So You're Such A Doctor Song
230 I“m So Young And Beautiful
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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230 I“m So Young And Beautiful

Seeing her vexed expression, Ruan Yang couldn't help but laugh out loud. "This is the Yan Changqing I know. However, are you sure that this wouldn't harm Guan Ying instead? If Guan Ying took him and realized that Song Chuyi merely treats her as a Song Yunyang look-alike, wouldn't that be terrible too?"

"That makes sense. If I don't go to hell, who would?" Changqing pressed her lips together in sorrow for a while and then lifted her head up to say: "We've agreed on it; go on a holiday with me. I'll go back to the broadcasting station to cancel my leave then take another one at the end of the month."

"Go on," Ruan Yang said.

It was past ten in the morning. Changqing's plane landed in Northern City but she didn't return home. Instead, she went to the broadcasting station to cancel her leave first.

When Director Mei saw her, she was in shock. "Didn't you go to the Maldives with Dr. Song?"

"Something happened at home and it was postponed." Changqing brought her spirits up and said, "Since I have nothing to do at home, I'm going to cancel my leave first. Otherwise, I won't be able to take leave the next time I want to go on holiday."

"No wonder. So you're thinking of going on a holiday next time." Director Mei shook her head with a laugh. "Up to you. In any case, there's not much work to do."

In the afternoon, Changqing came back home. Seeing her return, Yan Lei heaved a sigh of relief as he grumbled, "Why did you go to Shanghai all of a sudden?"

Seeing the worried and concerned look on Yan Lei's face, Changqing's eyes, which she had suppressed the entire day, reddened again.

"Why are you crying?" He hadn't seen his daughter cry with such suppression for a very long time. Yan Lei knew something was wrong. "Did you have a fight with Chuyi?"

Changqing shook her head. She hugged Yan Lei as she cried and choked, "Dad, I want to get a divorce."

Yan Lei's face sank and pushed her. "Don't you dare spout nonsense. It's common for a couple to argue and fight. You can't talk of divorce so casually."

"That's not it; I really want to get a divorce." Changqing bit her lips as she spoke while her tears trickled down her face. "He doesn't have me in his heart at all."

There were some things that Changqing didn't have intentions of hiding. After all, if they were to get a divorce, Yan Lei would find out sooner or later. Besides, Changqing knew her Dad wasn't an unreasonable person. As long as it was for her own good, Yan Lei would stand on her side.

"So, the person that Song Chuyi likes is simply just Song Yunyang?" Yan Lei's veins were throbbing from anger. He clenched his fists and wanted to go to the hospital to make trouble with Song Chuyi at that moment.

"Dad, don't go. It'd be very embarrassing for me if you behaved like that." Changqing held on to him with all her might.

"He's now playing with my daughter, taking her to be a fool. It's already not bad that I don't maim him." Yan Lei was furious. "To think I always thought he wasn't bad."

"Dad, he's been very polite to you and even helped Sis go to Beijing to further her studies. At the same time, our Yan Family has also overcome our crisis. He just doesn't love me. Our family made use of their family's finances while he made use of me. Neither of us is at a disadvantage." Changqing bit her lips. Her long lashes trembled feebly. "This was just a transaction; don't seek him out. When he comes back, I'll discuss divorce with him. Dad, don't intervene in this matter."

"Changqing…" Yan Lei lowered his head as he looked at his daughter with an aching heart. He had always thought that she was insensible. However, he realized that she was way more sensible than he thought. "It's Dad's fault. Dad shouldn't have made you go on a blind date for the company. Seeing that you two made such a good couple, I thought that you two really liked each other. Have you been suffering a lot of grievances all this while and didn't tell me?"

"That's not…" Changqing cried the moment she opened her mouth.

She cried even harder compared to when she was with Ruan Yang. She shook her head while crying. "I… I didn't suffer any grievances. Although he doesn't love me, he's been pretty good to me… really, I didn't lie to you. Actually, a divorce isn't a big deal, right? I'm so… young and beautiful. Do you think I'd be afraid that I wouldn't be able to find someone handsome… and gentle who likes me? I feel that I'm quite lucky. I have the world's most doting dad and I have a sister and brother-in-law. Now I have Auntie Shen Lu, and also Fu Yu is my brother. He would definitely take very good care of me."

"Alright, if you want to go and play, go ahead." Yan Lei wiped her tears dry from her face. "Dad will give you money. Spend as much as you want. Don't cry, Dad won't interfere with your affairs. However, Changqing, you must know that no matter what happens, Dad and your family members will be on your side. If Song Chuyi doesn't like our family treasure, that's his loss. Dad won't stop you no matter who you want to be with."

"Mm." Changqing nodded hard.

Her dad was standing on her side now. Changqing felt like she could pull herself together completely.

Isn't it just a divorce? What's the big deal? I might just forget about it after playing by the beach.

At night, Song Chuyi didn't return. Changqing neither called nor texted him.

On the third day, when Song Chuyi was sitting by the bed feeding Yunyang, he suddenly recalled that his wife hadn't called for days.

"Second Brother, Second Brother…" Yunyang called him a few times feebly. "What are you thinking about? You didn't even hear me when I called you a few times just now."

"I was thinking… of Yan Changlong." Song Chuyi said softly, "What did you call me for?"

"I just suddenly feel like eating the caramelized pudding by our old school gates." Song Yunyang pulled out a weak smile. "Can you help me buy one? I feel like eating it."

"Alright, I'll head over right now." Song Chuyi stood up. "And drop by… home on the way."

Song Yunyang was startled. The corners of her eyes were dim. "Second Brother, can't you get a divorce? I know it isn't nice to ask you to get a divorce, but the moment I lost consciousness at the shooting, I thought I was about to die and only wanted to have one last look at you. When I was unconscious, I could hear you talking to me. I just wanted to open my eyes quickly to look at you."

"Yunyang…" Song Chuyi felt a trace of bitterness in his throat. He had mixed emotions.

Song Yunyang laughed bitterly. "Can't you let go of whatever happened five years ago? That's right, Big Brother did save me but you're the one I love. The matters of the heart cannot be dictated by who saved me. If I have to be with a person because he saved me then that is not love."

"No, Yunyang." Song Chuyi turned his head back. A profound sense of helplessness surfaced on his handsome face. "It was me being afraid. I'm sorry. Back then, I was injured. I was very afraid, afraid that I would die. I'm not as brave as my brother. I once thought that I loved you a lot. That I could give up my life for you. When we were young, I made a lot of promises. However, in times of danger, I'm not even a fraction of my brother. After he got shot, he even told me not to tell you the truth. His love for you wasn't to beg you to be together with him. It was to wish that you could achieve happiness. Yunyang, turn back and take a good look at the person who's always been by your side. That person isn't me. He's actually been protecting you in a different way. I'm here taking care of you right now as your brother."

He finished his words heavily and didn't look at Yunyang's expression. He lowered his head and left the ward silently.

He drove to their high school first and after searching for a long time, that little stall was actually still around. He bought two sets of caramelized pudding. Changqing, that glutton, would definitely like it.

Back at the Yan Family's place, Robben lay by the roof lazily, taking a nap in the shade. Seeing Song Chuyi's return, he lifted his lids lazily and couldn't be bothered to even move. It was Lolita, on the other hand, who shook her tail and pounced over, chewing on his shoelaces then at the corner of his pants.

Song Chuyi had a difficult time making his way to the living room because of her. It was quiet inside. Auntie Zhang was leaning on the couch and had fallen asleep accidentally. Hearing the sound of footsteps, she opened her eyes. When she saw him, she was stunned and said lightly, "Mr. Song, what are you doing over here?"

Auntie Zhang was speaking in a weird tone and was unhappy with him mainly because she heard Changqing crying to Yan Lei the day before. She cried so broken-heartedly. Although she was just a servant, she felt terrible listening to it.

Changqing was such a cute little lady. Even in front of a servant like her, she had never looked down on her; she had always treated her as her real auntie. Where there was any good food, good drinks or interesting things, she would always have a share. Changqing would also randomly act coquettishly towards her, calling her auntie sweetly. She was simply cuter and acted more intimately than her own daughter.

Song Chuyi didn't like the cute Changqing but preferred some woman from outside?

He must be blind.

The more she thought about it, the more unhappy Auntie Zhang became. If Yan Lei didn't tell her to keep quiet, she would've definitely scolded him.

Song Chuyi had his heart and mind somewhere else and didn't detect anything, only saying, "I'm back to change. Where's Changqing? She's not at home?"

"No. She went to work." Auntie Zhang didn't stand up to welcome him like before, not to mention pouring him some tea or water.

"Work?" Song Chuyi was stunned. "When did she go back to work?"

"The day before. In any case, her trip to the Maldives was cancelled. Of course she has to go back to work. Come to mention it, don't you know things like this? Why must you ask me everything?" Auntie Zhang said in a weird tone.

Song Chuyi finally detected something. He looked at Auntie Zhang and explained. "I didn't cancel the trip on purpose. My sister was injured and sent to the hospital. I will definitely go with Changqing next time."

Auntie Zhang stayed silent and mocked him silently in her heart: Who is he lying to?

What sister? She's simply a little lover.

Changqing wouldn't care to go on holiday with him.

With the charisma of their Changqing, would she afraid that Changqing wouldn't be able to find someone better than him?

Just looking at Fu Yu who had been coming over frequently these days, he was 10,000 times better than him.

Auntie Zhang thought Song Chuyi was quite good in the past. However, recalling Changqing's tears, she felt that Song Chuyi couldn't even compare to Robben in the courtyard now.

If not on the account that Robben looked cute, she really wouldn't have even wanted to feed him.

He followed such a beast of an owner.

Song Chuyi went upstairs to take a shower and change his clothes. When he came downstairs, he placed one caramelized pudding in the fridge before telling Auntie Zhang, "Auntie, I bought pudding for Changqing. Help me tell her when she comes back later. Also, I'll be staying over at the hospital tonight and I'll be back tomorrow."

"Alright," Auntie Zhang said lightly.

The moment he walked to his car, Auntie Zhang retrieved the caramelized pudding and opened the cover, taking it outside to feed it to Robben and Lolita. Robben took two bites and didn't really like it. Lolita, on the other hand, finished it cleanly.

At 9 pm, Changqing returned after having dinner with her colleagues. When she saw the caramelized pudding box at the door, she said to Auntie Zhang, "You even gave Robben and Lolita pudding? Aren't their lives a little too good?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》