So You're Such A Doctor Song
231 Leaving In A Dignified Way
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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231 Leaving In A Dignified Way

Auntie Zhang said, "Song Chuyi brought it home for you when he came back in the afternoon to take a shower. I don't really like the look of it, so I fed it to the dogs. Changqing, you're not unhappy, right?"

Changqing blinked and gave her a thumbs up. "Auntie Zhang, you're really my auntie by blood. Nicely done."

Auntie Zhang felt praised and smiled. "Right—he said he'll be back tomorrow."

"I got it." Changqing went upstairs to shower.

While she was standing under the showerhead, her face still collapsed.

She really didn't think he wouldn't come back after so many days.

It seemed like his feelings for Song Yunyang were way deeper than she thought.

She should really let go of this marriage.

Her eyes felt hot again.

Forget it, this will be the last time I cry.

The next morning, Changqing woke up at eight in the morning. Robben and Lolita ran over immediately with their tails wagging behind them the moment they saw her coming down.

Changqing felt a slight sense of melancholy when she saw them.

While she was having breakfast, she also fed them some minced meat from the porridge.

Changqing sighed and muttered to herself: "If I get a divorce with Song Chuchu, there shouldn't be any other conflicts. I'm just worried about you two. Say, if we were to go to court, would the judge give you to me? I guess not. At most, I might get Lolita. However, if Lolita and Robben were to separate, how terrible would that be? If the two of you can't be with me, you two better follow Song Chuchu."

Robben howled at her.

He still wanted some minced meat. He only had a mouthful and Lolita finished the rest.

Changqing looked at the silly Robben and felt her nose turning hot. She stroked his head. "You can't bear to go with Song Chuchu, right? True—staying at his little apartment the whole day wouldn't be more interesting than my house. However, you didn't belong to me in the first place. Also, even without me, Song Chuchu will bring a beautiful woman back to the apartment to stay very soon. I hope Song Yunyang will like you. Robben, you mustn't chew and play with my bras. Also, don't be so lazy—you have to curry the favor of your new owner. That way, you'll be able to lead a good life."

The more she spoke, the more upset Changqing felt. She lowered her head as she hugged Robben's head.

Robben snuggled in her embrace coquettishly. She had finally hugged him. He hadn't been hugged for a very long time.

Just then, the sound of the car engine came from outside.

Changqing's heart tightened up. She wasn't sure if it was Song Chuchu who came back or if it was Yan Lei who forgot something at home on his way to work.

She quickly sat back up and applied ketchup to her toast seriously. When she heard footsteps, she knew Song Chuchu was back.

Song Chuyi changed his shoes and lifted his head. He saw his little wife focusing on her breakfast in the dining room without even looking at him.

He frowned. However, he thought about it and he had neglected her these past few days, especially on that day where she went over to the hospital to bring him breakfast. He didn't even know when she left.

He should coax her properly.

If he had known earlier, he would've bought some of her favorite food back.

He cleared his throat and sat beside her, watching as she put the egg between the toast and prepared to take a bite.

He reached over and snatched it away, putting it to his mouth as he took a bite and said, "I'm hungry."

Changqing finally turned her head. He watched her with his pair of tired eyes that looked a little helpless. Beside his lips was the sandwich that she had made with utmost care.

She thought to herself: This man is so shameless.

Forget that he kept another woman company on the outside for days without a single call, but the moment he returned, he snatched her sandwich without feeling any guilt or shame.

Heavens, she must've been blind to like a man like this.

If she had known earlier, she would've continued to have a crush on Fu Yu.

"If you want to have it, go ahead. Up to you." She couldn't be bothered to snatch it from him. Changqing took an egg and started to crack its shell.

When she was about done deshelling it, Song Chuyi moved over again, accompanied by a slight smell of disinfectant. "Can I have a bite?"

Changqing ignored him and ate her food.

"You're really angry?" Song Chuyi stared at her and said softly, "I'll make time to go with you to the Maldives again next time."

"No need…"

"Changqing, this time her life was really at stake…" Song Chuyi was slightly apologetic. "You saw it yourself that day; she almost lost her life. At that time… I really couldn't go to the Maldives with peace of mind."

"… It's pretty good that we didn't go." Changqing swallowed the egg down hard. The dry egg yolk hurt her throat. She took two large mouthfuls of milk.

Song Chuyi frowned slightly and held her. "Stop it…"

The grievances and anger that Changqing had been suppressing were squeezed out with that line of his. She really wanted to lash out at him.

However, that would ruin her image.

She couldn't say for sure, but on the day of the divorce, Song Chuchu's impression of her as his ex-wife would be someone hysterical without any manners. That wouldn't be nice.

Even if she were to get a divorce, she had to be dignified, elegant and aloof. That way, he might even feel a little sense of regret in the future. Why did he miss out on such a fine woman like her, Yan Changqing?

"Forget it," she mumbled and lifted her face. Her eyes were bright and had a rare determination. "Let's get a divorce."

Song Chuyi was shocked for a while. He frowned. "I know you're not feeling happy, but you shouldn't use divorce to talk about things. Don't be childish."

"I'm not being childish. I know it all," Changqing said calmly. "Song Yunyang is simply your ex-girlfriend. You two were together for five years. You got married to me because you wanted her to give up and marry your big brother. However, she's always had a place in your heart for you because, in America, the three of you encountered a shooting incident. You were afraid and didn't go over to protect Song Yunyang in time. Your brother was the one who took the bullet for her. All these years, you felt that your feelings for her couldn't compare to your brother's. Our marriage was just a protective shield for you."

Song Chuyi's refined face sank inch by inch, as though the autumn leaves were frosted. Every surface and corner became an icy blade.

"Who told you all this?" he started, his voice as cold as ice.

Changqing hesitated for a while and replied, "Your brother said so. I even saw the weirdness between you and Song Yunyang with my own eyes. I could also tell that you still like her…"

"Don't let your thoughts run wild after listening to him. Yunyang and I were together, but that was all in the past." Song Chuyi placed the sandwich down coldly and scooped some porridge.

"Your words couldn't even deceive a three-year-old." Changqing lowered her head and said softly, "I have eyes and I can feel it. At the airport, the moment you heard Yunyang got into an accident, you really left without even turning your head back. Have you ever thought that even if your sister got into an accident, no matter how anxious you were, you should've brought your wife along? You didn't. Or perhaps you simply didn't want me to go. You didn't want to make Yunyang feel even more stressed. You didn't even think about what I would do with two huge suitcases at the airport alone. Was it because there would be someone to fetch me in any case so you didn't have to worry at all?"

Song Chuyi's arm paused. An undetectable trace of embarrassment flashed past his handsome face. "I admit that I didn't want Yunyang to feel uncomfortable. After all, she was injured then. However…"

"Then did you think about me when you reached the hospital? Did you think about sending me a message to say whether you were coming home or how your sister's condition was?" Changqing interrupted him silently. "You didn't. Perhaps you even forgot about my existence. You can say that it's because Yunyang's life was still in danger. However, I can tell that you were really, really wound up about her. Then the second day when I went to the hospital to see you, you were basically indifferent towards me. The moment Yunyang woke up, you rushed in immediately. I saw you holding her hand agitatedly. You probably didn't even realize when I left. When I was gone, you didn't even about me. I think you could've also given me a call the following two days, but you didn't."

She lowered her gaze and tried hard to remain calm. However, she was still choked on her emotions. Her eyes reddened.

Song Chuyi felt an inexplicable pain in his heart. He held onto her shoulders. "I'm sorry. You have my word that… something like this will never happen again."

"I don't want your word. I just don't want to live with you anymore." Changqing looked out the window and took in a deep breath and continued: "I'm still so young; I'm only 24. I don't want to continue on like this and be your shield. I think that since you still can't let go of Yunyang, you should be with her. Really. No matter what happened between the two of you before, what's most important is that you two still like each other. If you go on like this, I'll become implicated by you as a shield and at the same time, your brother wouldn't feel good. What would all of that be for?"

"Do you know what you're saying?" Song Chuyi squeezed her shoulders. The guilt in his eyes slowly changed into anger. "We're married, yet you're pushing me onto someone else?"

"I'm not pushing you onto someone else. I'm just letting two lovers finally get together." Changqing's arms hurt from his squeezing and she was also slightly annoyed. Initially, she thought he would agree quickly when she raised the subject of divorce. After all, she was so innocent. However, he was angry and she didn't know why. Did he still want to drag her along with him?

Changqing wouldn't be so foolish. "Since you love her, you must say it out loud. What are you doing, hiding it inside? Isn't it just a shot? Who hasn't been afraid before? Yunyang doesn't even mind. You're just dragging your brother and Song Yunyang along to be in pain with you every day. And then there's me stuck in the middle. Your brother despises me like dog poop but I don't blame you. In any case, your Song Family helped out my Yan Family and we just took what we needed, right?"

Right my foot?

It was the first time Song Chuyi wanted to smash something and curse.

He was glad he didn't have any heart diseases or cerebral hemorrhage or anything of that sort. Otherwise, she would've definitely driven him to his grave. 'It's impossible between me and Yunyang. Don't bring up divorce again in the future."

He stood up. He really couldn't talk to her anymore.

Changqing stood up too and pulled him. "Don't go; I've already made things clear with my Dad. They're all supportive of me getting a divorce. I beg you to divorce me. Dr. Song, Young Master Song. Please spare me, alright? I've already become cannon fodder and even lost a friendship. What more do you want from me?"

"Yan Changqing, do you believe that I'll strangle you to death?" Song Chuyi couldn't suppress his rage and howled at her.

Auntie Zhang, who was tidying things up in the kitchen, heard that and ran out with a broom immediately, saying furiously, "What are you saying? Are you trying to get rough with our Changqing? Just you try."

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