So You're Such A Doctor Song
302 Duoyao As The Bridesmaid, Molun As The Groomsman
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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302 Duoyao As The Bridesmaid, Molun As The Groomsman

Song Chulang shook his head gloomily.

Grandma Song's eyes were red with anger. "This stinking fellow—I dote and pamper him so much usually, yet in the end, he didn't even invite me to attend his wedding. Was he incited to do that by that Yan Changqing?"

Song Junle frowned slightly. "Grandma, he probably didn't call you because he was afraid you would be like this?"

"What am I like?" Grandma Song choked on her tears. "Aren't I good to him?"

"Mum, you're good to him." Song Huaisheng quickly consoled the elderly. "It's this b*stard who's heartless. I raised him up for nothing."

Song Qiaoqiao saw that the situation had become so tense all of a sudden and asked with bewilderment, "Why didn't Brother Chuyi invite you guys for his wedding?"

Fourth Aunt glared at her. She should've kept her hand on her mouth.

Song Huaisheng scolded, "Because he's heartless."

Song Qiaoqiao shrank her neck in fear and felt an inexplicable sense of detest towards Song Huaisheng.

She thought Brother Chuyi was pretty nice. He even came over to their house a few days ago and gave her a thick stack of New Year's money.

This reunion dinner seemed to have become unenjoyable because of this incident.

Grandma Song wasn't in high spirits either and her attitude towards Dai Ai wasn't as good. As for Song Huaisheng and Song Chulang, she simply ignored them.

Song Huaisheng was in a bad mood too. He drank a lot and was helped on to the car by Song Chulang while he cursed and swore.

"It's all your fault. What kind of rotten idea did you come up with? Why did you have to do in the Yan family?" He chided as he pointed at Song Chulang. "Are you satisfied now that the family has ended up in this state? Tell me honestly—did you plan to drive Chuyi out of this family on purpose so that you could have all the inheritance?"

"Let me tell you, I'm not dead yet. Every single one of you better stop having thoughts about the inheritance."

Song Chulang closed his eyes and opened them once again. He felt deeply helpless. "I did not. I did it for Chuyi's sake. Dad, you're drunk."

"Your foot." Song Huaisheng continued scolding. "Do you think I don't know you did it all for that Song Yunyang? I shouldn't have adopted her if I knew this was going to happen."

"Alright, enough said." Grandma Song couldn't go on listening to them. "Stop scolding Chulang too. You're no better yourself. The Song Family is wealthy enough, so why must the two of you plot against the Yan family? I say, this father and son duo is just greedy. Chuyi is my most obedient grandson. It's all your fault—you caused me to lose my grandson."

Song Huaisheng opened his mouth. "Mom…"

"Shut up, shut up. Stop talking to me. I don't even want to see you," Grandma Song said fiercely.

Song Huaisheng was boiling with anger. When he got home, he called Rong Chang angrily. He hadn't called this number for a very long time and this time, he was left with no choice. "Rong Chang, tell me, Chuyi is about to hold his wedding dinner. Did you tell him not to call us? What is the meaning of this? He called the other Song family relatives but not us. Is he out to embarrass me?"

"You're overthinking it," Rong Chang said coldly. "I never told him that. He decided on his own."

"You must've incited him to do it," Song Huaisheng said unreasonably. "You're a vicious woman. You even got him to plan it in such a far place like Sanya. Why would he do that if not to avoid us?"

"Song Huaisheng, you're sick. Can't you just look after your youngest son? Stop making trouble with Chuyi. I can't be bothered to talk to you—I have a meeting. I'm not so free like you." Rong Chang hung up coldly.

Song Huaisheng smashed his phone angrily.

Song Peiyuan, who was just brought up by Dai Ai, broke out in tears from the shock.

Dai Ai was frustrated by the crying but she still said while sighing, "After all this, we still have to blame Chulang. If he didn't instigate things, how would things have come to this state? Actually, I am quite fond of Yan Changqing's character. She's positive and cheerful. How great is she, yet he just had to go against her like that."

Song Huaisheng's face sank upon hearing that and said with frustration, "Don't mention Song Chulang to me."

He was frustrated at the mention of that name. Tomorrow, he would remove Song Chulang from the CEO position.

Song Chuyi and Changqing stayed in Yangzhou for three days before going back to Northern City together.

Changqing had to attend various live broadcast programs at the broadcasting station. She was finally able to find some free time within her busy schedule to ask her friends to be her bridesmaids.

It would probably be impossible for Guan Ying to be her maid of honor, so she was thinking of mainly Ruan Yang and Jiang Duoyao.

In the end, when she asked them, Ruan Yang was too busy and it was already not bad that she could make it for the wedding. Jiang Duoyao discussed with her manager, and in the end, she agreed to being Changqing's maid of honor. "Changqing, look at how loyal I am. I pushed away many huge events just so that I could be your maid of honor."

"Sure, you're my one true love indeed. I'll get Song Chuchu to give you a bigger bridesmaid red packet." Changqing hung up with a grin and told Song Chuyi that she had confirmed the role of the maid of honor.

Now that the maid of honor was confirmed, they were left with the best man.

Song Chuyi only had a few close friends. Zhan Mingwei was already married so that left him with Li Shaobin and Yan Molun.

When they were playing cards at night, Song Chuyi brought up this matter.

"Best man?" Li Shaobin's eyes lit up and he said with a grin, "Why don't you make me and Molun your best men?"

"I can't; I can only choose one." Song Chuyi discarded a King and spat out the line: "I'll need to give an additional red pocket for two best men. It's not worth it."

"F*ck." Li Shaobin despised him. "Old Song, you're so stingy."

"I can't help it. The wedding expenses have already overshot the budget," Song Chuyi said as he thought of how he should play his cards.

"Then who's the maid of honor?" Zhan Mingwei asked.

"I heard Changqing say it's Jiang Duoyao," Song Chuyi said.

"Oh, it's that woman who said Old Yan's arrow is huge." Li Shaobin glanced at a certain someone with a grin.

"Mine should be bigger than yours." Yan Molun discarded a 2 and said in a low tone, "Why don't I be the best man? I haven't done it before. It sounds interesting."

Song Chuyi raised his brows. "Are you sure it's not because of that arrow?"

"Am I such a superficial person?" Yan Molun discarded his last card. "I'm sorry, I win."

The wedding was set on the 16th. Song Chuyi flew to Sanya on the 13th, not even spending Lantern Festival in Northern City.

However, Changqing also had a program to shoot on the day of the Lantern Festival and she basically spent the night at the station.

But she was still a little unaccustomed to not having Mr. Song at home all of a sudden.

On the 14th, Jiang Duoyao called her. "You're going to Sanya tomorrow, right? What time are you flying over? What time should I fly over?"

"You don't have to rush. You'll just have to get there before 5 pm," Changqing said.

"Mm. Who's the best man?" Jiang Duoyao asked casually. "Don't tell me it's that Li Shaobin."

"Nope, it's Yan Molun."

"Yan… Yan Molun." Jiang Duoyao screamed over on her side, causing Changqing to almost go deaf. "Why did you scream so loudly?"

"Can I not scream?" Jiang Duoyao covered her face, not wanting to face this world. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? If I knew beforehand, I wouldn't have agreed to be the maid of honor."

"I only found out after that too." Changqing pressed her lips together and said with a grin, "Don't tell me you're still bothered about that incident?"

"How could I not feel bothered? Didn't you say he heard it?" Jiang Duoyao was about to go hysterical. "That was the most embarrassing thing in my life. No. I don't want to be the maid of honor anymore. I don't have the face to do it."

"Aiya, don't be like this. How can you be so timid? I don't even recognize you anymore," Changqing said anxiously.

Jiang Duoyao really felt like crying. "This isn't about being timid. This is about pride. Tell me—how he would view me? He's going to see me as a female sex devil."

"You are one through and through. Why else would you be interested in that kind of thing?" Changqing consoled her. "It's fine. Actually, I'm like that too. Let me tell you a secret—there was one time when I was searching up pleasurable positions on the computer at home and in the end, Song Chuchu found out and he even saw the clips that we usually watched. Would you be as embarrassed as me? I even felt like dying then. In the end, I just got used to being thick-skinned."

"Seriously?" Jiang Duoyao was in disbelief.

All of a sudden, she didn't feel that bad. Compared to Changqing, her incident didn't seem like anything at all.

She felt that she was too pure.

"Yan Changqing, I didn't think you'd be so obscene. You actually search this kind of thing up?"

"Don't tell anybody about this," Changqing quickly reminded her. "I've only told you."

"Don't worry, I definitely won't let word get out," Jiang Duoyao said. "Don't worry, leave the role of the maid of honor to me."

Indeed, there was a need for comparison when it came to things like this.

In the afternoon the next day, Changqing and her family took a flight straight to Sanya. When they arrived at the airport, the hotel sent a car to fetch them.

On the way, the chauffeur told them the hotel was located in Yalong Bay. The grass field there was larger than 2000 square feet and there was also more than 700 square feet of a clean beach area. The two would be having their wedding ceremony on the grass field.

Changxin was envious and jealous as she listened to him in the car. "What am I supposed to do? I feel like re-doing my wedding."

"Cut it out; you can't have a wedding more than once." Lin Yiqin quickly dispelled her thoughts.

At the hotel, the hotel receptionist led them to their villa by the bay. Changqing pulled aside the private housekeeper of the villa immediately after she put her luggage down and said, "Where will the wedding venue be? Can you bring me over?"

"Why are you in such a rush?" Changxin said with a smile. "I don't even see you as eager to see Chuyi."

Changqing stuck her tongue out at her. "I already know he's at the hotel. I'm just very curious about the wedding venue."

The housekeeper smiled and said, "Actually, it's not done yet. The staff are still decorating the place and the fresh flowers still aren't done up yet. I would suggest you take a look tomorrow during the wedding. Right now, Mr. Song has already arranged for lunch at the restaurant. Do you want to go over after taking a rest or go over now?"

"Let's go over now. I'm a little hungry too. Your Auntie Shen cannot go hungry," Yan Lei said.

"Alright." The housekeeper nodded. "You can take a nap after lunch then have a relaxing swim at the pool. Mr. Song has arranged a barbeque party on the beach tonight."

"Wow, how formal." Changxin bumped Changqing with her butt.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》