So You're Such A Doctor Song
393 Yeah, Don“t You Know That Women Are This Stubborn?
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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393 Yeah, Don“t You Know That Women Are This Stubborn?

"Shhh." She said once again, but this time, she put her fingers to his lips.

Li Shaobin froze. Her finger was pressing on his lips and the tip of her finger was almost touching the tip of his nose. He didn't know what she applied on her hands, but even during the winter, her hands didn't seem dry and they actually smelled good. How incredible.

"This is a bookstore—everyone's quiet. If you're going to make so much noise, everyone will look over here." Ruan Yang saw his dumbfounded look and realized that her actions were quite inappropriate. She retracted her finger embarrassedly as she explained to him softly.

Li Shaobin let out an "oh". Her hand had retracted and the scent had also faded away.

He pressed his lips together. He felt as though the warmth of her finger was still on his lips.

They walked past this row of bookshelves onto the next row. Ruan Yang began to study some of the recipe books excitedly and took two of them.

"You're even getting these?" Li Shaobin was speechless.

"I suddenly want to learn how to cook and make soup," Ruan Yang said with enthusiasm.

"What's so fun about cooking and making soup?" Li Shaobin pouted.

"Then is fighting and boxing fun?" Ruan Yang couldn't agree with him. "However, in a group of 10 people, there are 10 different personalities and hobbies. I might not be able to understand you and likewise, you cannot understand me."

Li Shaobin looked at the recipe book in his hands and said, "You're living alone. What's so fun about cooking for yourself?"

"That's true." Ruan Yang nodded. "Guess I'll have to find a man who's willing to drink the soup I make as soon as possible."

"Forget it. I don't think you'll be able to find one soon." Li Shaobin glanced at her. "Why don't you call me over the next time you make soup? I can still bring myself to try your cooking skills."

"You don't even like to eat plain and simple things." Ruan Yang smiled. "You don't need to bring yourself to do it."

"I just think it's so sad for you to make soup all alone," Li Shaobin said.

"Ah, found it." Ruan Yang suddenly bent down and stared at a set of books on the bottom shelf.

Li Shaobin took a look. "F*ck, don't tell me you're even going to buy Jin Yong's (1. Famous Chinese Author) books? I can memorize all the scenes in the drama serials."

"I came because I wanted to buy Jin Yong's books." Ruan Yang picked the books out, set by set. The store assistant at the side came over and said with a smile, "We have the books in a wrapped set. You don't have to pick them out one by one."

"Great. Can you get me a set?" Ruan Yang said.

When she was ready to pay, there were almost 50 books. Li Shaobin clicked his tongue and said, "Say, if I didn't come, how would you carry all these?"

"If you didn't come, I wouldn't have bought so many, of course." Ruan Yang smiled as she counted the money. Just as she was about to reach out and take the books, Li Shaobin gathered all of them in his arms.

"Can you even carry them? Let me help you with some." Ruan Yang reached her hand out.

Li Shaobin avoided her hand and even glared at her. "I am very strong. This is a piece of cake. Lead the way—we'll put these in your car first."

Ruan Yang noticed he really didn't look like he was struggling, so she walked towards the car park.

After they put the books down, Ruan Yang said, "Since I'm treating you, give me an address. I'll take you there for dinner."

"Then I want to have dog meat," Li Shaobin said as he rubbed his palms together.

Ruan Yang closed the book and said as she turned her head around: "I don't eat dog meat. Choose something else."

Li Shaobin was unhappy. "You're treating me. Of course you have to eat something I like."

"But I can't treat you to something I don't eat. Do you want me to just watch you eat?" Ruan Yang fixed some of her hair which was wrapped in the scarf. "When you go out for a meal with a woman, usually, when they say what I just said, you should ask her what she likes to eat and not only think about what you like to eat."

Li Shaobin glared at her. "Ruan Yang, you're so scheming."

"I'm not scheming. I'm teaching you how to win a woman's heart," Ruan Yang said lightly. "Forget it; let's go have some Western food. I feel like having Western food today."

Li Shaobin was dumbfounded. "Didn't you say you would treat me to what I liked to eat? Why are you making the decision?"

"Yeah, don't you know that women are this stubborn?" Ruan Yang curled her lips. "Don't say that I'm unreasonable. I'll let you choose which Western restaurant we're going to."

Li Shaobin watched blankly as she curled her sexy red lips. For some reason, he couldn't even feel angry. If this was in the past, he would've definitely scolded her for being unreasonable.

Ruan Yang opened the car door and was about to get in, but when she turned around and looked at him, she paused and said, "I think you should change into a nicer set of clothes."

"Why do you need me to change when we're just having a meal?" Li Shaobin's handsome face fell.

"Why do you keep wearing this red sweater? It really doesn't suit you." Ruan Yang smiled. "I think… you should wear something dashing and formal since it's our first time having Western food outside."

"It's not even a date…" Li Shaobin pouted and said unhappily, "My nephew said I look very handsome in this red sweater. Is there something wrong with your taste?"

"You mean Xiaoxia?" Ruan Yang tilted her head slightly and thought that perhaps their entire family didn't have much taste. "Was he pranking you on purpose?"

Li Shaobin was stunned and suddenly thought that was very possible.

F*ck, no wonder every time Luo Xiru saw me in this sweater, her expression looked weird. This darn Li Xiaoxia. Let's see how I'm going to teach him a lesson.

"Let's go." Ruan Yang turned her head back and her eyes shone. "If the person I'm having dinner with is very handsome, I think I would have a very good appetite."

When Li Shaobin met her gaze, he blushed inexplicably and was stunned for a few seconds before he chased after her and said, "Hey, what do you mean? You sound as if I'm not very handsome at all right now."

"That's not it, but I think you could be a little more handsome." Ruan Yang put her hands in her pockets and watched him intently without any awkwardness or embarrassment.

Li Shaobin couldn't help but avert his gaze because of her stare. That was weird. If this was in the past, he wouldn't have avoided any woman's gaze like this.

Perhaps it was because no other women had dared to look at him like that before.


The top-tier men's clothing brands were on the third floor. After Ruan Yang walked past a few men's clothing stores, she stopped right outside a store that seemed very retro. She looked at the suits on the models in the display window and said to the service staff, "Get this gentleman something of his size. I want the white shirt inside as well."

After saying that, she walked straight to the area displaying woolen overcoats. She picked out a light brown woolen overcoat and passed it to Li Shaobin. "Pair this over the suit."

"You want me to wear this?" Li Shaobin was stunned. He had never worn clothes like this.

"Mm." Ruan Yang nodded. "Give it a try. You might look good."

Li Shaobin brought the clothes into the changing room suspiciously. He changed into the pants first, then the shirt, then the jacket and lastly, the woolen overcoat. When he walked out, he felt a little unconfident, but when he saw Ruan Yang's gaze, he froze for a while. He began to feel proud. "Do I look very handsome?"

Ruan Yang remained silent. She walked over with her hands in her pockets and suddenly stared at him.

"What do you want… why are you looking at me like that?" Li Shaobin asked unnaturally as he tried to move his head to avoid her gaze.

"Don't wear your ear stud. Can I remove it for you?" Ruan Yang asked.

Li Shaobin was stunned. He hesitated for a while before nodding.

Ruan Yang walked to him and her fingers touched his ear. Li Shaobin lowered his head and turned it slightly. He could see a slight smile in her eyes very clearly. The light above her head seemed to cast a golden glow over her plain hair.

He held his breath and his body stiffened as he didn't really dare to move until she had removed his earring and put it in his palm. "There, perfect."

Li Shaobin walked to the mirror. Changqing had also picked clothes for him in the past, but back then, the clothes made him look very energetic. Now, the exquisite suit and overcoat on him made him look very mature, like a mature businessman.

F*ck, he felt so handsome and that he had a very good body.

"I picked a few more sets for you just now. Go try them out and buy more so that you can wear them in the winter." Ruan Yang walked towards the service staff and snapped her fingers. The service staff came over with four to five other sets.

Li Shaobin was completely flabbergasted. That was fast.

He tried all of them based on how she paired them. They were all different styles but when he put them on, he not only felt that he would be kept warm, but they also made him look very dashing.

When they came out after paying, Li Shaobin was wearing the first set of clothes he tried on. When they took the elevator down, he realized there were many women turning their heads back to look at him upstairs and downstairs.

He couldn't help but puff out his chest. When they exited the elevator, he quickly bent down and whispered to Ruan Yang, "Did you see that? So many women were peeking at me. Aren't I very handsome now?"

"Yeah, you're very handsome." Ruan Yang smiled and nodded. "You have to get used to this in the future."

"That's crazy. I'll be troubled by this," Li Shaobin said happily as he pressed his lips together and curled them up.

Ruan Yang smiled. She didn't think there would be such an interesting man among men reaching the age of 30.

Li Shaobin was in a good mood, so he gave in to her craving for Western food and even brought her to a very good Western restaurant. The wall lights in the restaurant were dim and the moment they walked in, they could sense a very rich, ancient, European atmosphere. Every table had a silver candle holder and there was even a European fireplace on one of the walls.

"I couldn't tell that you would even know of a place this fine," Ruan Yang praised him. "Have you come here before with the female cop?"

"Stop mentioning that female cop," Li Shaobin said as his mood dampened.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》