So You're Such A Doctor Song
298 A Ton Of Bad Habits
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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298 A Ton Of Bad Habits

"You don't know—our country's women are too small and thin. Molun doesn't like them," Li Shaobin said with a laugh.

"What type of women do you like? I'll introduce you to some," Zhan Mingwei said. "I'm afraid you'll be led astray by Shaobin if you hang out with him every day."

"Hey, Zhan Mingwei, what do you mean? How am I leading people astray? I'm very straight." Li Shaobin sat up straight purposely.

The three ignored him. Yan Molun took a sip of wine and thought carefully. He stared at the dark red liquid in his hand and suddenly smiled. "I think it's quite interesting if a woman's a little obscene."

"Obscene?" Song Chuyi's eyebrows moved. He coughed softly. "Don't tell me you're more interested in someone like my wife."

"No way." Yan Molun shook his head.

Li Shaobin gave him a thumbs up. "Molun's taste is strong indeed but you'd better look overseas then. Our Chinese women wouldn't be able to take your size."

Yan Molun coughed softly. "How scary is my size exactly?"

Zhan Mingwei turned his face away silently. "In any case, I find it quite scary."

Yan Molun: "…"


Song Chuyi parked his car in the carpark for a while before Changqing, Zuo Qian and the rest started coming out from the elevator successively.

The carpark was cold and Changqing scurried into the car. "You must've waited for a very long time. I said you didn't have to come and fetch me—it's not convenient for you to come out so late at night."

"It's alright. I was playing cards with Mingwei, Molun, and Shaobin at the winery." Song Chuyi saw that she was extremely tired and he started the engine immediately.

Changqing was exhausted. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with her head resting on the car window.

When they arrived at Lakeview Residence, Song Chuyi didn't wake her up. He carried her upstairs gently and she didn't wake up throughout the process.

The next day, Changqing woke up to find herself lying in Song Chuyi's bed. She didn't wash her face or brush her teeth.

She climbed up with difficulty and took a shower. When she came out, Song Chuyi happened to come out of the kitchen with two bowls of wonton carefully, as the soup swayed around in the bowls.

"Let me carry it." Changqing went over quickly to help him. She took her bowl and the fragrance almost made her drool. "Did you wake up early to wrap these?"

"No. My mom made them a few days ago when she came and she left some in the fridge," Song Chuyi said lightly.

"Oh." Changqing took a sip of the soup and suddenly lifted her head up to say, "Right, you said you would bring back a present for me. You haven't given it to me yet."

Song Chuyi shook his head. Only she would remember such things clearly.

He stood up and went into his room. After a while, he came out of his room with a long string of small, red sandalwood rosary beads.

Changqing pressed her lips together. "Why did you get me something like this? It seems like something you would give an old person."

"I didn't know what to give you and I think this is pretty good." Song Chuyi placed it on the table. "You're fair and would definitely look good in this."

Although Changqing was a little unwilling to accept it, upon hearing his compliment, she still wrapped it a few times around her wrist. It did look good. Indeed, an old-fashioned thing on a fashionable person would look trendy, just like how he wore Buddhist beads.

She glanced at the yellow rosewood Buddhist beads on his wrist and suddenly frowned. "You must be a Buddhist."

"No," Song Chuyi said lightly, "It's just that my grandpa likes these and I often accompany him to buy such things. I find them quite nice. Besides, the hospital is a place with a lot of negative energy, so I thought it would be better to wear this since I'm at the hospital every day."

Changqing widened her eyes. "I didn't expect you to believe in something like this."

"A little." Song Chuyi swept her an expressionless glance.

Changqing stuck her tongue out at him. "Alright, then I shall accept your gift. Oh, right, what are you intending to do about your job?"

"I've made some connections, so hopefully I'll be able to get into Northern City Subsidiary Hospital. If I really can't get in, I'm intending to set up my own hospital," Song Chuyi said lightly.

"Set up?" Changqing took in a deep breath of cold air. "You have so much money?"

"Of course that's the last resort," Song Chuyi said. "It's too troublesome and risky to set up a hospital. I should be able to get into Northern City Subsidiary Hospital."

"I also find it troublesome. I already find you very busy when you're working every day. Wouldn't you be even busier if you had to set up a hospital?" Changqing said unreasonably. "You have to spend a lot of time with me."

Song Chuyi found her funny and knocked her head with a spoon.

After breakfast, Changqing rushed to the broadcasting station for a meeting immediately and rehearsed from the afternoon till night.

In the blink of an eye, it was Christmas. Changqing was woken up by the alarm early in the morning and climbed onto Song Chuyi. "Chuchu, Merry Christmas."

"Mm," Song Chuyi was annoyed by the alarm she set on her phone. He reached over and picked it up. There were more than ten messages sent to her after midnight, including one from Fu Yu.

"Take a look," Song Chuyi said.

Changqing also saw Fu Yu's message. She felt guilty and grabbed her phone. "What's there to look at?"

"No." Song Chuyi's face fell. He looked at her with an imposing gaze. "Password."

Under his threatening gaze, Changqing could only tell him her password.

"It's the same password for your bank account right?" Song Chuyi said coldly.

"No." Changqing was embarrassed. Alright, he guessed it.

"How would that not be the case for such a simple-minded person like you?" Song Chuyi opened her messages. Not only was there a message from Fu Yu, but there were also messages from Lin Yueli and Zuo Qian.

Mm. This little vixen had quite an affinity with men.

Zuo Qian sent her a simple Merry Christmas message while Lin Yueli's message was like this: It must be past midnight right now in China. Changqing, Merry Christmas. I'm glad to have met you.

Fu Yu: Qing Bao, Merry Christmas. The weather is getting cold, so remember to stay warm. I went to Europe on a business trip and I got you a scarf. I left it in the Yan Household. Remember to give it a try.

Changqing covered her face guiltily. "It's just a scarf."

Song Chuyi smacked her butt lightly twice. "You're not allowed to wear the scarf he gives you."

"You're too overbearing. Forget it if you don't give me a present, but you won't even allow me to use what other people give me?" Changqing snorted. "Where's my Christmas present?"

Song Chuyi glanced at her open palm and said in his hoarse, morning voice, "I'm your best Christmas present. Isn't that enough?"

Changqing blinked and got off of him, turning her cold back to him.

Song Chuyi sighed. Women were too realistic.

Because of that, when she was putting on her clothes, Changqing's cheeks puffed out angrily and she didn't say a word to him.

To sufficiently prove that she was angry, she even threw him a glare when she walked out of the room.

However, when she walked out and saw the pink roses, chocolates and a jewelry box on the dining table, she froze.

She remembered that there was nothing there before she slept.

Could it be…

She turned back and Song Chuyi said with a smile, "I couldn't come up with anything creative for my present so I could only give you a surprise. Do you like it?"

Changqing's delicate lips curled up slightly. More than like it—I love it.

Although the gifts weren't creative, it was still the first Christmas gift she received from her husband.

She recalled when she was still in junior high and was carrying a torch for Fu Yu, she would always look forward to Fu Yu's gifts every Christmas. However, at that time, they were all cards in the beginning. After that, when they reached high school, Fu Yu gifted her chocolates. Then, she would always be filled with sweetness.

However, he wasn't her boyfriend then so there were times when he wouldn't give her anything and she would be disappointed. However, there was nothing she could do about it.

Now that she had a husband, if he didn't give her anything, she would have the right to be angry.

"Open the jewelry box and take a look," Song Chuyi whispered by her ear.

Changqing glanced at him, walked over and opened the jewelry box. There was a necklace with a sun pendant lying inside. Beside the necklace was a note written in good handwriting with a black ink pen: From today onwards, you are my little sun.

When she saw the words, she felt as though she had eaten honey and was also very touched.

She didn't think that Song Chuchu would write something so mushy.

However, she liked it a lot.

"Come, let me put it on for you. Song Chuyi took the necklace out, swept the long hair on her neck aside and put the necklace on her.

Changqing lowered her head and looked at the necklace, saying softly and sweetly, "It's beautiful."

"Merry Christmas." Song Chuyi hugged her tightly from behind.

"Merry Christmas."

He sat down on the dining table while hugging her, as though he was enjoying his breakfast, slowly eating her up.

Unfortunately, Changqing's phone rang not long later. She pushed him away apologetically and embarrassedly. "Sorry, there's a program recording in the morning today…"

Song Chuyi's handsome face was filled with unhappiness.

Changqing kissed his chin. "I'll keep you company when I come back tonight."

"Really?" Song Chuyi raised his brows.

"Mm." Changqing ran into the room shyly to pick up the call.

Indeed, it was a call from the broadcasting station to rush her.

For the whole day that day, Changqing had three program recordings and a live show at night.

She was busy all the way until midnight before she walked tiredly out of the elevator at the broadcasting station. Song Chuyi was in a windbreaker, waiting for her in the carpark.

Changqing was so tired she climbed into bed straight away, without even bothering to take a shower. As she climbed into the bed, she said apologetically, "Chuchu, I'm too tired to keep you company. Let's do it tomorrow."

"Okay." Song Chuyi didn't force her.

Only, when she woke up the next day after a satisfying sleep, he carried her into the bathroom to take a shower together. While showering, he kissed her under the showerhead. The two were embroiled in such passion that they were stuck closely together.

However, he didn't enter. After he wiped her dry and carried her out of the bathroom, he took out a condom from the drawer.

Changqing squirmed embarrassedly under the covers. "Why are you using that again?"

"Didn't you say you wanted to get pregnant during the honeymoon and not now, otherwise it wouldn't be an enjoyable honeymoon?" Song Chuyi laughed softly and went under the covers quickly.

Changqing climbed out with a flushed face and was pulled back in by him.

The Northern wind howled outside and the heating was switched on inside. Changqing had a rare day of rest and didn't have to go to work. They went on until noon before Song Chuyi climbed out to make lunch.

Changqing was sucked out of energy, refusing to come out no matter how many times he called her from the kitchen. At last, he had no choice but to go to the bedroom to call her. "Time to eat."

"I don't want to get out." Changqing turned lazily. Half her face was covered by the blanket, revealing one lazy eye blinking. "I want you to feed me."

Song Chuyi sighed. "Are you still a child? Stop being so childish. How old are you now?"

"I don't care; I want you to feed me." She hugged the blanket and rolled one more time, continuing to act coquettishly.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》