So You're Such A Doctor Song
299 Merry Christmas
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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299 Merry Christmas

Song Chuyi "…"

She's really getting increasingly unreasonable recently.

In the end, he fed her lunch. After lunch, they napped for a while until Shen Lu called to ask her to come home to eat dinner.

The two of them drove over after four and on the way, they were stuck in a traffic jam so they only reached the Yan Household past five.

The moment Song Chuyi got there, he saw Auntie Zhang feeding Robben a big bone.

He looked at the time. It's so early, yet he's already eating? This dog is eating more and more.

He walked over and swept a cold glance at Robben. He said to Auntie Zhang, "Auntie, are you feeding Robben dinner?"

"No." Auntie Zhang thought for a while and said, "An appetizer before his meal."


The corners of Song Chuyi's lips twitched.

No wonder he ended up like that. "Auntie, don't you think Robben is getting too fat nowadays? If a dog is too fat, it will affect its spine and he will fall sick easily."

"Really?" Auntie Zhang didn't really seem to believe him. "I don't think so."

Song Chuyi continued saying, "He will even get high blood pressure, diabetes and his immune system will get weaker. Luckily he's a male dog. An overweight female dog might even face difficulty during labor."

"It's that serious?" Auntie Zhang was a little frightened. "Aren't those the same issues humans face?"

"Mm." Song Chuyi glanced at Robben's back. Robben seemed to be able to sense a cold aura emitted from Song Chuyi's gaze. He froze and slowed his chewing. "It's time to lose some weight. He can have his last meal tonight and I'll help him lose weight tomorrow."

"Aye, poor Robben." Changqing could feel Robben's difficult time coming but the latter was completely unaware.

Auntie Zhang also felt her heart aching for him and decided to feed Robben more tonight. His tough days would start after today.

Changxin and Lin Yiqin also came over around six. The moment they entered through the door, Lin Yiqin helped Changxin get her slippers, poured water for her, and even peeled every single grape cleanly for her. Changqing was dumbstruck at that sight. It was simply as though he was serving his ancestors. She didn't remember him to be like this in the past. "Sis, what kind of spell did you put on Brother-in-law?"

Changxin smiled delightedly. "Just a small gimmick. Make a guess."

Changqing was vexed.

Song Chuyi took a sip of hot tea and asked lightly, "You're pregnant?"

Changxin pressed her lips together. "Do you need to be so clever?"

"No way." Changqing was shocked by the news. She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Why not?" Changxin sighed. She caressed her tummy. "I'm one and a half months pregnant. Congratulations, you're going to be an auntie soon."

"Really?" Changqing stared wide-eyed at her. "How did you just get pregnant?"

"My body is very normal; why can't I get pregnant?" Changxin accepted the orange Lin Yiqin passed her like a queen. She lowered her head to take a look and threw it back sulkily. "You didn't even peel the pith out cleanly."

Lin Yiqin continued to peel out every single pith on the orange obediently without saying a word.

Changqing was envious and jealous. Her Brother-in-law had been completely reduced to a slave for his wife. She turned her head around to look at Song Chuyi. "Look, don't you need to learn from my Brother-in-law?"

Song Chuyi scoffed inside. If she were to get pregnant, she would definitely be more pretentious than Yan Changxin. Who was the one who insisted that he feed her during lunch? However, he didn't reply and said lightly, "Wait till you're pregnant."

"You're too realistic." Changqing pouted angrily. "Sis, don't you think he's too much?"

Changxin laughed out loud. "Men are all that realistic. Your Brother-in-law has only been this good to me since I got pregnant."

"Sis, you're wrong about that. Brother-in-law treats you very well usually," Changqing said.

Changxin snorted. "I think he could be better."

Song Chuyi rubbed his glabella. At first, he thought Yan Changxin would be different from Changqing character-wise. It seemed they were the same in certain aspects. The sight of Lin Yiqin now made him feel as though he was looking at himself in the future.

When dinner was ready, Fu Yu came over as well. Ever since Shen Lu was married and moved over to live here, he had been having dinner at the Yan Household regularly.

However, when he saw Song Chuyi tonight, his gaze became colder. He chose to speak up about what Song Chulang did at the Yan Household when everyone was present purposely so that there wouldn't be a chance for Song Chuyi to turn things around. He didn't expect Changqing to still forgive him after a few months.

When he heard Shen Lu mentioning it, he actually wasn't very surprised Changqing had always been like her name. She didn't have a change of heart easily and she was very soft-hearted. If she liked a person, she wouldn't be able to forget him in a short time.

He just didn't find Song Chuyi pleasing to the eye.

The feeling was mutual with Song Chuyi—just like when you're eating a plate of delicious food and you suddenly find a mosquito lying inside.

"Changqing, did you see the scarf I gave you?" Fu Yu sat down, thought for a while and added, "I bought one for your Dad, Sis and everyone else when I went to Europe previously."

Changqing nodded in relief. She glanced at Song Chuyi and used her gaze to tell Song Chuyi not to let his thoughts run wild. "I haven't seen it; I just got home. I've been busy filming at the station these past few days."

"I think the color suits you a lot," Fu Yu said with a smile.

When it was time to eat, Yan Lei was in a good mood because he was about to be a grandfather. He took out a bottle of red wine and poured some for everyone, saying, "Changqing, in a few days on New Year's day, I will be preparing to go back to Yangzhou with your Auntie Shen to keep your Grandma company. Auntie Zhang also has to go home so it'll just be you and Chuyi at home. Remember to feed the dogs."

"Dad, I will be very busy on New Year's day." Changqing glanced at Song Chuyi with a grin. "I'll hand things to you then."

"Right, I looked at the dates. The 16th of the first lunar month is a good day," Yan Lei said joyously. "It's a suitable day to hold a wedding dinner."

"Mm, then we'll set it on that day." Song Chuyi nodded. "I'll book a hotel in Sanya for the wedding dinner."

"Sanya?" Everyone was shocked. Even Changqing was stunned.

"Mm." Song Chuyi nodded again. "Northern City will be very cold after the new year. It wouldn't be very convenient with the wedding dresses and gowns; Sanya is perfect. It's only one to two hours away by plane and Changqing's grandma should be able to take the distance, so I think Sanya is the best choice. Actually, if it wasn't out of consideration for her body, I think it would be better to hold the wedding in Bali or the Maldives."

Changqing was very touched upon hearing that. If there weren't other people around, she would've definitely leaped into Song Chuchu's embrace.

Yes, Northern City was too cold. If she were to wear too many clothes under her wedding gown, she wouldn't be able to exhibit her beauty. In Sanya, she would be able to show off however she liked.

"Alright, Sanya it is. This isn't a bad idea." Yan Lei was all praise. He was a good match for his daughter indeed.

"Aye, I'm so envious." Changxin glanced at Lin Yiqin who was beside her. "I didn't even dare to think about going over to Sanya for my wedding dinner."

Lin Yiqin helped her with some vegetables. "I'll buy you the watch that you set your eyes on before."

"That's more like it." Changxin drank her soup, satisfied.

"Here, here, here, let's drink." Yan Lei raised his glass happily.

Song Chuyi forced himself to raise his glass. He had no choice since he had a father-in-law who liked to drink.

Although it was red wine, he really drank a little too much. After dinner, he was brought straight upstairs by Changqing.

Yan Lei was still unsatisfied. "How can that child be so bad at drinking?"

Fu Yu glanced at the two people going up the stairs and finished the wine in his glass silently.

The next day, it was only seven when Song Chuyi woke up. Changqing was sleeping soundly and there was an iPad beside her.

He took the tablet away angrily. She wasn't even afraid of the radiation. He swiped on it casually and discovered there was a page on news relating to Sanya's hotels.

He checked the browsing history. It was all about which Sanya hotel would be the most romantic for a wedding or which hotel was the best for a wedding.

She acts fast.

He secretly found her funny. When he went downstairs after a shower, the few elders at home were already up. Shen Lu smiled and asked him what he would like to have.

"Noodles." Song Chuyi sat on the couch ad Lolita ran over eagerly, jumping up onto the spot beside him and pouncing onto him.

He got a shock and pulled Lolita off the couch. He pointed at Robben, who was looking at him obediently by the side, and said, "This is your fiance, got it? Go pounce on him."

Lolita didn't obey and continued to pounce and paw him.

Song Chuyi was annoyed by her and ended up taking the two dogs out for a walk.

A man walking two large dogs attracted many gazes but everyone only looked and didn't dare to go close.

Song Chuyi suddenly could understand how Changqing was feeling then.

When they ran into a pretty female dog, Robben would wag his tail merrily at her but she wasn't interested at all, giving Robben the cold shoulder.

Robben was disappointed.

Song Chuyi said lightly, "You're too fat, do you know that? Once you're fat, you don't look good. She won't even set her eyes on you."

When they came back from the 30-minute walk, they ran into Fu Yu, who was standing in the courtyard.

He frowned and glanced at Fu Yu. He didn't understand why Fu Yu didn't go back last night.

Fu Yu glanced at the two dogs beside him and said sarcastically, "You used these two dogs to win Changqing back, right?"

"So what?" Song Chuyi raised his brows lightly.

"How sly," Fu Yu said through gritted teeth.

"Thank you." Song Chuyi curled his lips up calmly. "I'm just a little smarter than you. Unlike you, you left for more than a year back then and left nothing behind. No wonder she forgot about you."

"Who forgot about whom? It was you who came between us." Fu Yu frowned.

Song Chuyi smiled. 'Yeah, unlike the previous few days. When I left, you couldn't even come in between us even if you wanted to. You even used your plan to put me in a tight spot in front of the Yan Family members. You must be disappointed to see me at the Yan Household again, right?"

Fu Yu's heart was trembling from rage.

Song Chuyi smiled. "I welcome you to attend our wedding in Sanya. You can attend as her brother or something and in the future, things will be like that too. I don't want someone to always be coveting after my wife."

After he was done, he walked into the house without looking at Fu Yu again.

Fu Yu was angry and frustrated in the back.

Song Chuyi returned to the living room. Perhaps it was because Shen Lu saw the two of them talking just now that she explained gently to him, "Fu Yu had a drop too much last night so he stayed over. Please don't take it to heart."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》