So You're Such A Doctor Song
251 The Appearance Of The Ring
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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251 The Appearance Of The Ring

After breakfast, Song Chuyi left for the Yan Household after bidding Dr. Xin farewell. It was only a little after eight and indeed, Changqing still wasn't up.

He carried the breakfast up and saw her sleeping on the bed horizontally. She was hugging a pillow and the diamond ring on her hand was dazzling. He knew that the ring looked good but he didn't expect it to look so nice on her long and fair fingers.

He lowered his head and watched her quietly for a while. He laughed silently. She would usually remove everything on her hands when she slept, but this time, she didn't take off the pink diamond.

He felt satisfied seeing that.

He placed the breakfast there and wanted to wake her up with a kiss. Just as his hands were about to touch her face, he thought of the smell of medicine on him and also the bloody patient he was holding last night. Although he had washed the blood off, he still felt that the smell of blood was still there.

He retracted his hands slowly and decided to shower first before cuddling her.

Changqing slept groggily for a while. She flipped over and suddenly heard the sound of rushing water from the bathroom. She opened her eyes, looked at the closed bathroom door and woke up immediately.

She sat up quickly and saw that she was still wearing the ring. She suddenly covered her face up with embarrassment.

Finished. Did Song Chuyi see her sleeping with the ring? She was admiring the ring the entire night yesterday and couldn't even bear to take it off when she slept. She planned to take it off when she woke up in the morning but she didn't expect him to come home first.

Changqing quickly took the ring off and kept it. Suddenly, she could smell a fragrance wafting through the room. She sniffed left and right and when she saw a takeout bowl on the bedside table, she ran over immediately and opened it to find a bowl of delicious-looking rice vermicelli. There was even minced meat scattered on top and it looked extremely enticing.

Changqing's eyes lit up and she picked up and broke the disposable chopsticks into two immediately as she began to eat.

She didn't know whether it was because the taste was really good or because she woke up hungry, but she felt it was especially delicious.

Song Chuyi came out after his shower and saw Changqing eating with the bowl of rice vermicelli in her hands while sitting cross-legged on the bed. She looked exactly like Robben when he was eating his dog food.

He walked over with a frown and happened to see that she had finished two-thirds of it. He said with a headache, "How can you eat breakfast on the bed? You're making the whole place oily. Also, you haven't washed up, right?"

Changqing pressed her oily lips together innocently. "You can't blame me for that. You're the one who bought the rice vermicelli back for me."

Song Chuyi was speechless. "So you're blaming me? I didn't say that you could eat on the bed when I brought it back. You're too… unruly."

Changqing snorted. "We just made up yesterday yet you want to quarrel with me today?"

"…" Song Chuyi felt a deep sense of helplessness. Is this what it means to be arrogant from being spoiled?

"I'm not trying to fight with you but… you can't be like this." Song Chuyi sighed. If this was in the past, he would've definitely thrown her away, but now, she really had the right to become arrogant from being spoiled.

Changqing recalled how he used to be haughty all the time and always spoke as though he was right. At the moment, he was stuttering and hesitating on his word choice right now and she really wanted to laugh. However, she suppressed it.

"You're just as naggy as my dad. Annoying." Changqing got out of bed with the bowl of noodles in her hand and she walked to the velvet couch, continuing to eat cross-legged.

"Now you're finding me annoying?" Song Chuyi raised his brows and squeezed on the couch with her. The couch wasn't big and it was a little tight for two. He could smell the fragrance from her body and he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind as he glanced at her right hand. "Where's the ring? Why did you take it off?"

Changqing's face heated up. He did see it. "I'm going to wash my face later, so it's not convenient. I dropped a lot of rings when I washed my face in the past."

"Then you'd better watch out this time. The ring is quite expensive." Song Chuyi reminded her.

"Petty." The moment Changqing heard that, she feigned anger coquettishly. "If I dropped it, you would skin me alive."

"I wouldn't dare to skin you alive. Now you're the master, so I can't afford to offend you." Song Chuyi laughed. "However, this ring was really bought with the money I earned and saved. I can still afford to give you a new one every half year, but I really can't afford it if you want one swapped out every month."

"I can get a new one every half year? You're so rich?" Changqing was shocked. "Tell me honestly—do you have some illegal income? You even gave me so much money when I went to Mauritius previously. Don't tell me you spent your family's money."

"Of course not. I have a friend who used to be a dealer in an American securities company and I occasionally look for him to do some investments. The returns aren't bad. I also have some investments with a few good friends; however, my income can't compare to theirs since I play it safe, but there are still some small returns." Song Chuyi caressed her small fingers. "Although a doctor's income might seem high in the eyes of an ordinary person, I don't think a man should only have his salary as his only source of income. A couple should be thrifty but I feel that rather than the man wasting time thinking about making his woman save, he should spend more time trying to make money to improve the life of his partner."

Changqing's heart skipped a beat. From the corners of her eyes, she could see a hint of maturity settling in his gaze.

Although they were a married couple, she had no idea about his income. She felt that it was pretty good that he told her and he even improved her opinion of men. Most men now were selfish, especially those who were incapable. They would rather push the blame and accuse a woman of being a spendthrift.

However, the rare part was that her husband never thought of her that way. She felt a sense of delightedness surfacing in her heart. "Chuchu, I was just joking with you just now. You're not petty. I know that the ring is very expensive; I won't lose it. Actually, my dad also said that I spend money too freely, so you can also tell me off. I'll listen to you."

Song Chuyi stroked her messy long hair as he looked at her gently. "There are many things that you only say without meaning it. We have quite a few married female colleagues in our hospital. Their husbands are pretty ordinary and I often hear them talking about wanting to buy this and that in my department, but they can't buy anything because they have to save up for their children and housing loans. I even have some female colleagues who are married but their husbands only earn a few thousand every month. The money they use to buy their cosmetics, clothes, phones and hair care is all from their own pockets. Sometimes, they complain that they're living like strong independent women and after I heard that, I thought I definitely wouldn't want my woman to become like them. I would want her to live every day without worries."

Changqing nodded. She felt that his words were very relatable. "There are many women in our station who are like that but there are also women who lead very blissful lives. Their boyfriends give them a new phone once theirs are ruined and their husbands secretly gift them bracelets they have their eyes on. Actually, women don't really demand everything to be bought by men, but we still want to receive some presents occasionally. Of course, the gifts don't have to cost tens of thousands or millions. What's important is the thought behind it. I used to be very envious of others because I had neither a husband nor a boyfriend. When my phone was ruined, I also wanted my husband to buy me a new one, but I didn't have a husband. It wasn't that I didn't have the money to get it myself; I just wanted to receive it from someone."

As she spoke, she leaned into his embrace unconsciously. Her amorous eyes were shining as she looked into his deep-set eyes.

Song Chuyi could see a sense of pitifulness from her slightly pouting mouth.

It was the first time the two of them had a heart-to-heart talk about some seemingly ordinary things that could help them learn more about each other.

His heart melted into a pool of spring water and he subconsciously took on a gentler tone. "I'll take care of all your phones in this lifetime."

Changqing stared at him wide-eyed. "After all this, you're only going to take care of my phones?"

"I'm taking care of you too." Song Chuyi laughed softly and kissed her oily lips.

Changqing was holding the bowl and didn't dare to move recklessly, only moving her face away after she blushed from his kiss. "I'm not done eating my rice vermicelli."

"Yeah, you haven't brushed your teeth yet either. I don't want to kiss you anymore. Eat quickly." Song Chuyi let go of her and his eyes were gleaming with a mischievous smile.

"I dare you to not kiss me forever." Changqing glared at him.

Song Chuyi stroked her head. "I'm going to sleep for a while. It was too tiring yesterday."

"Yeah, I feel that you're more tired compared to when you were working in the Neurology department." Changqing looked at his dark circles and said, "Will you age at a young age from always staying up late?"

Song Chuyi touched his eyes unnaturally because of what she said and subconsciously tried to justify his position: "No, it will only last for two years at the most. I won't have to do the night shift after I get promoted. When I did the night shift in the Neurology department, there weren't as many emergency patients to attend to and I could take a nap occasionally, so it was quite manageable. At the A\u0026E, it's very busy even late at night. Especially now that it's summer and many people love eating supper and are often sent in because they had too much crayfish, causing their stomachs to be upset…"

Song Chuyi spoke as he lay in bed. Within a minute, he fell asleep.

Changqing watched him sleeping and felt her heart aching a little for him. She wanted him to return to the Neurology department, but Song Yunyang was there.

How could she endure him working in the same department as his first love?

Song Chuyi slept all the way until lunchtime. Changqing had gone to work and he went back to sleep after eating a little rice. He slept until four in the afternoon when Grandma Song called him. "Are you up? This child. Did you forget what your dad told you yesterday? Come back tonight. There's only me and Yunyang at home. Your brother has to socialize and also, I'm out of the brand of high-blood pressure medicine I always take. Don't forget to buy me some on the way back."

"… Alright," Song Chuyi replied hoarsely and nodded sleepily.

After hanging up, he rubbed his head and called Changqing frustratedly. "I'm going back to the Song Household to eat and sleep. Dad and Dai Ai have gone to the states to visit Song Peiyuan. There's only… a patient and my Grandma at home. My brother's been working overtime recently too, so my Grandma might feel bored and wants me to go back to keep her company."

"The patient you're referring to is… Song Yunyang?" Changqing felt uncomfortable upon hearing that. If this was in the past, she would have ignored it since she didn't know. However, now her husband was going to stay under the same roof as his first love. She was unable to remain composed. Besides, it was the easiest to rekindle love with your first love.

"Mm… come with me." Song Chuyi started.

"I don't want to go…" Changqing pouted. She was afraid to see Song Chulang and Grandma Song and she didn't want to see Song Yunyang either.

"… Then I'll head over first. I'll come back once my brother returns." Song Chuyi didn't force her either.

"Mm," Changqing answered softly.

After hanging up, she had dissatisfaction written on her face.

"What's wrong?" Wen Tong, who was sitting opposite her, said, "You still looked happy just now but all of a sudden, you're downcast. You don't have to be so moody even if you're in a relationship."

"It's not that. Song Chuyi wanted to go back to the Song Household tonight and Song Yunyang is there too." Changqing pressed her lips together. "Song Yunyang hasn't fully recovered, so if she were to just pretend to be in pain somewhere, they would have to be in physical contact."

"Yeah," Wen Tong said thoughtfully. "Therefore, you definitely have to go over tonight. You should never let the two of them rekindle their love."

Upon hearing "rekindle their love," Changqing exploded. "I'm not going over. If it's so easy for their love to rekindle, then what am I? Besides, there are some things you cannot force. If a man has a change of heart, what's the point of forcing it?"

"Sometimes, women must have a cautious heart." Wen Tong patted her chest and said, "You need to think 'if I can't have it, why should I let you have it?'. Besides, you're the official one. You should go over and be as intimate as you can and make Song Yunyang understand that this man is already your husband. Make her give up thoroughly. It's true that there are things you cannot force but the third parties nowadays have more and more means. A woman still has to have her guard up. If I were you, I would go over immediately, wearing the ring he gave you to piss Song Yunyang off."

Changqing's fighting spirit was spurred by her. "But… the Song Family members don't like me and Song Chulang also hates me."

Wen Tong patted her shoulder. "If I were you, from the way Song Chulang keeps bullying you, I would definitely rise up against him and oppress him with my aura so that he knows you're not an easy target."

"But I am a very easy target." Changqing pressed her lips together innocently.

"It's precisely because he sees that you're easy to bully that he keeps bullying you. If you stand strong, he's nothing at all." Wen Tong encouraged her, "Think about it. This is the moment when Song Chuyi dotes on you so you should make use of this fondness he has for you and be lawless. Sometimes, a woman has to delude people with some lies and sow some discord. Think of how Bao Si (1. Concubine of King You of Zhou) got King You of Zhou to trick the feudal lords by lighting the beacon (1. The story is similar to the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. King You lit the beacon and the feudal lords rushed over, thinking that the country needed help, only to find out that it was just the King's plan to make Bao Si laugh). You might not be as capable as Bao Si, but you should be able to make Song Chuyi stand on your side. If you can't even do that, then it's really a waste of this vixen of a face you have."

"Who's a vixen?" Changqing hit her playfully. However, she was slowly wavered by Wen Tong.

Yeah, why am I always afraid of Song Chulang? Song Chulang is nothing at all.

At night, after having dinner with a few sponsors until past eight, Wen Tong personally drove Changqing over. When they arrived at the Song Household door, Wen Tong patted her solemnly on the shoulder. "From this moment on, you're a vixen. Learn from Bao Si. If you really can't imitate her, learn from Su Daji (1. Concubine who sped up the fall of the Shang Dynasty).

Changqing rolled her eyes. Why must she learn from those bad women who brought downfall to the country and its people?

The Song Family guard recognized her and quickly opened the door, even saying with a smile, "Miss Yan, you haven't come for a long time."

"Yeah." Changqing smiled meekly. After walking for three to four minutes, she saw Song Chuyi walking out from the mansion looking shocked. "Didn't you say you weren't coming?"

"I thought about it and felt that I should still come." Changqing snorted delicately. "In case you start making eyes with your old lover behind my back."

After being stunned momentarily, Song Chuyi smiled. Seeing the lips on her vixen face pouting slightly and the finicky look shooting out from the corners of her eyes made him feel like pulling her into his embrace and kissing her. This woman was so cute even when she was jealous.

Besides, there was nothing bad about a woman being jealous. "So you wanted to come and supervise me?"

After saying that, he held her waist and walked towards the door. "Have you eaten?"

"Yes," Changqing said softly as she grabbed his arm. "I'm still a little afraid of your grandma, so you must put in a good word for me later."

"Alright." Song Chuyi pinched her little nose. He felt sorry for her. If not for him, she wouldn't have to bear such grievances.

In the living room, Grandma Song saw her arrival and frowned unconsciously. "Weren't you busy? What kind of wind could blow the busy Host Yan over?"

Changqing's face reddened. Although she was mentally prepared, she still felt uncomfortable. "Grandma, I wanted to come over in the afternoon, but I had stuff to do at the station."

"Alright, sit." Song Chuchu blocked her from Grandma Song's gaze and sat with her.

After that, Changqing lifted her head and saw Song Yunyang, who was sitting in a wheelchair at the side. Song Yunyang was also looking at her. Her misty eyes revealed a hint of melancholy. Perhaps it was because she was too severely injured, but she looked like she had grown thinner. Her loose clothes looked empty on her.

Changqing initially wanted to display her vixen potential, but at that moment, she suddenly felt embarrassed.

"Hello, Miss Yan." Song Yunyang initiated the greeting.

"Hello." Changqing quickly nodded. "Are your… injuries better?"

"I think I still need to recuperate for a period of time before I can fully recover," Song Yunyang said softly.

"Oh." Changqing really didn't know what she should say. Grandma Song, who was at the side, seemed to be focused on the television program and didn't look at her, so she pretended to watch along. They were watching a television drama that their station was airing at the moment. She hated it but still forced herself to watch on.

During the commercial break, Grandma Song complained with a frown, "Your station is too much. A 40-minute long drama episode has at least 10 minutes of commercials. Can we even watch the drama in peace?"

Changqing was speechless. She wasn't the boss of the station. Song Chuyi said with a smile, "Grandma, she's just a host. What's the use of telling her all this?"

"I'm just telling her so that she can inform her superior," Grandma Song said.

"Alright, Grandma, I will definitely inform my boss." Changqing nodded quickly.

Only then did Grandma Song not speak further. They carried on until nine. Song Yunyang went back to her room first with the help of the care worker. Grandma Song watched on for another half an hour before complaining about having nothing to watch and turning in to her room.

Song Chuyi took the initiative to help the old lady back to her room. When they got into the room, he said, "Grandma, can you not pick on Changqing in the future?"

"Why, do you dislike me for not being nice?" Grandma Song snorted. "I'm just unsatisfied with her. Such a clutz—we almost lost Peiyuan because of her."

Song Chuyi frowned and spoke after staying silent for a while. "She wasn't the one who harmed Peiyuan. It was my brother who got the servant to tamper with the staircase that day. Changqing was also framed."

Grandma Song was stunned. "Chuyi, you can't spout nonsense."

"You also know how much my brother hated it when Dai Ai came." Song Chuyi laughed bitterly. "I investigated it personally."

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