So You're Such A Doctor Song
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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No matter how good his lines looked, no matter how defined his muscles were, she must endure it, endure…

However, when he started his dense and delicate attack, Duoyao felt as though her heart stopped. Forgive her for being so inexperienced. His occasional dominance and occasional gentleness made Duoyao feel a tingling sensation from her spine to all over her body. Her little heart undulated… undulated…

It was undulating so much that she could no longer control her hand again.

Yan Molun was very satisfied. This little girl had finally revealed her true nature but he really liked it.

He had also begun to be gentler with his kisses until she became limp and felt as though she was floating in the clouds.

Duoyao was semi-conscious, but every time she regained a little consciousness, he would block her little mouth, preventing her from talking and when she regained a little consciousness again, he would kiss her again. This went on several times until she was gasping for breath.

Besides, his hand had been gliding along her body.

She swore to the heavens that she wanted to stop, but her curiosity got the better of her. As she became bolder, she found herself unable to stop.

When she had truly regained consciousness, she was angry and rejected him again as her moist, luscious lips trembled. "Didn't you say… we'd sleep separately tonight? You're a… liar."

"We are sleeping separately. We'll sleep separately later." Yan Molun kissed her red cheeks and knew she was afraid, so he reached his long arm out and switched off the lights.

With the room dimmer than before, it was no longer so well-lit and Duoyao wasn't as nervous anymore. She was just overwhelmed with fear and felt soft all over.

She wanted to escape but Yan Molun held her tightly.

He knew more than anyone else that this was the first step, that she had always been afraid of him. No matter what, he must not make her feel afraid anymore today.

He consoled her endlessly, using his kisses to give her comfort.

Duoyao was so nervous that her entire body was tensed up. After that, she felt that it wasn't as scary as it sounded in the books. She felt a little muddle-headed.

She had fantasized about it several times before, but she probably never thought that it would happen after she went to pass him a bottle of shower gel.

Right here, right now, she was eaten up by him. She wanted to cry but there were no tears.

She was a little angry and thought Yan Molun was a sly liar. However, she forgot about being angry towards the end.


It was past midnight. Duoyao regained her senses slowly and was pulled into his embrace by a strong and powerful arm.

She looked at his arm and shuddered. She was so shy that she bit his arm ruthlessly.

Yan Molun didn't retract his arm because of that. He still held her in his embrace and didn't move. He leaned to the side of her ear and let out an enchanting laugh. "This little pain is nothing to me."

Duoyao lowered her head and saw two rows of teeth marks indented deeply on his bronze skin. She bit her lip with frustration. "You lied to me…"

Yan Molun turned her body over. Duoyao refused to let him have his way, but she was no match for him with regards to strength. When she was facing him, she hid helplessly and shyly under the covers. She wasn't mentally prepared yet and felt as though she couldn't face him anymore. How embarrassing. From today onward, he would be the most intimate person to her.

Yan Molun looked at her shy ears and laughed softly. "I wanted to just kiss you, but you touched my muscles first so I couldn't control myself."

At the mention of that, Duoyao only wished she could drill down to the bottom of the bed. She felt like crying. "Stop lying to me. You were digging a trap for me to jump right in. You took your shirt off on purpose so that I would see your muscles. You were plainly enticing me…"

"I wanted to go for a shower." Yan Molun lifted his brows merrily. "According to you, those construction workers who work bare-chested in the summer are all enticing to you?"

Duoyao clenched her little fists. "That's not the same, alright? In any case, it's because you enticed me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done something like that."

"It's okay." Yan Molun continued to grab her hand and placed it on his six-pack. "From today onwards, I belong to you. You can do whatever you want."

Duoyao's heartbeat accelerated as she felt his six-pack. "You can do whatever you want" kept echoing in her mind.

Her face heated up once again. No, no. She couldn't continue letting her thoughts run wild.

"I'm going to shower." She crawled out from the other side of the blanket to look for her clothes, but after a long time, she realized her clothes were on the floor, very far from her.

What to do?

She wanted to cry.

Yan Molun leaned on the headboard lazily. "Do you want me to carry you to the shower?"

"No." She rejected that straightaway with a blush. She didn't even dare to think about such intense things.

Yan Molun's thin lips curled up. He got up, picked up a pair of pants to put on and picked her clothes up for her.

Duoyao looked at all her clothes hanging in his hands and wished she could just cover her face and run away. However, reality forced her to brace herself and take her clothes from him. She crawled back under the blanket. It was dark and she couldn't see a thing. She quickly put her clothes on and came out. She was wearing her shirt inside out and her hair was like a bird's nest. She probably could imagine how disheveled she looked at the moment.

Yan Molun lit a cigarette at the side and looked at her with a pampering smile. When she was done, he breathed out the smoke from his nostrils slowly. He asked her in a deep voice while fixing his gaze on her, "I've said you would only know if it's heaven or hell once you've tried it yourself, right?"

Duoyao blushed apologetically again. However, she was bewildered. Didn't Changqing say that it hurt a lot? Why did she only feel a little pain and towards the end, it was even quite…

AHAHAH. She couldn't think of that image now. It was so embarrassing.

She turned her head back to look at the mattress cover and looked for a while but she couldn't find what she was looking for.

Yan Molun suddenly walked over and said, "Are you looking for your virginal blood?"

Duoyao didn't look at him. She pulled the blanket away but still couldn't find it. She was stunned. She felt an inexplicable sense of sourness and frustration when she heard his voice. "Whatever it is, it's my first time. I gave my first time to you."

The little lady's voice was filled with grievance and sadness. Yan Molun bent down and hugged her gently. "Alright, I know. Not everyone bleeds after their first time. I understand very clearly that it's your first time. I'll definitely cherish you and treat you well in the future."

Duoyao felt a little better after hearing that. She hadn't totally calmed down. Although she had always been very curious about this kind of thing, there was a sense of melancholy that came with experiencing it for herself. At this time, she needed a man to say something to comfort her.

"Your room is upstairs, right? I'll carry you up, okay?" Yan Molun was still saying that, but he had already picked her up.

He was really tall. She was carried in his embrace like a little chick. It did feel good to be carried back to your room. She finally could understand why Changqing was so unreasonable sometimes.

Her bedroom was on the right. Yan Molun had watched her enter her room before, so she didn't have to direct him. When he opened the door and carried her in, he stopped in his tracks.

Compared to the clean exterior, her bedroom looked just like a pigsty. On her bed were winter quilts and summer blankets all thrown together and stacked messily on top of each other. She had three to four pillows on her bed and clothes of all kinds stacked on top. There were also several pairs of heels, some standing and some lying, on the bedroom floor.

The corners of Duoyao's mouth twitched. She had totally forgotten that she hadn't cleaned her room in a long time. The last time she went out in the morning, she took out almost half of the clothes in her wardrobe so that she could make a stunning appearance, and when she left, she didn't tidy her clothes up. She glanced at Yan Molun awkwardly.

He only paused for a few seconds and walked over to her European-style king-sized bed calmly. "Take a shower first; I'll shower downstairs."

Duoyao nodded vigorously.

When he left, she quickly stuffed her clothes into her wardrobe. However, perhaps because she had spent too much energy earlier, just those simple movements made her body feel limp and also a little pained.


When she was showering, she realized he had planted several love bites on her and silently cursed Yan Molun through and through. She changed into loose-fitting pajamas and walked out.

In no time at all, the door was knocked from outside. She said lazily, "Come in."

Yan Molun opened the door. He was holding a cup in his hand. He smelled fresh off the shower and his hair was also half-dry. His hair stood on its ends, making him look refreshed and energetic.

"Drink some warm water." He passed her the cup.

Duoyao happened to be thirsty and she gulped the water down. She looked up hesitantly. "Do I need to take medicine? Will I get pregnant?"

"You won't; I didn't shoot inside," he said softly as he watched her.

Duoyao's face blushed. She turned her face away. "I'm going to sleep."

"Then I'll go downstairs to sleep. Otherwise, you'll say that I lied to you again." Yan Molun lowered his head and kissed her forehead before turning to leave.

Duoyao pulled a face at his retreating back. Liar. He had already eaten her up through and through. What difference did it make whether he slept upstairs or downstairs? Did he take her for a fool? Hmph.


Duoyao tossed and turned in bed. She actually had insomnia. She was busy the entire day but right now, she was very awake. The moment she closed her eyes, things she shouldn't be thinking about flooded her head.

She felt lost, complicated and somewhat gratified. However, she was very curious too. Changqing said she cried from the pain.

Was she too strong or was something the matter?

She wanted to send Changqing a message but this topic was too embarrassing. Besides, she should be asleep now.

She thought for a very long time but still ended up sending Changqing a message.


The next morning, around 6 am, Changqing got up to go to the toilet. Ever since she got pregnant, she had to go to the toilet several times at night. After she came back from the toilet, she subconsciously grabbed her phone to look at the time. There was a WeChat message from Duoyao, sent at 1 am. Could it be something important?

Changqing opened the message and saw Duoyao's text. She screamed agitatedly, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAH."

Song Chuyi, who was sound asleep, was woken up by her. He turned around and opened his eyes. He pulled a face when he saw his wife looking so agitated as though she had discovered an astonishing secret. "What's wrong with you? It's so early in the morning."

Changqing took a gulp. She almost told him that Duoyao and Yan Molun had already broken the last line of defense last night, but when she recalled that Duoyao mentioned not telling Song Chuyi, she suppressed the urge. Forget it, she wouldn't say it in case he would think she was obscene. "Er… nothing, it's just that the baby kicked me."

"It's not like he hasn't kicked you before. Do you need to be so agitated?" Song Chuyi was suspicious.

"Because… he kicked me harder than usual." Changqing put her phone down silently and lay back down carefully.

Upon hearing her say that, Song Chuyi shifted over curiously, putting his head on her womb to listen carefully. He then stroked her womb and felt that it all seemed very calm. "He's not moving anymore?"

"Mm." Changqing blinked and was distressed. "Maybe he accidentally kicked me while he was asleep. What a naughty child. I must keep him in check when he's born."

Song Chuyi was speechless. She wanted to keep the child in check? It would be considered not bad if the child didn't have to keep her in check.

He lay back down and slept for a while more.

After he fell asleep, Changqing took her phone out secretly and replied to Duoyao's message.

Although it was still very early, Changqing wasn't at all sleepy. She lay there for a while and there was no reply. She climbed out of bed and walked to the balcony.

On the grass patch outside, Robben was taking his three little puppies out for a walk in the garden while Lolita was following behind in low spirits.

Mm. Ever since Charlotte was taken away, Lolita had been dwelling in the melancholy of losing her child.

However, seeing the five dogs outside made Changqing melt. She really wanted to give birth to the baby as soon as she could so that she could take care of the puppies. She really hoped that the puppies would grow slower. It would be too inconvenient for her to carry them if they grew too big.


At eight in the morning, Duoyaow as woken up by the alarm clock. When she got up, she looked at the time. She didn't have enough sleep and wanted to sleep more. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and opened Changqing's message: AHAHAHAH, CONGRATULATIONS, AHAHAH. YOU'VE FINALLY BECOME A WOMAN. RELEASE THE FIREWORKS.

Duoyao: "…."

She looked at the next message. Changqing: BOOHOO. How's that possible? Could it be a problem with his skills? It really hurt a lot for me then. Or is it just that Brother Molun only looks strong on the outside but he's actually… actually…

Duoyao understood what she meant. After all, they had been sisters for so many years. There were certain things that needn't be said aloud for them to understand each other.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》