So You're Such A Doctor Song
307 He Thought She Would Cry And Complain About The Pain But He Didn’t Think She Would Say “I Love You So Much“ Instead
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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307 He Thought She Would Cry And Complain About The Pain But He Didn’t Think She Would Say “I Love You So Much“ Instead

He knew the Maldives honeymoon was something Changqing really liked and was really looking forward to. After all, he stood her up once because of Yunyang, so Changqing had been preparing the swimsuits she wanted to wear since before the new year. He thought her swimsuits would be similar to the ones she brought to Mauritius before. In the end, she had actually brought an even hotter black bikini. There was so little fabric; he had almost never seen such a swimsuit before, especially the bottoms which were basically thin lace tied into a knot on her waist. There was no need to mention the back. On top of that, she had a pretty good figure and after she put on the swimsuit, a certain part of his body was raging to be released and he almost couldn't control himself.

She was really going to become a vixen.

Song Chuyi looked around. Luckily, unless they were on the horizon, the people at the other floating villas couldn't get a view of this.

Changqing could, of course, see the sudden change in her husband's gaze.

She was a little proud and also a little shy.

Actually, she didn't buy this swimsuit. It was a gift from Jiang Duoyao but she liked it quite a lot and she really wanted to wear it to show Song Chuchu privately.

"Your swimsuit is too… too…" Song Chuyi cleared his throat slightly. His bright voice slowly became hoarse. After a while, he said, "You can only wear this here. You're not allowed to wear this outside, do you understand?"

"Mm." Changqing nodded. She walked over to him in her tippy toes with a sweet smile. "I'll only wear it for you to see."

Song Chuyi had to admit that before knowing her, he was really an upright gentleman. However, right now, because of this line and because the woman before him was too enticing, the taut string in his mind snapped.

He carried her and walked towards the bedroom.

"Chuchu, what are you doing?" Changqing got a scare and looked at him with her innocent eyes.

"What do you think?" Didn't you wear this to seduce me?" Song Chuyi started undoing the buttons on his shirt angrily.

Changqing blushed and her heart beat profusely as she wanted very much to escape but Song Chuyi dealt with her there and then.

Changqing wanted to cry. She actually hadn't thought about this. She just wanted to show off to him, but seeing how Chuchu lost control because of her…


Maybe that was her ultimate goal.

The floor of the floating villa was made of reinforced glass. In a trance-like state, Changqing could see the colourful fish swimming underneath in the deep blue sea. Her body tensed up shyly and she was somewhat afraid that somebody would appear in the water all of a sudden. If the two of them were to be seen like this, it would be very embarrassing.

Also, these little fish had eyes too. She wondered if they could look up.

Because of this unique floating villa, Changqing had a unique experience.

Song Chuchu was also particularly excited.

The two of them had initially agreed on taking a stroll by the beach. In the end, they basically wasted all their time in bed until 3 pm.

Changqing slept until 4 pm before she got her energy back. Her swimsuit had already been torn into pieces by Song Chuchu. She climbed onto him frustratedly and complained, "Do you have to be so violent? You have to compensate me for my torn swimsuit."

Song Chuyi kissed her little mouth and said helplessly, "Don't wear something like this ever again. Otherwise, I'll be sucked dry by you these next few days in the Maldives."

Changqing blushed shyly. "You're the one who's sucking me dry."

Song Chuyi laughed and carried her out of bed.


Because it was getting late, the two just swam by the beach for a while.

Changqing knew how to swim but it was different swimming in the sea compared to a pool. Although the waves are calm there, Song Chuyi was still worried and always followed her closely.

Once, he went up the shore to buy her some fruit juice and when he turned back and saw that she had gone too far out, he ran into the water angrily and pulled her back without even taking the juice. He chided, "I told you not to swim too far out. Why didn't you listen?"

He was fierce but the concern in his black pupils made Changqing feel touched and warm.

"Alright, I just got carried away." Changqing put her arms around his neck and said softly, "Don't be mad anymore."

"Don't wander off when I'm not around, got it?" Song Chuyi pulled her back up onto shore and ran back to the shop to get her the juice.

He bought honeydew juice and it tasted sweet. Changqing walked over to him and squeezed onto the same wooden deck chair as he was on and kissed his cheek. "Chuchu, I love you more and more."

Song Chuyi looked into her watery amorous eyes and he took several breaths to calm himself down. He reached his hand out to caress her face.

Changqing said as she lowered her gaze, "This is the first time I've been out alone with a man at the beach. Although there were a lot of us and it was also very fun and lively when I went to Mauritius with Ruan Yang and the others before, without you, it felt like something was missing and my heart always felt somewhat empty."

Song Chuyi couldn't help but say, "Didn't you have Lin Yueli and the others? You felt empty even with a romantic encounter on that island?"

Thinking about how Lin Yueli played with her for more than a week in Mauritius made Song Chuyi want to sink the entire island.

He knew very well how enchanting his woman could be, especially when she swam, yet she still displayed this to other men and that really made him uncomfortable.

Changqing pressed her lips together. Her amorous eyes looked clean like freshly-washed grapes. "Lin Yueli is my friend. Of course he can't compare to you. You're my husband, my other half. I can only act coquettishly towards you, can only accept your gifts, can only be embraced by you, and can only spend your money. You're the one and only you."

Song Chuyi's heart skipped a beat upon hearing that. He knew all along that she was a sweet talker but he didn't think she could be this sweet. She was so sweet that his heart was about to melt.

He gazed deeply at her for almost half a minute and suddenly grabbed her waist, planting a passionate kiss on that sweet little mouth of hers on that narrow and small deck chair. He kissed her several times and he never seemed to be sick of it.

The passionate and fiery kiss made Changqing nervous and shy. She pushed him hard and muttered. "We're outside… there are many people watching."

"So be it." Song Chuyi couldn't be bothered. His voice became hoarse and his kiss deepened.

Changqing closed her eyes and could almost see the image. She remembered the first time she went to Hawaii on a holiday with her family for the first time. She was also at a quiet spot by the beach where she coincidentally stumbled upon some couples kissing passionately on the deck chairs.

She was only around 18 to 19 then. She was shy and would always hide behind Changxin when she saw that.

Changxin would always tease her. Actually, Changqing was secretly imagining that there would come a day when she and Fu Yu would be like those couples too.

However, the person in front of her now was Song Chuyi. She suddenly felt that back then, her feelings for Fu Yu were ignorant fondness when she was young, but toward Song Chuyi, it was true love—love that they had engraved in each other's hearts.


The next day, the two of them were snorkelling under the floating villas.

Changqing had snorkeled in shallow waters before, but the water under the floating villas was even bluer. When she snorkeled underwater and saw the swimming fish, she felt this was a more interesting experience.

Song Chuyi was still following beside her. After more than half an hour, seeing that she was getting adept and since the water wasn't deep, he let his guard down a little. However, in the end, when he turned back after taking a few shots with his phone, he saw her struggling in the water at the side.

He rushed over to bring her out and carried her up onto the floating villa. Changqing was in so much pain she was tearing up. "I think I got stung by a sea urchin."

Song Chuyi lifted her leg to take a look. The sole of her foot was stung several times by a sea urchin. He quickly took a wine bottle and started hitting the spot she was stung.

Changqing was about to pass out from the pain. She had never been in so much pain before.

After Song Chuyi was done, he called the hotel's service staff to bring some medicine. Although it was much better, she was still in pain. The pain made Changqing lose all appetite for lunch and she was even in pain when she walked.

Changqing's spirits were down. How unlucky was she to be stung by a sea urchin on the third day of their holiday?

Song Chuyi sighed. "Look at how careless you are. I reminded you before you went underwater and you even promised you'd be okay."

Changqing hung her head spiritlessly. "I got too excited and wasn't careful. What do we do? Now that I've injured my foot and it hurts to even walk, are we going to just stay in the hotel?"

"It's okay. Just rest for two days. Actually, with you around, even if we're just lying on the balcony to read books, watch seagulls and the sun, our honeymoon would still be a very fulfilling one." Song Chuyi comforted her gently, "Don't you think so?"

Changqing was stunned. She was touched and she nodded. To think Dr. Song could actually say something so romantic.

In the following days, Changqing was in so much pain she couldn't fall asleep. Sometimes, when she opened her eyes, she would see Song Chuchu blowing on her leg.

Changqing felt the rims of her eyes moistening. She climbed up and hugged him, saying sweetly in his ear, "Chuchu, I love you so much."

Song Chuyi paused and reached out to give her a tight hug.

He thought she would cry and complain about the pain; he didn't think she would say "I love you so much" instead.

After this lass got married, she was always generous with expressing her love for him and the more she did that, the more willing he was to do anything for her.

To be honest, judging by how unreasonable she was recently, he thought she would definitely throw a tantrum after being stung by the sea urchin, but she didn't. Instead, she endured the pain because she was afraid he would be worried about her.

After two days' rest, Changqing felt slightly better. Song Chuyi took her to stroll along the beach and when Changqing's foot hurt, he piggyback her.

Dr. Song had very good stamina and could walk for a very long time while carrying her. Changqing felt very assured while lying on his back.

After that, the two went to Sun Island to play for two days before taking a plane back to Northern City.

On the plane, Changqing sighed. "I specifically brought six swimsuits for this, but in the end, I only managed to wear four of them."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》