So You're Such A Doctor Song
306 My Honeymoon Is About Being Unreasonable Whenever I Wan
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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306 My Honeymoon Is About Being Unreasonable Whenever I Wan

Song Chuyi allowed his little princess to vent all she wanted as he carried her upstairs. After he placed her on the bed, Changqing crawled up immediately, wanting to escape and feeling resolute on not consummating her marriage with him that night.

He had already bullied her just after their wedding ceremony.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt aggrieved and her eyes actually reddened.

Song Chuyi turned her around and when he saw her crying, he was speechless. "You're even crying over this?"

Changqing pouted her mouth high like the spout of a teapot. "You're a liar. You tricked me into marriage and if you're like this now, you'll definitely be worse to me in the future. You even want me to listen to you; you're simply too much. I want to tell your mom that you bullied me."

Song Chuyi sighed. "If I have to listen to you no matter what, what would our family become in the future? If you insist on your 'Wife's Rules', I can give in to you but you'll be the master of the house in the future. You'll have to be in charge of the family's monthly expenses and financial planning as well as determining which school our children go to, how we should educate our children and all."

Changqing was dumbfounded. She pressed her lips together. "You're unreasonable. What does that have to do with my 'Wife's Rules'? You're just making an excuse to not follow them."

"Follow them?" Song Chuyi laughed silently. "I have to embrace you unconditionally when you're unreasonable. Fine, do you need me to call your dad to ask how much you love being unreasonable? When you're unreasonable, you care about almost nothing. When you spend money, I have to encourage you. No matter what it is, there must be a limit to it. Your husband isn't the wealthiest man in Northern City or the world, after all. My income is only slightly above average. I can obey some of your rules but I cannot give in to you unconditionally. I can only embrace you."

"You make it sound like I'm difficult to get along with. What's with embracing me? I'm the one who has to embrace you." Changqing found that he made sense but she couldn't put her pride down. "With just your aloofness and those two scary-looking big dogs, who else would be able to put up with you if not for me? I was young and ignorant at that time—that's why I liked you."

"You're right. You're the only one who can put up with me. Our Qing Bao is forgiving and generous." Seeing that she had cooled down, Song Chuyi hugged her tightly as he kissed her nose, mouth, and eyes.

Changqing's face and head felt hot from his kisses. Just as she was about to open her mouth to continue talking, his kisses assailed her once again.

Her mind went blank and after a while, she felt something was wrong and wanted to push him away but Dr. Song sent her another passionate kiss.

The next day, Changqing only woke up after 10. Song Chuchu was no longer in the room.

She felt that something was amiss. She sat up and thought for a while before it suddenly hit her that the wife's rules she had painstakingly come up with were foiled by him.

That vile Song Chuchu.

She clenched her fists and went to wash up. After that, she went downstairs but she still didn't see Song Chuyi.

How hateful. He was gone on the second day of their marriage.

She called Song Chuyi angrily. The sound of broadcasts from airline companies was heard on the other side.

"You're awake?" Song Chuyi started. "I'm at the airport seeing off your dad and the others. You can have lunch first; I'll be back later."

"Dad's going back already?" Changqing was stunned.

"Mm. Your dad had to settle something at the company and it isn't easy for your sister to be out for too long when she's pregnant," Song Chuyi said. "Eat first then pack up. We'll be flying to Hong Kong tonight before going to the Maldives."

The Maldives…

Changqing was so excited she went to pack her swimsuits without even having her lunch.

This went on until Rong Chang came over to have lunch with her.

After having lunch, Song Chuyi returned.

It was 5 pm. They took a plane to Hong Kong.

Rong Chang took an overnight flight back to Germany in Hong Kong while Chuyi and Song Chuyi waited for more than three hours before they got on a plane to the Maldives.

It was still the wee hours of the morning in Beijing time. Changqing was woken up by Song Chuyi to get off the plane when the sun wasn't up yet. Changqing leaned into his embrace weakly as she yawned and walked.

Song Chuyi held onto her and after collecting their luggage, they took a car to the hotel they had booked to sleep.

After they checked in, Changqing fell sound asleep immediately. She slept all the way until the eye-piercing rays of the sun shone in. Song Chuyi was leaning lazily on the headboard of the bed.

Changqing climbed on top of him like an invertebrate and called him sweetly, "Hubby."

"Mm." Song Chuyi glanced at the woman in his embrace who was as sweet as honey and his heart almost melted. "Get up quickly; it's already noon. Let's go find some food on the streets."

"Help me find my clothes." Changqing reached out fussily. "I want to wear that orange spaghetti strap dress with a floral pattern."

Song Chuyi sighed. He felt as though this woman's fussiness had risen to another level after the wedding ceremony.

He really didn't expect himself to become like this after marriage. He had simply become a parent ahead of time, acting as her mom, dad, and also her husband.

After more than 10 minutes, he finally found the dress she wanted to wear in her luggage stuffed with clothes.

Changqing took a shower, put on some makeup and accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and a hat, taking a full one and a half hours.

Song Chuyi's face fell straight away. "You've been at it from 11 am to 1 pm. I'm almost dying from hunger."

"I have to doll myself up since I'm here for my honeymoon." Changqing held his arm and shifted her face closer to him. "Am I pretty?"

"Yes, you almost killed me with your beauty." Song Chuyi took her bag and walked out.

"How fake," Changqing grumbled but she still followed behind him obediently. After walking for a while, she stopped.

Seeing as she didn't catch up to him, Song Chuyi turned back and saw her standing at the back, blinking at him before she reached her arm out. "I want to hold hands."

"…" He went back to hold her hand with resignation.

Changqing finally smiled.

The two entered a random, slightly unique shop to have curry for lunch.

When the curry was served, Changqing took her phone out to take photos. Song Chuyi felt his head hurting at that sight. "What's there to take a photo of?"

"For memory's sake," Changqing said excitedly.

Song Chuyi couldn't be bothered with her and ate first. Changqing only began eating slowly when he was done with his food.

After waiting half an hour for her to finish, the two went to walk around a museum. Changqing took out her selfie stick and pulled Song Chuyi along to take selfies with her from time to time. This attracted many curious looks from foreigners. Song Chuyi couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. He took his hat and sunglasses out to put them on.

He rarely came out on holidays with his girlfriends. The only time he took a holiday was when he was studying in the States with Yunyang. However, Yunyang wasn't like Changqing. She would just occasionally take a few photos for memory's sake but this wife of his could take several photos at the same place.

After the first time, Song Chuyi learned to wait silently under a tree.

At night, Changqing made a compilation of the photos she took during the day and uploaded it on Weibo. Of course, she would always use a heart to block Song Chuchu's face in their shots together. Her caption was: Muah. I love you 3000.

Not long after the Weibo post was uploaded, it got several comments.

Sunshine's Little Angel: Wow, look at Qing Bao's husband's figure. I knew he was handsome. And look at his style—godly.

Favorite Cheese: I'm deeply hurt as a single person.

Eggroll: Is there anyone in the entertainment industry who shows off their love so publicly? It's too much. ARGHHHH.


Song Chuyi saw his wife looking at her phone on the bed, laughing like a fool when he came out from the shower.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm not telling you." Changqing put her phone down and went to take a shower.

After Song Chuyi was done blow-drying his hair, Li Shaobin called him suddenly. "Song Chuyi, the two of you are becoming too much. Is there a need to be such a show-off? You're so mushy."

"What's wrong?" Song Chuyi was bewildered.

"Don't tell me you don't know. Look at your wife's Weibo post," Li Shaobin said angrily.

The moment Song Chuyi opened the app, the corners of his lips curled up and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

After a while, he began softly, "I think it's pretty nice that my wife confessed her love for me. You're just single and jealous."

After saying that, he hung up straight away and went back to Weibo to comment: Your husband is indeed very handsome.

When Changqing came out from the shower, she secretly glanced at him. After she was done with her skincare routine, she continued to watch him secretly.

Song Chuyi was watching TV programs seriously.

Changqing scrolled through her Weibo and when she saw that comment, she climbed up onto the bed and hooked her arms around his neck. "Hubby, you're so shameless."

Song Chuyi put the remote control down and flipped over to press her underneath him. His thin and sexy lips curled up into a smile. "I accept your confession."

After saying that, he kissed her little mouth deeply which smelled like refreshing toothpaste.


The next day, the two went to Kani Island.

They checked into Changqing's dream floating villa where they could laze under the sun on the balcony.

After checking in, Changqing quickly picked out her sexiest swimsuit. Song Chuyi had gone to see the hotel's receptionist to enquire about some matters. When he returned, he saw Changqing already in her swimsuit. He was stunned and almost had a nosebleed.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》