So You're Such A Doctor Song
210 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 2
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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210 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 2

However, ever since Lolita had familiarized herself with the environment, she loved running after Robben every day. Robben only wanted to shake her off but was unable to no matter how.

Hence, Changqing always felt that Robben's face was increasingly aggrieved day after day.

Whenever that happened, Changqing would tell Auntie Zhang, "This is a coincidental fate and true love."

"Just like you and Dr. Song?" Auntie Zhang teased her while laughing softly.

"Why must you mention us again?" Changqing pouted. However, Song Chuyi was too much. After going to the States, he didn't give her a single call. Talk about being nicer to her in the future. That was all bullsh*t.

However, on the day of Song Chuyi's return, he still gave her a call.

Changqing didn't go to the broadcasting station and was waiting for him at the Yan Household. When the cab drove over, she ran over with the two dogs and was in a daze when she saw the Song Chuchu who came in.

Was this still her Song Chuchu? He simply looked like Jose, San Mao's [1. Renowned Chinese author] husband. He had an unkempt beard.

Who could tell her where the cold and aloof Song Chuchu went?

"What kind of expression is that?" Song Chuyi was unhappy with her standing a few meters away and not coming forward.

"Er…" Changqing really wanted to deal him a blow. However, upon thinking that he went to the States because of the trouble that she had caused, she held it in and said, "I thought you looked absolutely stylish like this and wanted to look at you more from afar."

Song Chuyi was very satisfied hearing that and walked over to hug her and lowered his head to kiss her.

In any case, Changqing couldn't feel the softness of his lips when he kissed her. She was a little dazed from being pricked by his moustache.

Thankfully, Song Chuyi didn't kiss her for long before letting her go. He touched the corner of his mouth and asked, "Do you really think I'm quite stylish like this?"

Changqing touched the back of her head and was afraid he would then begin to keep his beard and thus, she said tactfully, "Actually, you look more stylish without the beard."

Song Chuyi squinted and Changqing felt a sense of danger. "I think I'm still young and would prefer a delicate and clean young fellow."

Song Chuyi pinched her little face. She had indeed said her heartfelt words. " However, I'm quite popular overseas like this. There were many hot American women who tried to pick me up."

"Then why didn't you bring back some hot babes?" Changqing said sourly.

"After that, I told them I already had a hot babe at home and she was like a spider spirit who sucked up all my energy every day." Song Chuyi lowered his head to look at her with a grin.

"Annoying. You're the one sucking my energy every day." Changqing pounded on his chest and then buried her face in it.

Song Chuyi hugged her with a smile as they walked in together. The two dogs, one big and one small, could only bark as they circled around them.

When they entered the house, there was no one in the living room. Changqing said, "My dad's gone to Yangzhou. He decided to hold a banquet there with Auntie Shen, so he had to book the place."

"They've chosen the date?"

"The 15th of next month," Changqing replied.

Song Chuyi chuckled. "In the end, your dad is holding a banquet earlier than us."

Changqing spat her tongue out with embarrassment. "When we get married, Auntie Shen can be considered my half-mom."

Song Chuyi's thin lips turned into a light smile. "Let me catch some sleep first. I'm exhausted."

Changqing was stunned. Only then did she realize that the blood vessels in his eyes were more denser than before. "You didn't get enough sleep these few days?"

"Nope, I couldn't get over the jet lag. Also, when I got there, I had a gathering with some old classmates there so I didn't really rest." Song Chuyi felt like he was about to pass out from exhaustion. He just wanted to look for a bed and lie down quickly.

"Then hurry up and sleep." Changqing pushed him upstairs quickly.

In the past, when he came back, no matter how tired he was, he would always take a shower before getting into bed. This time, he didn't even shower, hitting the pillow the moment he took his shirt and pants off. Changqing sat at the side and within a minute, she saw him sleeping soundly.

She lay at the side, watching him for a while and didn't dare to disturb him.

He didn't wake up all the way till dinnertime.

Auntie Zhang asked as she brought the dishes out, "Do you want to wake him up to eat?"

Changqing thought for a while. "I think it's better to wait for him to wake up. Leave some for him."

After dinner, Changqing watched television programs for a while and played on the computer. He didn't even wake up when it was 10. When she lay in bed to sleep, she unconsciously rolled onto him and when she touched his chest, it was burning hot like lava.

She was stunned and lifted her hand up to touch his forehead. She was shocked.

This fever was indeed a little high.

Could he have fainted from the temperature?

Changqing quickly shook him hard and when she decided to call the ambulance, Song Chuyi finally opened his eyes, looked at her and said with a hoarse voice, "What are you doing?"

"You have a fever." Changqing blinked with her long lashes anxiously. "I even thought you fainted."

"No, I was just in a deep sleep." Song Chuyi tried to sit up but he had no energy left in his body.

"I think you were only so deep in sleep because you're unwell. Let me call the family doctor over." Changqing quickly got out of bed and looked for her slippers, rushing downstairs to look for Auntie Zhang to ask her for the family doctor's number.

The doctor said he would only be able to get there in around 20 minutes.

Auntie Zhang gave her an ice pack.

Chuchu carried it upstairs and saw Song Chuchu sitting up in bed and looked like he was about to fall asleep again.

Changqing placed the ice pack on his forehead carefully.

The sudden coldness spread from his forehead and Song Chuyi opened his eyes into a slit uncomfortably. He saw the woman standing before him, her fair and clean little face full of worries and nervousness.

He reached out and gently held her waist. Changqing sat on the edge of the bed and leaned into his embrace. She looked up and he looked down. The ice pack slid down and hit her on her nose bridge.

Changqing was angry. "Look at you, already ill but still so restless. Lie own quickly and don't you move."

She pushed his chest away easily and it was a rare time that Song Chuyi allowed her to do whatever she wanted as she placed the ice pack back on his forehead. She sat at the side and nagged him: "To think you're a doctor. You don't even know that you're running a temperature. How do you have the cheek to treat others like this? Do you really think you're God?"

He smiled lightly and didn't have the energy to speak.

Actually, he already detected that there was something wrong with his body in the morning too. He also took some fever medicine when he got on the plane but he didn't seem to have gotten better.

"I think when you refused hot babes in the States, it wasn't because you had me at home; it's definitely because you weren't feeling well and didn't have the energy." Changqing pouted as she lay at the side. "Otherwise, you would've definitely been like Robben."

The corners of Song Chuyi's mouth twitched weakly. Could she not compare him to Robben, that lecherous dog?

After more than 20 minutes, the family doctor had arrived and gave him an IV drop to bring his temperature down.

Changqing didn't dare to sleep as she sat at the side to watch over him. There were several times when she was about to fall asleep when she suddenly sat up and gave herself two slaps.

The drip lasted until almost two in the morning. Song Chuyi didn't even wake up when the family doctor pulled out the needle and left.

"Doctor, is he fine like that?" Changqing was worried.

"If his fever doesn't go down tomorrow, I'll come again. However, he still needs to get proper rest. I think he's over-exhausted, causing his immunity to drop. That's why he caught a cold."

When Changqing saw the doctor off downstairs, the doctor said with a sigh, "There are many young people nowadays who are over-exhausted and don't sleep, causing them to suddenly die. Health is still very important. You should never mess around just because you're young."

Changqing felt fearful after listening to that. Back in the room, she immediately went to search up on those who died from over-exhaustion on her phone.

Once she searched it up, she realized that there were indeed quite a lot of cases. There would always be a few every year.

The next day, when Song Chuyi woke up, a little head was pressing on his chest.

He lifted his head. Changqing was sleeping horizontally again. The two of them were sleeping in a T shape. This little lass slept till her nightgown had rolled all the way up to her waist again, revealing her white panties and long legs early in the morning.

He feasted his eyes on it for a while before reaching his hand out to help her roll her nightgown down.

Changqing was awakened by this small movement. When she opened her eyes groggily, she saw that big palm which was pulling on her nightgown. Her face sank as she sat up to lecture him. "Song Chuchu, you really are full of lust. You're already this ill, yet this is all you think of the moment you wake up."

"I didn't…" Song Chuyi's eyebrows twitched.

Changqing didn't believe him. "Do you know how many young people die at a young age because of over-exhaustion? Say, you doctors have to take night shifts from time to time and not sleep for 24 hours. When I met you, you were still a man at his prime. Now, when I take another look, you're simply an old man."

"What did you say?" Song Chuyi's face looked bad. "Didn't I just not shave?"

Changqing ignored him and continued, "In the future when Duoyao and Ruan Yang look for a husband, I will tell them never to look for a doctor and to never look for people that have to stay up late at night. Men like this will age quickly even if they're good-looking."

Song Chuyi couldn't listen on. He sat up with much effort and pulled her over, smacking her butt twice.

He wanted to be gentle to her but indeed, once he was gentle to this woman, she would tear the roof down. She simply didn't have any respect for him anymore.

"You're annoying. You said that you would treat me well a few days ago yet you hit me today." Changqing pouted, looking angry. "Men are indeed all liars."

Song Chuyi could only swallow his anger down. After such a ruckus, he had lost all the energy he regained.

Seeing that he stopped moving, Changqing glanced over, saw his weak appearance and felt a little bad. Was she a little too much? She blinked and crawled over with the intention of currying his favor. "Chuchu, let me help you shave."

Song Chuyi glanced at her languidly. How much did this woman despise his beard?

He didn't say anything. Changqing eagerly ran into the bathroom. In the bathroom's cabinet were a razor and an electric shaver. She thought for a while and was afraid that the electric shaver was harder to control and hence, she brought out the razor and a basin of hot water.

Song Chuyi lifted his lids and frowned speechlessly after seeing that. "You'll have to get some aftershave. Are you trying to kill me from the pain like this?"

"I've never even helped a man shave before; how would I know?" Changqing pouted and went back, spending a long time looking for men's aftershave.

It was a rare chance to have his woman service him. Song Chuyi was also delighted since he didn't want to move either.

Changqing used a towel to wipe his face first before applying the aftershave on his beard. After applying the white foam on his face, she found it fun and applied it here and there. In the end, Song Chuyi felt that he was only left with his eyes, nose and lips untouched. He found it unbearable and said, "Are you helping me shave or are you playing?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》