So You're Such A Doctor Song
303 Song Chuchu Has Changed
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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303 Song Chuchu Has Changed

Changqing felt so sweet inside.

Dr. Song had indeed made it a surprise.

She liked everything about the hotel and was also looking forward to the barbeque party at night. However, why hadn't he appeared yet?

She took her phone out to call Song Chuyi. "I'm already at the hotel. Where are you? Aren't you coming out to welcome me?"

Changxin rolled her eyes at her.

Lin Yiqin facepalmed. It looked like Song Chuyi would be in a worse state than him in the future.

"I'm still not done with things over here; go ahead and play first. I'll head over tonight." Song Chuyi hung up in a rush after saying that.

"He actually dared to hang up on me?" Changqing glared at her phone angrily.

Yan Lei smacked the back of her head angrily. "Stop disturbing Chuyi. He's taking care of everything for this wedding, yet you still have the cheek to complain about him when you've done nothing?"

"Exactly." Changxin couldn't listen on either. "When I got married, I was super busy. You just look like you're here to attend someone else's wedding."

"Can't help that my husband dotes on me too much," Changqing said proudly.

Lin Yiqin was afraid his wife would be jealous and he quickly said, "I think Chuyi must've thought you would definitely be more of a hindrance than help and you're not of much use anywhere."

"Brother-in-law." Changqing stomped her feet.

Changxin deeply agreed. "Yes, you'd just bungle things up."

"You're just jealous." Changqing couldn't be bothered to argue with them.

After lunch, Rong Chang, the Song Family guests, Zhan Mingwei and his wife, Li Shaobin, and Yan Molun slowly arrived successively.

Changqing's close friends from the broadcasting station also took a plane over at around 5 pm from Northern City. There were around 20 to 30 people gathered for the barbeque in the evening and it was very lively.

Song Chuyi and Yan Molun only arrived around 10 minutes after the party started. Mr. Song, who had already been at the beach for a few days, was wearing a pair of cropped pants with a white polo tee. The setting orange sun hung behind him as he walked over, making him look cold and magnificently beautiful. Beside him, Yan Molun stood at two meters tall. His large build made him feel intimidating.

Jiang Duoyao, who was standing beside Changqing, subconsciously walked a little further away when she saw Yan Molun. She walked further and further until she was standing under a remote tree. There, she ate her barbequed meat quietly while her back faced the crowd.

"Brother Chuyi, why are you only getting here now?" Song Qiaoqiao ran over with her short legs adorably.

Song Chuyi carried her up and greeted everyone.

His cousin, Song Junle, was quite close to him. He said with a laugh, "This place that you've chosen isn't bad. It's quite warm. If you were to get married in Northern City, we'd all have to dress up warmly."

"There's also a lot of seafood to eat." Song Qiaoqiao raised her little hand and said, "I ate a lot of prawns just now."

"Then eat more, Qiaoqiao," Song Chuyi pinched her little face.

Song Junle said, "When we were having our reunion dinner during Lunar New Year's eve, news slipped out of Qiaoqiao's mouth and your family found out about your wedding today. They were hopping mad. Although they didn't say it, we all knew they were angry that you didn't invite them. Right, do you know that your brother has been removed from his CEO position? He's just a mere manager with the corporation."

"Oh." Song Chuyi nodded lightly.

"You're really not concerned about what happened there?" Song Junle asked hesitantly. "Actually, Grandma wanted to attend your wedding very much."

"I know. Grandma is pretty nice to me, but I just didn't want her to come and show Changqing any attitude," Song Chuyi said helplessly. "A wedding should be a joyous event, and I didn't want anything to affect our wedding. Carry Qiaoqiao for a while; I'm going to take a look at the other guests."

Song Qiaoqiao quickly put her arms around his neck tightly. "I don't want Brother Junle, I like Brother Chuyi."

Song Junle's face sank. "How am I any worse than your Brother Chuyi?"

"You're not as handsome as Brother Chuyi," Song Qiaoqiao said without thinking.

Song Junle almost vomited blood. Song Chuyi curled his lips upwards and coaxed Song Qiaoqiao for a very long time before finally handing her over to Song Junle.

Over on her side, Changqing had waited for a very long time before she finally saw Song Chuyi walking over towards her. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Dr. Song is really popular with little girls."

Song Chuyi stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Can't help it, Qiaoqiao said I'm handsome."

Changqing was speechless. Song Chuchu wasn't like this in the past. Song Chuchu had changed.

"Don't tell me you're even jealous of a child?" Song Chuyi took a glass of juice from the service staff's tray and took a gulp.

"You're the jealous one. I was just afraid you would forget you have a wife over here," Changqing said as she pouted her little mouth.

"I was so busy that I haven't even eaten lunch yet." Song Chuyi picked up a chicken wing on the barbeque rack.

Changqing was stunned. She felt her heart aching as she said apologetically, "Why didn't you say so earlier? What else do you want to eat? I'll barbeque it for you."

"Then help me barbeque some prawns," Song Chuyi said. "I won't be going over to sleep tonight. The wedding dress my mom made for you has been sent over; I'll get my mom to help you try it on tonight."

"Why aren't you coming over to sleep?" Changqing frowned.

"Isn't it a custom for a couple to not sleep together the night before the wedding?" Song Chuyi paused for a while and added, "It's just for tonight. Just bear with it."

Bear with it…

This sounded awkward to Changqing and she blushed. "I don't need to bear with it. It's more comfortable for me to sleep alone. But are you sure you don't want to come over and see me in my wedding dress?"

"No. Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow." After saying that, Song Chuyi walked towards Zhan Mingwei and his wife. Li Shaobin and Li Xiaoxia also came.

"Why did you bring your nephew along as well?" Song Chuyi asked with a laugh. "People would think you've brought your illegitimate son out."

Li Shaobin's face fell. "Do I look like I could already have a son so old? Do you think I wanted to bring him here? He kept bugging me to bring him over to see Ruan Yang. Right, why isn't Ruan Yang here yet?"

"Yeah, I've been waiting for Sister Ruan Yang." Li Xiaoxia looked at Changqing pitifully. "The wait has made me lose all appetite to eat any barbequed food. Sister Ruan Yang is coming, right?"

"Yes." Changqing stroked his head. "Ruan Yang will only get here tomorrow morning. She had an overnight shoot today."

"Can you rest assured now?" Li Xiaoxia asked Li Xiaoxia impatiently. "Stop nagging me."

Li Xiaoxia ignored him and continued to say worriedly, "Sister Changqing, I heard Sister Ruan Yang will be leaving the entertainment industry temporarily after this film. Is it true? I can't accept this; if I can't watch Sister Ruan Yang's movies anymore, my life would be meaningless. This is simply a lightning bolt out of nowhere."

"Er…" Changqing felt her head hurting.

Li Shaobin chided, "Lightning bolt your head. It's such a small thing."

"People like you who don't like women wouldn't understand." Li Xiaoxia rolled his eyes at him.

Zhan Mingwei laughed softly. "See, Shaobin, even your nephew says so."

Li Xiaoxia sighed. "Brother Mingwei, My great-grandma said you guys hang out with my uncle the most. If you know of any good men, you can introduce them to my uncle. It doesn't have to be a woman…"

Changqing stared wide-eyed in disbelief. "Your great-grandma is so open about it."

"Of course." Li Xiaoxia nodded proudly.

Song Chuyi took a sip of juice and thought for a while. "I'm afraid your great-grandma will be disappointed. I don't know of any good men at the moment. Besides, they cannot accept someone like your Little Uncle."

"I can't be bothered with you guys." Li Xiaoxia was trembling from anger. He couldn't be bothered to go on listening to them. He turned his head to walk away, even abandoning Li Xiaoxia. He had decided to prove to them and redeem himself. He liked women.

In the most inconspicuous corner of the party, Jiang Duoyao was barbequing on her own with a hat on. She was cooking up some cuttlefish, fresh oysters, clams and pacific saury.

She tried her best to keep a low profile but there were still men who recognized her and kept chatting her up.

This man said he was some cousin of Song Chuyi. Song Chuyi had several cousins and she couldn't even tell who was who.

Cousin Song was going on about how capable he was in the States, that he knew a lot of Hollywood stars, that he had several properties and companies. After he was done, he took his phone out to ask her for her number. "I wonder if Miss Jiang would like to exchange numbers?"

Jiang Duoyao was a little speechless. She detested this kind of person the most. If it was someone else, she would've rejected him straight away. However, he was Song Chuyi's cousin and just when she was about to give him her number, a deep, rich and powerful voice rang out next to her. "I don't think that's very appropriate; she's someone I have my eye on."

Jiang Duoyao turned back and saw a man towering over her. She got such a fright that her hand which was holding onto the butter brush shook. From such a close distance, he looked really frightening. She was simply an ant in front of him. He could definitely squash her with a single step.

However, what was it that frightened her the most?

The woman he had his eyes on?

Jiang Duoyao only wished she could run into the ocean right ahead.

Cousin Song looked at this man who was a head taller than him and was stunned. Although he didn't know who he was, he appeared with Song Chuyi previously so they should be close friends. Besides, this man had a sharp gaze, there was a light scar on his face and he exuded a dangerous aura.

Cousin Song was bewildered at how Song Chuyi could know such a weird person. However, he still took a step back. "So that's how it is. Then… then I was being very rude just now. I'll go get some food."

"Aye…" Jiang Duoyao looked at Cousin Song tearfully. She suddenly felt that Cousin Song wasn't bad. Why did he leave all of a sudden? Who would give up halfway after hitting someone up?

"You can't bear for him to leave?" Yan Molun raised his thick brows and watched her for a while. He said in a deep voice, "I'm sorry, I thought you didn't want to tell him your number so I gave that excuse."

"Er… thank you." Jiang Duoyao pulled herself back to her senses stiffly. She didn't dare to look at him out of her guilty conscience and quickly lowered her head as she brushed some butter on the fish. "Erm… is anything the matter?"

"Mm." Yan Molun glanced at the woman in front of him. She was dressed simply in a pair of blue denim shorts and a pale yellow t-shirt. She was facing the sun which cast an orange glow all over her and because of that, he couldn't see how fair she was. However, her skin was very good as she was young. Her eyelashes were long and her eyes were huge but they weren't amorous eyes like Changqing's. They were eyes that looked pure and innocent.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》