So You're Such A Doctor Song
312 Molun Wasn’t Like This In The Past. Was He Led Astray By Jiang Duoyao?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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312 Molun Wasn’t Like This In The Past. Was He Led Astray By Jiang Duoyao?

Jiang Duoyao bit her red lips with frustration. Yan Molun couldn't help but inch closer as he waited for her reply. Perhaps being single for too long made him a little hotter than before on a night like this.

"That's indeed tempting." Jiang Duoyao frowned. "But isn't that too pointless?"

"Hmm?" He raised his brows.

Jiang Duoyao nodded. "Actually, I never really wanted to be very famous in this industry. I just wanted to shoot some dramas and earn a living. I didn't know I would suddenly become so popular. After that, I earned more and money came more easily and there was nothing really bad about that. If it's not because I'm indignant, I would've long left with my money and started to lead a carefree life. I really didn't have to sell my body just for an ugly person like Zhu Fenglei. After all, you're not the only man who proposed this to me."

"There were other men who suggested this?" Yan Molun squinted.

That was true. Many men would probably have the same thoughts as him since she was so pretty. "Perhaps they were all trying to cheat you, but I'm not."

Jiang Duoyao chuckled. "I've thought about it. It would be good if I could take revenge. If I can't and the hardships are too much for me to handle, then I'll forget it. I can't always be depressed and unhappy because I failed once or got framed once. In any case, I'll do my best and won't sacrifice my body as a tool for an exchange. I think I'm pretty rich too. I don't need to resort to this."

Yan Molun was stunned. He was slightly shocked and the smile at the corner of his lips grew.

He finally understood why she was such good friends with Yan Changqing. She had a positive attitude, didn't have many aspirations and was very good at consoling herself.

However, it was quite rare for someone to be so optimistic.

"Alright, I'm not forcing anyone." He finally sat back properly in the driver's seat.

Jiang Duoyao let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, he didn't force her. If he did, she would've really had no means of retaliating.

"Let me take you home." Yan Molun started the engine. He wound down the window on the left and allowed the night breeze to blow through his hair.

Jiang Duoyao retracted her gaze silently and leaned against the window as she yawned.

"However…" Yan Molun tapped on the steering wheel and began again slowly. "I'm afraid Miss Jiang doesn't understand. Being bigger in size doesn't mean it would be unbearable."

Jiang Duoyao suddenly lost all drowsiness. She felt unwell again.

If she could turn back time, she would've definitely not shot her mouth off.

However, how did he know she didn't understand?

She really couldn't understand.

Because she hadn't experienced it.

She could only shrink down silently, praying for him to drive faster.

But he just had to drive very slowly and they only reached the entrance of the villa after 40 minutes.

"Thanks for today. Take care on your way back, Mr. Yan. I won't see you off." Jiang Duoyao quickly unbuckled her seatbelt, opened the door and got out of the car in a rush.

Yan Molun didn't get off to chase her, only watching her with a smile as she ran back to her villa in a sorry state. After that, he took out a stick and lit it. He finished the cigarette slowly and started the car engine. Suddenly, Li Shaobin called.

"Old Yan, what's the meaning of this? You left without a sound just now and didn't even invite me along for supper," Li Shaobin said unhappily. "If the boss of Ye Xiang Restaurant hadn't told me when he saw you, I wouldn't have known that you went there to have supper. Did you do it on purpose? You went over the moment Changqing called me."

"No," Yan Molun said lightly. "I had intentions to go home but I was suddenly hungry."

"Oh, then do you want to grab supper again?"

"No." Yan Molun hung up.


The next morning, Song Chuyi handed over his work to the doctor in charge of the morning shift and drove back to the Yan Household. It was past eight in the morning and the door to the bedroom was shut tightly.

He opened the door and walked in. His wife was sleeping pretty soundly. Thankfully, she didn't sleep on her stomach. After days of his efforts of trying to correct her, she was finally not sleeping like a tortoise. However, she hadn't stopped her habit of kicking the blanket.

He pulled the blanket down over her feet and went to the bathroom to wash up. The bathroom wafted with a strange smell. He frowned and looked at the clothes Changqing threw in the laundry basket at the side. He thought for a while and picked some up to take a sniff. It was the smell of barbeque.

His face fell and he laughed coldly inside.

Having cake? Dessert?

What a convincing lie.


At nine, Changqing flipped over in a groggy state and felt her arm resting on something warm. She opened her eyes and saw Song Chuyi leaning against the headboard as he watched her.

"Chuchu, you're back." Changqing crawled up onto him like a caterpillar.

"Mm." Song Chuyi pulled her up with one arm. "You slept pretty soundly. What time did you come back last night?"

"I reached home at 10:30 pm." Changqing rubbed her eyes and from the corner of her eye, she didn't see anything off about him. It looked like Li Shaobin and Yan Molun didn't tell on her.

She was relieved and she hooked her arms around his neck as she pouted. "I want a kiss."

Song Chuyi didn't move. He pressed his glabella. "Did you have fun yesterday?"

Changqing blinked. Suddenly, she felt a little uneasy. He didn't even give her a kiss when she asked for it. What's going on? "It was alright. It was just that. Duoyao was feeling down. You know what, she's going to Tibet as a volunteer teacher in a few days' time. That's terrible."

"That is quite terrible. However, it's not bad to do such voluntary activities. The children in those poor areas need concern and nurturing too. If you weren't pregnant, I think it would be pretty good for you to go along too," Song Chuyi said lightly.

Changqing felt a sudden tension in the air. She broke out into a smile. "Would you bear to part with me if I went?"

Song Chuyi scoffed. He lifted his hand up and smacked her butt. "Why wouldn't I when you're so disobedient? You told me you went to have dessert and cakes but your clothes reek of barbeque. Do you think I wouldn't find out just because I wasn't at home?"

Changqing suddenly escaped from his embrace guiltily. However, she still got smacked by him twice. Her butt hurt and she also felt slightly aggrieved. She didn't think that Song Chuchu would be such a pervert to smell her clothes.

Song Chuyi continued to lecture her with a straight face. "Yan Changqing, you liar. Are you going to mess around once I don't have my eye on you? How many times have I told you not to have barbequed food but you refuse to listen to me and you even lied to me."

"I don't even eat it every day. It's just once in a while." Changqing pressed her lips together. "I have to eat such bland food every day and also have to eat all these horrible things. I've already listened to you and eaten all of them. It was just one supper—what's the matter? Besides, I'm not even two months pregnant and I've already asked my colleagues at the broadcasting station. They said they've all eaten it during pregnancy. They just cut down on the frequency. You doctors are so troublesome."

"It's because we're doctors that we know more than you," Song Chuyi said coldly. "Do you think the barbequed food you get outside is very clean? Their oil is all recycled and they don't even wash the vegetables most of the time. A normal person should eat less, much less a pregnant woman. Do you know that there are always newborn babies sent to the pediatrics unit for fevers, jaundice, heatiness, and even physical deformities because when they were in their mothers' wombs, their moms weren't mindful…"


Song Chuchu started talking logic to her on and on and Changqing just nodded along. There was no choice. Song Chuchu was good in every way except, with a doctor as a husband, he had too many rules. You had to be mindful of this and mindful of that.

After finishing his piece, Song Chuyi looked at his wife sitting at the side properly and obedient, looking as though she was full of grievances and he sighed. "Alright. In case you're going to say that I'm naggy again, you can have supper but only once a month and only if I'm around. Without me around, you're probably going to eat one month's worth of supper judging from your gluttony."

"Annoying. I can't eat that much." When she said that, Changqing recalled how bloated she was when she came back and was a little embarrassed. "Right, I even ran into Brother Molun yesterday when we had supper. Brother Molun paid for the supper and he even helped me take Duoyao home. Aye, do you think he's interested in Duoyao? Do you think he would misunderstand that Duoyao is interested in his arrow?"

Song Chuyi glared at her. "Why do I feel that she's quite interested in his arrow?"

"…" Changqing clenched her fists. "Duoyao isn't that kind of person."

She didn't sound resolute. Actually, she was unsure. After all, her friend was really too obscene.

When she was having breakfast, Changqing gave Jiang Duoyao a call. "Was everything fine when Brother Molun took you home last night?"

Jiang Duoyao sighed. "Fine my foot. Do you still have a conscience? How could you leave me with him?"

"Brother Molun wouldn't harm you. He's a pretty nice person," Changqing said.

"What's nice about him? He's just a pervert. He's too dirty." Jiang Duoyao told her what happened last night. "Say, isn't he dirty? He actually wanted to have a one-night stand with me. He thought I was that kind of woman who would be willing to sell my body to reach my goals but I'm someone with morals."

Changqing clicked her tongue. "I really didn't think Brother Molun would be so direct."

"He is direct but he belittled me," Jiang Duoyao said angrily.

Changqing felt like she was in a difficult position. "He shouldn't have put it that way. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. Yan Molun isn't usually such a frivolous person. Maybe he really is interested in you."

"Even if he is, I won't consider him." Jiang Duoyao snorted. "He's so tall. I reckon I'll have to tiptoe with all my might to kiss him and I'll probably have to jump to give him a peck. Besides, he probably has a lot of needs in that aspect. His arrow isn't something a normal person like me can handle. No way, man."

"… Alright." Changqing nodded. It did seem to make sense.


In the afternoon, Song Chuyi called her when he woke up and she told him about this.

Song Chuyi was very shocked. He called Yan Molun immediately after hanging up. "I heard you teased Jiang Duoyao last night?"

"She complained about me?" Yan Molun said lightly. "This woman is pretty interesting."

Song Chuyi felt embarrassed. "Even if you're interested in her, there's no need to suggest a one-night stand on your first meeting. They're all pretty conservative women."

"I know," Yan Molun said. "I just wanted to play with her. I knew she wouldn't agree."

Song Chuyi: "…"

"Her reaction interested me even more. Don't you meddle in this. I haven't seen a woman who looks so pure but is filled with dirty thoughts for a very long time," Yan Molun said with a smile.

Song Chuyi was speechless. "You sure you're not the dirty one?"

"Me?" Yan Molun stroked his chin. "I think I'm still okay. I'm slightly looking forward to finding out if my arrow fits her or not."

"…" Song Chuyi started, "I don't care about what you think but don't hurt her."


After hanging up, Song Chuyi rubbed his glabella. What was all this mess? Molun wasn't like this in the past. Was he led astray by Jiang Duoyao? Or did he trigger his suppressed natural instincts?


Moving forward to May, the weather warmed up and at 4 pm one day, Song Chuyi came out of the operating room. He switched his phone on and saw a missed call. He was stunned.

Song Yunyang.

They hadn't kept in contact ever since he came back from Germany aside from texting well-wishes on New Year's day and Christmas day.

When he saw the name once again, he was distracted for a while but he was calm inside.

It had only been two seasons but so much had changed inside.

He used to be afraid to face her but it seemed as though he was suddenly at ease.

He dialed over and in no time, Song Yunyang's clear voice came from the other end of the line. "Second Brother…"

"I was in surgery just now so I switched my phone off," Song Chuyi explained softly.

"I assumed so." Song Yunyang paused for a few seconds before starting again. "I'm getting married at the end of the month. Second Brother, I hope you can attend my wedding then."

Song Chuyi froze. He walked to the window and it seemed as though he only digested the news after a while. "Married?"

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