So You're Such A Doctor Song
304 She’s Someone I Had My Eyes On
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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304 She’s Someone I Had My Eyes On

Of course, he had heard their conversation and knew that behind those pure and innocent eyes lay a filthy mind that was very curious and passionate about those things.

"What a coincidence. I heard you're the maid of honor. I'm the best man," he said lightly.

Jiang Duoyao felt like crying. Coincidence my foot. Did he only find out I was the maid of honor today? Even though her heart was thumping very quickly, she had a very calm expression. "Well? Was there anything about being a maid of honor that you needed to remind me about? It's my first time so I don't have a clear understanding of these things."

Yan Molun thought for a while and said, "Remember to wear a pair of higher heels tomorrow at the wedding. I think you're too short. It feels like I'm accompanying a kid when you stand next to me."

"How am I short?" Jiang Duoyao wanted to hold it in at first but she couldn't. "I'm 1.65 m, okay? You're too tall. You're 2m tall—even a normal man would look short standing in front of you, much less a normal woman."

Yan Molun thought for a while and said calmly, "Apologies. I grew too tall and became too outstanding. I can't help it."

Jiang Duoyao: "…"

If she wasn't mistaken, she felt that he had a sense of superiority when he spoke.

She really couldn't continue with this conversation.

"Alright, I get it. I'll wear a very very very high pair of heels," she said through gritted teeth. Luckily, she brought her highest pair of heels in her shoe cabinet the moment she found out he was the best man.

"Alright," he replied simply without leaving.

"Was there anything else?" Jiang Duoyao asked impatiently.

"You're doing this wrong. Pass it to me." Yan Molun reached out towards her hand.

Jiang Duoyao couldn't react in time. "Pass what?"

Yan Molun understood. So she had a slow reaction speed.

She was a little similar to Yan Changqing in this regard. No wonder they were close sisters.

He reached over to grab the butter brush and started spreading an even layer on the food on the grill. After that, he sprinkled some cumin, garlic, and chili flakes very skillfully.

Jiang Duoyao blinked as she watched.

After four minutes, he picked up a fresh oyster for her with a pair of tongs.

Jiang Duoyao ate silently. After eating it, she almost gave him a thumbs up. It was fabulous.

He watched the glow in her eyes as he put the pacific saury on a plate and passed it to her. Jiang Duoyao tried the pacific saury. She didn't really like to eat pacific saury but somehow, Yan Molun managed to make it so good that it even had a hint of honey.

"How's it?" Yan Molun watched her quietly.

"Fantastic." Jiang Duoyao couldn't stop nodding. "It's such a waste of your skills to not be a barbeque chef."

The slight smile on the corner of Yan Molun's mouth froze.

Barbeque chef?

Did he even need to become a barbeque chef? This woman wasn't very good at compliments.

"Your girlfriend would definitely be very lucky," Jiang Duoyao realized she seemed to have said something wrong and quickly said, "To be able to eat such delicious barbequed food."

"You're right." Yan Molun nodded. He suddenly said, "But it's also difficult to find a girlfriend who wouldn't be shot all the way to Hades by my arrow."

The plate in Jiang Duoyao's hand trembled and started falling towards the floor.

Although Yan Molun was tall, he was very agile. He held the plate up with his knee and caught it with his hands swiftly, saying kindly, "Don't create such a huge commotion. I don't want to attract everyone's attention."

Jiang Duoyao's brain was already completely blank. She was blushing so much that the setting sun couldn't conceal her flush.

She only wished for a wave to hit her and drown her right now.

"Erm… I suddenly thought of something I have to deal with. I'll get going first," she stuttered and staggered a few steps back before running away.

She wanted to run out of this party and run out of this hotel. Sh didn't want to see Yan Molun ever again.

AHAHAH, how embarrassing.

At such a sight, Yan Molun couldn't help but laugh. He didn't think that she would dare to say such things while actually being so timid.

Hence, Changqing basically never saw Jiang Duoyao again during the entire party after walking around. After that, Changqing called her and Jiang Duoyao's voice came through weakly from the other side. "I'm in the villa. I might've eaten too much barbequed food and I'm feeling a little unwell so I came back to rest first."

Changqing was bewildered. Did she eat a lot?

Why was I unaware?

"Right, bring me some egg fried rice on your way back," Jiang Duoyao said suddenly.

"Didn't you say you ate too much?" Changqing asked.

"I want it for supper," Jiang Duoyao answered awkwardly.

"Oh, okay."

Changqing nodded.

At night, Changqing returned to the villa only around nine. When Jiang Duoyao received the egg fried rice, she wolfed it down as she was simply too hungry.

Changqing was suspicious. "You look like you haven't eaten at all."

Jiang Duoyao licked her lips guiltily. If Changqing were to find out how much of a wimp she was, Changqing would definitely mock her. She sighed silently and changed the subject. "Did Guan Ying tell you that she didn't really feel like coming to the wedding ceremony tomorrow so she got me to give you a red pocket? She feels awkward."

"I could sense it too." Although Changqing was disappointed, she could also understand. "It doesn't matter if she doesn't come. After all, she's Song Chuchu's ex-girlfriend. It's only normal that she feels awkward."

Not long later, Rong Chang came over as well to let Changqing try on the wedding dress that she designed personally. She even designed the maid of honor's dress.

Jiang Duoyao was brimming with tears as she held the gown with both hands."To think I would be able to wear a gown designed by Teacher Rong in my lifetime. I've decided to keep and treasure this dress forever."

Rong Chang laughed. "Go try them on quickly, the both of you."

Changqing was struggling to carry the wedding dress because of the amount of fabric and Rong Chang had to help her.

This wedding dress was a little complicated yet also quite simple. However, Changqing wasn't able to don it on her own and Rong Chang had to help her. The dress was three meters long. The section from the collarbone to the chest area was laced with a high-quality silver thread. The long dress had flower clusters embroidered on it and even the arm areas were meticulously accessorized with floral embroidery. On top of that, Changqing had a flowy veil that covered her from head to toe, making her appear to be as beautiful as a princess, cold as ice and pure as jade.

The Yan Family members who came over to look at the wedding dress were all awe-struck. Changqing was bright and beautiful. Since her eyes looked very seductive, the word "pure" didn't seem to suit her, but with Rong Chang's design, a veil covered her seductiveness and her pureness was brought out.

Even Yan Lei hadn't seen his daughter like this before.

"How beautiful. Your design is… splendid." Yan Lei didn't know how to describe his daughter and after stuttering for a while, he said, "I've never seen my daughter look so much… like a princess before."

Changqing was also looking at herself, stunned, through the mirror. She felt as though she was a fairy.

She really wanted to take a photo and send it to Song Chuchu.

However, she still withheld the urge. Otherwise, there would be no more surprise.

She was really looking forward to his stunned appearance when he saw her.

Changqing smiled as she dived into her imagination.

In any case, she really, really liked this wedding dress.

Jiang Duoyao was initially very satisfied with her gown too. Although Rong Chang had only seen her once in Shanghai, she had a very good grasp on Jiang Duoyao's figure and what color was suitable for her. She also thought Jiang Duoyao was very beautiful.

However, when Jiang Duoyao saw Changqing in her wedding dress and veil, she was incredibly envious.

That night, the maid of honor and bride slept together.

Jiang Duoyao said with a sigh, "It would be great if I could also ask Augustine Rong to design my wedding dress as well. Changqing, why are you so lucky? You just casually got Augustine Rong as your mother-in-law."

In order to console her, Changqing said, "Actually, when you really marry a person you like, it doesn't really matter what kind of wedding dress you're wearing. That's only the cherry on top. It's nice to wear a beautiful wedding dress, but even if you don't, it doesn't matter."

"Tsk, you didn't even see how happy you were just now." Jiang Duoyao pinched her arm. She thought for a while and said, "If I could become Augustine Rong's daughter-in-law, she would definitely design a wedding dress for me too. Why don't… I just bear through it and seduce Song Chulang?"

Changqing: "…"

She was simply out of her mind. Changqing gave her a thumbs up. "Impressive, you actually have those kinds of thoughts towards such a perverted person like Song Chulang just for a wedding dress? I'll bet that you will definitely die a very horrible death. Think about it—if he can even abandon such a beautiful and weak lady like me in a deserted place in the middle of the night, I think it would be better for you to seduce Yan Molun than to seduce him."

Yan Molun…

The corners of Jiang Duoyao's lips twitched. "That size… I definitely wouldn't be able to take it."

"Don't sound so certain, alright? You haven't even seen it before," Changqing spouted.

"If I saw it, I would definitely die."

Changqing grinned. "Perhaps you'd go to heaven."

Jiang Duoyao's face burned and she said despisingly, "You're so filthy."

Changqing pressed her lips together. She did seem to have become filthier recently.

It was all Song Chuchu's fault for leading her astray.

Jiang Duoyao snorted. "I know. After marrying Song Chuyi, you must've been floating around in heaven every day, right?"

Changqing buried her face under the covers silently.

Before she fell asleep, Song Chuyi suddenly called her.

"What's up?" Changqing was afraid to wake the person beside her up and said softly, "Why aren't you sleeping so late at night? Don't tell me you're so nervous that you can't sleep?"

"No." Song Chuyi's voice at midnight was slightly hoarse. "When I come to get you tomorrow, don't come up with some weird and demanding ideas with the maid of honor. Just make sure I can get past with thicker red pockets."

Upon hearing his tone, Changqing felt uncomfortable. "Why must I listen to you? It's my big day, yet I still have to listen to you?"

She wasn't willing to do that. Just now, she had come up with many ideas to pick on the groom and best man with Jiang Duoyao just now and they had already noted them down in a little book.

"… I can't bring myself to do it in public," Song Chuyi said helplessly. "Molun can't do it either. If you insist on making him do it, he might even quit being the best man."

"Molun is Molun, and you are you. You're the one who's marrying me." Changqing felt an inexplicable sense of grievance. "If you're already like this before we even have the wedding dinner, won't I have to listen to you for everything in the future? I won't do that."

Song Chuyi felt his head hurting. "There will be a lot of people tomorrow. In any case, I already said that I won't be able to do mushy things in public. Just think of some brain teasers or something of that sort. If you want to hear anything mushy, I'll say them to you when it's just the two of us tomorrow, alright?"

Changqing still snorted.

He was aloof while she just wanted to be high-profile.

She just couldn't wait to let everyone know how much Song Chuchu loved her.

Initially, she wanted him to read some promise note then sing and dance.

"Song Chuyi, I'm very unhappy right now," Changqing said straightforwardly. "You can't even do such little things for me? Is preserving face really that important?"

"Changqing, my love for you is unquestionable, but there are some things… it's a personality problem. I said it before—you can have whatever you want privately. You can do whatever you want tomorrow during our nuptial night. You can suggest anything when we're alone and I will satisfy you," Song Chuyi coaxed her softly.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore." Changqing hung up unhappily.

Jiang Duoyao asked, "What's the matter? Why are you fighting on the eve of your wedding?"

Changqing told her everything Song Chuyi said then said angrily, "Tell me, isn't he too much?"

"He is a little too much. Things will be so boring during the fetching ceremony. However, as long as the red pocket is thick enough, all this doesn't really matter," Jiang Duoyao said thoughtfully.

"The red pocket isn't the point!" Changqing reprimanded her seriously, "Jiang Duoyao, can you not be such a money-grubber?"

"You're making it sound as though you're not," Jiang Duoyao said. "If I were to get married and you were the gatekeeper, your morals would be all gone once you were given a stack of red pockets then you'd just send me away eagerly."

"I don't want to talk to you anymore." Changqing covered her face with the blanket.

"Aye, why don't we run away from the wedding?" Jiang Duoyao suggested mischievously.

"Run your head." Changqing was very unhappy.

Because she was unhappy the whole night, she couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours. When the makeup artiste came over to help her do her makeup and saw her dark eye circles the next morning, she teased, "Don't tell me you were too excited for the wedding that you couldn't fall asleep. Look at those dark eye circles."

Changqing was annoyed. "You must help me cover them up; I want to look beautiful today."

She wanted to be made up into a goddess then not allow Song Chuyi to touch her at night. She was going to piss him off. She was going to let him see but not touch and in the end, he'd plead with her and beg her to kiss him.

"Don't worry." The makeup artiste smiled.

It was 11 in the morning. Song Chuyi and Yan Molun had arrived to pick the bride up.

Jiang Duoyao blocked them at the door and said, "No need for words; give me all the red pockets you have and I'll let you in."

Changqing glared at Jiang Duoyao. Indeed, friends were unreliable.

Immediately, one by one, thick red pockets were passed through the slit underneath the door. Jiang Duoyao picked them up. There were so many of them she could barely hold them with both hands.

Yan Molun's low voice came from outside. "Those are all the red pockets we brought. There's really none left."

She was very satisfied and admired his straightforwardness. Then she said, "Dr. Song, hand over all your cards."

Changqing nodded. She's quite reliable.

In no time at all, a black wallet was stuffed through the slit.

Song Chuyi said, "I've even given you my wallet. Can you open the door now?"

Jiang Duoyao quickly threw the wallet to Chuyi and opened the door. Song Chuyi and Yan Molun stood side by side at the door. Yan Molun was dressed in a black suit and his towering body almost reached the ceiling. He was clean-shaven and even his hair was done up neatly. Now, he really looked a little like Tom Cruise.

Jiang Duoyao gasped and looked at Song Chuyi, who was beside him. Alright, Dr. Song was a little too handsome today. He was wearing a light brown suit with a light brown vest and a light blue plaid shirt inside. He had a maroon bow and his dark blue tapered pants revealed a little bit of his exquisite ankle above his brown leather shoes. The pair of green sunglasses on top made him look suave and confident.

Changqing also held her breath when she saw Song Chuchu who was standing by the door. Alright, Song Chuchu was already very handsome normally and Rong Chang's design gave him a look of his own, making him even more handsome and dignified.

How could someone be so handsome?

And this person was her husband.

Changqing's little face blushed as she looked on. Luckily, she still had a veil covering her face.

She watched as Song Chuchu made his way in front of her step by step.

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