So You're Such A Doctor Song
382 You Must Take Responsibility For This
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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382 You Must Take Responsibility For This

Old aunties and uncles…

Jiang Duoyao wanted to cry, but she really was acting like Ruan Yang back when they first started university.

Just then, Ruan Yang's primary doctor came rushing in with his presbyopia glasses. Duoyao stood up and said angrily, "Doctor, you said Ruan Yang would be alright. Why can't she recognize me now? She's lost all memory of the last few years. I don't care; you have to get her memory back no matter what."

"Calm down and let the doctor take a look first." Yan Molun glanced over and then glared at Li Shaobin. It was all his fault.

Li Shaobin hung his head low.

The doctor did a series of examinations on Ruan Yang and asked her some questions. Ruan Yang was getting increasingly afraid as she looked at the people around her.

Could she really have gotten amnesia?

She remembered she was happily preparing to go to film and performance school to fulfil her wish of becoming a mega-celebrity in the future, but now, she woke up and had gotten eight years older? And with all these weird people around her?

"It might be a side effect of the car accident. We've done a series of examinations. There's nothing wrong with her brain." The doctor muttered for a while and stood up. "Let's do another checkup."


At 2:30 pm in the Head of Neurology office, Song Chuyi was present as well. He was scheduled to work today initially, but after Ruan Yang's car accident last night, Changqing was so worried she couldn't sleep the entire night. In the morning, after finding out that Ruan Yang had lost her memory, Changqing even wanted to kill Li Shaobin. If Song Chuyi hadn't restrained her, she would've already come to the hospital.

"Dr. Zhu, do you think in Ruan Yang's case… can she ever recover her memory?" Song Chuyi said with a headache.

"We've scanned her brain. There's no blood clots and the few of us had a discussion this afternoon in regard to this. Such cases have happened before. The patient has lost a certain part of her memory probably because the part of her brain in charge of memory has received a huge shock. There are similar cases that recover in a few days, a few months, a few years or even don't recover at all," Dr. Zhu said helplessly.

Duoyao was anxious. "Why didn't she lose all her past memories but only the portion during her university years?"

"This could also be selective amnesia," Dr. Zhu explained. "Perhaps… her university life was an unhappy period and she didn't wish to save this memory in her brain, so when her memory was affected, she subconsciously deleted those memories."

Duoyao was stunned.

Her university life was unhappy…

Perhaps it was. In her freshman year, Ruan Yang somehow got picked by a director and suddenly rose to fame. After that, she fell from the peak of her life and she got back up to act again. She fell out with her family, had to appear nude on-screen, received backlash from the public and even though she became popular after that, she met Xin Ziao and had her heart broken. Although she appeared fine this time when she came back, who knew what she really thought?

Jiang Duoyao's eyes reddened. Suddenly, she felt this might be a good thing for Ruan Yang, except that she didn't remember them anymore.

"Then… then is there no other way for her to recover?" Li Shaobin asked with a stutter.

Dr. Zhu shook his head. "Let nature take its course. Remember to take good care of the patient. She might become very emotional because of her sudden loss of memory."

"Oh…" Li Shaobin answered blankly.

After coming out from the doctor's office, Song Chuyi grabbed Li Shaobin's collar angrily. "You're incredible. I just got you to take her home, yet you were able to cause something like this, even making her lose her memory. How am I supposed to answer to Changqing when I get back later?"

When Changqing came out of confinement and found out her good friend had forgotten her, she would cry herself to death. Ruan Yang was really her bestest friend.

"Old Song, stop shaking me. I'm also a patient," Li Shaobin said pitifully. "If you continue to shake me, I might also lose my memory."

"It'd be best if you did." He would drive Song Chuyi to his grave one day. "I don't care. You have to take responsibility for this."

"Don't tell me you want me to marry her?" Li Shaobin covered himself nervously. "I don't like her."

"You? Ruan Yang wouldn't want to marry you," Duoyao said angrily.

"Dream on," Song Chuyi said coldly. "She's lost eight years of her memory. She'd definitely feel very unaccustomed to it and would definitely be very unfamiliar with this city. You'd better take good care of her and make sure she doesn't get into any accidents."

"Oh. That's not a problem. I have the money anyway. I can just hire a few more nannies to take care of her," Li Shaobin said.

"Also, I don't think you should tell her anything about Xin Ziao." Duoyao glared at Li Shaobin. "Since she's lost her memory, it's best that she forgets that part. Please, don't shoot your mouth off and tell her about it. Just treat it like nothing has ever happened and that Zhao Zhu and Xin Ziao don't exist at all. Can you guys find some way to delete all the scandals of Ruan Yang and Xin Ziao as well as her nude shots?"

Yan Molun looked at Shaobin. "You can do it, right?"

"Yes, I'll do it right now." Li Shaobin nodded immediately.

Li Shaobin pouted and behaved obediently.


When she returned to her ward, Ruan Yang sat quietly in bed, looking out of the window. If her lashes weren't trembling, one might think she was a seated sculpture.

Guan Ying sat at the side, peeling an apple for her. Song Chuyi walked to the door and retreated, saying softly, "You guys go on in. I won't be going in."

The group knew it would be awkward with Guan Ying in the room, so they didn't say anything else.

When she heard footsteps, Ruan Yang turned her head around. Her clean eyes examined all these unfamiliar faces before her. Then she looked at Guan Ying. "So you're all my university classmates and I fell out with my parents because I shot a nude scene?"

"Mm." Guan Ying nodded. She made introductions: "This is Duoyao, and this is her boyfriend. This is a not very close friend, Li Shaobin. You got into a car accident after taking a ride from him."

Ruan Yang glared at Li Shaobin upon hearing that. No wonder he had been cowering with fear the moment he saw her.

Li Shaobin quickly explained, "It was raining very heavily then and it was hard to see clearly…"

"If you couldn't see clearly, didn't you know you could've stopped by the side of the road?" Ruan Yang said coldly. "You don't seem that young anymore, so why don't you know how to weigh the consequences of things? Can you just play around with someone's life like that?"

Li Shaobin was just about to open his mouth from indignation when Yan Molun quickly covered his mouth and warned him: "Don't shoot your mouth off and agitate her."

Ruan Yang took a few frustrated glances at Li Shaobin and knew there were some things that couldn't be helped. "So I'm a 26-year-old woman and after I won Best Female Actress, I left the entertainment industry. Why did I leave the entertainment industry? How did that happen? Didn't I love acting?"

"Because you got sick of acting," Duoyao quickly said. "You did so many dramas and movies. I can show them to you. In any case, when you go out, you have to remember to wear a mask and sunglasses. Don't walk around outside if you can. The paparazzi now are very scary."

Ruan Yang stared blankly at Duoyao for a long time before waving her hand. "I got it. Go back now; I want to be alone for a while."

"Alright. There's a nurse outside. You can call her anytime. We've settled everything for you. All you need to do now is to get ample rest." Guan Ying left quietly with everyone after reminding her.

"Li Shaobin, Guan Ying and I are artistes, so it's not very appropriate for us to stay at the hospital for too long. I'll leave Ruan Yang to you." Jiang Duoyao didn't sleep the previous night and was about to collapse. "You have to take full responsibility."

"I got it. I have to be at the hospital anyway." Li Shaobin pouted. How unlucky that something like this had to happen.


At night, he ate with a great appetite. When he passed his bowl to Hu Zhi, he suddenly remembered something and said with his mouth full, "How are things next door? Did you send dinner over?"

Hu Zhi was stunned. "Yes."

"Did she cry or kick up a fuss?"

Hu Zhi shook his head. "She just kept saying she wants to be discharged."

Li Shaobin frowned. After Hu Zhi left, he snuck over and knocked. When the caretaker saw him after opening the door, she quickly said, "Miss Ruan is having her dinner."

"How did it go?" Li Shaobin strutted in. After an entire afternoon, she must've calmed down.

Inside, Ruan Yang, who was studying the bun in her hand, lifted her head. When she saw Li Shaobin, she frowned and turned her face away, continuing to eat.

"How are the dishes?" Li Shaobin walked over with a gin. "If they don't taste good, tell me. I'll change the menu for you. Tell me whatever you want to eat. I'll order it for you. There's only food you haven't tried but there's nothing I can't do."

Ruan Yang frowned and sighed softly. Thinking about the fact that she had been in his car meant they must be somewhat familiar with each other. Hence, she said, "What's the filling in this bun? It's pretty good."

"Oh, this… this is snake meat. The chef minced it and made it into a bun," Li Shaobin said with a grin. "I love it."

Ruan Yang almost vomited. She glared at him. "You actually gave me something like this as my first meal?"

"What's the matter? It's very nourishing and tastes good. That's all that matters," Li Shaobin said nonchalantly. "It was a wild snake."

"I don't want it anymore." Ruan Yang quickly threw the bun away. "Is there something wrong with you? I'm a patient. How could you let me eat something like this on the first day of my hospitalization?"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》