So You're Such A Doctor Song
260 If Only She Was A Little More Foolish
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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260 If Only She Was A Little More Foolish

"Old Yan." Li Shaobin glared at him furiously.

At first, Song Chuyi wasn't in a good mood, but he was energized now. "Why don't you hire a stylist to help you out?"

Li Shaobin snorted. "I'll get my subordinates to hire the best stylist in Northern City tomorrow. I'll see if you two will still laugh at me then."

Song Chuyi wanted to diss him further but he really wasn't in the mood. "I'm here today to ask you for a favor."

"I knew you would only think of me when you have a favor to ask." Li Shaobin crossed his legs delightedly. "Shoot."

"You also know that the Yan Corporation has been in some trouble recently. Ever since their drugs were found to be substandard, many companies have canceled their orders and demanded compensation. I want you to help me check who they are and knock some sense into them. It's impossible for the Yan Corporation to not pay them compensation, but lowering the compensation fee should help reduce some of their stress," Song Chuyi said with a complex expression.

"Sure." Li Shaobin smiled in an annoying way. "But on the condition that you have to play cards with me tonight."

Song Chuyi's face darkened. "Aren't you going boxing?"

"Boxing every day is so tiring. It's so rare to finally see you this once, so let's play a few games." Li Shaobin had the look of a hooligan.

Yan Molun said gently, "You'd better not look for him. Now that the Yan Family is in such a situation, his wife is probably about to die of frustration. Would he still be in the mood to play cards with you?"

"Maybe next time," Song Chuyi said with a frown.

"… Alright then." Li Shaobin shrugged.

After dinner, when Song Chuyi arrived back at the Yan Household, it was already half-past eight.

Changqing was the only one at home, looking listless. When she heard the sound of the car engine, she ran out quickly but looked a little disappointed. "How come it's you?"

Song Chuyi was unhappy and pulled her over by the waist. "You were hoping it wasn't me?"

"I thought it was my dad," Changqing said with frustration. "I've discovered quite a lot of news at the station today. Ever since yesterday's news report from Hu Yang Broadcasting Station, the state has been following up on this incident even more closely. Our boss also said that no matter what, this incident had to be reported. Although he's willing to avoid the more serious parts, other stations might not."

Song Chuyi held her little hand. "I had dinner with Shaobin and I got him to remind those companies who are demanding compensation from the Yan Corporation so that when it comes to paying compensation, the Yan Corporation can still pull through."

"That's good." Changqing's eyes lit up and she put her arms around his neck. "Chuchu, thank you."

Song Chuyi kissed her little mouth. "It'll all pass."

"But I'm still wondering if anyone would still be willing to buy the medicine produced by the Yan Corporation in the future after the media reported the incident like this." Changqing sighed. "When that time comes, we'll have no business and will still be suffering losses. Perhaps the Yan Corporation really won't be able to go on any longer. However, if it really can't operate anymore, so be it. If worse comes to worst, I'll tell my dad to sell the company. He's already so old anyway and when he gets married to Auntie Shen in the future, I think she won't care about how much money my dad has as long as they can live through their days."

"You're quite optimistic." Song Chuyi flicked her forehead.

Changqing hugged his arm and her bright eyes were surging with the dimness of melancholy for the first time. "I'm just afraid that… after the Yan Corporation collapses, your family members… would look down on me."

Song Chuyi felt his heart aching. In the past, he had always felt that she was foolish, but how was she foolish now?

She knew very clearly why the Song Family accepted her.

At this moment, he suddenly wanted her to be a little more foolish. If only she was a little more foolish.

"They won't." He rubbed her hair and said softly, "You're very good. All that matters is that I like you. If anyone looks down on you, we'll move out and enjoy our lives together, the two of us."

"Can we do that?" Changqing suddenly looked at a loss. "However, they would only hate me more and more at that point, right? They'd feel that I took you away."

"Changqing, don't let your thoughts run wild, alright?" Song Chuchu cupped her little face in his hands. "If such a day really comes, I'll leave the Song Family."

"I just want to be able to go to the supermarket occasionally with the person I like, buy her the kiwis and spare ribs that she likes to eat, and take a stroll with her at sunset while walking the dogs." Song Chuyi lowered his voice. At such wee hours of the night, he sounded so faint that one might be dazzled.

A hint of wetness escaped the corners of Changqing's eyes. "It's so simple?"

"Of course. I also want to ride occasionally and have supper."

"Annoying." Changqing's fists pounded his chest.

"Let's go. Take a shower with me." Song Chuyi held her in his arms as they walked into the house.

"No." Changqing snorted.

It was past nine when Song Chuyi came out from the shower. Changqing wasn't in the room. There were voices coming from downstairs—perhaps Yan Lei was back. Song Chuyi didn't rush to go down. Instead, he picked up a book and read quietly.

Not long later, Changqing came back up. She crawled unhappily into bed with a pout. "My dad is back but he's unwilling to tell me anything."

Song Chuyi placed the book down and rubbed her delicate chin to make her turn her head. Then he leaned forward and pressed down on her lips hard.

In no time at all, Changqing felt a cooling sensation all over her body. She said coquettishly in a soft voice, "I'm not in the mood."

"You'll be in the mood later." Song Chuyi flipped over and buried his head deep in her neck.

The process ended somehow. Changqing lay on the bed limply. There was a thin film of moisture on her fair back. Her eyes were slightly opened and she didn't have much energy, just like this session of love-making which she didn't put too much energy into.

Song Chuyi wrung a towel and wiped her once through. His phone rang.

It was a call from Zhan Mingwei.

"Bro, there's a rough idea of the situation from the Food and Drug Administration," Zhan Mingwei said a little indistinctly. "Bro, because of you, I had a few bottles with Chief Yao and I was finally able to get something out from him when he was drunk. It was really your brother who made him do it. Your brother is really mad. He actually used such a despicable way to harm his own company."

Changqing turned her face over tiredly and under the light, she saw Song Chuyi's profile twitching because of his overly stiff jaw.

This stiffness lasted for quite a while before she heard him saying calmly, "Alright, I understand. Thank you, Mingwei."

"No problem. We're all brothers—I'll do my best to help you," Zhan Mingwei said.

Song Chuyi put his phone down. Changqing asked curiously, "What did you ask Chief Zhan to do?"

"Nothing." Song Chuyi stroked her hair. "I need to go out for a while. Sleep first."

"What's the matter? Why do you still have to go out so late at night?" Changqing was initially still a little sleepy. Now, she was completely awake. "Don't tell me… you're going to look for Song Yunyang behind my back?"

"Yunyang is doing fine at the Song Household—why would I look for her?" Song Chuyi laughed softly. "It's work-related."

Changqing felt that was somewhat unbelievable. However, since he was unwilling to tell her, there was no point in pushing it. "Then be more careful; don't stay out too late."

"Mm." Song Chuyi left quickly after putting on his clothes.

Changqing blinked as she stared at the ceiling. Beastly Song even left traces of him within her, but when she was all alone, she felt an inexplicable sense of surreality.

In the depths of the night, Song Chuchu drove aimlessly on the road for a while before stepping down all the way on the accelerator and speeding to the Song Household.

The guard yawned. "Second Young Master, why did you still come back so late at night?"

"Is First Young Master back?" Song Chuyi asked lightly.

"He came back very early."

Song Chuchu drove in and after parking, he walked into the Song Household.

It was late and everyone had basically gone back to their own rooms. Song Chuyi went upstairs and went straight to knock on Song Chulang's door.

It opened from inside. Song Chuyi rushed in with a chilliness about him. He pushed Song Chulang in furiously before giving him a punch.

Song Chulang didn't see that coming and was hit hard. He looked up and his handsome face was slightly bruised. "What are you doing?"

"You should know clearly what I'm doing." Song Chuyi clenched his fists angrily. "I've already warned you. Even if you're my brother, I have my limits too. I heard there was a sudden drug testing on the Food and Drug Administration's side because of you."

"Was there anything wrong about me getting the Food and Drug Administration to test some drugs?" Song Chulang said coldly. "There was a bunch of fake medicine out there. Our family is running a pharmaceutical business. Is there a problem with me testing whether the drugs we received were qualified or not through the Food and Drug Administration? Do you think I have to continue working with the Yan Corporation even if their drugs are unqualified?"

"I think you had a part to play in the Yan Corporation's drugs issue." Song Chuchu's thin lips curled into a scary smile. "If not, why would it be so coincidental that the previous batches were all fine and only this batch, that you got the Food and Drug Administration to check, had problems? The Song Family and Yan Family were working close together previously. It's no problem at all for you to get to know the higher-ups in the Yan Corporation. After the incident happened, Jiang Sheng from the Yan Corporation fled without a sound, leaving not even a trace. Without someone to help him, how could he, as a mere higher-up in the Yan Corporation, have been capable of all this?"

"Don't spout nonsense." Song Chulang turned his cold face away. "This time, the Song Family suffered losses too. Would I harm even our family's company?"

"That's why the Song Family's losses weren't great." Song Chuchu spat each word out clearly. "The Yan Corporation's drugs were discovered immediately after being delivered to our hospital and the various pharmacies. Our company's policy was always to have some supplies sent in when we still had remaining stock left. You timed it perfectly so that the hospital and pharmacies wouldn't need to use the new batch of medicine and when news of the Yan Corporation's unqualified drugs came out, you could use the chance to recall all the goods. That way, it would only lead to a drop in shares and damage in reputation, but since our company was only the purchasing side, the real damage in reputation was sustained by the Yan Family. As long as we cut all ties with them, we could get back up very quickly. Your plan was really well-thought-out."

"Your imagination isn't bad." Song Chulang lit a cigarette for himself. "Chuyi, do you have any evidence?"

"As long as we continue investigating Jiang Sheng, it's impossible for there to be no evidence left at all," Song Chuyi said.

Song Chulang paused in his actions before continuing to inhale and blow out smoke slowly. He had nothing to say.

Song Chuyi's fire raged as he watched. He went up and struck the cigarette away from Song Chulang's hand before grabbing him by the collar. "You're a demented scoundrel."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》