So You're Such A Doctor Song
233 When He Was About To Be Driven Mad
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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233 When He Was About To Be Driven Mad

Song Chuyi licked his lips. He was completely full of regret now. Why did he have to talk to Yan Lei? Even if they were to have a chat, he shouldn't have brought wine.

"Chuyi, you'll have to learn what marriage really is first before telling me you're unwilling to divorce Changqing. From what I see, you're leaving Changqing hanging there while guarding another woman and that's hurting my daughter. I believe that without you, my daughter can easily find another man who will dote on her too. After all, my daughter is so adorable while you aren't adorable at all." Yan Lei finished the wine in a gulp and stood up, saying in a huff, "I'm not eating; you can eat on your own."

After saying his piece, he opened the door of the suite and closed it behind him with a "thud" and left.

In the evening, Yan Lei decided to bring his daughter out with Shen Lu to play at the newly-developed manor after some discussion, taking into consideration that his daughter wasn't happy.

Changqing happened to be listless and staying at home would make her mind run wild easily. The moment Yan Lei suggested it, she immediately agreed and hopped into her Dad's car after work. In the car, there wasn't just Shen Lu but also her sister, Changxin.

"Sis…" Changqing almost cried when she saw her. "Why are you back?"

"I heard that a certain treasure in our house fell out of love so I had to come back to keep her company." Changxin stroked her head with a smile.

"Wuwu, you're really my good sister." Changqing had lost all malaise completely and hugged Changxin with all her might, refusing to let go.

When the car was about to exit the city area, Shen Lu received a call from Fu Yu. "Yu-er, I forgot to tell you that I'll be going to Skylake Manor nearby to play with your Uncle Yan, Changxin and Changqing and will be back tomorrow afternoon."

Fu Yu was stunned and laughed softly. "Mum, why do you always not invite me along for such family gatherings?"

Shen Lu was stunned. Yan Lei glanced at her and said with a chuckle, "Just let him come along."

Shen Lu hung up the phone and frowned. "But…"

"We're about to be a family soon. Fu Yu will feel uncomfortable if you act like this. You cannot neglect the feelings of your own son," Yan Lei said very seriously. "No matter how old your son is, he still needs familial warmth."

Shen Lu's eyes became warm and the rims of her eyes were moist. She nodded with a smile.

The trip to the manor took around 40 to 50 minutes. Yan Changxin and Shen Lu went to order some dishes while Changqing and Changxin went to pick some watermelons. The two of them picked a few big watermelons and grapes. During dinner, they opened one up. It was bright red inside.

Fu Yu got there around seven. The five of them had a huge watermelon and a bottle of red wine.

After dinner, they played table tennis for a while and when it was around nine, they started to prepare for the barbeque.

Because of the warm weather, the few women all refused to go near the fire pit. In the end, Fu Yu and Yan Lei did the barbequing by themselves and the two were drenched with perspiration.

However, when Changqing ate the spicy and numbing barbeque, she felt exceptional bliss.

While Shen Lu ate, she started tearing up inexplicably.

"Mom…" Fu Yu lifted his head to look at her.

"I'm too happy today." Shen Lu wiped the tears at the corners of her eyes with a smile. "I never thought that I'd still be able to have such simple familial bliss. It hasn't been so lively after your grandparents passed away."

Fu Yu's heart thumped. He felt some warmth and some melancholy.

To think that such a simple life was what his mother actually thought was most blissful.

Changqing hugged Shen Lu. "Auntie Shen, we're going to be a family in the future. The most blissful, warmest and happiest family."

Shen Lu nodded with a smile and held her hand.

Looking at such a family, Changqing suddenly felt that she had no right to feel upset anymore. Although she had lost Song Chuchu, she had Auntie Shen who was akin to her birth mother and she also had a new brother.

Life was actually still very beautiful.

After having supper, everyone was tired and went back to their individual rooms to sleep.

Changqing and Changxin shared a room. After coming out from the shower, there was a sudden soft knocking on the window.

When she opened the door, Fu Yu was standing outside with a warm smile. "Changqing, let me show you something. Open all of your curtains."

She was stunned and did what he asked.

The room she stayed in was by the river. Fu Yu snapped his fingers and suddenly, from the other side of the river, fireworks lit up the night sky with loud banging.

They were all crowded together, watching the night sky lighting up, splendid and dazzling.

Changqing watched the colorful fireworks outside in a daze. They were simply gorgeous and magnificent. "Brother Fu Yu, did you do this?"

"Mm." Fu Yu nodded slightly. "I heard what happened from my Mom, Qing Bao. I still hope that you can go back to the happy and jovial Qing Bao that I used to know. Tonight, when I ate and barbequed with your family, I felt like I'd returned to the times when we were young."

"Mm." Changqing propped her arm on the window sill as she watched the fireworks outside. "Brother Fu Yu, thank you."

Fu Yu pressed his lips together and smiled, not saying anything, just watching the fireworks with her quietly.

Suddenly, he felt that it was pretty nice like this too. He could accompany her at the closest distance when she was at her lowest point. Even Song Chuyi wouldn't have the status and rights that he had.

At night, Song Chuyi lay in Lakeview Residence. He was exhausted but he couldn't fall asleep.

He got up, picked up his phone and went to Weibo.

At 11:20 pm, Changqing updated her Weibo. It was a selfie under the fireworks. She was smiling charmingly. The picture had the caption: As long as I have my dear family by my side, I will always feel very blissful. No matter how great the ordeal or how great the melancholy, it's all nothing. Now, I'm still happy. Let all those annoying people and things of the past scram. Tomorrow, I will still be the happy me, a different firework…

After seeing that, Song Chuyi felt like he couldn't sleep even more.

He wanted to scold someone. In the middle of the night, he really wanted to scold someone and hit someone.

What did she mean by annoying people and things?

Could she be referring to him?

To tell him to scram?

He was about to be driven mad.

What right did this woman have to still be happy when he was about to be driven mad?

Seeing the smiling face in the photo, he had the urge to tear it into pieces.

This post must've been for him to see.

She must've done it on purpose to piss him off.

Therefore, in her heart, he was just an ordeal that she could easily overcome?

Song Chuyi typed a furious reply: I hope you won't be happy tomorrow or the day after tomorrow…

After he posted it, he lay down and couldn't fall asleep even more.

Hence, he started calling Changqing. Her phone was switched off.

After a while, he opened Weibo again. There were speedy replies to his reply. However, they were all Changqing's fans.

Little Vixen Who Likes To Eat Angels @ him: Bro, you must be sick.

Xiao Qi In The Clouds: One look and you can tell that he just fell out of love. He's not mentally stable. Warped.

BaiBai: Probably a fruitless crush on our Qingqing then hatred grew from love so he had dark thoughts. What a pervert.

Foolish Fool: Every idol has a few mad fellows hating on them. Just get used to it.

Song Chuyi was so angry he closed the app and went to sleep. The more he read, the angrier he was.

He woke up at six the next morning.

He took his phone out to take a look again. There was no incoming call alert.

He bought some breakfast and sent it over to Yunyang's ward. Yunyang took two mouthfuls of porridge, lifted her head and saw him. Her pupils lost some shine. "Second Brother, what are you doing? Why do you look so listless?"

"Nothing." Song Chuyi pressed his lips together and thought for a while before saying, "Yunyang, eat first; I'll visit you again later. I still have something to do so I'll get going first."

Yunyang watched him sadly and didn't say anything.

Song Chuyi took two slow steps backwards before leaving.

Song Yunyang looked down dimly.

After breakfast, she watched some television programs and Song Chulang came. Song Yunyang sat quietly on the bed that exuded the smell of medicine and disinfectant. She was holding the remote controller in her hands and her eyes were fixed on the television set.

Her clean and pale face was haggard. On the table sat some unfinished porridge. She looked sickly and unenergetic.

"Where did Chuyi go?" Song Chulang asked in a low and hoarse voice.

Only then did Song Yunyang come back to her senses. She looked at him and the corners of her lips curled up into a helpless smile. "He said he had something to do. Maybe he's gone to look for… Yan Changqing."

"I'll call him later to get him to come back to visit you." Song Chulang's thin lips moved. His face was displeased.

"Don't… Big brother." Yunyang sighed and looked out the window. The rims of her eyes slowly turned red. "Forget it. Even if I'm in his heart, I'm not the only one he has in his heart. I've lost. I'm giving up."

"Yunyang…" There was pain in the depths of Song Chulang's eyes.

"I don't want to always try to hold him back like this shamelessly. Big Brother, don't bother yourself with our matters anymore. I know that you're good to me, better than Chuyi. I guess I can only be indebted to you for the rest of my life." Song Yunyang sighed once again. Tears streaked her pale face.

When Auntie Zhang was cleaning the living room at nine in the morning, the sound of the car engine suddenly came from outside, accompanied by the sound of a dog barking.

She thought that Changqing and the others were back. When she walked to the door, Song Chuyi walked in with large strides with his thin lips pressed together and brows tightly knitted together.

Auntie Zhang frowned and continued sweeping the floor. Song Chuyi walked to her and asked, "Where's Changqing and the others?"

"The whole family went out to the manor to play last night. They didn't come back for the night," Auntie Zhang replied him lightly.

Song Chuyi pondered for a while and left the Yan Household immediately.

When he got to his car, he called Zhan Mingwei immediately. "Get the people from your station to check where Changqing went. Did she go to work today?"

Zhan Mingwei's head hurt. "How many times have you called me to ask me about the whereabouts of your wife?"

"Mingwei, I'm serious." Song Chuyi had a stern face. "Changqing knew about me and Yunyang in the past. She wants to get a divorce."

The moment Zhan Mingwei heard that and realized that the matter had blown up, he called Boss Feng immediately. Within 10 minutes, he got news from there and called Song Chuyi. "You're not going to find her today. She went out to record a program with the team and it'll take around two to three days' time. After she comes back, she might have to record Challenge to the End. She's really busy these next few days. I'm not going to tell you where she went in case you go over to disturb her and make it hard for the station's operations to proceed."

Song Chuyi's heart hurt from the anger. "Zhan Mingwei, are you my brother or not? I still have to wait for three to four days? My leave is almost up; where will I get so much time?"

Zhan Mingwei sighed. "Chuyi, I'm your brother but Yan Changqing also has her job. You cannot make use of me as your personal contact to go over and disturb the team's work just because the two of you got into a fight. That's a team with tens of people. Time at the broadcasting station runs very tightly. If you delay this work, you will affect subsequent programs. Don't be anxious; isn't it just a few days? Wait for her to finish up. I will definitely tell you her schedule, alright?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》