So You're Such A Doctor Song
222 A Sour Smell?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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222 A Sour Smell?

She looked through the peephole and when she saw Xin Ziao standing outside knocking on the door, her head started to hurt.

"Ruan Yang, open the door. I know you're at home." Xin Ziao started banging on the door.

Her head hurt and was really afraid he would make so much noise that the people upstairs and downstairs would find out. Hence, she said, "Ziao, can you stop kicking up a fuss? I'm a public figure. You're going to let others know that there's something going on between us if you act like this."

"Then open the door. If you're not going to open the door today, I'll… find someone to pry open your lock. If you dare to call the real estate agent, I'll tell everyone that you, Ruan Yang, live here," Xin Ziao said through gritted teeth.

"Why did you become such a scoundrel?" Ruan Yang couldn't tell whether she was feeling more terrible or angrier. "What on earth do you want?"

"I still want to ask you what you want. What's going on between you and Li Shaobin?" Xin Ziao said angrily, "You even went out for supper together and made it to the news. Let me warn you—stay far away from him."

Ruan Yang didn't have the energy to argue with him. She was famished right now and returned to the kitchen to take her noodles out, eating while she listened to Xin Ziao knocking outside.

In the end, the knocking grew louder and just when Ruan Yang was mulling over how she should settle this, Li Shaobin called over. "I'm downstairs; come down quickly."

"Come up for a while. I'm on the 22nd floor," Ruan Yang said after pondering for a while.

"Hey, don't push it." Boss Li Shaobin was unhappy. "Do you know that you're the first woman other than my Mom and my Grandma who got me to bring something to her?"

"Xin Ziao is blocking at the door. I can't go out," Ruan Yang said a simple sentence and Li Shaobin immediately became energized. He was the best at making things hard for Xin Ziao.

"Wait there; I'll come up right away."

Ruan Yang was very satisfied. She put the phone down and continued eating.

Li Shaobin went up quickly and when he saw Xin Ziao, who was kicking the door with all his might, he was unhappy. "Hey, hey, hey, Xin Ziao, what are you doing all the way here disturbing others, not at your company or with your fiance?"

"I should ask you that. What are you doing here?" Xin Ziao's face changed. He looked as though he saw his enemy when he saw Li Shaobin.

"I'm not doing anything either." Li Shaobin tossed the earring in his hand. "I'm bringing Ruan Yang her earring. Aiya, her actions were too big yesterday and she dropped it in my car accidentally and even insisted that I bring it over."

"What were you two doing in the car?" Xin Ziao rushed over and grabbed him by his collar. His eyes were shooting flames.

"Make a guess." Li Shaobin had a cute and lowly smile.

Xin Ziao clenched his fists tightly. Just then, the door behind him finally opened.

Ruan Yang walked out wearing a pair of slippers, saying with a slightly complicated gaze, "Ziao, are you trying to hit my boyfriend now?"

Once her indifferent words were spouted, the two men were dumbfounded. Li Shaobin blinked and before he could even come back to his senses, Ruan Yang pulled him over to her side. Her pair of bright eyes looked up slightly at Xin Ziao's shocked gaze.

"Li Shaobin is your boyfriend?" Xin Ziao scoffed coldly. "Ruan Yang, is your taste that bad?"

"What do you mean?" Li Shaobin suddenly felt attacked and was furious. "Xin Ziao, can you not act all high and mighty all the time? I'm way better than you."

"How are you better than me?" Xin Ziao pointed at him coldly. "Since young, what do you know other than fighting? When we were studying, I was in the top few in the class while you were at the bottom. Whether it's the past or present, you only know how to follow Song Chuyi."

Li Shaobin was fuming. He clenched his fists and was about to beat someone up when a weak hand suddenly held onto him. Ruan Yang laughed softly. "No, I think he's quite interesting. He's humorous, cute and straightforward. He seems a little unreliable but when you know him for long enough, he's pretty responsible."

Li Shaobin looked at the smiling woman beside him in disbelief.

"Aren't you just trying to make me angry? However, can you find a better man?" Xin Ziao's gaze stabbed like cold blades.

"I'm not trying to anger you. He's not bad indeed." Ruan Yang turned her head and looked at Li Shaobin with a smile.

Li Shaobin was in a daze. Ruan Yang suddenly closed in, one hand hooking onto his neck as she went on tiptoe and gave him a deep kiss.

Xin Ziao's face changed to a darkness she had never seen before. He was furious as he stared intently at the back of Ruan Yang's head. His knuckles cracked as he warned, "Ruan Yang, let go of him right now."

Ruan Yang didn't listen to him and even pushed Li Shaobin against the wall, kissing him harder.

Xin Ziao turned around and kicked the fire hydrant fiercely. He left through the stairway with a cold face and slammed the door behind him.

Only after hearing the footsteps leaving did Ruan Yang let go of him. Her pretty eyes appeared to be deathly pale and dim.

Li Shaobin covered his lips and felt his legs go weak and felt a little light. When he finally got a hold of his rationale, he stuttered, "Hey… you made use of me?"

"Yeah, I made use of you. Don't you also hate him for stealing your first love? Now that you've vented your anger, isn't it pretty good?" Ruan Yang took the earring in his hand and turned to return to her house, slamming the door shut behind her.

"F*ck, becoming so hostile after making use of me." Li Shaobin kicked the door twice with frustration. Then he recalled the forced kiss just now and felt his heart go numb.

He kicked a few more times before taking the elevator down absent-mindedly. When he got back to the car, he took a look at his face. It was red.

He cursed a couple more times.

This woman was brazen. How dare she force a kiss on him?

And even gave him attitude after forcing a kiss on him.

He took his phone out and called Song Chuyi.

"What's up?" In the Emergency Room, Song Chuyi finally had the time to drink a cup of coffee and this annoying call came.

"I… this…"

"You're a grown man. Can't you be more straightforward?" Song Chuyi said lightly.

"Er… Old Song, you're pretty good-looking too. Say, has a girl ever forced a kiss on you?" Li Shaobin asked with a soft cough.

"Why are you asking about this?" Song Chuyi sipped the coffee lightly. "Don't tell me some girl without eyes forced a kiss on you?"

"Can you not sound so annoying? I'm not talking to you." Li Shaobin hung up angrily and called Yan Molun. "Old Yan, a girl forced a kiss on me today…"

At the hospital, Song Chuyi looked at the hung-up call and was bewildered. Did a girl really force a kiss on Li Shaobin?

Who would dare to do that?

He took another sip of coffee and threw the paper cup into the rubbish bin. He pushed the door and walked out of the lounge and the few nurses who were talking to Dr. Meng waved at him. "Dr. Song, big news."

"Mm, what's the news?" He walked over with a gentle smile, making the nurses' faces blush as they looked at him.

"Dr. Yan from your previous department was reported to have accepted red pockets from drug retailers and patients privately and is currently suspended and under investigation," Dr. Yan said with his voice lowered.

A hint of pensiveness flashed past Song Chuyi's profound and lukewarm face. "Matters like this had better be investigated thoroughly before we say anything."

"Mm. However, I assume the claims aren't baseless. In any case, the people from the Ministry of Justice came over just now." Dr. Meng sighed. "Dr. Yan has also been in this profession for decades. I heard he would've gotten a promotion in the next two years. If something were to really happen, that would be such a pity."

"Isn't that so?" After saying that softly, Song Chuyi turned around to leave with a dark gaze.

When he walked to an empty area, he took his phone out and called Song Chulang. "Was Dr. Yan's incident your doing?"

"It was Dad's idea," Song Chulang said lightly.

Song Chuyi was silent. He heard it at the dining table that day too. "What Dr. Yan did—was it true or not?"

"Does it matter whether it's true or not?" His tone was apathetic.

Song Chuyi rubbed his glabella. "Then Yunyang…"

"You shouldn't have told Yunyang that I was the one who saved her. That would only make her feel burdened and guilty," Song Chulang said coldly and hung up.

Song Chuyi put his phone down helplessly.

After work, he walked towards the carpark with Dr. Wang from the same department. A thin silhouette walked out from the building ahead.

Dr. Wang said with a smile. "Isn't that your sister?" After saying that, he called out: "Dr. Song."

Song Yunyang turned around and tied her hair up into a neat ponytail. The evening sun cast its rays on her face, making her look pure and gave a finishing touch to her dark eyes.

Song Chuyi stopped in his tracks. He lifted his feet and walked over. Dr. Wang beside him was already waving enthusiastically.

"Second Brother…" Song Yunyang looked at him. Her eyes were calm and she shifted her gaze away quickly.

"Mm, going home?" Song Chuyi asked casually.

"Yes, my car is just over here. I'll get going first." Song Yunyang lowered her head and unlocked an ordinary Volkswagon parked at the side of the road with her keys.

Dr. Wang said with a smile, "Dr. Song, why is your sister driving such a cheap car?"

"She never had much interest in cars." Song Chuyi walked towards his Audi A7 uprightly after saying that lightly.

On the way, his phone rang a few times and he turned on silent mode.

It was the peak period and the road was congested along the way. When he reached the Yan Household, it was almost six-thirty.

Unexpectedly, Auntie Zhang was sitting in the living room watching television programs. There was laughter coming from the kitchen.

He was dumbfounded. Auntie Zhang pointed to the kitchen door. "Madam Shen is cooking tonight."

He nodded and after greeting Shen Lu and Yan Lei, Changqing returned too, squeezing into the kitchen as well. She hugged Shen Lu, saying that she wanted to learn how to cook.

Yan Lei said, "Chuyi, can you take her out? How annoying."

Changqing grumbled. "Dad, you don't dote on me anymore when you're not even married yet."

Shen Lu smiled gently. "If your Dad doesn't dote on you, Auntie Shen will."

"Auntie Shen is still the best." Changqing hugged Shen Lu again.

Song Chuyi walked over and took her right out of the kitchen. "Don't go and be a lightbulb."

Changqing looked at Shen Lu and Yan Lei standing next to each other inside and questioned, "Say, what's so fun for the two of them to be cooking in the kitchen?"

"Anything is fun when two people who like each other are together." Song Chuyi let go of her and sat on the couch.

Changqing raised her brows. "Then why do I find it boring doing anything with you?"

Song Chuyi glanced at her provoking look and felt that her skin must be itching for a beating again.

His pupils constricted with rumination. "Sure. Why don't we do something fun later when we get back on the bed?"

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