So You're Such A Doctor Song
258 In Order To Make My Wife Happy
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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258 In Order To Make My Wife Happy

Song Chuyi hesitated for a while before asking, "Were there only problems with this batch of drugs or was it the same with the previous batches as well?"

Yan Lei shook his head. "I got someone to check the previous batches. They were all fine. You two should stop worrying—it's no big deal. It will somehow pass. I'm tired; I'll go upstairs to take a shower."

Changqing looked at Yan Lei's broad back and the white hair behind his ears and her heart felt dejected.

When it was time for bed, she couldn't sleep well and kept tossing and turning.

"Are you still thinking about your dad's company?" Song Chuyi pulled her into his embrace from behind.

"Mm," Changqing replied softly and nodded. "If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have become a TV host. I should've studied medical management. If I inherited our family's company, my dad wouldn't need to be so tired."

Hearing that, Song Chuyi laughed softly. "If you were to manage Yan Corporation, I reckon your father would be even more tired."

"What do you mean by that? You look down on me?" Changqing pinched him with frustration.

Song Chuyi felt some pain from the pinch and spoke as he grabbed her little hand: "You have no talents in management. You can't even manage yourself; how could you manage others?"

"It'd still be pretty good to be able to lend a helping hand," Changqing muttered. "Seeing my dad like this makes my heart ache."

Song Chuyi watched her dim gaze in the darkness and didn't speak further, only hugging her even more gently. "Don't be afraid. I won't leave your family's company in the lurch."

Changqing sighed. "How can you help? You're not even involved with the Song Family's company."

After being looked down on by his wife, Song Chuyi was embarrassed. "I have a lot of friends, so there will always be a way out."

Changqing thought of Li Shaobin and felt that it made sense. If worse comes to worst, she'd ask Song Chuyi to beg Li Shaobin to mobilize his gang members to teach those media outlets a lesson for false reporting.

Changqing fell asleep as she let her thoughts run wild.

The next day, Song Chuyi was woken up by Zhan Mingwei's early morning call. He took his phone and walked to the balcony. "How did the investigation go?"

"I've investigated," Zhan Mingwei said softly. "They said that someone in Northern City told them to do it and after threatening and enticing them, they refused to reveal who the person was. I think it might be someone more powerful than me."

"… Alright." Song Chuyi's voice had some early morning hoarseness from just waking up. "Mingwei, help me investigate my brother."

Zhan Mingwei was stunned. "You think this has something to do with your brother? No way. This incident also has a huge impact on your Song Family's hospital too."

"I can't really point my finger on it either," Song Chuyi said. "Something is amiss. The drugs were fine before, so why would this batch be off? It was even checked by the Food and Drug Administration."

"I'll go over to the Food and Drug Administration to find out." Zhan Mingwei was silent for a while before saying hesitantly, "If it was really your brother's doing, what do you plan to do?"

Song Chuyi closed his eyes tiredly. "I have no idea either, but I can't let him go on like this. Otherwise, he will never stop."

Zhan Mingwei sighed silently. "Let's talk about it after investigating."

After the phone call, Song Chuyi stood on the balcony for a while and watched the bushes downstairs. Yan Lei was watering the flowers on the wall with a watering can. The sun that had just risen elongated his blurry silhouette. Robben and Lolita were following behind him with their tails wagging like bristlegrass.

Everything in the early morning seemed peaceful beyond comparison.

He watched for half a minute before turning around to go downstairs to the bushes.

Before he was even close, Lolita was already howling and barking from his scent. Yan Lei straightened his back and turned back. He pounded on his back with his fist and revealed a gentleness on his mouth. "Up so early?"

"It's not early anymore; I still have to go for my morning shift in a bit." Song Chuyi looked carefully at Yan Lei's deepened eyebags. "Dad, you didn't sleep well last night?"

"Age is catching up with me. My sleep quality will never be as good as before." Yan Lei laughed softly, turned back and continued to water the flowers. "Chuyi, did your dad… say anything to you recently?"

Song Chuyi was stunned. "I called my dad yesterday but it didn't go through."

"Your dad must've been on the plane back yesterday." Yan Lei let out a long sigh. "There was that incident involving Dai Ai's child previously, and now this. I think your dad will be pretty disappointed in our Yan Corporation. This time, we've really implicated the Song Family."

"Don't say that." Song Chuyi felt choked up. "It's not your fault."

"This was my fault. Whether it was Old Jiang or not, as the Chairman of the company, I'm responsible for this matter," Yan Lei said. "There's nothing that can be kept under wraps in this industry. Ever since word of the matter spread, the companies that were working with Yan Corporation all canceled their preorders and even demanded that we pay for their losses. This will cost us a huge sum. Even if we get through this ordeal, the Yan Corporation's reputation will be tarnished. I'm afraid there will be no returns for the financial aid that the Song Family provided."

Song Chuyi's brows knit tighter. Although he was unaware of business matters, he could faintly understand that the crisis the Yan Corporation faced now wouldn't be any less severe than the one before his marriage with Changqing.

"Don't tell Changqing about this matter; I don't want her to worry." Yan Lei let out another long sigh. "There will be a way to tide through this, but what I'm worried about is the financial aid from the Song Family. At the same time, I'm also afraid that this might affect your marriage with Changqing. After all, the two of you are in a business marriage. Although the Yan Family is a little lacking, at least we have a century-old signboard, but once this is over, we won't be of the same social status."

Song Chuyi looked into Yan Lei's meaningful gaze and he couldn't help but shudder. "In my heart, my marriage with Changqing has had nothing to do with business for a long time."

Yan Lei nodded and revealed a sense of helplessness in his eyes. "I understand. After the incident with Song Yunyang, Changqing has been crying at home, saying that she wants a divorce, and I knew then that she had you in her heart."

Song Chuyi was stunned. She cried?

Didn't she appear to be quite nonchalant about it?

Yan Lei continued: "You two seemed like you were getting a divorce and I was also on Changqing's side. I thought you two could do whatever you wanted because I had the feeling that the divorce wouldn't happen. Indeed, after all the fuss, you two made up again. My daughter really likes you a lot."

Song Chuyi felt his heart thumping hard.

Ever since Yunyang's incident, Changqing had never said that she liked him.

It made him think several times that Changqing was only with him because of the business marriage between the two families. Therefore, she was able to have such a whale of a time in Mauritius and could bring up divorce so easily.

Now that he had heard from Yan Lei that she actually liked him, he suddenly felt his limbs warming up.

The two returned to the living room. Changqing happened to be coming down the stairs in her pajamas. Her long hair was unkempt and a little messy and she was barefooted, looking like a child who hadn't grown up.

"You're not wearing shoes again," Yan Lei chided.

Changqing stuck her tongue out and looked at them with bewilderment. "Chuchu, where did you go so early in the morning with my dad? I didn't see you in the morning."

Song Chuyi looked at her with a deep gaze. "I was watering the flowers in the backyard with your dad."

"Watering the flowers?" Changqing found it strange. "Since when do you have such idle time?"

"I had no choice. Somebody kept sticking to me and woke me up early in the morning. I had nothing to do, so I walked around in the yard and ran into your dad." Song Chuyi laughed softly and proceeded up the stairs.

"I didn't stick to you." Changqing looked at Yan Lei's smiling eyes and blushed as she stomped her feet. "Dad, don't listen to his lies."

Yan Lei nodded. He held his daughter. "Come, have breakfast with Dad."

Song Chuyi joined the two for breakfast after washing up.

Changqing was very filial, deshelling eggs and spreading peanut butter for Yan Lei, even giving him a massage.

"My daughter is so filial." Yan Lei couldn't stop smiling.

"Dad, I love you the most." Changqing kissed Yan Lei's cheek.

Song Chuyi raised his eyebrows. When Yan Lei went up to change, he secretly pulled a certain woman over. "You love your dad the most, so what about me?"

Changqing blinked and tilted her head as she counted her fingers. The moment she reached the fifth and sixth finger, Song Chuyi's face was already back. "Am I that behind?"

Changqing nodded. "Dad is first, Sis is second, Grandma is third, Auntie Shen is fourth, Robben is fifth, Lolita is sixth, so you should be seventh."

Song Chuyi put his chopsticks aside straight away with a cold face. He took his car keys and walked out. "I'm not in the mood to eat anymore."

To think that he would be worse off than Robben and even Lolita.

Changqing watched him pulling a face and found him cuter the more she looked. Just as he was about to walk out, she quickly put on a fawning smile and hugged him from behind. "Kidding. You are my most, most, most dearest husband."

"That's more like it. My recent efforts in bed to please you haven't gone to waste." Only then did Song Chuyi pull her to the front and look at her mischievous, large eyes. He suddenly recalled Yan Lei's words in the morning and felt at a loss. He sealed her little mouth right in the living room.

Changqing didn't expect him to act like this. She was stunned and opened her eyes wide. The man kissing her had his eyes shut tight and every strand of his black and long eyelashes was glistening mesmerizingly. Her heart skipped a beat several times. Then his kiss became deeper and more loving, making her head spin.

"Cough…" A cough came from behind them all of a sudden.

The two jumped and Changqing quickly pushed Song Chuyi away like a startled bunny. She saw Yan Lei in the near distance with his briefcase looking at them with a smile. "Dad is going to work this morning. Can the two of you not block the door?"

Changqing's lips shuddered shyly and she wished she could hide in a hole.

How embarrassing. Her dad saw her kissing Song Chuchu.

She quickly hid behind Song Chuchu with her blushing face. It's all his fault, all his fault.

She scratched his back ferociously.

Song Chuyi's back hurt from her scratches and he could only force out a smile calmly.

After Yan Lei put on his shoes, he reminded his daughter: "Don't keep pestering Chuyi; he still has to rush off to work for his morning shift."

"I'm not…" Changqing was embarrassed.

The moment he left, Changqing was like a hysterical bunny, scratching Song Chuyi all over. "It's all your fault, all your fault. Why do you have to kiss me at the door? It's so embarrassing."

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