So You're Such A Doctor Song
215 Your Husband Is So Nice To You
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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215 Your Husband Is So Nice To You

"There was a problem at your dad's company," Auntie Shen said.

"Are you guys discussing the wedding?" Song Chuyi asked.

"Mm, yeah. We just counted the number of guests from Yangzhou," Yan Lei said. "However, there isn't a lot. Just a few relatives."

"Oh." Song Chuyi massaged his glabella. "Then you guys chat first. I've just had some red wine, so I'm going upstairs to rest."

"Go ahead and rest." Yan Lei waved his hand. After watching him go upstairs, he smiled at Changqing. "I thought Chuyi can't drink? What did you guys do, drinking? If you want to drink, come back earlier next time and drink with me."

"He would definitely collapse after a cup of your wine." Changqing said with a grin, "It was just a little red wine."

"Yo, even red wine? You two really know how to enjoy life," Yan Lei teased.

Fu Yu held back his gaze as he picked up the cup of tea from the table and took a sip, saying, "Right, with regards to Guan Ying's matter, I've already talked to her manager. There should be a new drama arranged for her soon."

Changqing suddenly recalled that she said she would treat him to a meal previously and quickly said generously, "Then I'll thank you, Brother Fu Yu, I'll treat you to a meal next time."

"… It's okay. We're all going to be a family in the future." Fu Yu paused and said, "The company has some promotional activities for the drama you shot recently. Do cooperate then."

"Mm, mm." Changqing sat with them until it was past nine before Fu Yu and Shen Lu left.

Changqing and Yan Lei saw them off at the door. Watching the mother and son leaving, Yan Lei smiled as he lamented, looking at his daughter, "Fu Yu would be a good brother."

Changqing was stunned and felt a complicated feeling rising from her heart. She nodded and agreed.

Actually, when she thought back sometimes, she still found it a little hard to believe.

The Fu Yu that she used to pine for would actually really become her brother.

Back upstairs, the moment Changqing opened the door, Song Chuyi walked towards her, wearing a pair of shorts.

When he was right before her, Changqing was gripped by him all of a sudden and pinned against the door. He lowered his head and the scent of shampoo wafted into her nose from his slightly wet hair.

Changqing froze a little and blushed. "I haven't showered…"

"It's okay, I've showered. We'll shower again later anyway." Song Chuyi propped her butt up and walked towards the bed.

"But I'm dirty…" Changqing stared wide-eyed. "And sweaty."

"I don't even mind, so why do you mind?" Song Chuyi blocked her mouth with a little impatience.

Changqing's shirt was quickly lifted.

Perhaps it was because Song Chuyi had a little red wine that he became even more excited than usual and lasted longer.

Changqing was tortured to death as he carried her and sweated all over. Her eyes were filled with intoxication as though she was about to melt. When she was about to reach her climax, she heard him ask hoarsely as he bit her ear, "Do you like me?"

"Mm?" Changqing looked at him in a trance-like state.

"Do you like me?" He asked again. He was sweating all over, but his eyes were piercing.

Changqing felt a moment of dizziness and only heard him repeating that question.

Do you like me?

She opened her eyes wide and looked at the handsome man as she reached out to put her hands around her neck. She initiated a kiss on his lips. "Yes…"

Certain words were only placed in her heart and she didn't dare to say them.

It wasn't that she didn't like him. She just didn't dare to say it.

How could she not like him?

Although he was sometimes harsh with his words, she sometimes felt that he placed too much importance on money, and sometimes she felt that the two of them didn't feel like a normal couple. When she was out, he wouldn't call a lot of times to ask about her or be concerned about her and they even rarely went out on dates. When they quarreled, he wouldn't give in to her, and he even carried an odd, old necklace in his pocket and would even hurt her without consideration when he was angry.

But he was, after all, her first man.

It was him who allowed her to experience many things in a relationship.

When she was drunk-driving, he took the blame for her.

When she was bullied, he would stand up like a god.

When she went traveling, he would meticulously put exchanged currencies into her purse.

He would watch her record her program and would surprise her with flowers.

She would often find him very manly and also find him annoying.

However, she couldn't say that she didn't like him.

If she didn't like him, how could she do this kind of thing with him without any resistance?

When Song Chuyi heard her, his pupils constricted and he pressed his lips on hers tightly.

Drunk Song Chuchu was simply a beast and didn't feel tired.

When they finally finished, Changqing wrapped her limbs around him with exhaustion and pouted. "I want to take a shower."

"Mm." Song Chuyi panted and was about to carry her up when his phone at the side suddenly rang.

He looked; it was a call from Li Shaobin. "What do you want?"

"F*ck, Old Song, so your idol is Ruan Yang? Why didn't you tell me something so big?" Li Shaobin rambled on excitedly, "You even bought all the tickets. Does Changqing know about this? Would Xin Ziao kill you?"

Song Chuyi just finished up with Changqing and was in a pretty good mood. If this was in the past, upon hearing this, Song Chuyi would've definitely blacklisted Li Shaobin.

What went wrong with his eyes back then to have made such a daft friend?

"Which eye of yours could tell that Ruan Yang was my idol?" Song Chuyi asked him back coldly.

Li Shaobin was stunned. "Could it be that Changqing told you to buy all the tickets?"

"If not?"

"Hehe, I just saw the news from the television and didn't think it through. I just called over out of excitement," Li Shaobin said with a chuckle. "Did I disturb you?"

Song Chuyi sighed. "Forget it if you were loitering around when you had nothing to do in the past. But now, you're even watching this kind of trashy news at night when you have nothing to do. Can you find yourself a girlfriend?"

Li Shaobin was unhappy upon hearing that. "I'm keeping the old lady and nephew at my house company, do you know that? A person like you who never accompanies the elderly would never understand my filial intentions. Also, you make it sound as though you don't watch the news. Who was the one who was cooped up at home all day watching reruns of the news before he got a girlfriend? After watching the news reruns, you watched the local social news. I'm better than you. At least I still watch the fashion and entertainment news. I'm better than you; you're so old-fashioned. Weren't you just a little luckier, having someone at home to introduce you to such a good wife like Changqing? None of the ones my family introduced me to were reliable. What are you cocky about, having a wife now? You don't even come out when we call you and only think about me when you quarrel with your wife. Hmph, hmph. When I call you now, you show contempt for me before I've even said three sentences…"

Song Chuyi listened to him rambling on and didn't know how a man could say so much in a breath.

Changqing, who was in his embrace, watched him with her eyes wide open. She wanted to laugh. She couldn't be blamed for overhearing because she was really too close to Song Chuchu. Besides, Li Shaobin was loud.

It was really too hilarious. His voice was filled with grievance.

She suddenly felt she had let Li Shaobin down a little.

She had snatched Chuchu away.

She closed her little mouth tightly, trying to hold it in, but her amorous eyes revealed her suppressed laughter. Her entire little face which had been loved was just like a cherry blossom which bloomed suddenly in spring, soft and fresh.

On top of that, she was still unclothed. The bottoms of Song Chuyi's eyes slowly changed. The feeling that just disappeared surged up once again.

He lowered his head as he re-captured those pink lips.

Changqing dodged him shyly but that made him stir even more. He couldn't care less.

Over at the other side, Li Shaobin, who was still going on, suddenly heard the sound of a woman's soft moaning.

He was stunned and came to realize what it was. He chided as he blushed. "F*ck, Song Chuyi, I've finally seen your true colours. What are you doing when I'm talking to you on the phone? Shameless. You're too disrespectful to me."

He hung up in a huff after saying that.

Grandma Li, who eating having sunflower seeds at the side, glanced at him lovingly. "Binbin, just talk normally. Why must you always shout? Chuyi is already married; of course he has to keep his wife company. You can't make him ditch his wife to keep you company."

Li Shaobin gnashed his teeth. "When did I tell him to keep me company?"

"Weren't you complaining so much just now because he hasn't been keeping you company?" Grandma Li sighed softly. "Look at yourself—your brothers around you are getting married one by one. I told you to go on blind dates, but you refused and even complained that the ones we arranged for you were unreliable. Say, do you like men? It's fine even if you bring a man home. In any case, you still have older brothers and you don't have to carry on the family line. It's fine as long as you're happy. Besides, homosexual marriage is now even legal overseas. Grandma wouldn't object to it."

The primary-six little nephew, Li Xiaoxia, who was eating watermelon at the side, nodded in agreement. He said, "Exactly. I wouldn't expect you to find me an aunt either. I'm fine with an uncle too."

"Which part of me looks like I like men?" Li Shaobin stood up as the corner of his mouth twitched. Really! What kind of grandma and nephew were they? "Forget it. I'm not watching TV with you anymore; I'm going out to play."

"Aye, aye, aye." Li Xiaoxia clambered up from the couch immediately and tugged at his shirt with his hand stained with watermelon juice. "Little Uncle, can you not leave? You just promised me to take me to see Ruan Yang. When are you taking me? I really want to get an autograph from my goddess."

Li Shaobin said angrily. "Say, you don't study hard. How old are you now? All you know is how to chase idols. Forget it if you do. Can you have some taste? Don't just look at people's faces; you have to look at their inner beauty too."

Li Xiaoxia rolled his eyes. "Ever since I fell for her face, I feel that she exudes inner beauty from top to toe. With every word she says, I would feel that she has inner beauty even if she picked her nose while saying it. Little Uncle, a man like you who doesn't have a girlfriend can't understand what a man like me feels."

Li Shaobin chuckled twice. "How old are you now? You haven't even started growing hair, yet you're talking to me about girlfriends and men?"

"You don't understand." Li Xiaoxia said, "I'm going to make Ruan Yang get to know me now. When I finish junior high, my Dad will agree to me getting a girlfriend. That will be in only three years' time. Ruan Yang is young too; she'd only be under 30. When the time comes, we will be the romance of the century. There is still a chance. If she's willing to wait for me to get to the age when I can get married, we could sprint towards the hall of marriage."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》