So You're Such A Doctor Song
209 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 1
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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209 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 1

"Besides, I kind of like you as a doctor. You don't discriminate against older patients like us and are willing to talk to me. You're the best doctor I've met. The doctors I've met in the hospitals I've stayed in before were always indifferent and proud. They look down on poor people like us. I don't believe in certain things people say; I only believe what I see."

"Thank you," Song Chuyi said with a smile.

"Of course. What's important is that you feel sorry for old people like us." Old Madam Wang sighed and said, "My son is always so drunk and you even lectured him to be more filial to me. A doctor so nice would definitely have medical ethics. How could you commit medical malpractice?"

Song Chuyi only listened with a slight smile.

He had seen too many old people like her. Their family members were often not around when they were hospitalized, and on top of that, their ears were bad, so their family members would often be unwilling to talk to them.

As a doctor, just listening quietly would be enough to make the elderly happy.

If the other patients refused to let him treat them, it didn't matter. That was because they didn't know him.

In the morning, he had some rare free time and since he was also exhausted, he returned back to his office to take a rest. Just as he got there, Director Guo called him, telling him to make a trip to the Hospital Director's office.

Director Yu got his assistant to make two cups of tea for them and said helplessly, "Chuyi, you must've heard—many patients from your department under your charge have requested to change doctors…"

"I know." Song Chuyi said with his legs crossed, "The Gao Family's side still refuses to concede?"

"It's a deadlock." Director Guo said, "They just want money. The Gao couple was making a scene in the Outpatient Department this morning."

Song Chuyi nodded. "I heard. The two are famous for demanding money. I've also thought about teaching them a lesson, but I don't want to use illegitimate ways either. I'm afraid that it would make matters worse and instead, cause the patients to think that I'm oppressing them with my status and make them feel even more strongly that I pulled strings to get this job. I feel that we've been running into patients like this more frequently lately. If they think they can make money from the hospital, they will ask for more. I hope you can sue the couple under the hospital's name and make the court hearing public, Hospital Director. At the same time, we could give a warning to similar family members of patients. Only when we make the court hearing public will the public know that I'm upright and above board."

"If you aren't against it, I would be all for it, of course." Director Yu said with a smile, "I'll get someone to publicize this lawyer's letter on the hospital grounds this afternoon. However, you're the most skilled in our hospital. I find it a pity for you to hang around the department doing nothing. I've discussed it with Director Guo and have decided to transfer you to the Emergency Department for a while. Don't worry, when the matter's resolved, I will transfer you back immediately."

"No problem." Song Chuyi nodded. 'However… I plan to take leave for a week or so after a while."

"I'll get the director in your department to change your shifts then. It shouldn't be a problem as long as it's well-coordinated," said the Hospital Director.

After Song Chuyi returned to his department, he started his handover work. The person who was taking over his patients was Dr. Yan.

Dr. Yan came in with a face full of guilt. "Chuyi, I really didn't think Director Guo would arrange for you to be transferred to the Emergency Department. Actually, we all know that you're innocent, but the Gao couple is just unreasonable."

Song Chuyi pressed his lips together and smiled lightly.

Dr. Yan continued to console him. "I understand that you aren't in a good mood and that working in the Emergency Room is busy and tiring and you'll have to do more night shifts than over here. However, you can get Director Yu to arrange a lighter workload for you."

Song Chuyi finally lifted his head and smiled. 'Do I look like someone who often pulls strings? Dr. Yan, it's okay if you say things like this outside. How could you say this in front of me too?"

Dr. Yan froze slightly and tugged out a smile. 'Chuyi, I didn't spout nonsense on the outside. Don't misunderstand."

"I know very well whether it was a misunderstanding or not." Song Chuyi's low voice was very cold. "That batch of new nurse interns was anxious to work in the hospital permanently and you used this opportunity to entice the nurses individually to accidentally reveal my identity as the son of the major shareholder in front of patients. You told them that as long as they said it, you would find a way to help them become permanent staff. Those patients are very sensitive. Even if the Gao Family incident hadn't happened, something else would've in the future."

The wrinkles under the corners of Dr. Yan's eyes twitched. He said with a sunken face. "Chuyi, I know that you feel angry and indignant, but you cannot push this all on me. We're also on pretty good terms normally."

"Actually, I can understand. You're more senior than me in terms of age, and you also came to the hospital earlier than me. I can understand that you wouldn't be able to accept the fact that I surpassed you and reached this position." Song Chuyi's face had been very calm and he wasn't angry either. "It's not just you—there are other doctors in the department who feel indignant too. However, they can understand that the higher-ups were in such a hurry to pull me up so that I could take the position as the Hospital Director legitimately as soon as possible. Do you think I was really eyeing a position as the Head of Department? It was just a stepping stone. Once I gained enough experience, I would've been on my way up quickly. When the time came, the position would still belong to you. Besides, once I got the position, I would've naturally been thankful for your graciousness and would also put in a few good words for you and groom you. Dr. Yan, everyone could understand this except for you. You only saw the interests before your eyes."

Dr. Yan's face turned as grey as his coat. He didn't say anything, only standing in the air-conditioned room and breaking out in a cold sweat on his forehead.

Song Chuyi sighed softly and beckoned him. "Come over. Let me tell you about the patients under me. Actually, there aren't many…"

Dr. Yan basically didn't listen. All that filled his mind was how much evidence Song Chuyi had in his hands.

"Dr. Yan, can you listen to me carefully?" Song Chuyi finally frowned deeply. "You're also a professional primary physician. Can you respect your patients? These patients are all critically-ill. It can be a life or death situation after a slight mistake from the doctor."

Dr. Yan lost all color in his face but could only pick himself up and listen carefully to him.

Over on his side, Song Chuyi was still telling Dr. Yan about his patients' conditions while over on the other side, the other doctors had received news of Song Chuyi's transfer and came over to bid farewell.

In the afternoon, Song Chuyi treated the doctors in the department to lunch somewhere close to the hospital. Everyone was chatting merrily while discussing work.

Song Yunyang sat quietly at the side, listening on.

Someone at the table suddenly said, "Aren't Yunyang and Dr. Song siblings? Why do you seem to not talk to each other?"

Song Yunyang said jokingly as she took some vegetables, "We do talk; it's just that we talk about some private stuff that you guys don't hear. Don't you agree, Second Brother?"

"Yeah." Song Chuyi nodded with a light smile and changed the topic. "Right, Dr. Xin, was it your girlfriend who was waiting for you at the hospital's entrance previously?"

"Haha, to think you've started to ask about such gossip too?" Dr. Xin laughed cheerfully. "That's right. We just got together."

After lunch, back at the office, Song Huaisheng started arranging for Dai Ai's child to go overseas. At around four in the afternoon, Song Huaisheng gave Song Chuyi a call personally. "Chuchu, I think that I would feel more assured if you took a trip to the States personally. I will help you talk to the Hospital Director on the hospital's side. In any case, you don't have much going on in the department these next few days."

"… Alright." Song Chuyi acceded.

"There are some things that weren't convenient to say with the others around in the morning." Song Huaisheng paused for a while and lowered his voice a little. "Actually, I understand very clearly that you two brothers still aren't fond of Dai Ai or her baby, especially your brother. You two don't want this child to be born, but whatever it is, I hope this child is normal when we fetch him from the States. If something were to happen, someone has to be responsible."

"… I understand."

"It's good that you do. You're usually overly respectful to me as your father. Actually, it's fine to be closer to your brother, but you must know your limits," Song Huaisheng began again.


After hanging up, Song Chuyi looked at his reflection through the French windows. The stubble growing at the corners of his mouth made him look so haggard that he almost couldn't recognize himself.

After informing the Head of Department, the helicopter arranged by the Song Family arrived at the landing area.

Song Chuyi packed his things and when he left, he ran into Song Yunyang, who was coming in. Her gaze looked grave. "Are you going to the States to look for Lytton?"

Song Chuyi replied with an "Mm". When they were studying at the same university in the past, she basically knew all his friends.

Song Yunyang looked deeply into his eyes and was a little worried. "You look pretty tired. You were trying very hard to keep your spirits up during lunch. Let me go in your stead. How can your body take it like this?"

"My body's pretty good." Song Chuyi looked at her delicate eyebrows and he said gently, "I'm leaving; it will be very busy in the department. Stay here and treat the patients. Even if I stayed, the patients would refuse to let me treat them."


"Yunyang, things aren't as simple as what you see this time." Song Chuyi looked back and said complicatedly, "There's always been someone, from since you were young till now, doing everything for you."

Song Yunyang was shocked. "What do you mean by that?"

"Five years ago, the one who saved you from the bullet wasn't me at all." Song Chuyi licked his dry lips. "It was my bro. He took a bullet to his back and almost died, but he told me not to tell you because he knew you liked me and didn't want you to be burdened by it."

Song Yunyang was completely stunned, staring at him blankly.

Song Chuyi looked down and didn't say anything again, walking past her.

Before he boarded the helicopter, he gave Changqing a call. "I'm making a trip to the States. I will be back in around three days."

"The States?" Changqing was bewildered but she quickly understood that he might have to send Dai Ai's son to the States. "Then be careful…"

"Mm, don't visit Dai Ai in the hospital these next few days when I'm not around. Don't go to the Song Household either. We'll talk when I come back. I'll have to hang up now; the helicopter is taking off." Song Chuyi bent down and got into the helicopter as he hung up the call.

Song Chuchu had gone to the States. Changqing's head was hurt too and she had cancelled all the programs and events arranged by the broadcasting station. For the next three days, she was basically recuperating at home, playing with Robben and Lolita.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》