So You're Such A Doctor Song
354 Changqing, How Is Chuyi Doing? I Haven“t Seen Him In A Very, Very Long Time
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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354 Changqing, How Is Chuyi Doing? I Haven“t Seen Him In A Very, Very Long Time

"Oh, that… it was such a long time ago. I would've forgotten about it if you didn't mention it." Ruan Yang yawned lazily. "I'm a Virgo; I want everything to be perfect."

"You.. I don't even know what to say about you. Do you think you're a strong independent woman?" Duoyao chided her angrily.

"Alright, I'll be a weak woman in the future." Ruan Yang changed the topic. "I heard from Changqing that you and that… Yan Molun are dating?"

Duoyao stuttered and was embarrassed. On top of that, Ge Shuang was driving beside her.

Ruan Yang laughed. "That's pretty good. No wonder I saw you two making eyes at each other at Changqing's wedding before."

"We didn't." Duoyao was embarrassed.

"In any case, something fishy was going on. I have only myself to blame for being too naive then." Ruan Yang laughed softly.

"Alright, I only called you to ask about that. I still have something to do, so I'll hang up first," Duoyao said.

"Sure." Ruan Yang guessed there was someone else next to Duoyao and that it wasn't convenient for her to talk about it, so she was hanging up.


After lunch, Duoyao flew to Beijing to do a magazine photoshoot. By the time she returned to Northern City, it was already late at night the next day. When she pushed open her bedroom door, it was so clean she almost didn't recognize it was her room. This was way too clean and in the bathroom…

Duoyao was suddenly embarrassed. She forgot just how dirty and messy the bathroom was before she left. It was so messy that even she felt disgusted being in there any longer than needed.

Could all this have been cleaned up by Yan Molun?

She called him. "My room…"

"Mm. It was too dirty and messy, so I cleaned up a little." It was a little noisy on Yan Molun's end, but his voice was still as deep as ever.

Duoyao covered her face. She felt deeply embarrassed once again. "You… you should've told me. You were invading my privacy by entering my room without my permission."

Yan Molun was silent for a few seconds before he said unhappily, "You mean it was wrong of me to help you clean up your room?"

"Er…" He wasn't wrong. If her bathroom was a little cleaner and not so messy, she wouldn't have minded but… just thinking about how dirty it was made her very embarrassed. One had to know that when Mommy Jiang stayed with her for a few days in the past, after Mommy Jiang helped her clean up her bathroom, she came back to tell Duoyao scornfully that the squat toilet at home wasn't even as dirty as Duoyao's sink.

"Duoyao, don't push your luck." Yan Molun's voice sank a little and he hung up the phone.

Duoyao looked at the hung-up call with frustration. This was too much. How dare he hang up on her? He never hung up on her.

Indeed, he lost all patience once he had eaten her up cleanly.

She was angry.

She was maddest that Yan Molun didn't even call her in the morning when she woke up. She wanted to ask him out on a date today, but since he was ignoring her, Duoyao asked Changqing out instead.

She personally drove over to the Yan Household and from a distance, she could already see Changqing standing by the doorstep dressed in a loose-fitting white dress. Her skin was as fair as milk and there were four to five dogs barking behind the metal gate behind her.

Duoyao couldn't help but stroke the puppies that were only the size of her palm when she got out of her car. How cute! "The pups of a Husky and a Labrador are pretty cute. Look, this one looks like Robben and that one looks like Lolita. Only this one at the side looks a little mixed. It looks a little weird."

"There's one that looked even weirder. Li Shaobin chose it," Changqing said with a smile. "I was still worried he would choose the two best-looking pups. In the end, he chose the weirdest-looking one."

"Really?" Duoyao was bewildered. "Maybe he's always had a strange taste."

"Yeah but that dog does look pretty cute if you look closely." Changqing waved goodbye to the few dogs. "Robben, Lolita, I'm going out to play. You two have to take care of your children."

The few dogs watched her pitifully.

Changqing got into the sports car callously. Duoyao found her funny. "I knew you liked dogs in the past, but I totally didn't think that one day you would own so many dogs. Your pet-related expenses must be pretty big. When are you moving out?"

"Chuchu said we have to wait until after I give birth and the child is a month old." Changqing smiled sweetly. "I even went over to look at the new house before. Chuchu built a huge kennel in the back."

Duoyao felt a little envious listening to Changqing, especially when she saw that Changqing's skin was still so milky-white despite not having any makeup on. "Other people's skin typically gets worse when they're pregnant. Why did yours get better? And whiter."

"I don't know. Maybe it's because Chuchu did a good job of taking care of me." Changqing's words made her envious again.

Duoyao really wanted to throw her out. "Can you stop bringing up your husband all the time?"

"What's wrong? Aren't you also in love?" Changqing felt wronged. "Besides you've even… hehe."

Duoyao felt her face heat up. "Aiya, I had a quarrel with him last night."

"What's wrong?" Changqing was curious.

Duoyao pouted and told her everything that happened. Changqing watched her speechlessly. "You're such a b*tch. He helped you to clean your toilet, but instead of praising him, you even scolded him. I really didn't think that Brother Molun would be so nice. If it was Chuchu, he would've definitely nagged at me like Tripitaka for being messy."

"I was just embarrassed," Duoyao retorted softly.

"If you have the cheek to be messy, you must have the cheek to admit to it," Changqing said ruthlessly. "I think you'd better send him a message first."

"I'm embarrassed." Duoyao pressed her lips together depressingly. "Besides, can't he just let me have my way? He was such a sweet-talker when he said he liked me."

"Even if he were to let you have your way, you have to be reasonable." Changqing took her phone which was on the dashboard. "Who's sending it? You or me?"

Duoyao wanted to stop her. However, after thinking about it for a while, she thought she should just let it be. In any case, if he were to say something nasty, she could just say that she wasn't the one who sent the text. It was Changqing who was pranking him using her phone. "Don't send anything too mushy."

"It definitely won't be mushy." Changqing crafted the message very seriously: Sorry about yesterday. I only said those words because I was too shy. Don't be angry anymore; I miss you. Muah.

Around 10 minutes later, Yan Molun replied: Although the state of your toilet did shock me, I can still embrace it all. If I like you, I like everything about you. Besides, I already saw what kind of a person you were in Tibet.


When they arrived at a restaurant located halfway up the mountain, she looked at her phone and couldn't help but shudder. She screamed, "Yan Changqing, didn't I tell you not to be so mushy?"

"Is that mushy? I only said your heartfelt words on your behalf." Changqing pouted. "Can you not be so conflicted? Some things can strain a relationship between two people if they aren't said. Look, didn't Brother Molun reply very quickly?"

Duoyao already felt like dying. Changqing also saw the mushy things Yan Molun said.

"Reply to him quickly." Changqing walked towards the restaurant with a grin.

Duoyao lowered her head to reply embarrassedly: Today's my day off. I'm eating with Changqing at Lu Shan.

Yan Molun: Why didn't you tell me earlier that it's your day off? I'll look for you in the afternoon.

Duoyao felt inexplicably happy, and even when she saw Changqing talking on the phone with Song Chuyi lovingly when they were eating, it wasn't so much of an eyesore to her anymore.


After lunch, the two of them enjoyed the scenery for a while. While they were paying the bill before they left, a voice suddenly called out, "Changqing…"

Changqing turned her head back and saw Grandma Song and Dai Ai whom she hadn't seen for more than half a year. Dai Ai was pushing a stroller and a baby was sleeping inside. The baby had very good skin, but his size…

Jiang Duoyao walked over after paying the bill and exclaimed, "Wa, how old is this child? He's so fat. Tsk tsk. His little arms are as thick as a radish and his legs are comparable to mine…"

Changqing watched as Dai Ai's expression slowly worsening and she nudged Jiang Duoyao a little.

She was stunned and seemed to have detected something, so she tried to change her approach. "But… he's fat and cute…"

Dai Ai was clenching her teeth in anger. "Yan Changqing, that's enough. If you didn't push me and cause me to go into early labor, Peiyuan wouldn't be so fat."

"It's Song Chulang who did it, alright?" Changqing said innocently.

Of course Dai Ai knew it was Song Chulang and she hated Song Chuyi, but she also disliked Changqing. Since both of Song Huaisheng's sons hadn't returned in half a year, Song Huaisheng had been throwing tantrums at her for no reason at all. "In any case, you shouldn't have pulled me along."

"I think you just overfed him." Changqing pouted and looked at Grandma Song.and saw Grandma staring at her stomach with glowing eyes full of joy. "Changqing, you're pregnant. The baby must be quite developed."

"Almost six months old," Changqing said softly.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Grandma Song asked agitatedly.

"A boy."

"He's so big already!" Grandma Song was surprised. Initially, she was still blaming Changqing for causing her grandson to not come home, but when she saw that Changqing was pregnant with her great-grandson, she couldn't bring herself to blame Changqing anymore.

"Mm, Grandma, I'll be taking my leave first." Changqing turned to walk away when Grandma Song pulled her back and said anxiously, "Changqing, don't leave so quickly. We haven't seen each other in ages. Grandma has a lot to tell you."

By the side, Dai Ai's expression worsened. "Mom…"

"Wait a while at the side." Grandma Song pulled Changqing to the side without a word. Her eyes reddened. "Changqing, how is Chuyi doing? I haven't seen him in a very, very long time."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》