So You're Such A Doctor Song
345 She Stared Blankly At The Few Messages And Felt Her Heart Mel
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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345 She Stared Blankly At The Few Messages And Felt Her Heart Mel

"Intense?" Duoyao took in a few deep breaths. "Could it be with several women… Aiya, I don't dare to think about it anymore. It's so messed up."

\\Yan Molun glanced at her. Am I hallucinating or did I just see an excited glow in her eyes?

This woman was really artificial.

On the way, Duoyao kept scrolling through Weibo. In just a short span of a few minutes, the netizens had already dug up the list of actresses on his casting couch. They were all actresses who had acted in Zhu Fenglei's films and Duoyao had even witnessed it happening to some of them.

"What should I do? I really feel like standing up and scolding Zhu Fenglei." Duoyao watched Yan Molun, who was driving beside her, restlessly. "Look, I saw this Yu Zhizhi behaving intimately in a hotel with Zhu Fenglei and she even had the cheek to publicly stand up to say this hadn't happened before."

Yan Molun glanced at her being so uptight and said, "You don't have to say or do anything. As long as you don't like this Yu Zhizhi, I'll help you look for evidence."

Duoyao's heart raced upon hearing that. Yan Molun seemed too manly when he said that. "What should I do? I suddenly feel as though the world belongs to me after I started being with you."

Yan Molun smiled. "So you should curry my favor in order to hold onto the world."

Duoyao lowered her head and after a while, she said with a pout, "Didn't I curry enough favor yesterday? You took advantage of me as much as you wanted."

Her voice was brimming with bashfulness. Yan Molun subconsciously undid a button. He felt hot even though the air-conditioning in the car was on.

After a while, he said, "I'll take as much advantage as I can next time when you come back."

Duoyao blushed uncontrollably. She turned her head around and stuck her tongue out at him.

Yan Molun smiled. He freed one hand to hold her and Duoyao pulled her hand out, saying, "It's not safe for you to drive like this."

"I'm good at driving." Yan Molun sounded very calm.

Duoyao rolled her eyes at him. She wanted to retort but after thinking for a while, she really couldn't find any reason to. His driving skills were indeed the best that she had seen.


When they arrived at the airport, Duoyao unbuckled her seatbelt. "You don't have to take me up."

"Mm." Yan Molun's gigantic body leaned over. "Aren't you going to give me a kiss?"

Duoyao bit her lips. She was about to go crazy. If he wanted a kiss, he should go ahead. Why did he ask her to kiss him? It was so embarrassing to take the initiative.

"I'm not letting you leave if you don't give me a kiss," Yan Molun suddenly added. His dark pupils were filled with expectation.

Duoyao bit her lip silently for a few seconds before switching off the light overhead. The car became darker and she moved over to kiss him lightly on his lips, like a peck. However, when her lips left his, Yan Molun's body suddenly moved in towards her. He held the back of her head and gave her a passionate kiss that made the tip of her tongue ache. Meanwhile, a big palm launched a sneak attack under her t-shirt again.

Duoyao shrank back into her seat with her face flushed red. When they were finally done kissing, she was getting out of the car when she felt that her bra had shifted. She wanted to re-adjust it but Yan Molun was just sitting beside her, watching her. She hesitated for a while before she lowered her head in embarrassment. "Can you get out of the car first?"

Yan Molun watched her for two seconds before he turned to get out of the car. Within a minute, Duoyao came out from the car slowly. "I'm leaving."

"Mm. Come back sooner." Yan Molun watched her intensely.

Duoyao was somewhat taken aback but nodded. She took her luggage and turned to go up to check-in. She was wearing a mask and when she was collecting her ticket, the flight attendant took a few more glances at her but didn't say anything.

Just as Duoyao turned around after collecting her ticket, she suddenly saw Yan Molun standing around 10 meters away, watching her.

She felt her heart pounding. She lowered her head and sent him a message: Why did you come up? Didn't I tell you that you didn't have to see me off?

He replied: I'd only feel assured if I watched you go in.

She stared blankly at his messages and felt her heart melting. Even the tip of her nose felt a little hot. It was the first time someone was so concerned about her.

He wasn't the kind of person who was all talk and no action. Most of the time, he would put his words into action silently. She suddenly felt that it was pretty good to have a man seven years older than her because he would know how to take care of her.

Just then, he sent another message: Get going quickly. Remember to drop me a text when you arrive.

After a while, she replied: Mm.

She kept her phone with her. All the way to the security checkpoint, he remained 10 meters behind her. When she went through Customs and turned back to look at him, he was still standing outside.

On the flight to Xiamen, her mind was filled with the image of him standing outside and towards the end, she actually thought about flying back.

However, it was just a thought. When she arrived at the airport, Jiang Zhan came to pick her up. When they got into the car and she took off her mask, Jiang Zhan looked at her and said, "You've gotten tan and became uglier."

"Are you even my brother?" Duoyao hit him angrily. "I was there for so long yet you didn't even visit me."

Jiang Zhan chuckled. "You would've definitely come back if you couldn't take it there. If you were able to continue staying there, it meant you could take it, which meant you were alright."

Duoyao rolled her eyes. "Are Dad and Mom at home? Don't tell me they've gone to play mahjong."

"Don't say that. Dad and Mom would definitely have to treat you to a sumptuous meal at home now that you're back." Jiang Zhan made eyes at her.

They went back to Jiang Zhan's place. Ever since he got married, Jiang Zhan bought a duplex apartment by the sea. Daddy and Mommy Jiang both moved over to stay with him and Duoyao typically went to stay with them for a couple of days during the holidays. However, she had rarely been there lately since she was constantly busy.


The moment they opened the door, her little nephew, Jiang Zonghan, ran over. "Auntie, Where's my Bumblebee? You said you would buy the limited edition for me when you went to the States before and you haven't given it to me yet."

Duoyao quickly passed him his Bumblebee. She bought it in March and it was already summer but her little nephew had such a good memory that he still remembered. "Han Bao, do you only miss me every day because of your toy?"

"No, I missed you quite a lot too." Jiang Zonghan laughed and went aside to unbox his toy, saying, "My classmates were all very envious of me for having you as my Auntie. I was on the news before when you carried me for a while. However, everyone has been scolding you lately so I talked back at them. I said my Auntie would never set her eyes on Zhu Fenglei, that fatty. My Auntie likes Bai Yuhuang's style."

Duoyao stroked his little head. Bai Yuhuang was also an actor in the newer generation. However, his acting skills were good and he was also good-looking, so she was also a fan of his. She only liked him a little but she didn't think that her nephew would still remember it. "Han Bao, you can't go around telling people this in the future. If the reporters found out, they would think I had a crush on Bai Yuhuang."

"Don't you have a crush on Bai Yuhuang?" Jiang Zonghan was bewildered.

"No. It's a similar feeling to how you like Captain America," Duoyao explained.

Jiang Zonghan seemed to have received an epiphany. He seemed to understand what she meant.

Mommy Jiang came out after washing the fruits and she said with a smile, "Your sister-in-law told us in the morning that Zhu Fenglei was badly criticized. Your industry is a little too messed up."

Daddy Jiang took a deep puff and agreed. "It's all messed up and murky there. Just don't go back. Find a boyfriend, get in a relationship and get married."

"No way. I still want to carve out my career." Duoyao threw herself onto the couch.

While she was playing console games with her little nephew at night, Yan Molun suddenly called. "What are you doing?"

"Playing games with my nephew. You?" Duoyao subconsciously lowered her volume.

"Sitting around in a friend's winery. I'm starting to miss you." His low voice was transmitted through the electric waves.

Duoyao's face blushed. Just then, Jiang Zonghan suddenly shouted, "Auntie, can you hurry up? I'm about to be killed by the monster."

"It seems like you're very busy." Yan Molun also heard him. He said softly, "Go and play then."


Yan Molun held onto his phone and walked out of the bathroom. Li Shaobin said impatiently, "Didn't you go to the toilet? Why were you gone for so long? I have a good hand. I can't wait to defeat all of you."

"Did you think he was just going to the toilet just because he said he was going to the bathroom?" Zhan Mingwei smiled lightly.

"What do you mean?" Li Shaobin was confused.

Changqing, who was leaning on Song Chuyi's shoulder, chuckled. "I know. Did you give Duoyao a call?"

Yan Molun didn't say anything as he picked up the cards on the table.

Li Shaobin was dumbfounded. "F*ck, you have to call her even when you go to the toilet? How much do you miss her?"

Yan Molun stroked his chin with his fingertip, and after a while, he said, "No wonder they say a winning streak in love is a losing bleak in gambling. I think I'm going to lose with the cards I have in my hand."

Li Shaobin's face turned black. He didn't have the thrill of getting a good hand. "Hey, Changqing, what's wrong with you? We're the closest. You should've introduced your friends to me and not Yan Molun."

Changqing pressed her lips together innocently. "I didn't play matchmaker. They just got together by themselves. Besides, do you like Duoyao?"

"That lass is pretty interesting…" Li Shaobin could already feel Yan Molun's sharp gaze sweeping over before he could finish his sentence. He rolled his eyes secretly. "However, she didn't discuss my arrow so I didn't get shot by Cupid."

"Anyone with discerning eyes can tell who has the sharper arrow. Of course she would choose me," Yan Molun said lightly. "Yours must be rusting soon."

Li Shaobin clenched his teeth and stared wide-eyed at Changqing. "Changqing, do you have other close friends? Introduce them to me."

Changqing blinked. "I only have those few close friends. I really don't have anymore."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》