So You're Such A Doctor Song
237 Couldn’t Even Handle
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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237 Couldn’t Even Handle

"What else is there for us to talk about?" Changqing turned her face away angrily.

"Let me tell you about me and Yunyang." Song Chuyi swept a strand of hair away from her forehead gently.

"Your brother already told me about you two." Changqing was bitter. Was he trying to tell her about their love story now? "The love story between the three of you is really strong and touching. It could be made into a drama series with people like us serving as the leaves to set the stage for you three fresh flowers."

Song Chuyi became helpless and said, "No one is the leaf and no one is the fresh flower. If you have to describe it this way, perhaps I'm just an ugly and empty tree which has been eaten up by ants and bugs."

Changqing was stunned. She didn't think he would describe himself in this way.

However, to her, he had always been high up in the air like the white clouds, elegant and clean. "Because you didn't save Song Yunyang in America."

"There's something my brother was right about. I might seem perfect on the surface, but I'm actually a coward, a failure. I have to endure all this every single day I'm with Yunyang. I was too useless then and couldn't endure it," Song Chuyi said softly. "You can't imagine that day when we were in Detroit; a mentally-ill patient carrying a gun just shot anyone he saw on the street, not even letting off a five to six-year-old child or an old lady. Although I've often seen dissections and deaths in the hospital wards, when I saw all this happening before my eyes, I was afraid.

"After that, I was shot in my lower back. Do you know that I was very scared I would die then? Yunyang also fainted from a shot. However, she wasn't hit in a vital spot. When the mentally-ill patient aimed at her brain with the gun once again, I was actually so frightened that my legs went numb because I knew that if I pounced over, I would most probably die. However, my brother did it. He was shot and almost died. It was also from that moment onward that I knew I was no longer fit to have Yunyang."

Changqing lifted her head to look at him and could see a Song Chuyi that she had never seen before. His face was filled with melancholy.

"The years after that, I was in deep guilt. Therefore, I went with my team to Africa to join the fight against Dengue. It wasn't just that but I even privately took part in several risky medical research studies."

Changqing felt upset the more she listened on. Why must he tell her all this?

Was he trying to show off how good their relationship was?

"Actually, Yunyang really likes you and wouldn't mind all this." After saying that, even Changqing felt she was very noble. She was simply the first person to let her husband be with his ex-girlfriend. "You brothers shouldn't keep thinking about giving in to each other. You have to see who she chooses to be with in the end."

Song Chuyi was stunned for a few seconds and frowned at the words she said. "Yan Changqing, you seem as though you can't wait to push me away. I'm your first man after all and have, after all, brought you much happiness. Yet you're just so emotionless towards me?"

This vile woman would only remember things like this so clearly.

Changqing clicked her tongue. "You're right. You're just my first man. I haven't even experienced being with other men and haven't seen other men's privates. Without any comparison or experience, there would be no contrast. You almost made me faint. Perhaps other men would make me faint straight away."

After saying that, she could feel the tense atmosphere suddenly spreading in the small car, as though she was in a freezer.

Song Chuyi looked at her gloomily. The blood vessels in his eyes seemed like they were about to burst.

Changqing suddenly regretted saying those things with her cheap mouth. She grabbed the window by her side fearfully.

"Let me tell you, mine… is considered very impressive among men. If you don't believe me, you can go online and check the sizes. In any case, don't you like to surf the web for such things?" Song Chuyi said through gritted teeth coldly. "Also, if you don't believe me, I can make you faint right now in the car."

"You always make me faint through violence." Changqing pouted. She didn't forget what happened at the pool that time. "Besides, you should look for your lover. However, if it was her, you probably couldn't bear to be so rough."

"Can you let me finish?" Song Chuyi said with frustration. She diverted the topic when it was going fine.

"What else is there to say?" Changqing said, "Isn't it just that when you came back, in order to make her give up, you got together with Guan Ying, who was quite similar to Song Yunyang? Do you like her that much? Come to think of it now, Guan Ying should've cheated on you. Why shouldn't she cheat on you, who only took her to be a substitute? You think she would wait for you to love her?"

"That's right, I got with Guan Ying because she looked similar to Yunyang. However, you're not a bit similar to Yunyang."

"Because I'm a shield," Changqing said in a strange tone. "However, I really don't blame you. You've also helped our family. Don't worry; I'm very generous. Even if you two get together, I wouldn't curse you."

"…" Song Chuyi felt his head hurting. He really wanted to stuff a piece of paper in her mouth. "After that happened, I've tried to be with Yunyang. However, every time I faced her, I would think about my brother's sacrifice and my cowardice. My brother's sacrifice wasn't as simple as that shot he took for her. The time Yunyang and I spent together went from bad to worse. We had several very bad fights. Therefore, I wanted to give us a few years' chance. However, I've never walked out from the shadows of the past. I've thought about it. If I were to be with Yunyang, what would my brother do? I would never be able to come to terms with it. I would feel that I got my happiness in exchange for my brother's.

"Marrying you, indeed, for both of us, was an accident with motives. However, life with you was very comfortable. I've never said I like you not because I don't like you. It's just that I'm not good with all this. When I'm with you… I'm way more at ease than I was with Yunyang. Haven't you felt that ever since we got together, even Robben has become happier?"

Song Chuyi watched her with gentleness in his eyes.

Changqing was a little dumbfounded. What exactly did he mean by that?

Her EQ was too low. Her IQ was too low. She didn't understand.

Also, what did this have to do with Robben's happiness?

"As long as you feed Robben and have a larger space to play with him, he will be happy with a full tummy and play with you."

Song Chuyi scoffed silently in his heart. It had to be a female playing with Robben. "Have you ever thought about it? If we were to get a divorce, what would happen to Robben and Lolita? You're not only destroying our marriage but at the same time, you'd also be destroying Robben and Lolita's blissful life."

"If you took both of them with you, their lives wouldn't be destroyed." About this, Changqing had already thought it through.

Song Chuyi scoffed. "So you've thought about all of it. Then did you think about how they would be mentally unhealthy and unhappy living in an incomplete family?"

"Wasn't Robben fine when he was with you in the past? Besides, Lolita kind of likes you. She's simply smitten." Changqing frowned. "They're both dogs you bought. Don't push them onto me."

Song Chuyi laughed coldly. This woman had pushed everything onto him.

Also, did she have some comprehension issues? Didn't he already hint very obviously that he likes her?

He wasn't just talking about Robben's happiness.

He coughed softly and thought for a while before saying, "Actually, I kind of like the atmosphere at your house. My family is too complicated, too calculative while yours is full of love. I've never had a taste of such a family ever since I was young."

Changqing was more and more confused. "Therefore you don't want to get a divorce with me because of my family's atmosphere?"

Song Chuyi felt deeply helpless. Had everything he said gone to waste?

He opened his wallet and put her selfie in front of her. "You're the one who put your picture in here. Are you going to leave after provoking me? Also, who was the one who changed her caller ID in my phone to Qing Bao? Since you already decided to be my treasure (1. "Bao" means treasure), it's forever. You can't just leave when you want to and you can't just get a divorce just because you want to."

Changqing blinked and was even more muddle-headed. After being confused for almost half a minute, she started to become enraged.

"You're the one who provoked me first. Don't malign me," Changqing said with frustration. "At most, I can just take the picture back and change the caller ID back. Won't that do?"

She reached over to snatch it but Song Chuyi kept his wallet in his pocket and hugged her. His profile became gentle and enchanting under the dim car lights.

"You can't change after becoming my Qing Bao."

Changqing was in a daze and dumbfounded.

What did that mean? What did that mean…

He said so much just now; didn't he just mean he would be letting Song Chulang down if he got with Song Yunyang?

How did it jump to her becoming his Qing Bao?

Did she miss something?

What Qing Bao? She had already raised the topic of divorce.

He was still talking about Qing Bao? How shameless.

However, her heart still skipped a beat because of the mention of "Qing Bao". How cheap could she get?

When Changqing went upstairs, she ran into Li Shaobin, who was leaning against the wall. Ever since he dyed his hair, he looked cool but appeared to be a little unhappy.

When he saw her approaching, Li Shaobin raised his brows. "Where's Old Song?"

"He left. He said there was something urgent going on at the hospital." Changqing looked like she aggrieved. This person didn't mean what he said.

"F*ck, he drove off with the car? Then how am I supposed to go back?" Li Shaobin was furious. Who did he offend in his previous life to have found such an unreliable friend like Old Song?

"You deserved it. Who told you to bring him over?" Changqing rejoiced at his misfortune. However, thinking back at how he saved her last night, she still said politely, "Why are you standing here? Didn't Ruan Yang let you in?"

"Ask her yourself and you'll know. What a petty woman." Li Shaobin snorted. He pressed the down button on the elevator and took a large stride in with his head up.

Changqing was bewildered. She knocked on the door.

It was Jiang Duoyao who opened the door. Jiang Duoyao poked her little head out nervously and looked left and right before pulling Changqing in. She had a strange gaze. "Where's Song Chuyi, that b*stard? Why are you wearing his shirt? Don't tell me you guys…. downstairs? Did he tear your collar?"

Jiang Duoyao was so nervous she seemed energetic. Although Song Chuyi was trash, it was intense.

A married woman's world was indeed different.

Thinking about it made one's blood boil.

"What nonsense are you spouting? It's just that I didn't put on my bra and he thought my shirt was too translucent so he gave me his shirt." Changqing's face reddened. "Can you not be so devious? Where's Guan Ying and Ruan Yang?"

"Ruan Yang is making breakfast. Guan Ying is showering upstairs." Jiang Duoyao leaned close to her ear secretively and said, "When you weren't around, Guan Ying and I heard a piece of shocking news. It's extremely shocking."

"What news?" Changqing became all secretive because of her.

"Just now, Li Shaobin said in front of us that Ruan Yang forced a kiss on him with all her might. Take note that it was a forced kiss with all her might, not a gentle forced kiss," Jiang Duoyao said agitatedly. "Did Ruan Yang's taste change because of Xin Ziao's provocation? She could even take a thick, gold necklace."

Thick, gold necklace…

The corners of Changqing's lips twitched. She wondered if Li Shaobin would die of anger if he knew about this nickname.

However, this was really shocking.

Thinking of the image of her high-class and elegant goddess kissing a triad boss who was wearing a thick, gold necklace and earrings.

That picture… she really couldn't dare to compliment it.

"Could it be a misunderstanding?"

"Ruan Yang didn't deny it." Just as Jiang Duoyao said that, she saw Ruan Yang walking out of the kitchen.

She appeared to have supernatural hearing and glanced at the two who were behaving secretively at the door and sighed. She didn't need to guess what they were thinking about. "Can the two of you not talk about me behind my back?"

Changqing coughed softly. "Actually, Li Shaobin's looks aren't bad. Ever since I changed his style, he's actually quite good-looking. Especially his figure and face. He doesn't look like those feminine teen idols in the entertainment industry who are so delicate I'm afraid they would be blown away by the wind. Most important is his character. His character is better than Song Chuchu and I get along well with him too."

Ruan Yang sighed. "You two really think too much. That day, Xin Ziao happened to come and make trouble with me and Li Shaobin happened to be by the side. In order to make Xin Ziao give up, I just kissed him."

"Then you really forced a kiss on him." Jiang Duoyao gave her a thumbs up."You're really formidable. I wouldn't even have the guts to force a kiss on anyone even if I wanted to."

"Who do you want to force a kiss on?" Changqing blinked.

Ruan Yang said lazily, "She wants to force a kiss on anyone who's a little good-looking."

"However, Ruan Yang, you're really formidable. You even dared to force a kiss on Li Shaobin," Changqing said with respect.

"What's there to not force a kiss on?" Ruan Yang said lightly. "Enough about me. What did Song Chuyi want to talk to you about downstairs? I thought you wouldn't come back."

"I don't know what he wanted either; he said a bunch of weird things." Changqing scratched the back of her head in confusion.

"What did he say?"

"Mm…" Changqing thought carefully. "He talked about his past with Song Yunyang and also that he enjoys his life with me, that he didn't say he liked me not because he doesn't like me, that he feels freer with me than with Song Yunyang and also… that my family's environment is very good—even Robben feels happy. Also, I put my picture in his wallet and provoked him so I apparently can't leave just like that and such… In the end, he even said that after I became his Qing Bao, it can't be changed anymore…"

"What's all that nonsense?" Jiang Duoyao rolled her eyes. Even she didn't understand.

Ruan Yang smiled. "He probably was trying to say that he actually likes you and being with you feels more comfortable than with Song Yunyang. In any case, he doesn't want to get a divorce. However, you two are quite mushy in private, huh? Qing Bao this and Qing Bao that."

Changqing was embarrassed and pouted as she changed the topic. "Even if he likes me, it's not as much as he likes Song Yunyang. I still feel uncomfortable inside."

"Let's keep a watch on him. In any case, he wouldn't want to get a divorce any time soon. See if he keeps some distance from Song Yunyang. If he doesn't then forget it," Ruan Yang said. "Help get the cutlery; breakfast is ready. Duoyao, call Guan Ying down."

After breakfast, Ruan Yang's manager, Du Teng, came over. When he saw the four of them, he felt as though his head would explode. "My ancestor, what have you turned yourselves into? Take a look at my phone—it's about to explode from the non-stop calls since this morning."

As Du Teng spoke, he answered a call. "Aye, Reporter Jin. Ruan Yang fought, yes that was indeed the case. Ruan Yang, Jiang Duoyao and Yan Changqing were gathering at Northern Latitude then when they saw their friend, Guan Ying, being bullied by CEO Qi and the other men, the three of them went up to help. They were quite badly beaten up. Luckily, someone saved the group of them when they saw the injustice. However, that was so cocky. I do intend to sue the men…"

Changqing laughed secretly after hearing that and said to Ruan Yang and gang softly, "Although we were beaten up, the fans were very touched by our friendship. Many people became our fans. My Weibo fans increased by a hundred thousand this morning."

"Me too." Guan Ying laughed lightly. "The company called just now and intend to take this chance to create a new image for me."

"This could be considered a blessing in disguise." Ruan Yang laughed.

After breakfast, they each went to face the media. Changqing took Wen Tong's car to the broadcasting station.

In the car, Wen Tong said, "This morning, CEO Qi and the others were blocked by reporters at the hospital. In the end, to clear their name, they said it was Zhao Zhu who made them do that. Immediately after, Shang Wei held a media conference on their side. The company will permanently not use the artistes who took part in last night's incident as punishment and they publicly terminated Zhao Zhu's contract. Although they didn't clearly state that those who set Guan Ying up were artistes from the same company, they didn't deny it when asked by the reporters."

Changqing felt immense satisfaction. "Finally got rid of Zhao Zhu, that pile of dog sh*t."

Wen Tong laughed. "Actually, Fu Yu probably didn't want to get rid of Zhao Zhu that quickly. After all, your new drama has yet to be released. If the lead actress got into a scandal, it would affect the ratings of your drama series. However, I guess this would, in turn, present you with an opportunity—it was a double female lead initially. This time, the production team will definitely leave more screen time for you and delete more of Zhao Zhu's scenes."

"In any case, whether I become popular in the future or not, I will still be a host conscientiously," Changqing said with a grin. "It's less risky and it's a stable job."

Wen Tong cried inside. She had really tagged along with an unambitious master.

When they reached the broadcasting station, the reporters, who had been waiting for a very long time, crowded over and asked all at once, "Host Yan, are those injuries sustained from last night?"

"I heard that Zhao Zhu's assistant laced poison in your powder previously. Now she set Guan Ying up. Could it be to take revenge on you for jailing her assistant?"

"I heard that the few people who beat you were very powerful. Weren't you afraid that it would affect your future?"

"I saw the video on the internet. You were very badly beaten. You're wearing a mask and sunglasses—you're not disfigured, are you? Can Challenge to the End still continue recording?"

Changqing was unhappy. What kind of questions were these reporters asking? However, she still said very subtly, "I've only sustained some superficial wounds. The doctor said I will recover in a few days. I don't know very clearly if the incident last night was caused by Zhao Zhu or not; I only saw her and a few artistes from the same company standing at the side and not helping, even adding oil to the fire. I felt very disappointed since we're all from the same industry. We're all women. Why must we make things difficult for our comrades? Is it fun to help men bully women? Don't forget that you're a woman yourself too. I feel that people nowadays need to remember Truth, Goodness and Beauty. In any case, I will protect my friends with all my life if I see that they're hurt."

After saying that, Changqing walked into the broadcasting station gallantly and full of vigor.

During the afternoon break, after Song Chuyi was done with his overtime, he looked for a spot to sit in the canteen with his lunch box with exhaustion.

The television in front happened to be showing the latest entertainment news. The image happened to jump to Changqing's horrible-looking little face. She was speaking with righteousness.

The few nurses in front were discussing softly. "Yan Changqing is so loyal. I didn't really like her in the past but this time, I'm going to turn into her fan."

"There's also Ruan Yang, Jiang Duoyao and Guan Ying. Where do you find such true friends in the entertainment industry?"

Song Chuyi ate silently and suddenly found it funny.

This little vixen was faking shamelessly again without even knowing how to blush.

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