So You're Such A Doctor Song
211 Chuchu Is Ill
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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211 Chuchu Is Ill

Changqing quickly helped him shave obediently. However, not long later, the razor accidentally cut him.

Blood started flowing out and Song Chuyi let out a soft groan.

Changqing got a shock and quickly wiped the blood with a tissue. After pressing on the wound for a while, it stopped bleeding and she saw Song Chuyi's round eyes as she said guiltily, "That was an accident; it definitely won't happen next time. I've already mastered the technique."

"If there's a next time…" Song Chuyi gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Changqing nodded carefully. "I definitely know how to do it. After all, I'll be in a better mood, seeing you looking a little more good-looking."

Song Chuyi's brows twitched. After all that, his woman was actually obsessed with his appearance?

Before he had any time to think deeper, he felt another sharp pain on his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw Changqing looking for tissue paper nervously again.

He couldn't take it anymore and sat up. "Yan Changqing, are you trying to disfigure me?"

"It's your razor that's too sharp…" Changqing pouted and shrank her neck.

Song Chuyi couldn't be bothered with her shaving anymore and took the razor back, walking towards the bathroom. If she continued messing around, his face would be disfigured.

After shaving, he pasted two band-aids on his fair and clean face.

After Changqing saw that, she grinned and hugged his arm shamelessly, saying, "Chuchu, you're so handsome. It's just good to be handsome. You look so stylish even with band-aids. You could simply become an ambassador for band-aids."

Song Chuyi didn't want to be bothered by her anymore. Who was the one who complained about not looking for a doctor a few minutes ago, saying that they aged fast and that he looked like an old man?

"Get me a pair of underwear; I'm going to shower," he commanded and walked into the bathroom again.

Changqing was unhappy with his tone. "Why must I get it for you?"

"I'm a patient now. I don't have the strength." Song Chuyi gave her a do-you-have-any-opinions kind of glance before heading to the shower.

Changqing pouted. Big deal. When she was ill, she didn't make anyone get her clothes.

However, the last time she had a fever, it seemed that he even fed her water.

Changqing thought for a while and still went to the cloakroom to get him his underwear. He didn't have many pairs there. When she opened the drawer, the first thing Changqing saw was the pair that she got with him at the mall previously, the boxers that were transparent on both sides and had an embroidered tiger in the middle.

She picked it up, looked at it and blushed, her little heart beating faster inexplicably. She hesitated for a while before stuffing it along with the clothes she picked out for him.

When she got to the bathroom door, the door wasn't locked. She closed her eyes and felt her way around to try and place the clothes on the bathroom cabinet. However, after a long time, she couldn't find the cabinet. The back of her hand touched a warm and wet area.

She couldn't help but continue touching downwards with perplexity and felt an even warmer area. Realizing what that was, she threw the clothes upwards in shock.

Song Chuyi caught the clothes and used one hand to grab onto the escaping body. Seeing her blush, he felt a little speechless and didn't understand her world at all but found it very funny. "It's not like you haven't touched it before. You even closed your eyes. Which part of my body haven't you seen before?"

"Let go now." Changqing pulled back with all her might and escaped before opening her eyes. She lowered her head to look at her little hand and recalled that soft texture. Heavens, did she just touch Song Chuchu's…

She covered her face. How embarrassing.

When Song Chuyi came out from the shower, she was already nowhere to be seen in the room. He searched around and took the hair dryer downstairs.

Changqing was sitting on the couch languidly, playing with Lolita in her arms.

Song Chuyi walked over, throwing the hairdryer into her arms. "Help me blow dry my hair."

"What's wrong with you? You almost hit Lolita." Changqing glared at him. "Can't you do it yourself?"

"I have no strength." Song Chuyi sat beside her lazily, putting his head straight on her lap as he lay down and took up two-thirds of the couch.

Auntie Zhang, who came out of the kitchen, saw this scene and said with a smile, "Changqing, really, Chuyi is still down with a cold. You'll definitely have to comply with the patient more."

"I don't think he doesn't even have the strength to blow dry his hair," Changqing grumbled softly. However, she still took the hairdryer and plugged it in.

His hair had grown longer recently. His dark hair contrasted with his fair skin and when he closed his eyes, she could look at him without any restraints. His facial contours were so good-looking that he made her heartbeat increase.

Lolita, who was squeezed into the corner of the couch by them, climbed out and looked at Changqing, then Song Chuyi, then quickly climbed onto his chest and went all the way to his collarbone. Her little head tried to snuggle itself into his neck.

Song Chuyi opened his eyes and blocked her with one hand and pushed her away. Lolita quickly moved to the back of his hand and started kissing his hand.

Changqing was a little dumbfounded and quickly put Lolita on the floor, lecturing her earnestly, "Lolita, you cannot do this. You are a dog with a fiance. You cannot just throw your first kiss away like that."

Changqing pushed Song Chuyi. "Are you still not getting up? I haven't even washed up myself."

"I have no strength." He opened his lids languidly.

Changqing felt his forehead. "You aren't running a temperature anymore."

"That doesn't mean that I've recovered." Song Chuyi sat up and took the hairdryer upstairs.

Changqing followed him up quickly. "Aye, should I get the doctor to make another trip here? There's the medicine too. Yesterday, the doctor prescribed medicine for you."

Song Chuyi didn't speak. After entering the room, he lay on the bed and threw out a sentence: "Bring the breakfast and medicine up for me after you're done washing up. Let me lay down for a while more."

Changqing glared at him. Was she his nanny now?

Other men who fell ill were all independent. Why was he so unreasonable?

Changqing grumbled in her heart. However, she still brought his breakfast and medicine up to the bedside table. "Get up, have breakfast."

Song Chuyi opened his eyes and glanced at her, continuing to sit up languidly, saying as he brought the bowl of noodles over, "Help me deshell the egg."

Changqing knocked the egg hard on the bedside table.

Really, getting all cocky after falling ill.

Song Chuyi glanced at her depressed look and his thin lips curled up slightly. "Don't look so bitter; I'll reward you later."

Changqing's eyes lit up upon hearing that.

Reward? Could it be a gift he bought for her from the States?

Prada? Or Hermes?

She was full of anticipation.

Song Chuyi finished the noodles with huge mouthfuls, then ate the egg with milk and after that, he took his medicine. He looked better than before.

He took a piece of tissue paper to wipe the corner of his mouth. "Here comes the reward."

She was dumbfounded. "This… this is the reward you were referring to?"

"You chose this pair of underwear specifically for me—don't you want to take a look?" Song Chuyi raised his lids and brows.

"Look your head." Changqing really wanted to throw the eggshell at his face.

What was the meaning of that? Making it sound as though she was an obscene woman.

She stood up angrily and Song Chuyi pulled her to sit down on the bed. He turned her head downwards to let her have a look. "Tell me if I look good wearing it."

Changqing's face got redder the more she looked at it.


Was this proper in broad daylight?

"Song Chuchu, you're a big pervert." Her face was so red it was almost burning.

A grown man wearing that was a little too sexy.

It was lacey and transparent. Her nose was about to bleed.

No. She felt that she couldn't take it.

"Isn't this what you picked for me in the mall? I told you to help me pick some underwear in the morning and you chose this again. I thought you had a special thing for this kind." Song Chuyi let her head go. "Take a good look. I only wore it for you to see to thank you for taking care of me. I wouldn't let other any other woman see it."

Changqing really wanted to stuff the eggshells in his mouth right now. She stared at him with embarrassment. "I don't care to see it."

Song Chuyi laughed softly but didn't argue with her.

This woman always didn't mean what she said.

He took off his pants and threw it aside before continuing to lie down. "I'll sleep for a while more."

After saying that, he closed his eyes.

Changqing snorted loudly and cleared the plates at the side. While she was clearing up, she couldn't help but take another look. After a while, she took another look. When she left, she couldn't help but take one last look.

When she went downstairs, all she had in mind was the little tiger, little tiger.

In the afternoon, Auntie Zhang was done with the dishes and Changqing went upstairs to call him. When she saw the thin blanket on his waist, she felt an inexplicable sense of disappointment.

The little tiger was covered up.

"Get up to eat." She shook him up. "You slept for almost 20 hours."

Song Chuyi sat up. His face was a little lost when he just woke up.

Changqing threw his pants to him.

When he was putting it on, he lifted his handsome face and said, "Do you want to take another look?

When Changqing realized what he was talking about, she already looked over.


She glared at him fiercely.

When she turned around, she could hear him chuckling naughtily.

This time, Song Chuyi had slept enough and had regained 80% of his energy. During lunch, he ate two big bowls of rice with the table-full of dishes that Auntie Zhang made.

Changqing was shocked watching him from the side. It seemed like he really was exhausted and famished.

After he was full, he placed the bowl and chopsticks down. Song Chuyi wiped the corner of his mouth. If it wasn't for the two band-aids on his face, he would've looked like a perfect man.

However, ever since he found her, he seemed to have gotten several injuries on his face, even his mouth.

Auntie Zhang was clearing the cutlery.

He beckoned her over. "Come here."

Auntie Zhang didn't look at them but a smile was hanging on her face.

Changqing was embarrassed and pretended to have not heard him, not moving at all.

Song Chuyi frowned slightly. Since she didn't come over, he had to go over. He sat on the chair beside her and pulled her little hand intimately. "Is your wound better?"

Changqing could see Auntie Zhang trying harder and harder to hide the smile at the corner of her mouth. She felt increasingly embarrassed and blushed.

Really. Does this man know what being "thick-skinned" is? With an outsider around, doesn't he feel a little embarrassed at all?

The moment Auntie Zhang left, Changqing pushed him with annoyance, saying softly, "Didn't you see that Auntie Zhang was around? Can't you tone it down a little?"

"So what if she was? We're a married couple." Song Chuyi held her little hand tightly and lowered his head to look at her wound. The bandage was removed but there was still a little wound. "Does it hurt anywhere else?"

"It's fine." Changqing lowered her head complicatedly. "Right, how's Dai Ai's child? Is your American friend trustworthy?"

"Mm, he's fine." Song Chuyi stroked her ponytail.

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