So You're Such A Doctor Song
249 I Bought You A Diamond Ring
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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249 I Bought You A Diamond Ring

"We received a tip that the Food and Drug Administration has found a drug source that didn't meet the qualified standards and we're rushing over to do an interview now," Reporter Tian said with a smile.

"Then run along. Such cases are outrageous," Changqing quickly said then ran off to the meeting room.

She made it to the meeting a minute before it started. Mei Zong watched as she panted and said with an apparent smile, "There's no need to be in such a rush. Now that everyone knows you married into the Song Family, the boss wouldn't say much even if you're late."

Changqing felt a little uncomfortable hearing that. "Director Mei, don't say that. Marrying into the Song Family is one matter and being late for work is a separate matter. I will still abide by the station's rules and regulations strictly."

"Hehe. Not bad, unlike those hosts who become proud after marrying into influential families." Mei Zong nodded. "Right, all thanks to Dr. Song's reminder yesterday. There really were traffic police checking on drunk-driving when we went back. Dr. Song's connections are still wider than ours."

Changqing tugged at the corner of her mouth as she smiled.

However, she was a little proud to marry a wealthy young master from an influential family.

The next time she didn't see eye-to-eye with someone at the station, she would get Song Chuyi to make the traffic police check on drunk-driving when that person drank. Hmph.

Therefore, there was still a little advantage in making up with Song Chuyi.

After leaving the broadcasting station, Song Chuyi received a call from Zhan Mingwei. "We haven't played cards in a long time. Do you want to play tonight?"

"Nope, I'm doing the night shift today." Song Chuyi pondered for a while. "Right, what do you usually gift your wife?"

Zhan Mingwei smiled. "The person in control of the finances at home is my wife. She will usually buy clothes and stuff she wants on her own. I only gift her accessories or bags during special occasions and festivals."

"I know that too, but isn't that too cliche and old-fashioned?" Song Chuyi frowned.

"It is cliche and old-fashioned, but women like it," Zhan Mingwei said. "You know how low my EQ was last time and I don't like to guess what a woman's thinking. When we were dating, I asked Siyao straightforwardly what she likes and she told me straightforwardly that she wants diamond necklaces, diamond rings or watches. She even said folded stars or chocolates are what couples give each other when they're students. They're for young, innocent little girls. 80% of women who've entered society actually like those; don't think they're materialistic. It's also because they think that men nowadays are materialistic too. They think that it's only true love when a man is willing to spend money on a woman. Women will never think they have too many things like accessories."

"… Alright," Song Chuyi answered softly. It happened that there was a mall ahead. He drove over slowly and stopped.

"Let me teach you another trick. After you're done shopping, send a picture to your wife. I guarantee that she'll be brimming with happiness."


Song Chuyi stroked his chin. He was somewhat looking forward to that certain someone's happy face.

Hence, he parked the car and walked towards the jewelry shop in the mall. Seeing his aura and the branded watch on his wrist, the service staff in the mall could tell he was a wealthy man at one glance and vied to introduce products to him.

Song Chuyi picked a six-carat Cartier diamond ring. It was a little expensive but it looked good.

After buying it, he took several pictures with his phone and finally picked the best one to send over.

Changqing was still in the meeting and she had put her phone on silent mode. However, when the message came in, she could still see it. She secretly opened the message to take a look. It was a message from Song Chuyi: I bought you a diamond ring. I placed it on the bedside table at home.

The diamond ring was a rare pink color and the diamond was embedded in a petal-like cast made with fine craftsmanship. At first look, it appeared to be a delicate flower.

Changqing's favorite color was pink and when she saw the diamond ring, her eyes lit up and she was filled with happiness. She was just feeling frustrated over the fact that she had forgiven him so quickly but now, she was enveloped by a wave of sweetness and surprise immediately.

Changqing wasn't a materialistic person. Yan Lei would satisfy her with whatever she wanted since young as long as it was within his means and as for those things out of his means, she knew to not ask for them despite liking them. However, that didn't mean she didn't like rings.

Although Grandma Yan gave her a set of jewelry worth tens of millions when she got married, it wasn't from her husband, after all. Besides, she didn't really like Song Chuchu then, so she didn't have any expectations.

After that, they went to a mall once. Song Chuyi brought her to a jewelry shop but she wasn't in a good mood. Besides, she felt that he was a miser and would only buy a three to four thousand ring casually to patronize her. This time, it was different. He chose a large and beautiful ring for her personally.

Suddenly, she wasn't in the mood to go on with the meeting. She wanted to go home to take a look at her diamond ring.

Zuo Qian was sitting beside her and glanced at the photo on the table. After that, he looked at her with a gentle gaze as she bit her lips, trying to suppress her smile.

Song Chuchu brought the diamond ring back to the Yan Household then drove to the Song Household for lunch.

He was delayed on the way, so when he arrived, the Song Family had already started eating. Song Chulang wasn't around. Song Yunyang hadn't recovered and she was sitting in a wheelchair by the dining table with a pale face. She wasn't plump to begin with, and after getting injured, she looked even thinner, like an awl.

Song Chuyi felt a little upset upon seeing her. He pulled a chair out silently and sat down.

Song Huaisheng frowned when he saw him. "Aren't you on leave today? Where did you go? Why are you still so late?"

"… Something cropped up." Song Chuyi didn't really want to answer his questions.

Song Huaisheng didn't probe further and changed the topic. "Why are you alone? Where's Changqing?"

"That's right." Grandma Song chimed in unhappily. "Ever since Dai Ai's incident, she's only come back once. Does she not want to enter through the Song Family's door anymore? I heard she even went overseas on holiday with her friends. I think she's gone wild."

"She has a meeting at the station today and has no time, so I didn't tell her about this." Song Chuyi felt uncomfortable hearing that. "Grandma, Peiyuan is fine now. Can you let go of the past? Wasn't it fine before?"

"What do you mean by Peiyuan is fine?" Dai Ai's face fell. "Although I'm not a doctor, I know that Peiyuan's body, as a premature baby, could never compare to a normal child. He will inevitably be sickly and weak. There are also children who slowly grow to have heart diseases, and some of them aren't even neurologically developed, so they will be slower."

Song Huaisheng and Grandma Song's faces turned ashen upon hearing that. Song Chuyi's face stiffened from anger.

Song Yunyang took a sip of soup and said lightly, "Actually, the probability of such things happening is 50%. There are many kids who are very healthy other than having a weaker immunity system. There was also once a premature baby who was tested to have a higher IQ than a normal child. On top of that, the technology for newborns in America is really much better. There was a case where a pregnant lady passed away suddenly four months into pregnancy. The doctor had to adopt a very risky plan then. He had to retrieve the four-month-old embryo from the mother's womb and nurture the embryo with a machine. Afterward, that embryo managed to survive miraculously and matured into an infant who was even healthier than a child born under normal circumstances."

"Really?" Grandma Song was shocked.

"Mm. Although it was a machine, the machine was created based on a maternal body. As the child grew in the subsequent months, the machine would inject the nutrients needed for the child's development. Naturally-born children often have a fever after they're born nowadays and some even become heaty or contract jaundice and more because children absorb some undesirable things when they're in their mothers' bodies. Therefore, if a baby is in the care of comprehensive medical equipment, it might even grow to become healthier than if it was in their mother's body." Song Yunyang provided a lot of information. She coughed a little and took several sips of soup.

Song Chuyi looked at her gratefully and said to Song Huaisheng, "In any case, you and Auntie can see for yourself if the child is fine or not."

Song Huaisheng nodded. His expression improved and he said to Dai Ai, "Let's talk after we take a look. I still have faith in Chuyi's friend over there."

Dai Ai nodded with a worried look.

"We're going to stay in the States for about a week or so this time." Song Huaisheng told Song Chuyi. "There's only Yan Changqing and your grandma at home. Yunyang's body isn't too great and Chulang has been busy recently, so he isn't home very often. Why don't you come back to sleep if you don't have night shifts and take Changqing along? We're a family, after all. One mistake doesn't mean we don't cross paths for the rest of our lives."

"Mm… actually, she's just a little afraid to face the people in our family," Song Chuyi explained softly.

"Afraid?" Grandma Song frowned. "We won't eat her up."

"How can she be the Song Family's daughter-in-law if she's so cowardly?" Dai Ai spat out.

Song Chuyi frowned and swept her a cold glance.

Dai Ai hadn't spent an insignificant amount of time with the Song Family. She had always been able to feel the dislike coming from Song Chuyi; however, he was just cold. This time, his glance gave her an immediate chill down her spine. She thought of her son who was still in the hands of his friend and suddenly didn't dare to make any sound.

After lunch, Dai Ai and Song Huaisheng prepared things to bring to the States and the servants began to clear the table.

Song Yunyang turned her wheelchair to move to the living room with much effort.

There was a step between the living room and dining room. Seeing that, Song Chuyi stood up and pushed her wheelchair carefully down the step.

"Thank you. Busy yourself with your stuff; I can go back to my room myself," Song Yunyang said hoarsely and lowered her frail face.

Song Chuyi didn't speak, only pushing her to the door of her room before saying softly, "Thank you for earlier."

She was stunned and bitterness seeped out from the corners of her mouth. "There's nothing to thank me for. I just said whatever I knew."

Song Chuyi answered softly. "If you ever feel unaccustomed to living at home or find anything uncomfortable, you can tell me anytime. I'm after all… still your second brother."

Song Yunyang sighed with a hint of sorrow.

Second Brother. Perhaps he could really only be her second brother.

Actually, she already sort of understood now that perhaps, it was all a mistake from the start. She had mistaken the person who brought her the umbrella in that rain.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》