So You're Such A Doctor Song
378 I Told My Sis That I Intend To Give Birth To A Pair Of Yin Er With Hong Zao
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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378 I Told My Sis That I Intend To Give Birth To A Pair Of Yin Er With Hong Zao

"Does he?" Changqing didn't find the child was like her in any way.

Song Chuyi glanced at him and also frowned worriedly. If the child was a girl, it didn't matter, but it would be terrible if a boy were to cry like his wife every day.

"It's true." Duoyao nodded and she vocalized Song Chuyi's heartfelt words. "I hope Yan Wo won't be too similar to you in terms of personality."

"What's so bad about being like me? I'm kind and cute." Changqing snorted.

Song Chuyi disregarded her words and fed her another two spoonfuls of soup. Yan Wo was still crying, making his head hurt. It wasn't good for a child to cry too long but his hands were busy right now.

"Stop making the child cry." Yan Molun walked over and glared at Duoyao. He picked up the rattle drum at the side and shook it in front of the child. The sound of the rattle drum caught Yan Wo's attention and he stared at it with his large eyes as he stopped crying.

Yan Molun shook it a few more times and Yan Wo's eyes followed the moving rattle drum as he opened and closed his mouth.

Song Chuyi curled his lips up. "I didn't think a big guy like you would be talented in playing with a child."

"A little better than someone else." Yan Molun glanced at Duoyao.

Duoyao pouted gloomily. "Didn't he just shake the drum a few times? I can do that too. Let me tell you. My nephew loved me ever since he was young and loved to pester me to play with him."

Changqing said in a low, muffled voice, "Are you sure he didn't pester you to play video games and phone games?"

Duoyao was stumped for words once again. Fine, Changqing was the friend who knew her the best indeed.

"It seems like you shouldn't let the woman take care of the child in the future," Song Chuyi said coldly.

"You make some sense." Yan Molun's lips curled upwards.

Duoyao blushed. She couldn't take it anymore. They were already talking about who should take care of the child even when she wasn't pregnant. However, as she saw how Yan Molun played with the child, she felt that this gentle side of his was unimaginable.

"Chuyi… congratulations. You're a father now." Suddenly Song Zhengru's laughter came from outside of the ward.

Immediately after that was Song Qiaoqiao's voice, and behind Song Zhengru, Old Granny Song and Song Huaisheng followed.

Song Chuyi was smiling at first, but when he saw Song Huaisheng's face fell a little.

Song Zhengru coughed a little awkwardly. "Your grandma and dad insisted on coming to take a look after finding out Changqing had given birth."

Song Chuyi didn't say anything. Old Granny Song chuckled and sent Changqing her greeting first before rushing over to the cot to take a look at her great-grandson.

Yan Wo was smiling and that made Old Granny Song burst with joy. "Quick, take a look. He's smiling so happily when he sees that I've come. Aiyo, he really looks like our Chuyi when he was young."

Changqing pouted. Didn't everyone say that Yan Wo resembled her? How did he look like Chuchu now?

"Yan Wo, say 'Auntie'," Song Qiaoqiao shouted excitedly.

Song Zhengru found her funny. "He was just born and can't talk now. How can he call you Auntie?"

"Ah, is that so?" After Song Qiaoqiao lamented it, she went over to kiss Yan Wo on his cheek. After kissing him, she said excitedly, "His cheeks are so soft like candy floss."

Song Huaisheng's heart stirred upon hearing that and he went over too. Little Yan Wo was smiling happily right now for some reason.

No matter what, no one would want a child to be crying at first sight. Seeing the child smile at him, Song Huaisheng thought he must be very happy to see his grandfather. Who wouldn't like a cheerful child?

Song Huaisheng was in higher spirits than if someone were to bootlick him. At this moment, he couldn't wait for the little fellow to be able to call him "Grandfather".

Song Chuyi held Changqing's hand so that she wouldn't be angry. If not for the presence of Song Zhengru and his family, he definitely wouldn't want Song Huaisheng to carry his son. However, right now, he had to show Song Huaisheng some face.

Changqing wasn't unhappy. She just felt a little uncomfortable seeing Song Huaisheng. She really couldn't understand him. Didn't he have a son too? Why couldn't he go home and carry his own son? Why must he keep staring at her Yan Wo?

Seeing Yan Wo smiling so happily, Song Huaisheng became unsatisfied with just watching. He reached out, wanting to pick him up when Song Chuyi stopped him with a frown. "There's bacteria on your hands. I think it's better if you don't touch him. A newborn child has a weak immune system."

Song Huaisheng felt embarrassed but he had to admit that Song Chuyi made sense. "Then I'll go wash my hands."

"There's no need for that," Song Chuyi said lightly. "I think it's better for you to go home and hold your own son."

"You…" Song Huaisheng's face was ashen. The lively atmosphere in the ward changed all of a sudden.

Song Zhengru tugged at Song Huaisheng and hinted at him to not make things worse. However, Song Huaisheng couldn't hold his words in. For the past half year, Song Huaisheng got someone to send all the delicacies over but now, Song Chuyi wouldn't even let him touch his grandson. "Song Chuyi, don't push your luck. No matter what, without me, you wouldn't have grown to be so big. Don't tell me that I didn't provide for your studies since you were young. Even if I was a little too much towards the Yan Family, haven't you had enough of all this attitude you've given me for the past year? Even if you refuse to let me hold this child, it doesn't change the fact that he's my grandson."

He said a bunch of things in a fit of anger but Song Chuyi merely looked at him calmly. "Yes, you're right. I can't change the fact that Yan Wo is your grandson, nor do I want to change it. I just thought that since you like children and you have one that's your flesh and blood at home that is still young, you can hold him whenever you like. Yan Wo, on the other hand, isn't as close to you as the one at home. He's still a generation apart from you. Isn't your son closer to you compared to your grandson? Besides, I hope that Yan Wo won't interact so much with you because I wouldn't want my son to learn from you. At the same time, I also hope Yan Wo can grow up in a normal and warm environment and not follow in the footsteps of his father."

"You…" Song Huaisheng was shaking from anger. "What's wrong with that? Would I harm my own grandson?"

"You could even harm and make use of your son, so how would you treat your grandson any differently?" Song Chuyi mocked. "Besides, I'm also afraid that the one in your house would mind. I wouldn't want to get involved in meaningless trouble."

"Song Chuyi…" Song Huaisheng was furious.

Grandma Song wanted to say something after seeing that but she didn't dare to. She was afraid that if she said something that angered her grandson, she wouldn't be allowed to see her great-grandson.

Song Zhengru quickly dragged Song Huaisheng out of the ward. If they were to carry on with this, the child would probably start crying. "Big Brother, you've seen your grandson already. Go downstairs and wait for us. We'll head down after a while."

"If he doesn't want me to see him, I don't care to," Song Huaisheng said loudly on purpose.

Song Zhengru quickly covered his mouth up and said softly, "Stop saying things in a fit of anger. When we came, you insisted on bringing me here. If Chuyi really starts hating you, it's the end for you as a grandfather."

"So be it. I'll give all my inheritance to Peiyuan," Song Huaisheng said angrily.

"Sure, sure. Now that things have come to this state, I doubt any of your two sons would really care about your inheritance. Chuyi isn't one who cares about money while Chulang is smart and there's no need to fear that he wouldn't be able to earn money." Song Zhengru patted his shoulder and pushed him into the elevator.

Song Huaisheng looked at Song Zhengru's back and the thought of him being able to see his grandson made him jealous and angry.


It was awkwardly silent in the ward.

Yan Molun coughed softly and broke the silence. "Chuyi, we'll head off first. We'll visit you again another day."

"Mm. Sure. Then I won't be seeing you two off." Song Chuyi nodded lightly.

Duoyao bade Changqing goodbye softly before she left with Yan Molun.

The moment they left, Grandma Song and Song Qiaoqiao stood by the cot as they started making Yan Wo laugh. Just like that, they stood there watching him for a very long time and didn't seem to get tired of it at all. It wasn't until Yan Wo had enough laughing and fell asleep when Song Zhengru finally said, "Mom, Qiaoqiao, let's go. I still have to go to work in the afternoon."

Song Qiaoqiao said reluctantly, "I don't want to go. I want to stay here with Yan Wo."

Grandma Song nodded. Song Qiaoqiao said her heartfelt words. She wasn't sick of it even if she was only able to watch Yan Wo sleep.

"Stop it, Sister Changqing just gave birth. She's exhausted and in pain. She still needs to rest. Let's come in two days' time." After Song Zhengru coaxed his daughter, he coaxed his mom. "Mom, let's go. I'll take you home too."

Only then did Grandma Song leave reluctantly with Song Zhengru. When she left, she even said that she wanted to come over the next day and asked Changqing what she wanted to eat so she could ask the chef to make it for her. She also asked if Yan Wo needed a nanny.


When they finally left, Changqing heaved a sigh of relief slowly. However, not soon after, she started to frown in pain. Her wound was hurting again. "Chuchu, I think childbirth isn't something a person should do. It's too painful."

Song Chuyi knew she was in pain but it couldn't be helped. This was what a cesarean birth was like. It didn't hurt during birth but it would be very painful after birth. He could only comfort her. "Alright, I won't let you give birth anymore after this one."

Changqing pouted. "I told my sis that I intend to give birth to a pair of Yin Er and Hong Zao (1. White fungus stewed with jujube). The child born first would be called Yin Er and the one born later would have to get the name which sounds a little bad—Hong Zao."

Song Chuyi: "…"

Were the two sisters intending to give birth to a bunch of nourishing and nutritious children?

"Then you'll definitely lose," Song Chuyi said. "It takes more than three years to recover from a cesarean. Your sister went through natural childbirth, so she can give birth again next year."

"Huh?" Changqing pouted. "Then I'd better not give birth anymore. I don't want my child to be called Hong Zao."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》