So You're Such A Doctor Song
287 This Shameless Man
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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287 This Shameless Man

"Yunyang only comes over to visit my mom on the weekends. What's with my brother? Can you believe what he says? Since I decided to break up with her then, I wouldn't hesitate now. Besides…" Song Chuyi paused for a while and continued with a deep voice, "The situation between us would be awkward. Both of us feel like we should avoid meeting up as much as possible."

Changqing pressed her lips tightly together and snorted. "You're just feeling guilty because you have a guilty conscience. If you're open and aboveboard, why would you feel awkward? That just means that both of you still think about each other."

Song Chuyi massaged his temples. He didn't know whether it was because he wasn't very good at explaining or because women were too unreasonable. "We were in a relationship before after all, so it's impossible to be open and aboveboard. Just like you and Fu Yu, could you do it? It's inevitable that it would feel awkward sometimes."

Changqing bit her lower lip. His words did make sense. After all, sometimes when she saw Fu Yu at the Yan Household, although the two of them could act normally, she would still find it a little unnatural.

But all that wasn't important.

What was important was that she was uncomfortable and very unhappy.

Why must she be the one to bring up divorce yet also be the one who was getting more and more unhappy?

"There's no use saying all this now." Changqing turned over begrudgingly. "In any case, the outcome would be the same. Besides, I don't think you like me at all. I can't afford to play this game with you, Dr. Song, and I also cannot afford to offend the Song family. Take Robben and Lolita back the moment you get back. They're interfering with me looking for a match."

The winter breeze blew suddenly on the rooftop of the hotel. It was much colder than on the ground. Although Changqing had a jacket, her dress didn't cover her calves, so she was still shivering from the cold.

She was really going mad. Why did she come up to the rooftop to chat with him in such weather?

Song Chuyi saw her delicate shoulders shivering. He quickly took off his trench coat and put it on her.

His coat was long, big and very warm. It covered her calves straight away.

Changqing felt much warmer but she wouldn't be bought with just a coat.

She reached out to push him. She'd rather suffer in the cold than accept his hypocritical concern.

"Wear it. Don't catch a cold." Song Chuyi forcefully buttoned up the button that was at her thigh. Changqing became wrapped up like a dumpling instantaneously.

He then took off the scarf on his neck and put it on her. The scarf was exuding his familiar scent and when she smelled that scent which once caused her heart to throb, Changqing's long lashes trembled. Her nose felt hot and she sniffed hard.

Song Chuyi lowered his head and watched her under the moonlight. "You're crying?"

"Who's crying? My nose is running because of the cold." Changqing sniffed hard again.

Song Chuyi took out a tissue from the pocket of his coat and wrapped her nose with it. He pressed her nose and squeezed out some mucus.

Changqing pushed him away and suddenly felt very embarrassed.

She wanted to break up gracefully and beautifully, not with her nose running—that was disgusting.

Song Chuyi looked as she went into a frenzy and laughed softly. "Changqing, the problem between the two of us comes mainly from our families. You're afraid that your family members would get hurt. If I didn't resolve this problem, you wouldn't forgive me even if I looked for you a hundred times or a thousand times. At the same time, it would also bring you trouble in your life and make you unhappy. When I was in Germany, it wasn't that I didn't want to contact you but if I did contact you, you would definitely say that you wanted to divorce and would also be cold to me. So I could only look at your Weibo, scroll through your photos and see your daily movements. It didn't matter if you blacklisted me. I'd apply for a fourth or fifth account and leave comments to let you know that I was paying attention to you. I admit that leaving Robben and Lolita in your care was also in the hopes that you would think of me when you saw them so you wouldn't forget me so quickly. "

Changqing was stunned.

She had to admit that he made sense. If the root of the problem wasn't solved, she wouldn't reconcile with him.

However, leaving his dogs with her before reconciling and not contacting her?

That was such a despicable move, even teasing her with his dogs and Weibo.

She pouted. "Don't tell me you can solve the problem now?"

Song Chuyi lifted his head and wanted to stroke her head, but her hairstyle didn't seem to be forgiving so he could only pause in his actions. He smiled bitterly. "It's my father and my brother. I can use some dirty means to deal with them, but … they're heartless and if I acted heartless too, what would be the difference between me and them? So I wanted my mom to come forward. Actually, when my mom and dad got divorced, it was because my dad cheated first so my mom received 10% of Sky Corporation's shares. The Song family only has a total of 40% of the Group's shares, so this 10% was very important."

Changqing blinked and scratched the back of her head. "I don't really understand all this. What can that do?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand. In short, my mom says she didn't prepare any gift for us when we got married, so she plans to give you her 10% share. With this share, you would become a shareholder on the Board of Directors. My father definitely wouldn't dare to provoke you again. My brother is still more mindful of my dad. That way, my brother would never do anything to the Yan family. You need to know that this 10% share can overthrow my dad's position among the Board of Directors." Song Chuyi took her slightly cold hands which were hidden in her sleeves. "I know that you're also afraid to marry me. No one in the Song family likes you. In fact, my mom is considered very easy to get along with. This time, I got my mom to come back mainly to let you see that there is still someone in my family who supports us. My mom will attend the wedding ceremony, and in the future, we just need to live our lives well and have a bunch of babies. We can live however we want."

Changqing blushed.

This shameless man talking about having a bunch of babies the moment they met.

I'm not going to have babies with him.

Changqing pushed his hand away and lowered her head listlessly. "I don't want that 10% share. Your family would only think that I covet your Song family inheritance. People might even think that I have some means."

"Silly, we're already married. What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours. Even if my mom gave me all of that 10%, some of it would belong to you too." Song Chuyi went up to pull her over shamelessly again. "Actually, I still have my last resort. I guarantee that my brother won't have time to make trouble with you."

"What last resort?" Changqing stared wide-eyed at him in disbelief.

"Then will you reconcile with me?" Song Chuyi watched her with his dark pupils. Even his voice was exceptionally gentle and enchanting.

Changqing's heart skipped a beat. She lowered her head.

After a while, she still pushed him away slowly again.

Song Chuyi watched her disappointedly.

"There are some things I can't point my finger on." Changqing lowered her head as she moved her little mouth. "Maybe it's because we've been separated for too long. Besides, you always don't give me enough security that I always find it hard…"

Song Chuyi sighed softly. Although he also wanted to reconcile immediately, he also knew it would be too much for her. Perhaps she needed more time.

"Alright, it's too much for you and it's also too sudden. It's okay, we still have time. In any case, my mom is fine now too and I have all the time in the world to keep you company." Song Chuyi looked at his watch. "It's getting late and you must be tired today. I'll see you to your room."

"There's no need. I can go down on my own…"

"I'm staying at the same level as you." Song Chuyi smiled pamperingly. He guided her back gently with his hand and the two took the elevator down together.

Song Chuyi saw her all the way to her doorstep. Changqing took the coat off and passed it to him.

Under the light, his body-hugging, thin, black sweater and long pants made his body look long and proportionate. He gazed at her gently with his dark pupils that seemed as though they were about to shine into the depths of her heart.

Changqing turned her face away. He smiled and took the coat back. While doing so, his long fingers grazed past the tips of her fingers.

Changqing retracted her fingers back as though she was burned and glared at him with a blush. "Gangster."

Song Chuyi curled his lips up and didn't deny it, only saying in a low and gentle face, "Goodnight."

Changqing didn't look at him on purpose. She wanted to open the door with her card but for some reason, her hand was trembling, and after a very long time, she didn't open it. Instead, she made the door beep loudly.

Her face flushed red.

Song Chuyi went up and held her hand, steadying the room card. The door chimed and opened up.

"Go back quickly." Changqing felt like her wrist was burning as she pushed him away and dashed into the room.

Song Chuyi watched the door closing with a smile before turning around and returning to his room. He sat in a chair as he slowly crafted a message for Dai Ai and sent it over.

He believed that tomorrow morning, Dai Ai would know the real reason she fell down the stairs then.

He didn't want to reveal it at all, but Song Chulang had pushed him time and time again.

Besides, Song Peiyuan had also returned from the states. With her son at hand, she would be able to go head-on against Song Chulang in front of Song Huaisheng.

From tonight on, the Song family might not have a day of peace anymore.

In the room, Changqing lay on the bed, motionless.

She kept trying to recall what Song Chuyi was talking about previously but somehow her mind kept jumping to the scene when she saw Song Chuyi wearing the trench coat.

He was simply too dashing.

How could her husband be so dashing?

Hold on, that wasn't the point. The point was whether or not she should reconcile with him.

Changqing stared blankly at the ceiling.

Of course she still liked Song Chuyi.

The thing was there were always too many uncertainties between the two of them. Besides, she felt that between the two of them, she seemed to like him a little more.

She felt that he didn't love her enough.

Why must she listen to him and reconcile with him just because he said so?

Just as she was letting her thoughts run wild, a knocking came from Changqing's door.

She looked at the person from the peephole and opened the door. Jiang Duoyao was holding onto a box as she slid in secretively.

"What's this?" Changqing could smell its fragrance immediately. "Have you had supper?"

"I got the service staff to buy it for me secretly and came over here to eat it. If my manager were to find out, she'd definitely lecture me again." Jiang Duoyao quickly opened the box and Changqing almost drooled from the smell.

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