So You're Such A Doctor Song
213 Submerged In Ruan Yang“s Beauty
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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213 Submerged In Ruan Yang“s Beauty

In the darkness, Changqing's face was flushed red from his kisses. In the end, she could only give in and let out a delicate sound as weak as a mosquito. "Alright…"

Her voice that was as soft as water stirred the man beside her.

He glanced at her before finally letting her go.

The movie was about to start too. Changqing began to look for food. She started chewing on the duck's feet then on some duck's neck and took two sips of her drink before moving onto the dried fruit.

Song Chuyi was sitting beside her and could hear the ruffling sound of her looking for food.

Was this woman here to support her good friend's film or to look for food?

In the movie, Ruan Yang came out after changing into a cheongsam set. Changqing finally lifted her head up from the snacks. "Wow, Ruan Yang really is too beautiful."

Song Chuyi turned his head and saw his woman mesmerized by Ruan Yang in the film and he frowned.

He would rather watch her making such sounds when she saw a handsome man than a pretty lady.

After a while, Changqing exclaimed once again while biting her straw: "Ruan Yang is so beautiful in this dress." She tugged his hand. "Don't you think she's super beautiful?"

"Yeah. More beautiful than you," Song Chuyi said coldly.

"Yeah, yeah. Ruan Yang really is way more beautiful than me." Changqing continued to be submerged in Ruan Yang's beauty.

After the movie screening ended, they exited with the audience. The two girls in front were also talking about Ruan Yang's beauty. Changqing was filled with pride as she heard them and she turned her head to say to Song Chuyi, "Look, Ruan Yang really has a lot of fans. Ruan Yang is really my bestest friend."

Seeing how cocky she looked, Song Chuyi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She made it sound as if he didn't know that she was very close to Ruan Yang. How childish.

However, why did women only praise other women's beauty these days? He didn't see anyone praising the male lead's looks.

"Then what did you think of the movie?" Song Chuyi asked her.

"It was good," Changqing said.

"Good?" The corners of Song Chuyi's mouth twitched.

Was it really good?

It was plainly trash. He didn't even know why Ruan Yang would agree to be in a movie like this.

"I find any film Ruan Yang's in to be good," Changqing continued to say.

Song Chuyi was speechless. She was plainly the die-hard fan here.

"However… the acting of the lead actor, Xia Junmeng, sucked." Changqing criticized. "I could act better than him with my eyes closed. What's the point of being good-looking? If he can't act, he should continue singing as an idol singer. Why must he move onto the big screen? Nowadays, any lousy actor can act in a movie and fangirls will still support him. Don't you find it annoying? Ruan Yang didn't want to take on this film at first, but the director was her teacher and Ruan Yang couldn't really reject it because of their relationship and to maintain his face. However, while this director really captured Ruan Yang's beauty very well, the male lead couldn't do it. I can already imagine how torturous it was for Ruan Yang to act with him."

Changqing wasn't very loud but there were a few high school girls who happened to hear her and quickly went over, glaring at her as they scolded her: "Hey, watch your words. Xia Junmeng acted so well. As his first movie, his performance already wasn't bad. Didn't you see how touching it was when he cried? The sole reason why this movie is so popular is because of Xia Junmeng, do you know that?"

Changqing was pissed. "How old are you girls? Do you know what acting is? You can't even tell right from wrong. Nowadays, the movie industry is so messed up because of die-hard fans like you who don't know anything at all. What do you mean 'because of Xia Junmeng'? If it wasn't for Ruan Yang, no one would be here to watch such a lousy film. With just his acting skills, I might've died from awkwardness."

"I could die from awkwardness looking at you, wearing a mask in broad daylight. Did you have plastic surgery? Or is your face covered with acne that you can't show others? Old woman." A girl who was chewing on gum pointed at Changqing angrily as she scolded.

Song Chuyi's face sank and stood in front of Changqing. His cold face became gloomy. "Try hurling another word of abuse. Do you believe that I'll throw you down from here?"

The few girls started pushing over. "Come on, try me."

Song Chuyi picked up the little girl by the arm straight away and she dangled in the air, walking straight to the railing of the mall.

Only then did the little girl get a shock and start shrieking.

Song Chuyi threw her at her friends and warned them coldly: "Every person has a right to support their idol. However, you can't attack others for the sake of your idol. Haven't your parents taught you this bit of manners before?"

The group of girls didn't dare to say any more words in fear.

Song Chuyi turned over and pulled away the dumbstruck Changqing.

"Wow, Song Chuchu, you're so impressive. However, I really thought you would throw that high schooler down just now. What a fright." Changqing patted her chest and didn't know whether to idolize him or be afraid of him.

Song Chuyi frowned and lectured her. "Why don't you look at how old you are now? Why did you bicker with those high schoolers? How childish and embarrassing. You said they were die-hard fans, but aren't you one yourself too? And you didn't even think about your identity. As a half-popular host, if someone exposed you, you would be torn apart by those fans."

"Aiyo, don't you think that having you by my side would make me feel extremely safe and secure and become a little unrestrained for a while?" Changqing hugged his arm and even bootlicked him as she acted coquettishly. "I know that you're extremely formidable and are very close to our Boss and are even friends with Chief Zhan. Although you're not in the entertainment industry, you can still work your powers, right? With you around? I won't be afraid to do anything."

Song Chuyi really wanted to slap her butt to teach her a lesson. However, seeing her mouth that was as sweet as honey, he wanted to kiss it. He really had to give in to her.

He pinched her little face.

Changqing knew he was no longer angry and took the initiative to tiptoe, kissing him on his cheek.

Song Chuyi held her waist tightly and was increasingly determined to torture this little vixen well tonight.

After the movie, Song Chuyi took her to a French restaurant for dinner. It was a little far away. As he drove, Changqing was on the phone with Ruan Yang and she started to praise her goddess. "Ruan Yang, I just watched the movie you were in with Chuchu; you were so beautiful in the film that I almost fainted. Heavens, every time I finish watching your films, I always think that I made the right choice in getting into the Film Academy. Although I'm not doing very well now, you guys are doing great."

Ruan Yang was tickled by her. "You're indeed my never-changing die-hard fan. Even I can't bear to watch this movie. My manager even told me off several times for accepting this trashy film."

Changqing snorted and said, "When I came out just now, I met a bunch of Xia Junmeng's die-hard fans. They were all some ignorant students. When I said that Xia Junmeng couldn't act, they even bickered with me. In the end, I lashed out at them and told them what real film was and what real art was. At last, they were stumped for words and I won."

Song Chuyi, who was driving at the side, took a few more glances at Changqing as the corner of his mouth twitched. She was rambling on and even had her fists clenched. Her skin was really thicker than the Great Wall of China.

What did she mean by "she made them stumped for words"? She was the one who almost fainted from anger.

He finally experienced for himself the truth behind her boasting.

Over on the other side, the moment Ruan Yang heard that, she laughed. "Changqing, well done. However, as a public figure, it's best for you to stay out of these quibbles. Don't you belittle these young die-hard fans these days. It's precisely because of fans like these that things are scary. There are a lot of things that you can't reason with them about and they'll support their idol unconditionally, be it right or wrong. If they found out who you were, they would curse you to no end and even call the broadcasting station to harass you."

"Oh." Changqing nodded. "I know all this, but you're my goddess, my idol. I would never let anyone say anything bad about you in front of my face. Right—I even bought all the tickets today specifically to support you."

"Really? Sure, next time, I'll reward you with a French kiss." Ruan Yang laughed softly. "However, are you sure you were the one who came up with the money to buy the tickets?"

"Er…" Changqing glanced at the man beside her and said, "It doesn't matter if it was me or him. In any case, whatever is his is mine."

Song Chuyi couldn't be bothered to look at her and continued driving.

When she hung up, he said languidly, "When did my stuff become yours?"

"I knew you were going to make trouble with me for that. Petty." Changqing snorted with disdain. "I was just boasting to my friend. I won't really take what's yours; I still have some self-awareness. With your stinginess and pettiness, how could anything that's yours become mine?"

Song Chuyi's face stank from the anger. He just asked a casual question, yet she replied with a whole paragraph. "You seemed to have forgotten that I have a card in your hands and you'll have to spend 200 thousand every month."

Changqing snorted. "Is 200 thousand a lot? Money cannot undergo spending nowadays. Just a bag can cost tens of thousands. 200 thousand is just sufficient to buy a few bags. I just couldn't be bothered to say it. However, if I didn't say it, you would've thought you've given me a lot. Now that your role has changed, my salary is way higher than yours now. Would I care for that bit of money from you?"

Song Chuyi: "…"

This little mouth could be as sweet as honey at times and as poisonous as a poison needle at other times.

"Fine, since you have money, you'll foot the bill later," Song Chuyi said through gritted teeth.

Changqing pouted. So be it. How much could a meal cost anyway?

However, he was really petty. They were out on a date and he even wanted his wife to pay.

She would never go out on a date again.

In no time, when they arrived at the French restaurant that Song Chuyi specifically brought her to, Changqing was in a daze when she looked at the menu provided by the service staff.

These dishes… were a little too expensive.

One dish cost around seven to eight hundred and those were the cheapest soup dishes.

Wouldn't they end up with a bill in the tens of thousands?

She had never treated such an expensive meal.

She took a look at a pasta, which cost 3000. Was that pasta made from money or gold?

"Get me a set of this pasta then a Louis XVIII pizza." Song Chuyi tapped on an exquisite picture on the menu with his finger. "Oh, right, I think you guys have an ice-cream that doesn't taste bad. Give her one of that. And also… your signature dish, puff pastry soup, and smoked salmon."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》