So You're Such A Doctor Song
371 Do You Like Bai Yuhuang Or Do You Like Me?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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371 Do You Like Bai Yuhuang Or Do You Like Me?

"Do you want to drink some too? If I'd have known earlier, I would've gotten my assistant to get another cup," Duoyao quickly said with a smile.

"It's okay. I'll be okay with smelling it. I actually don't really like coffee, but I love its scent." Bai Yuhuang's lips curled into a pretty smile. "You treated everyone to barbeque skewers yesterday. Today, it's my treat."

"That's not necessary." Duoyao waved her hands. "There's no need to return the favor."

"That doesn't mean the others wouldn't want it." Bai Yuhuang looked at the surrounding staff. Co-director Wu came over with a smile, saying, "Of course we have to go. It's decided. Today, Yuhuang will treat. Tomorrow, it's my treat."

"Co-director Wu, after I'm done with this drama, will I gain back 5 kg?" Zhuo Xi, the second female lead who was studying her script at the side, lifted her head and asked with a smile.

"Alright, then I shall add a few more scenes with wires for you. You just need to do more stunts." Co-director Wu laughed. Zhuo Xi waved her hands in fear. "I can't do it."


When Duoyao and Bai Yuhuang were released from the wires after a fight scene after 3 pm, she suddenly realized there was a tall figure standing beside Xiling. The man was wearing sunglasses and had his hands crossed. His hair was cut neatly and styled tidily. His lips were pressed tightly together, giving off a sense of chill from top to toe.

Duoyao was in shock. She didn't know when he had arrived.

She quickly filtered through her mind. She seemed to have only held Bai Yuhuang's hand once just now for the scene.

Aiyaya, hopefully, he wouldn't mind. Otherwise, she would be dead meat.

However, why could she already feel the chill coming from under his sunglasses?

She dragged her feet as she walked towards Xiling. She couldn't act too guilty. She had nothing to hide. This was just filming.

"Duoyao, drink some water." Bai Yuhuang suddenly passed her a bottle of water. The bottle cap was already off.

"Thank you." Duoyao quickly accepted it. She didn't dare to say another word more and she walked over to Xiling hurriedly. She could feel the aura emanating from Yan Molun at such close proximity.

She opened her mouth and was about to say something when the second female lead, Zhuo Xi, came over with a smile and asked, "Duoyao, you've changed your bodyguard?"

"Yeah, why did we change him?" Duoyao looked at Xiling innocently. Xiling said with a smile, "The previous one had something to do at home, so we have a new one."

"Your bodyguard is really tall and fierce." Bai Yuhuang moved over while drinking his water. He smiled like the spring breeze and said, "How tall. It must be hard to hire such a tall bodyguard. He looks very impressive."

Yan Molun lowered his head. He watched the handsome man behind the pair of sunglasses. His lips were still tightly closed.

"Yeah." Duoyao praised Xiling: "The abilities of the bodyguards you hire are getting better and better. I like this one."

"Glad that you like him." The corners of Xiling's mouth twitched. She felt immense pressure standing beside Yan Molun.

"Come, come, have a bottle of water too." Duoyao bent down to take a bottle of water from the box at the side and passed it to him.

Yan Molun paused for a while. He accepted it, opened the cap and drank a few gulps. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down sexily. Zhuo Xi said with a grin, "Your bodyguard looks pretty handsome."

"Yeah, yeah." Duoyao looked at how Zhuo Xi was looking at Yan Molun and cursed silently in her heart. That gaze was exactly how she looked at him when she saw him for the first time in Hong Kong.

She couldn't help looking at Yan Molun closely today. He must be doing it on purpose. He chose such a handsome black shirt and pants. He even chose such a nice pair of sunglasses…

"Go down back to the manor first," Director Guan suddenly said as he came over. "Get ready for the evening shoot. The people in Group B are already getting ready there."

"Alright," Duoyao answered. Xiling told Yan Molun to help them pack up.

10 minutes later, the group walked downhill. Actually, the group mainly consisted of Duoyao, Bai Yuhuang, and two staff members.


On the way, Bai Yuhuang walked to Duoyao and talked to her about the contents of the next scene from time to time. This route wasn't an easy walk. It rained in the morning and Duoyao's period shoes didn't have much friction, causing her to slip several times. Luckily, Bai Yuhuang reacted quickly and supported her.

Duoyao steadied herself but her heart wasn't calm, especially when she saw Yan Molun walking over from behind.

Seeing that, Xiling told Yan Molun, "I have too many things in my hand. Go hold on to Duoyao. Don't just stand there like a block of wood. Since you're here as a bodyguard, you must take care of everything."

"Yes," Yan Molun answered softly. He walked over to Duoyao and held her arm.

Bai Yuhuang smiled and said to Xiling, "It's alright, really, I can help out."

"That's no good. There are many reporters who know we have a shoot here today. It would be awkward if a scandal spread out," Xiling said helplessly.

Bai Yuhuang didn't say anything further.


When they arrived at the manor, Duoyao rushed to the toilet straight away. Yan Molun followed her. When she came out of the toilet, the man was standing straight outside like a statue.

Duoyao glanced at his back and felt complicated. Actually, Xiling was right about some things—he was so rich but he was willing to be a bodyguard because of her. Other women might feel touched. She shouldn't be so unreasonable. Wasn't he just going to be following her around every moment for a period of time? That was no big deal; she should just view it as a date. Although this date would be a little secretive, it was quite exciting.

She washed her hands and walked to his side. Yan Molun glanced at her and took out a piece of tissue from his pocket, passing it to her.

Duoyao looked at the tissue and felt warm inside. She reached over to accept it and said softly enough for only the two of them to hear: "Don't misunderstand. Although I idolize Bai Yuhuang, he's just a partner in the shoot. We're a couple in the film, so there are inevitably going to be some intimate scenes."

Yan Molun replied lightly, "Don't talk to me about idols. Many idols have slept with their fans recently."

"I'm not like that." Duoyao glared at him angrily and stomped her feet when she heard that.

"There are people all over. Can you not put on such an expression? Do you want people to find out about our relationship on the first day?" Yan Molun turned his face away nonchalantly.

Duoyao was furious. However, she also realized it was unwise for her to do that too. People would indeed find it weird that she would stomp her feet at a bodyguard. However, which bodyguard would be so aloof?


Back on set, she rested for awhile in a chair and had dinner with the production team very early. After, she started the shoot at 6:30 pm. The sunset over the manor cast an orange glow everywhere. Duoyao could already imagine how beautiful it would look on screen.

However, what frustrated her was that in this beautiful scene, she was saying sweet nothings with Bai Yuhuang in the courtyard. That was no big deal either. However, the thought of Yan Molun watching by the side made her unable to get into character.

"Duoyao, bring out your tender feelings. Don't be so stiff with your smile. You don't even look like you're in love," Director Guan said as he rubbed his glabella.

Duoyao was extremely frustrated.

At the side, Xiling thought for a while and said softly to Yan Molun, "I think you should leave for a while."

"Why?" Yan Molun frowned.

"She might feel unnatural with you around." Xiling could slightly understand why Duoyao didn't want Yan Molun following her around now.

Yan Molun's brows were so tightly knitted together that he could squash a fly. He turned to leave the courtyard.

With his absence, Duoyao could relax more and she finished the scene in half an hour.


After the scene was done, she took the bus provided by the production team back to their hotel with Bai Yuhuang. On the bus, Bai Yuhuang said, "Go back, take a shower and rest for a while. When Co-director Wu is done, we can go for supper together."

Duoyao nodded absent-mindedly.

It was quieter on the bus, so even though Yan Molun was sitting a few seats behind, he could hear their conversation very clearly.

In the hotel elevator, Bai Yuhuang got off on the 14th floor while Duoyao got off on the 16th floor.

Xiling and Yan Molun entered Duoyao's room together. This was an executive suite with a living area and a bedroom. "You two chat for a while; I'm going out first."

When she opened the door, she looked around for a while before going out and closing the door behind her.

Yan Molun took off his sunglasses and threw them on the table. The sound made Duoyao's heart skip a beat. She quickly went over to massage his shoulders and legs. "Uncle Molun, it's been hard on you today. Let me give you a massage. Tell me where you feel uncomfortable?"

"This place has been uncomfortable for a long time." Yan Molun grabbed her hand suddenly and placed it on a certain area.

Duoyao was in a daze and she almost screamed aloud.

It was very very very hot. Her hand was almost scalded.

Yan Molun covered her mouth with a straight face. "Are you nuts? Let me tell you—this might be a hotel but the sound-proofing is mediocre."

Duoyao nodded. She said with embarrassment, "Can I move my hand away first?"

"Didn't you ask me where I felt uncomfortable?" Yan Molun said coldly, "Didn't you say that you were going to give me a massage?"

Duoyao was about to cry. Just the thought of massaging that area was enough to make her break down. "Can you not be such a gangster the moment we meet? I'm exhausted. I'm going to take a shower first."

"Let's shower together. I'm exhausted too."


"Don't you go on with such nonsense. I'm not in a very good mood right now."

Yan Molun carried her and walked towards the bathroom. As he threw her clothes aside, he asked, "Do you like Bai Yuhuang or do you like me?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》