So You're Such A Doctor Song
247 I Am Her Husband
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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247 I Am Her Husband

"It was for the program," Changqing repeated. "That was how it was written in the script. Besides, he's pretty adorable like that and he looks very pure, unlike you who's so experienced."

Song Chuyi's face turned black. "Superficial. Do you think you know him well? Then do you know that there was one time when he got drunk and he got touchy with an unknown artiste on the same production team?"

"Isn't that just gossip?" Changqing said. "The artiste came out to explain that it was news fabricated by the media after that."

"There isn't that much fabricated news." Song Chuyi swept a glance at her. "He even hooked up with another girl but his company's PR was competent and managed to keep the news from spreading."

"Really?" Changqing blinked. The news was too shocking and she needed to digest it. "How did you know?"

Song Chuyi said indifferently, "Shaobin told me. He even found out about Ruan Yang and Xin Ziao, much less a mere male artiste. He definitely has his sources within their circle."

Changqing was stunned and didn't have any doubts.

She really didn't expect Fang Qingqian to be such a person. He looked amiable, pure and clean normally. To think it was all a facade. It was indeed difficult to tell one's true colors.

Indeed, there were too many male cheaters out there nowadays.

The corners of Song Chuyi's lips curled up. "Therefore, don't keep talking about divorce. You might end up meeting a douchebag after the divorce especially since you're so gullible. "

"Yeah, I'm gullible. That's how I got cheated by you," Changqing said angrily.

The smile on the corner of Song Chuyi's lips deepened. His mood improved somehow. "Yeah, I even intend to cheat you forever."

Changqing's heart thumped hard and she pretended to have not heard anything, lowering her head to play on her phone.

Song Chuyi smiled and didn't say anything else.

The car drove to a hotel by the beach. Other than them, the rest of the colleagues from the station had basically all arrived. Fang Qingqian stood on the balcony with a smile and said jokingly, "We were just talking about how you guys hadn't arrived maybe because you didn't want to treat and backed out at the last minute."

Changqing looked at his clean and handsome young face and recalled Song Chuyi's words. She suddenly shuddered.

Nowadays, the good-looking ones were more and more unreliable.

Song Chuyi smiled as he held her hand and said, "You guessed it; the thought did pass my mind."

Mei Zong laughed out loud. "Dr. Song, to think you know how to joke too."

Song Chuyi smiled and walked up with Changqing. Everyone was still quite polite and was studying the menu. They only started ordering when Song Chuyi and Changqing arrived and the dishes they ordered were subsequently more expensive than the previous ones. They were all a bunch of gluttons.

"We can't go without alcohol since we have food. Beer doesn't really go well with seafood, so why don't we order some white wine?" Mei Zong asked.

"Up to you," Zuo Qian said casually.

"Then we'll have a few bottles of white wine," the producer, who loved drinking the most on the production team, said.

Changqing glanced at Song Chuyi as though she was watching a show. He only had two glasses of red wine last night and he couldn't go any further. Tonight, it was white wine. Serves him right for announcing our marriage to the station.

The gloating look in her eyes was very obvious. Song Chuyi glanced at her and said calmly, "Drinking isn't a bad idea; it helps to liven things up, but I suggest that we'd better not drink tonight. I've received news from my friend that the traffic police are focusing on catching drunk-driving tonight; especially in this area where the nightlife is abundant, the traffic police are usually stricter. Of course, it'd be okay if we weren't driving later, but I still need to drive later."

"Why didn't I hear about this?" Mei Zong was shocked.

Usually, when the traffic police checked drunk-driving, he would usually be alerted, so he should more or less get wind of the news.

"It's true," Song Chuyi said confidently. "Perhaps it's a low-profile operation."

"Then I suggest only the people who are not driving can drink." Fang Qingqian was a public figure and was very mindful of such things.

"Actually, it's better for your body to drink less," a female colleague from the station said.

Only then did everyone let the matter pass. Only a few drinkers ordered a few small bottles of alcohol.

Changqing was puzzled and she secretly inched towards Song Chuyi. "How did you know that the traffic police will be monitoring drunk-driving tonight? It's news that even our Director Mei didn't know about."

Song Chuyi drank a sip of hot tea elegantly and said softly, "My Fourth Uncle was a high-ranking official here before he got transferred and he has a lot of contacts. I'll give him a call later and the operation can easily be carried out."

Changqing was dumbfounded.


After all this, the drunk-driving thing was all made up by him? How despicable.

However, the Song Family was indeed capable. Just a call and the entire Northern City's traffic police would have to work overtime to monitor drunk-driving.

"Then why didn't you get your Fourth Uncle to settle your previous drunk-driving incident?" Changqing asked curiously. "That way you wouldn't have had to do voluntary work."

"That's not the same. When you're in the wrong, you have to be punished," Song Chuyi said lightly. "Especially for things like drunk-driving. If you're not strict with yourself, you're putting others at risk."

Changqing was stunned and she pressed her lips together. Hypocrite.

However, Changqing enjoyed this supper very much. The person who was ordering didn't stand on ceremony either, ordering two large Australian lobsters, each weighing 150g, and they were all wild lobsters so they tasted exceptionally delicious. After that, they got king crab and also abalone.

The supper lasted until past midnight. Everyone started bootlicking Song Chuyi after having their fill, saying that Changqing was very fortunate.

Zuo Qian and Song Chuyi, on the other hand, didn't eat much. Both of them ordered some porridge.

"Teacher Zuo, you're not eating much," Song Chuyi, who was sitting near him, said with a light smile.

"I don't eat a lot for supper." Zuo Qian smiled warmly. He looked at Changqing, who had her head buried in food, and smiled pamperingly. "You too, Mr. Song?"

"Eating too much at night is bad for the stomach," Song Chuyi answered calmly.

"I see, however… someone who doesn't really find joy in food would still find it interesting to have someone who enjoys eating in his life." He raised his cup of tea. "Cheers to you."

"Thank you." Song Chuyi raised his cup slightly. He admired Zuo Qian a little. It was obvious that he liked his woman, but Zuo Qian could still be so tolerant, generous and accepting. It wasn't something that everyone could do.

After supper, Song Chuyi footed the bill before everyone left.

He got into the car and Changqing couldn't help but ask, "How much was it?"

Song Chuyi glanced at her. "In any case, five to six months of my salary is gone."

Changqing clicked her tongue. The dishes tonight were a little pricey. "See if you still dare to come to our station again. Let me tell you—that group of gluttons and vampires loves to suck their hosts dry with the most expensive food whenever someone offers to treat."

"It's alright; I'm willing to be sucked dry for my wife." Song Chuyi smiled gently. "Besides, I believe with you around, you would've eaten at least four to five thousand, judging by your capabilities."

"Annoying." Changqing rolled her eyes at him with a flushed face. "You're subtly saying that I eat a lot. Don't think that I don't know that."

Song Chuyi smiled. His handsome face seemed a little faint in the night. "Tonight, Zuo Qian said something I agreed with. It's pretty good for a man who doesn't really find joy in eating to have a glutton as his wife. Your appetite would improve just from watching her eat."

"Doesn't Song Yunyang eat a lot?" Changqing couldn't help but pout. However, Song Yunyang was quite skinny and her chest didn't look big.

The sudden mention of this name made the calm atmosphere tense up. In the quiet night, Song Chuyi's deep voice overpowered the music playing from the stereo. "You're not the least bit like her. When I'm with her, I'm a boy. When I'm with you, I'm a man."

Changqing was stunned. She pouted. Her EQ wasn't high to begin with. Why must he still say something so profound? "What do you mean?"

"A boy isn't as matured and sensible as a man," Song Chuyi explained.

"You sound as though you're very matured and sensible right now." Changqing swept him a mocking glance.

Song Chuyi "…"

He got attacked again. He didn't want to talk to her for the time being.

The car drove on for a while and Changqing really saw the traffic police carrying out their night duties. There was a group of people whom they caught on the side. Perhaps because this operation was too last-minute, no news of it was leaked beforehand, so they caught more offenders than any of the previous operations.

Changqing said to a certain someone beside her sympathetically: "Look, it's all because of you that so many people got implicated."

"It's not good to drink and drive to start with. The traffic police do this not only to stop those who drink and drive but also to protect civilian safety." Song Chuyi disapproved of her views. "They deserved it. It wasn't long since I started working at the A\u0026E when I already saw many cases of people who got sent to the hospital for emergency treatment because of several drunk-driving cases. God knows how many times it happens every year."

Changqing was stumped for words. That seemed true too. "So, you're upholding justice for mankind?"

"You can say that." He nodded shamelessly.

Changqing was speechless.

Back at home, Changqing quickly grabbed her clothes and went to bathe. When she walked to the door, she could feel footsteps following behind her. She turned back and saw the man who was way taller than her. She frowned. "What are you doing?"

"It's very late. Do you want to shower together to save time and water?" Song Chuyi asked with a deep gaze. "I still have to do the morning shift tomorrow."

"No way." Changqing snorted coldly. "Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking. Gangster."

"I really don't know; why don't you tell me?"Song Chuyi tilted his head and looked very innocent.

Changqing opened her mouth and her face blushed immediately. She stared daggers at him. "Why don't you wash up first? I'll shower downstairs."

After saying that, she was about to leave when Song Chuyi pulled her back helplessly. "Forget it, go shower first."

Changqing went straight in.

After coming out from the shower, she saw Song Chuyi, who probably showered downstairs, lying lazily on the bed looking at his phone, wearing only the pair of tiger underwear.

Changqing glanced at that little tiger and she turned her face away as her entire face turned red. Stinking man with ulterior motives.

The corners of Song Chuyi's mouth showed a hint of a smile. When she was finally done and lying on the bed, he went over with a smile. "Your colleagues ate so much money from me and I'm also wearing your favorite little tiger. Do I get to kiss you?"

Changqing pushed him away as her face heated up. "No one told you to treat my colleagues. You volunteered to do it; I didn't force you. Also, who likes the little tiger? I find it disgusting. I don't want you to kiss me."

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