So You're Such A Doctor Song
294 You Look Really Good Today
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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294 You Look Really Good Today

"Yeah, they're much sweeter than before," Changqing said. Before, she had even heard people talking about her being abandoned by the Song Family in the washroom, saying that she was very pitiful and all that. Director Mei also became less friendly to her. Humans were such fickle creatures.

"Of course. Now, all of China knows you're the daughter-in-law of Augustine Rong. What does that mean? That means you can go international at any time." Wen Tong lifted her head and stuck her chest out with pride. "After coming such a long way full of ups and downs with you, I finally feel like I'm standing at the top of the mountain. Say, how can you be so lucky? You went for a random blind date and you hit the jackpot."

"There's nothing I can do about it; I was destined to live such a good life." Changqing smiled in a way that called for a smack.

When they arrived at the meeting room, Changqing quickly became the focus of everyone's attention.

The Chief Editor said jokingly, "Changqing, you're finally here. Everyone's been waiting for you. Congratulations on winning an award. You're the pride of our station!"

"Thank you." Changqing quickly sat down.

The person-in-charge came over. "Changqing, how could you act like this? You didn't even tell us about Augustine Rong being your mother-in-law. It was such a big deal, yet you didn't even leak out any news."

Mei Zong also crowded over. "Changqing, can you please get Augustine Rong to take part in our program? It doesn't have to be for very long—even a few minutes would do."

Changqing had a headache from all the fuss about her. Finally, Boss Feng arrived and also congratulated Changqing warmly. When the meeting started, Boss Feng started, "This award ceremony once again proved the status and popularity of Changqing at our station. I've discussed with the higher-ups of the station and think that Changqing is the most suitable candidate to host the new program Escape, A Chance To Survive. What does everyone think?"

"That's pretty good, pretty good. I've always thought Changqing was most suitable from the start," the Chief Editor said.

Everyone agreed, and at the same time, they glanced at Chi Yining with a pitiful gaze. Actually, everyone knew very well that there was a rumor going around saying that Boss Feng had wanted to let Chi Yining host the program. However, after the sudden news of Augustine Rong being Changqing's mother-in-law, the Boss's attitude changed.

Chi Yining clenched her fists tightly under the table.

She had a hard time finding out that Song Chuyi and Yan Changqing were about to get a divorce previously and thought she had finally gotten a chance.

Could it be fate that Yan Changqing's life was just better than hers?

She stared daggers at Changqing. Unexpectedly, Changqing suddenly stood up and said, "Boss, I think you should hand the hosting role for this program to someone else. I'm planning to have my wedding dinner and go for my honeymoon at the start of next year. I already have two programs on hand and I'm afraid I won't be able to cope."

Boss Feng was stunned and persuaded her, "Changqing, can you postpone your wedding plans? An opportunity like this doesn't come by often. A woman shouldn't neglect her career just because she got married."

"This was already discussed and agreed upon; it's not easy to change it." Changqing rejected him subtly.

Seeing that, Boss Feng didn't say anything else.

After the meeting ended, Zuo Qian pulled her back anxiously. "Changqing, why did you give up such a good opportunity? Do you know how many people at the station would give their all for this spot? Yes, your relationship with Song Chuyi is pretty good right now, but I hope that you won't give up on your career for your love life."

In contrast to his anxiousness, Changqing was very calm. If she hadn't made up with Song Chuyi, she might've wanted to fight for this role. It was a difficult situation and choice many women might face, just like Rong Chang. "Teacher Zuo, you know me well, I've never wanted to climb very high or go very far. Between my career and relationship, I would definitely cherish my relationship more. Besides, aren't I doing well in Challenge to the End? If I were to host another program, I would definitely have less free time and I would also become too popular. It's not exactly very good to be very popular. I would get recognized wherever I went; even going to the supermarket with my husband, I would feel worried that someone would recognize me. I don't like that."

Zuo Qian was stunned. He was stumped for words.

He had always known that she wasn't an ambitious person, but he didn't think that she was this unambitious.

However, it might not be a bad thing.

This was perhaps the real side of her which he liked.

Free of worries and troubles.

He sighed softly and watched as she packed up and left.

On the way back to her office, Wen Tong followed her with small steps. "Aye, luckily I knew what kind of person you were very early on. Otherwise, I would've definitely vomited blood."

"Aye, where do you think I should hold my wedding?" Changqing suddenly turned around excitedly.

"…" Wen Tong was about to go a little hysterical. "Didn't you hear what I said just now?"

Changqing touched the back of her head blankly. 'I was thinking about where to have my wedding just now. Personally, I want to have it in a place like Bali, but I'm also worried that my grandma wouldn't be able to travel that far because of her health."

Wen Tong: "…"

She didn't even want to talk to Changqing.

Forget that Changqing wasn't listening to her, but Changqing had even started agitating the unmarried Wen Tong.

At night, the people from the production team insisted that Changqing should treat them to a meal and karaoke session.

During the karaoke session, everyone kicked up a fuss, insisting that she call Song Chuyi over. Changqing squirmed for a while but still called Song Chuyi in the end.

After listening to her, he said, "What time are you guys finishing up? I'll pick you up."

"I meant for you to come and sing." Changqing pouted. "I've never even heard you sing before."

"I'm not good at singing," he said.

"Don't try to lie to me—I saw you singing with Yu Sihe before." Changqing's temper rose upon hearing what he said. "Do you not want to sing with me?"

Song Chuyi coughed softly. He didn't expect a woman's memory to be so good. "It's not that; I'm just at a gathering with Mingwei and it's not very convenient for me to leave early. I'll sing with you next time."

Changqing was disappointed but she didn't force him anymore, only telling him the approximate time they would finish.

At 11:50 pm, when everyone was calling it a day, Changqing called him and he said he was already downstairs.

On the brightly-lit streets of Northern City, Changqing could see Song Chuyi standing at the bottom of the stairs the moment she walked out with everyone else. He was wearing a black cardigan and had a plaid scarf hanging around his neck. He was standing in a dimly-lit spot but his height, long legs, fair skin, and dignified features were enough to draw attention.

Changqing already knew he was handsome but she didn't think he could look so handsome in a cardigan.

"Goodbye everyone, Director Mei, Teacher Zuo, bye-bye. I'm taking off first." Changqing waved and skipped over to hold the arm of the man standing in the darkness.

Everyone looked at her retreating back and Zhu Jia said enviously, "Dr. Song just gets more handsome the more you look at him. No wonder Changqing would rather give up such a good new program, only thinking about her wedding ceremony and her honeymoon. If it were me, I would be the same."

"That's right, although I see celebrities and models at the broadcasting station every day, Dr. Song is of a different class."

Zuo Qian watched the two figures as they disappeared into the night. His eyes became dim.

Changqing walked with Song Chuyi hand in hand for around five minutes but still didn't see his car. She started to complain unreasonably, "Why did you park so far away?"

"There are no parking lots here; we're almost there." Song Chuyi walked to the Audi, opened the door to the passenger's seat and helped her in.

Changqing buckled her seatbelt and watched as Song Chuyi bent over and got into the car. Perhaps it was because today was colder than yesterday, but his lips seemed redder and his skin fairer, making his entire body look exceptionally beautiful.

"Chuchu, you look really good today." Changqing was in a good mood, and after drinking, she blurted it out without thinking.

Song Chuyi's finger on the push-button paused slightly. He turned to look at her for a while and moved over, cupping her little face in his hands as he planted a kiss on her lips that tasted like alcohol.

Changqing moved her slightly swollen lips. Song Chuyi swept her hair gently behind her ear. "Come to my house to sleep tonight."

Changqing blinked her large eyes and her body shrank. "No…"

Changqing pouted, looked out of the window gloomily and didn't speak.

"Alright, don't be angry anymore. Let me tell you something important," Song Chuyi said. "Take some time off these next few days to settle the transfer of shares."

"I've told you not to transfer them to me." Changqing pouted. "It doesn't seem appropriate. Your dad and brother will probably complain more about me, saying that I'm eyeing the Song Family's shares."

"It's okay; we're already married. It doesn't really make a difference whether the shares are transferred to you or me. Even if they were under my name, if we got a divorce, we would still get half of them each. Of course, we won't get a divorce. It's just that if they were under my name, my dad and my brother would think that I was soft-hearted. Therefore, it would be better to transfer them to you. To be honest, they will be left for our children in the future." Song Chuyi stroked her head. "Listen to me—my dad can think whatever he wants. In any case, I've thought about not having any dealings with them anymore."

"Really?" Changqing frowned. "Actually… it's not really appropriate. After all, your dad is so old already and you still have your grandma. I feel that no matter what mistakes they made, they're only going to be with us for a couple more decades. We don't know if there's an afterlife, but in this life, if we can become a family, we should still cherish that."

Song Chuyi watched her gently. "You're still speaking up for my family members even after how they treated you."

"It's just that I thought of the time when both my grandparents passed away. I was exceptionally regretful for not spending more time to keep them company," Changqing said unhappily.

Song Chuyi felt his heart going soft.

He wondered what the Song family members would think if they heard what she said.

Would they feel ashamed?

"Then it's decided. Let's get it done these next couple of days," he said after a while.

He drove her to the entrance of the Yan Household. Song Chuyi got off and opened the door to the passenger's seat.

Changqing got off and was pulled into his reluctant embrace.

"I want to be with you," he whispered by her ear.

Changqing's heart almost melted and she almost wanted to say that she would return to Lakeview Residence with him.

However, their moment was broken by Robben and Lolita's barks.

The metal gate was still shut. Robben and Lolita probably smelled them and they were pawing on the door with their huge bodies, making scratching sounds that were louder than before.

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