So You're Such A Doctor Song
392 Ruan Yang, That Foul Woman, Actually Wore A Swimsuit To Seduce Him
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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392 Ruan Yang, That Foul Woman, Actually Wore A Swimsuit To Seduce Him

Before he slept that night, Hu Zhi sent over a detailed investigation report on Luo Xiru. Surprisingly, Luo Xiru's family background wasn't bad. Her father had a small position in the Tax Bureau while her mother was a deputy chairperson of a bank. Luo Xiru graduated from a police school and was also the police belle of the team. She had an administrative job, but recently, she had an increased frequency of calls with the team leader of the criminal department, Xiao Gang.

Li Shaobin finally understood that Luo Xiru must be working undercover for Xiao Gang. "My brother said people at Li Hall got involved in drug trafficking recently and that's why the police are investigating me."

"Boss, they think you're the one trafficking drugs?" Hu Zhi was shocked.

"Nonsense. Why else would the police make trouble with me?" Li Shaobin was furious. "I'll give you one day to find those scoundrels and send them to the police for them to be shot."

Hu Zhi wanted to cry. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. "Then Luo Xiru…"

"She dared to toy with me. I wouldn't be a Li if I didn't make her kneel and beg me for forgiveness," Li Shaobin said. "Get her parents out of their jobs. I want them to not even have a pension. Then find out if she still has any rich relatives. Destroy all of them. Make them miserable."

"You're not going to touch Luo Xiru?" Hu Zhi asked.

"Why would I still need to touch her? When my brother takes care of the person on top, he would naturally kick her out for me. Don't worry. Just leak out some news and she'll come begging me in a few days." Li Shaobin laughed coldly. He had rarely picked on women in his life but this Luo Xiru really made a f*cking fool out of him. If she dared to spy on him, then he'd have to make her pay the price for that.


Li Shaobin didn't have a good night's sleep mainly because he was infuriated. Every time he closed his eyes, he would see Luo Xiru's face, which he wanted to tear apart. After that, when he stopped thinking about her, the face he thought about became Ruan Yang. She was leaning on a chair, telling Luo Xiru seductively that she had never seen a man as great as him and even said that he liked him…

"Aye. F*ck." Li Shaobin sat right up and threw a pillow on the floor angrily.

He got up and drank a few cans of beer in the middle of the winter night. It would be easier for him to fall asleep if he were to get knocked out. However, he dreamed of Ruan Yang pestering him. He rejected her outright and wasn't tempted by her beauty, but in the end, Ruan Yang, that foul woman, actually wore a swimsuit to seduce him. She even pushed him into the pool then forced a kiss on him…

Li Shaobin opened his eyes suddenly and saw an elegant, retro chandelier hanging above his head while lying in his bed at home. The light shining from outside was dazzling.

He spaced out for a while before he realized he was dreaming earlier. There was no Ruan Yang, no swimming pool, no swimsuit, and no forced kiss.

"F*ck…" He cursed softly and sat up, only to realize that his little Binbin was suffering.

How annoying. Wasn't it just a kiss? How did he even dream about something like that?

This was all the fault of Ruan Yang, that little vixen. If she wanted to help him, so be it. But why must she say those provocative things and kiss him? Even if she wanted to kiss him, why must she kiss him until his spine felt numb and a certain area of his reacted yesterday?

He must've been alone for too long.

Li Shaobin lay down unhappily. He wanted to sleep for a while more but he couldn't fall asleep.

In the afternoon, Hu Zhi called to say that he caught the people who were selling drugs in the clan. They were actually those monkeys from the Southern District who had been with him for several years.

Li Shaobin got someone to take those monkeys to the Boxing gym and used them to vent his anger, making them half-dead before sending them to the police.

The police chief called him personally that day to thank him, but Li Shaobin totally ignored him.


Li Shaobin had been in a bad mood the past few days. Grandma Li and He Mingshan were both very worried about him. In order to divert his attention, they quickly found him someone to go on a blind date with, and after picking and choosing, they finally found two of the best pictures to show Shaobin. "Binbin, this is your Aunt's friend's daughter. She likes Boxing too—take a look. This is a photo of her Boxing. How cool and dashing."

"Mom, I hate women who box now." Li Shaobin felt frustrated upon seeing the photo. It reminded him of Luo Xiru, that little b*tch.

"If you don't like boxing, how's this one who does Latin dance? She's the daughter of your Aunt's colleague. She has many strengths and her family is wealthy. I heard she speaks many languages too," He Mingshan said. "Go meet her; Mom took a long time to pick her out."

"No, no, there's nobody I want to meet. I'm just frustrated when I see women." Li Shaobin was frustrated by all of He Mingshan's nagging. He took his car keys and went out with frustration.

He Mingshan turned her face around anxiously and turned back to say to her eldest son who was preparing to leave the house: "Have you taken care of that Luo Xiru? Binbin's finally wanted to get into a relationship after all these years. If he were to turn out abnormal, it would be this woman's fault. You must teach her a good lesson."

"Mom, don't worry, I'm on it." Li Zhongchi patted his mom's shoulder and left the house.


Li Shaobin drove around the streets and went to a few shops he had invested in to take a look. He was in a bad mood, so he gave all the CEOs a good lashing out. When he came out, he suddenly saw a familiar woman at the escalator in front of him. He couldn't help but take a few more glances and realized that she was wearing a beret with a retro scarf hanging across her shoulders. Her head was lowered to cover her mouth and her face couldn't be seen.

He spaced out for a while before his mind suddenly flashed. He hesitated for a while but still ended up going over, grabbing her shoulder.

She froze and turned back nervously. When she saw him, she heaved a sigh of relief. "Li Shaobin, what are you doing? I thought someone recognized me."

"It really was you. What are you doing here?" Li Shaobin watched as her clear eyes lifted and for some reason, he actually felt a little happy. Although he left embarrassed and angry that night, after calming down these past few days, he could understand that she was just trying to help him regain some face. Besides, recently, he kept recalling the words she said that day for some reason. Perhaps he really took them to be true.

"I'm here to buy some books." Ruan Yang studied his face. "You're not angry anymore?"

"I… I… of course I'm still angry." Li Shaobin glared at her with his dark eyes.

"Alright, don't be angry anymore." Ruan Yang smiled gently when she saw him like that. "Actually, my actions that day were a little rash indeed. No matter what, I should never have kissed you without your consent."

"Stop talking about… that kiss." Li Shaobin felt awkward and he turned his slightly blushing face away. But that was so annoying. He actually let the same woman force a kiss on him twice. How embarrassing. "Aye, tell me, as a woman, why can't you be more reserved? Do you often…"

"Often what?" Ruan Yang was suspicious.

"Nothing." Li Shaobin pressed his lips together. He initially wanted to ask her if she often forced kisses on Xin Ziao.

"If you have nothing for me, I'll get going first." Ruan Yang shrugged and said, "I'm going to buy some books."

"Er… I happen to have nothing to do. I'll go with you." Li Shaobin couldn't help but follow her. "Right, you said before that you're going to treat me to a meal."

Ruan Yang was stunned. "When?"

Li Shaobin's face fell. "That time when I fought at the hospital because of you. I didn't manage to eat at your house. After that, you said you would treat me to a meal outside."

Ruan Yang suddenly recalled it. That seemed to be the case.

"Then let's just make it today. I'm pretty free today anyway. You should be pretty free too," Li Shaobin said.

"… Alright." Ruan Yang wanted to bring home a few sets of books to read. Since he suggested that, she agreed. "But you have to help me carry my books."

"Are you buying a lot of books?" Li Shaobin pouted. "What's so interesting about books?"

"I like to read. I like it a lot," Ruan Yang said.

The bookstore was on the second floor of the mall. It was huge and took up a few hundred square meters. When Ruan Yang entered the store, she practically ignored Li Shaobin. She didn't know if she read very often in the last eight years but the books in the store were very unfamiliar to her. She looked at the introductions and picked the ones she thought were decent enough to buy.

Li Shaobin stood around for a while and started yawning but Ruan Yang was totally oblivious. She lowered her head as she studied the rows of books on the shelves. Her black hair under her brown beret settled loosely on her shoulders. The tip of her nose and eyebrows which were exposed were covered by a faint shadow, making her exude a sort of fleeting serenity and elegance.

It was a woman like this who actually said something so demanding in front of him.

Li Shaobin suddenly felt that was incredible and he blanked out while watching her. After he was done looking at her face, he looked at her hands. Her hands were fair and her fingers were long. She was wearing a ruby ring on her thumb. He didn't know whether it was because the ruby was beautiful or her hand that was beautiful, but in any case, he couldn't shift his gaze away.

She walked and stopped repeatedly just like that. Without realizing it, she suddenly had four to five books in her arms. The weight on her arm reminded her that there was a man beside her. She lifted her head and was shocked to realize that he was still following her. "Are you bored?"

"Even if I'm bored, I have to wait for you to treat me to a sumptuous meal." Li Shaobin raised his dashing brows.

"Then help me hold these books." Ruan Yang passed the books to him straight away.

Li Shaobin quickly held them tightly and complained: "Aye, you're pretty bold. You dare to get me to hold your books."

"Shhh." Ruan Yang turned around with her fingers to her lips. Her lips puckered sexily.

Li Shaobin didn't understand and continued on: "Ever since I was young, no one has dared to get me to hold books. Not even my parents…"

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》