So You're Such A Doctor Song
311 Miss Jiang, I“ll Tell You Honestly That I’m Indeed Interested In You
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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311 Miss Jiang, I“ll Tell You Honestly That I’m Indeed Interested In You

"Girlfriend?" Changqing was stunned.

"Mm." Yan Molun's voice was sexy and low.

Changqing blinked. "It should be easy for you to find a girlfriend with your qualities."

"Really? I don't think so." Yan Molun looked at Jiang Duoyao. "What do you think, Miss Jiang?"

Jiang Duoyao felt stressed from his gaze and was thinking that it should be quite difficult for someone of his height and size. However, she still said, "It shouldn't be difficult. You're such a good catch. Many women must have a crush on you."

Yan Moluns lips curled into a slight smile as he poured himself a glass of beer. "Maybe."

With Yan Molun around, the atmosphere wasn't as comfortable as it was earlier. Jiang Duoyao drank silently and ended up finishing four bottles of beer. Her face was flushed red and toward the end, she let herself go as she cursed Zhu Fenglei repeatedly. "Would I even seduce a fatty like him? I find it disgusting to even take an extra look at him. When I make a comeback, when I become the most popular celebrity in the universe, I want Zhu Fenglei to lick my shoes clean. Hmph, I want him to cry and apologize to me in front of the media. I want to dig out all his scandals."

Changqing smiled apologetically at Yan Molun. "I'm sorry, Duoyao has bad drinking behavior."

"It's alright." Yan Molun lowered his head as he ate. "I heard from Chuyi that yours isn't that good either."

Changqing: "…"


When it was past 10, Song Chuyi called her again to rush her home. Yan Molun put his chopsticks down and called the service staff over for the bill.

Changqing stood up to help Jiang Duoyao. Yan Molun said, "Let me do it. It's not very safe for a pregnant lady to do this."

Jiang Duoyao shuddered and quickly waved her hand as she burped. "No need, no need, I'm good."

Although she was a little dizzy, she wasn't completely drunk.

"The stairs are quite steep. You'll break something if you roll down like this." Yan Molun held her up with an arm. He was so tall that Jiang Duoyao looked like a child beside him.

Changqing found this strange and followed behind them silently. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Yan Molun said to Changqing, "Go back first. It's not very safe for a pregnant lady to be out and Old Song will nag at you about going home late again. I'll send your friend home now."

"But…" Before Changqing finished speaking, Song Chuyi sent a message over to rush her again. "Alright then, I'll hand her over to you. She didn't drive today."

Jiang Duoyao shuddered and shook her head profusely. "No need. You can just get me a cab."

"Let's go." Yan Molun ignored her completely as he brought her to his sports car as though he was picking up a kitten.

Jiang Duoyao was put into the car and she felt dizzy. As she lay on the luxurious seat, she felt as though she was sucked dry of all her strength.

Yan Molun got into the car and bent over to help her buckle her seatbelt.

The smell of sandalwood wafted over along with heat emanating from his body. Jiang Duoyao opened her eyes and when she saw his adam apple, she got such a shock that she shrank back into the chair as she stuttered, "What… what are you doing?"

Yan Molun lowered his gaze and watched her quietly with his dark pupils for a few seconds. The seatbelt buckle clicked and he said hoarsely, "Buckling your seatbelt."

Jiang Duoyao shifted her gaze to the side as she blushed all of a sudden. Alright, she thought of something she shouldn't have just now.

"Miss Jiang, you're quite timid." Yan Molun shifted back a little but he was still only a two-fist distance away from her. He placed one hand on her seat and she could see from his collar where he undid a couple of buttons that his skin was bronze and filled with masculine strength. "Has no one ever helped Miss Jiang buckle your seatbelt like this before?"

His gaze was filled with a wildness that made one think of wolves that lived in the wilderness. There seemed to be a peculiar spot in the center of his eyeballs that subconsciously made her nervous. Jiang Duoyao adverted is gaze a little pathetically and even her voice became a little jittery. "Who… who says? I… have many suitors. There are many people fighting to help me buckle my seatbelt. Go away…"

She pushed his chest but felt as though she was pushing a piece of steel. Alright, he was really firm.

She burped again and the smell of beer wafted out. She quickly covered her mouth embarrassedly.

Yan Molun curled his lips up with interest instead. "You have many suitors but after you got into trouble, it seems like other than those few friends of yours, no one spoke up for you or helped you, right? Are you sure your suitors weren't the ones who hit you when you're down?"

Jiang Duoyao was stumped. The situation did seem to be that pathetic.

Besides, she was already 25 yet she hadn't even had her first experience. At least Changqing was already married and pregnant while her career was going downhill and she was still all alone.

As she thought about it, she hung her head down dishearteningly and her eyes moistened.

"Actually, you don't have to be so upset." Yan Molun lowered his head. A dangerous breath approached her earlobe as it gradually enveloped her with his masculinity. "It might actually be very easy for you if you want to take revenge or even make a comeback. You could, for example… find someone competent."

Jiang Duoyao was trembling from the inside out. She lifted her head and inevitably met those dark pupils. She shuddered and was suddenly completely awake. "Don't tell me you're referring to…"

Yan Molun laughed softly. "Before… didn't Miss Jiang say you kind of like archery? I happen to be free nowadays and I can teach you how to shoot arrows."

Jiang Duoyao's lips trembled. Maybe it was because the alcohol had numbed half of her senses that she actually spoke without thinking: "The archery I was referring to isn't that kind of thing. It's the kind of archery at horse ranches."

"I was also referring to that just now. What did you think I was referring to?" Yan Molun watched her. That point in his eyes got even brighter.

"I… I…" Jiang Duoyao wished she could just bury herself under the chair. After stuttering for such a long time, she couldn't even make out a single word.

"Why don't I make a guess?" Yan Molun tilted his head and his well-defined face actually revealed a sense of evilness.

"No need, no need, I think I should just take a cab back." Jiang Duoyao shivered as she tried to open the door but couldn't manage it after trying for a long time.

Yan Molun simply watched her without moving or stopping her until she was completely at a loss before he opened his mouth again. "Miss Jiang, actually my arrow… isn't that scary. You don't have to be so scared. I definitely won't send you to Hades with a shot."

Jiang Duoyao froze. She pressed her head low as she swept her long hair to the front to block her face. "Mr. Yan, I was wrong. I guarantee I won't spout nonsense anymore. Can you please not bring that up again?"

If this went on, she reckoned she wouldn't be able to lift her head up again.

"Miss Jiang, do you know that usually when a man hears something like that, he would get the urge to try it on the person who said it… to show her what a sharp arrow is?" Yan Molun smiled again. His build which made his head almost touch the roof of the car created an invincible, oppressive aura.

Jiang Duoyao was stunned. Immediately, a surge of anger rose. Was she being teased right now?

Taking liberties with her so outrightly?

She even thought he was a cold and unfeeling special service agent; she didn't think he would be so heinous. "Yan Molun, don't go overboard. Didn't I just say that once casually? I wasn't even mocking you. I was just indirectly saying that you're very impressive and very competent, alright?"

"So you were trying to say I'm very impressive and competent?" Yan Molun smiled. "Miss Jiang, thank you for your compliment."

Jiang Duoyao: "…"

Can a random bolt of lightning just strike me down right here and now?

"What I mean is…"

"I'm very impressive and competent. Do you want to give me a try?" He suddenly started.

Jiang Duoyao was dumbfounded. Her face suddenly flushed red.


Could it be that he wants to have a one-night stand with me right now?

Alright, I'm very curious about that kind of thing and also a little curious about his size…

but… but… I'm not someone so promiscuous.

Besides, if her first time was with him, she would definitely die from the pain. She might not even live to see tomorrow's sun.

Even if she wanted to find someone for her first time, she wouldn't find someone with such unbearable size.

"Enough, Yan Molun, I really didn't think you were someone like that. Don't use those tricks you use overseas on me. I know special service agents who work overseas like you have a very rich sex life and can just go to a hotel with someone you meet for the first time, but I'm not that kind of person. If you're too hungry, you can get your friend to find a way to help you satisfy your needs in that respect. There are a lot of them in Northern City anyway and some people even leave cards on parked cars by the road," Jiang Duoyao shouted.

"Did you watch too many western dramas?" Yan Molun's face sank. "Miss Jiang, I'll tell you honestly that I'm indeed interested in you. If you're willing to be with me, I can guarantee that the people who bullied you will all be thrown into an abyss before the sun comes out tomorrow. That way, you won't have to voluntarily go to some random village in the mountains to teach. You would suffer too much and even if you managed to pull through that, you might not be able to defeat your enemies when you returned to the entertainment industry; meanwhile, I could handle them easily with the strength of one finger."

Jiang Duoyao was stunned. Although Changqing had mentioned that Yan Molun was the one who settled the Hong Kong incident and she also knew that he had a background, she didn't know he could be this sick.

That was indeed very enticing but she wasn't a promiscuous person.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》