So You're Such A Doctor Song
232 Please Get A Divorce With Me
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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232 Please Get A Divorce With Me

Song Chuyi's face twitched. How much had this fool Yan Changqing been badmouthing him during the days he wasn't around? "Auntie Zhang, I just said that in a fit of anger. How could I possibly…?"

"Fit of anger?" Auntie Zhang was so angry her broom was trembling too. "Considering whatever you've done outside, you play with our Changqing as though she's a fool and you still have the cheek to say words in a fit of anger to her? Gosh, our Changqing almost vomited blood from the anger. I saw that you were quite a handsome fellow and thought that you were quite good. Now, I understand. You're just a beast in human skin."

"Auntie Zhang…" Changqing's nose reddened. She was touched.

Usually, Auntie Zhang was meek. She didn't think that at a crucial moment, Auntie Zhang would stand up like a heroine.

Changqing walked over and tugged the corner of Auntie Zhang's shirt silently. She sniffed and said hoarsely, "Song Chuchu, actually, I already knew you had other motives for marrying me. However, I didn't think it would be like this. If I knew the reason earlier, even if I had to marry someone else to help the Yan Family then, I wouldn't have married you. Because of you, I've lost a friend. I really find it quite unworthwhile. However… I've also gotten a lot of help from your Song Family in the process so I don't blame you either. Let's do this—tomorrow, we'll get it done. Let's both separate peacefully."

Song Chuyi was so angry he was at a loss for words. "After saying all this, you just think that the feelings between us cannot even be compared to your friendship with Guan Ying?"

Changqing lifted her moist eyes in a daze and questioned, "Are there any feelings between us?"

He doesn't like me at all, right?

Song Chuyi's temples throbbed.

She could say something so vicious so lightly. How impressive. How capable.

Initially, with Auntie Zhang around, there were certain things between them that he didn't want to say. However, he couldn't hold it in anymore and howled, "You plainly said before that you liked me."

Changqing's face became slightly hot and she felt even more upset.

After a while, she retorted, "I just said it in passing; don't take it for the truth."

Song Chuyi stared daggers at her and only wished he could swallow her up.

Changqing hid behind Auntie Zhang subconsciously.

Auntie Zhang also gripped the broom in fear and said, "Say, you already have a woman you like, so why do you keep pestering our Changqing, asking if she likes you? What's the point? I know a lot of men are fickle and want a red rose on his left and a white rose on his right but you still have to care about the feelings of the roses."

"Mm, mm." Changqing nodded vigorously. Auntie Zhang spoke with such literary flair. It was beautiful.

Song Chuyi took a deep breath. "Auntie Zhang, you don't understand the things between us. I'll come over again at night and have a talk with Dad then. Changqing is just insensible. Please don't act willfully with her."

After saying his piece, he swept a fierce glance at Changqing before striding out of the Yan Household with large steps.

The moment he left, Changqing became dispirited.

Why was the divorce discussion so unsuccessful?

Song Chuyi rushed straight to Sky Corporation, going right up to the top floor to look for Song Chulang without any notice.

Song Chulang was having a meeting with the senior management in his office. He barged in in a huff.

"Go back first; we'll continue later," Song Chulang said to each senior management leader.

The senior management was all curious. How strange. The Second Young Master of the Song Family actually came to the Corporation today.

Wasn't the relationship between the two brothers very good? Why did it seem like they were about to argue today?

The assistant closed the door and Song Chuyi took a step forward and stared coldly at Song Chulang, who was sitting on the leather chair. "What are you trying to do? Who allowed you to tell Yan Changqing all that?"

Song Chulang lit a cigarette lightly and said, "When I told her, she was pretty calm. This woman has indeed changed my view of her. However, precisely because of that, I feel that you two should get a divorce all the more. Don't hold her back. Why must the things between you and Yunyang be built on her wounds?"

"You don't know anything." Song Chuyi hit the table in anger. "We were getting along pretty well."

"That's just what you think." Song Chulang raised his handsome face lightly.

Song Chuyi's facial muscles twitched.

Song Chulang took two slow puffs to soothe his suppressed feelings. "She already knows the truth about this matter. Can you two still go back to the past? Chuyi, stop lying to your feelings. Honestly, whatever you did hurt this woman more than me. Does Yunyang have no place in your heart at all? Back at the hospital, did you still remember that Yan Changqing was outside?"

Song Chuyi's Adam's apple bobbed in frustration.

Why was it that no matter where he went, this was the question raised?

"Think about it yourself. Don't come here to question me." A sense of chill shot out from Song Chulang's eyes. "When I told all this to Yan Changqing, do you know what she said? She said, since you two like each other, why must you go and hurt others?"

Song Chuyi's heart trembled slightly.

Song Chulang stood up and tapped the table with the tip of his finger. "From the very beginning, I've objected to your methods. Chuyi, to others, you might seem perfect and a very responsible doctor, but my eyes, your brother, you're a failure. You're a coward. Five years ago, you didn't dare to be with Yunyang because of your cowardice. Five years later, you're still afraid. Therefore, Yan Changqing and Guan Ying are both shields in your eyes. You feel that as long as you treat them well, you're not making use of them and if you don't get a divorce, you're respecting marriage?"

Song Chuyi clenched his fists tightly. "So you think the best result is getting a divorce and being with Yunyang?"

"Then what do you think is the best result?" Song Chulang opened his hands. "Continuing to use Yan Changqing as a shield in front of you? You have to see if she's willing. The Yan Family agreed to your marriage at first because the Song Family could help the Yan Family. This is a game. The Yan Family might not play with you till the end."

"This isn't a game." Song Chuyi's pupils constricted dangerously and he stared at Song Chulang.

"Think about Yunyang. What did she do wrong? Why must she be abandoned by you like this?" Song Chulang sat on his table with his back facing Song Chuyi. "Chuyi, she's still waiting for you at the hospital."

Song Chuyi's heart convulsed. He couldn't continue the conversation at all.

Five years later, he felt that everything was disastrous once again.

After coming out from the Sky Corporation, he called Yan Lei. "Dad, can we find a place to have lunch together in the afternoon and have a chat?"

Yan Lei was inspecting the medicine factory. When he received the call, his face fell.


He also wanted to have a good chat with Song Chuyi.

Yan Lei booked a hotel near the company and after he finished his inspection and came over, Song Chuyi had already arrived. The dishes were almost all served.

He glanced at Song Chuyi's clean face and felt pity in his heart. What a good person he seemed. How did he judge this man incorrectly?

"Dad, please take a seat." Song Chuyi poured him some wine.

Yan Lei took a sniff. The wine wasn't bad.

He drank a small little cup and took some side dishes, saying lightly, "What do you have to say? Speak."

"It's regarding the matters between me and Changqing." Song Chuyi was firm. "I heard that Changqing already told you…"

Yan Lei nodded.

Song Chuyi sat down, holding the wind bottle. He said, "Dad, a marriage is a life-long matter. I admit that I did keep mum about Yunyang's matters, but after I married Changqing, I did intend to live with her for the rest of my life…"

Yan Lei raised his hand and interrupted him. "Chuyi, I just want to ask you a question. Look into my eyes and tell me. Why did you leave my daughter behind at the airport, not even taking her along and leaving first?"

"This… because my brother told me that Yunyang's life was in danger. She was indeed in danger. Besides, my brother was at the hospital then. I didn't bring Changqing over because I was afraid that my brother would be upset and at the same time, Yunyang might be triggered." Song Chuyi undid a button and explained dryly.

"Then afterwards, did you give my daughter a call to tell her that you wouldn't be coming back at night, or when you would be back, or tell her about Song Yunyang's condition?" Yan Lei stared at him, asking him word by word.

Song Chuyi held his forehead. He opened his mouth but couldn't form any words for a long time. He actually didn't know where to start.

Yan Lei took a sip of wine and tried to make himself less angry. "Chuyi, I was also young once. When I was young and with Changqing's mom, we would always also bicker over small things and get into conflicts, but no matter how much serious the argument was, I would never abandon my wife and leave. When it came to things that were too heavy, as long as I was around, I would never let Changqing's mom carry them. No matter which relative got in an accident or passed away, we would go through it together as husband and wife. Divorce is not a good thing. Especially because your marriage was matchmade by me. Changqing might seem unsensible, but she would never raise divorce for no reason. She must've felt terrible and felt like she couldn't go on. Actually, for your marriage, even if you hit Changqing one day, the most I would do is beat you up on my daughter's behalf. I wouldn't agree to a divorce. However, the problem is, you don't love my daughter at all."

Song Chuyi stuttered, "I…"

"Even if you might like her a little, there's another woman more important than my daughter in your heart." Yan Lei frowned. "Why should I let you hurt my daughter, whom I treat as a treasure, like this? Would you abandon my daughter and leave the very moment something happened to that he woman in the future? Luckily, this time, it was at the Northern City airport. If it was at a foreign airport when you left her behind, how would you expect her to come back safely when she can't even communicate?"

Song Chuyi hung his head low.

"On top of that, your motive for marrying her wasn't innocent at all." Yan Lei tapped the table and said sternly, "It's true that when our Yan Family agreed to the marriage, it was a business marriage, but Changqing stopped her little thoughts for Fu Yu after marriage. She was going for forever. What were you going for? You were using her as a shield. Speaking of this—I'll have to ask you. Is my daughter that bad? Worse than that Song Yunyang? What did you mean when you used my daughter as your shield?"

Yan Lei felt increasingly angry the more he spoke and poured wine for himself successively.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》