So You're Such A Doctor Song
250 Life Is Full Of Surprises
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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250 Life Is Full Of Surprises

However, sometimes, she would also ponder whether it really mattered who sent the umbrella. What mattered most was the time they spent together, but those were also based on the sacrifices Song Chulang secretly made behind their backs. Now, she couldn't bring herself to remain calm and selfishly ignore Song Chulang's feelings.

Perhaps it was fated that she couldn't be with Song Chuyi in this lifetime because of Song Chulang.

"Come, take Miss Song into her room and help her onto the bed to rest." Song Chuchu beckoned the caretaker who just had her meal in the kitchen.

After watching Song Yunyang enter her room, Song Chuyi sat downstairs for a while and watched Song Huaisheng walking down with a black leather case.

Song Chuyi stood up and asked, "You're done?"

"Mm. Your step-mom is still taking her own sweet time upstairs. I'm not waiting for her. I have to make a trip to the office. Take her to the airport later; I'll meet you two there." Song Huaisheng patted his shoulder.

Song Chuyi frowned upon hearing that. Did he ask me to take that woman to the airport?

"We don't have enough chauffeurs at home; this can't be helped. After all, we're a family and after the previous incident, she isn't in a very good condition physically," Song Huaisheng explained gently before leaving.

Around forty minutes after he left, Dai Ai called two servants up to help her take her suitcases down.

Song Chuyi walked over and put the suitcases in his car. Dai Ai sat in the backseat of his car proudly with sunglasses on.

When he returned to the driver's seat, Song Chuyi scoffed inside. She really took him to be her chauffeur.

"Sorry that you still had to personally take me to the airport. However, this can't be helped since we only have one chauffeur at home who left with your Dad. I was left with no choice," Dai Ai said without even lifting her head up from her phone in the backseat.

"It's okay." Song Chuyi moved his thin lips and drove out from the Song Household.

In the backseat, Dai Ai got on the phone with Song Huaisheng very quickly, speaking sweetly.

Song Chuyi felt uncomfortable listening to that. Dai Ai was only a few years older than Changqing, but the recipient of her sweetness was his father. He found it quite revolting.

This phone call lasted around three to four minutes. After Dai Ai hung up, she said to Song Chuyi, "Your dad is also on the way to the airport."

"Mm." Song Chuyi turned the music off, causing Dai Ai to frown. "Why did you turn it off? I found it quite pleasant."

"I turned it off so you can hear me more clearly when I'm talking to you," Song Chuyi said slowly. "Ever since you got married to my dad, I think I've rarely chatted with you. My brother, on the other hand, must've spoken to you privately many times, right?"

Thinking about Song Chulang's gloomy face, Dai Ai's expression changed. "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Nothing much, actually. I just wanted to explain to you that Changqing's actions were really unintentional when you fell down the stairs previously, and it was especially not because I urged her to harm the baby or anything like that," Song Chuyi said lightly. "Actually, I can understand your feelings. As a mother, whether it's for your self-interest in the future or because you really love the child that you were carrying, it's only natural that you would feel uncomfortable and angry. However, to me, you've always been a very smart woman and you also know what you want. Do you think it's really a good idea for you to keep sowing discord between Changqing and my family members at home every day?"

Dai Ai watched the back of his head and suddenly laughed coldly. "You said it was unintentional. How do I know if that's true or not?"

"It's up to you to believe me or not. That's not important. What's important is whether you really think it's a good idea to go on like this?" Song Chuchu asked indifferently. "You're not stupid and should clearly understand that the reason you were able to get to where you are in the Song Family today is because I didn't do anything to pick on you and I even didn't say a single bad word about you in front of my grandma. I can also totally leave your son to die."

Dai Ai scoffed. "If you didn't save Peiyuan, would the Song Family members treat Yan Changqing like this now?"

"If it were my brother, do you think he would sacrifice his woman or destroy your child?" Song Chuyi replied slowly.

Dai Ai was stunned and had no answer for a moment. "If it was Song Chulang, he might've made the same choice as you."

"Looks like you know our family matters very well despite only being around for a while." The corners of Song Chuyi's lips raised apathetically. "Then you need to understand that everyone has their own bottom line. My bottom line is just to have a peaceful marriage without any trouble. If you think that your life is too comfortable and insist on playing with me, I don't mind playing with you."

Dai Ai's face changed suddenly. "What do you mean? You're threatening me?"

"What kind of place is the Song Household? A dragon's pit?" Song Chuchu said lightly. "Don't tell me that after staying in such a place for so long, you still don't clearly understand something called 'knowing your limits'? My brother already finds you very unpleasing to the eye. If you offend me again, what would happen to your future? How old is your child? It's not certain whether he can grow up smoothly within the Song Family. Don't think that just because my dad dotes on you right now, you can act like a fish in water. My dad is getting older, after all, and he also has several ailments. Do you think you can still depend on him so much as time passes?"

Dai Ai bit her lips. Her eyes were overflowing with fury and contempt. "Do you know I can tell your dad everything you've said to me?"

"Up to you. So what if you did? Would my dad disown me as his son?" Song Chuyi said slowly. "According to your understanding, would my Dad put his hopes on a child that's not even 10 months old or his son that he's raised to the age of almost 30? He got a new son at such an old age; do you think he wants a successor? All he wants is a child to keep him company so that his current life would be more interesting. Therefore, he wants a daughter more, but you want your child to get enough inheritance rights so you and your son will still have to keep pleasing him in the last half of my dad's life."

Dai Ai's pretty face sank gradually and darkened.

"Besides, I usually listen to my dad at home and I don't have any conflicts with you. My grandma might like you, but what are you compared to me? If I insinuated anything, do you think she would still like you?" Song Chuyi started again slowly. "I'm afraid that even my dad knows clearly in his heart that I'm the balancing beam in this family. Once the beam is off-balance, just think about the consequences."

Dai Ai sat there stiffly. She actually felt a chill down her spine.

After that, no one spoke.

The car drove all the way to the airport. Song Chuyi got out and carried the suitcases down. When Dai Ai came over, he said softly, "No one isn't disadvantaged in this world, just like what your existence means to me. I chose to tolerate you. What about you? I believe you will think it over during this trip to the States and start whispering some good words in my dad's ear. Don't make me think that your existence in the Song Family has no other purpose other than pestering me."

Dai Ai's bright lips trembled. At that moment, Song Huaisheng's voice came from behind. "It's been hard on you, Chuyi."

"It's okay. Let me send you off to the Departure gate." Song Chuyi pushed their luggage and helped them handle their check-in procedures before leaving.

As he watched his son's retreating back, Song Huaisheng nodded with satisfaction. "Chuyi's character is much milder than Chulang's; his thoughts aren't so extreme and he's obedient."

Dai Ai forced a smile. Actually, she was probably the one who knew his thoughts the most since she slept by his side every night. She could totally feel that Song Huaisheng liked Song Chuyi a little more out of his sons. "Yeah. A pity Chuyi likes being a doctor."

"There's nothing bad about that. At least it won't be a bloodbath between the two of them when it comes to inheritance. A family's prosperity and decline depend on how united the brothers are." Song Huaisheng looked at her and smiled. "That's why I hope Peiyuan can live harmoniously with them in the future."

"Of course." Dai Ai clutched her bag tightly and finally squeezed out a smile.

After leaving the airport, Song Chuchu went back to the Song Household to nap for a while before going to the hospital for his night shift. The moment he finished the hand-over with his colleague, he received a message and picture from Changqing. In the picture, she was wearing the ring on her ring finger proudly. The ring was shining brightly on her hand and she even asked: The ring fits perfectly. Do I look pretty with it?

Song Chuyi laughed softly. This woman always filled his life with surprises.

What did men like most about women? It was when men received sufficient praise from their women about their gifts.

That way, men would want to give women more presents in the future.

He thought he could give Changqing 90 marks based on her performance after receiving the gift.

He lowered his head and typed a reply on his keyboard: Pretty. I have good taste.

Changqing replied quickly: No way, it's because my hands are pretty. You found a wife with pretty hands like me who can make anything look good.

Song Chuyi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Look, she really can't be praised.

However, before they were done chatting, a colleague shouted, "Dr. Song, come quickly, a severely injured patient was sent over."

"What's the situation?" He quickly held onto his phone and ran over.

"A rock fell at a construction site from a significant height and hit his head. His life is in danger."

On the couch, Changqing stared at the phone with no reply after a long time and slowly felt unhappy. She hated it most when men suddenly stop replying.

However, looking at the shining diamond on her hand, she decided to let it rest and forgive him for now.

The day broke and Song Chuyi, who was exhausted after the entire night, was called over to have breakfast with Dr. Xin, who also worked overtime.

The breakfast place was suggested by Dr. Xin. Song Chuyi took a few mouthfuls and found the taste decent, so he got the shop to prepare another bowl of rice vermicelli.

Dr. Xin teased, "Are you taking it back to your wife?"

"Mm. She should still be sleeping in at this time." Song Chuyi subconsciously ate his rice vermicelli faster as he thought about a certain woman's sleeping posture.

"Aye, aye, aye, why are you eating so quickly? Are you in a rush to get rid of me and go home to your wife?" Dr. Xin asked lazily.

"No, I'm too tired and I want to go home to sleep," Song Chuyi said lightly. "Don't you also have a wife?"

"What's so fun about keeping your wife company every day? You're newlyweds so it's still fresh. You'll probably be like me after a long time." Dr. Xin lowered his head as he ate his rice vermicelli.

Song Chuyi looked at him upon hearing that and didn't say anything. However, he felt that being with a woman with a character like Yan Changqing's wouldn't be dull.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》