silent.

She ran into Guan Ying at a bridal shop; was Changqing there to do her wedding photoshoot?

He spun the ballpoint pen in his hand as he sighed softly. He had already decided to put it down. Why did he still feel upset?

"I haven't been involved in the artistes' affairs lately. I didn't even know that Guan Ying had recovered." Fu Yu said after hesitating for a while, "Previously, Meng Peng got into an accident in Hong Kong. I have yet to find someone to replace him as of now. Therefore, most of the artistes in the company are managed by Xue Gao. He currently has several popular artistes under his care and also some young actors who are doing well, so he might not have that much time to look after Guan Ying."

Changqing understood.

Although it was just three months, the entertainment industry was a place where every second mattered. Three months was just like three years. Competition was so fierce that one could miss many opportunities.

Guan Ying must be full of regret right now, regretting that she saved Changqing then.

"Can you… help her?" Changqing said through gritted teeth, "Not talking about other things, but Guan Ying's beauty is undeniable and most importantly, her acting skills are superb. When we were still studying, her acting was the best. She just didn't have many opportunities. Brother Fu Yu, I know that in your heart, you actually despise Guan Ying. You think that she seduced you for fame and all that. You men will always feel that women who seduced you are frivolous. Actually, aren't you men just as unscrupulous when it comes to achieving your goals? In an industry like ours, I believe there are many people who have done things way worse than her. I'm not supporting her methods, but for your company, grooming her would be better than grooming those artistes who are only good-looking but good at nothing, right?

"If you want a good-looking artiste, you can groom anyone, but if you want to groom a good-looking actress with good acting skills and could probably win a best female-lead award, you cannot find one easily."

"I didn't expect you would actually say this." Fu Yu laughed complicatedly. "Changqing, did you forget what Guan Ying did to you previously? You two aren't friends anymore. Even though you told me all this, she won't be grateful to you."

"It doesn't matter. A friendship cannot be obliterated just because of a little hurt," Changqing replied as she stared at the covers on her bed.

The main thing was that seeing Guan Ying living unhappily, aside from feeling upset, Changqing still had a little responsibility that she couldn't evade. "If you're unwilling, forget it."

"You've already said so much; could I be unwilling?" Fu Yu laughed softly. "But if I help you, shouldn't you treat me to a meal?"

"That's… no problem." In any case, Fu Yu would become her brother soon.

"I will talk to her Manager," Fu Yu said with a smile.

After hanging up, Fu Yu looked at his phone and sighed softly.

Changqing, ah Changqing. You're always this kind.

At the hospital.

It was the evening. Song Chuyi found a parking space in the carpark. Just as he got out of the car and was walking towards the hospital entrance, he saw Song Chulang standing there talking on the phone.

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