So You're Such A Doctor Song
397 Teach Zhao Zhu A Lesson
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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397 Teach Zhao Zhu A Lesson

In the past, Li Shaobin wouldn't be interested in such movies, but today, for some reason, he didn't change the channel. Instead, he took his time to appreciate the movie on his couch.

He had to admit that Ruan Yang was really beautiful in the movie. She looked beautiful when she threw a tantrum, when she smiled, and when she cried. Li Shaobin propped his head on his hand as he watched. How could she be so pretty and so pure? No wonder Li Xiaoxia always watched her movies over and over again every day—once when he woke up and once at night before he went to sleep. He would even put her posters up on his bedroom wall.

After the movie ended, Li Shaobin still couldn't fall asleep, so he picked a modern-day movie that Ruan Yang starred in as well. In the movie, she was a blind girl. This was the film that got her the best female actress award. The movie was more of an Arts film. In the movie, she seemed to be really blind. Her hair was a mess every day, but even so, she was still very beautiful…

He went on watching before going to sleep at 5 am the next day. He slept all the way until noon when he was woken up by Grandma Li for lunch.

"This child—what time did you sleep last night? Staying up late at night and not having breakfast isn't good for your body…" Grandma Li nagged until Li Shaobin's ears hurt. He finished his breakfast in a hurry and escaped to Li Hall.

There was a mini theater in Li Hall. He went to look for other films Ruan Yang starred in and binge-watched them.

When Hu Zhi brought in a plate of fruit for him and saw him lying on the couch watching a movie intently, he sighed. Boss is severely ill these days. He was talking about reading novels and now, he's started watching movies. Didn't he hate watching movies in the past?

However, when he saw Ruan Yang appear on the screen, Hu Zhi was stunned. He thought for a while and seemed to understand what was going on. He chuckled as he went over. "Boss, have you really set your eyes on Ruan Yang?"

"Who has?" Li Shaobin glared at him. "I just didn't have anything to do so I found a movie to watch. It just so happened that this movie isn't bad."

"Oh, I see." Hu Zhi nodded. "Right, Ruan Yang gave me a call this morning. She asked me if there were any bars that were fairly private. She wanted to go with some of her friends at night so I recommended Extravagance to her. I even called CEO Ma to tell him to take better care of them."

"Extravagance?" Li Shaobin blinked.

"Yeah. Extravagance." Hu Zhi watched how Li Shaobin spaced out and laughed inside secretly. It was so obvious that he had already set his eyes on her, yet he still denied it.


Li Shaobin appeared at Extravagance at 8 pm. There were only a few people inside, but Boss Ma from Extravagance came over personally to welcome him. "Young Master Li, what brings you here today? Why didn't you let us know? Are you by yourself today?"

"Yeah, I came to sit because I was bored. Are you going to prepare that suite for me upstairs?" Li Shaobin asked, "It's empty, right?"

"It's empty, it's empty." Boss Ma took him upstairs. The suite he was referring to was the best in the entire bar. One could see everything downstairs while sitting inside.

When Li Shaobin entered, he said lightly, "Go on with what you need to do. You don't have to worry about me; I want to be alone."

"Oh, sure, sure, sure." Boss Ma nodded. He was bewildered and puzzled. Li Shaobin, who loved crowds, suddenly wanted to be alone. Gosh.

He closed the door behind him and got someone to make sure Li Shaobin was properly serviced.


After around 40 minutes, he saw Guan Ying at the door. Following behind her was a woman in a white leather top. Her leather top was cropped, revealing her slender waist. She had a baseball cap on and a scarf around her neck. When she entered, she undid one loop of the scarf.

The two sat at a bar table and ordered two cocktails. They toasted each other occasionally and spoke softly in each other's ears.

A while later, Guan Ying suddenly went on stage and walked towards the microphone. She sat quietly on a high stool and sang "A Pity It's Not You".

Guan Ying's voice was as gentle as water and her voice made the entire bar fall silent as everyone listened to her.

Ruan Yang turned around to rest both arms on the bar table while she tilted her head quietly, watching Guan Ying on stage. She occasionally took sips of her cocktail and when the colored lights swept past her, Li Shaobin could see a magnetic force in her crystal clear eyes.

Li Shaobin had a cigarette between his fingers, which he only remembered when he felt a burn. He retracted his fingers and the cigarette butt fell to the floor.

He stepped on it with frustration and when he lifted his head once again, there was a woman standing right next to Ruan Yang. However, it wasn't Guan Ying—it was Zhao Zhu, dressed in a lavish coat.

"F*ck, what is that little b*tch doing here?" Li Shaobin quickly stood up and headed downstairs.


Downstairs, Ruan Yang continued to sip on her green cocktail. She had a slight smile on her face as she looked at the unfamiliar woman with exquisite makeup in front of her quietly and said with a smile, "Miss, I think you're mistaken."

Zhao Zhu scoffed. "Ruan Yang, drop the act. Didn't you already leave? Why did you come back again?"

"Please mind your words." Ruan Yang was still gentle and refined but a deep gloom flashed past the depths of her eyes. "Why does it concern you whether I'm back or not? Besides, I don't know you at all."

"Drop the act. How could you forget me? I'm afraid you'd only be hating me…" Before Zhao Zhu could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Guan Ying, who walked over quickly.

"Zhao Zhu, can you not behave like a mad dog biting people everywhere?" Guan Ying chided.

"Yo, it's you." Zhao Zhu scoffed. "Guan Ying, I think you're the dog. I remember how badly you were bullied last year. You almost got ganged up on by a few men. Don't think that just because you're a little more popular right now that you should think very highly of yourself. You're complete bullsh*t to me."

Guan Ying's face flushed with anger. Just as she took a step forward, Ruan Yang suddenly picked up the drink beside her and splashed it onto Zhao Zhu's face. Her exquisite makeup suddenly became totally ruined.

"Ruan Yang, are you mad?" Zhao Zhu screeched. "How dare you?!"

After saying that, she pounced at Ruan Yang. Ruan Yang dodged to the side and grabbed a plate of peas from the table and threw it at her once again.

Zhao Zhu's vision was blurred. A few friends behind her rushed up and started lashing out: "Ruan Yang, you're just a mistress. How dare you beat Miss Zhao? You're really shameless."

Ruan Yang was stunned. Zhao Zhu took this opportunity to grab a wine glass from the side and aimed it at her face. Ruan Yang didn't have the time to dodge it. Just as the glass was about to hit her, a hand suddenly reached out in front of her, gripping that wine glass. Immediately after that, a tall silhouette appeared in front of her. She watched as Li Shaobin grabbed the wine glass away from Zhao Zhu and smashed it right by Zhao Zhu's feet.

The glass shattered into pieces. Zhao Zhu was wearing stockings but the glass still cut her ankle, causing her to shout out in pain. "Li Shaobin, you've got guts. You dare to hit me?"

"I didn't hit you—you were just standing too close. Even the glass doesn't like you." Li Shaobin pointed at her with detest as he scolded her: "Let me tell you—if I wanted to hit you, it wouldn't even be like this. Get out of here right now. I find you f*cking disgusting."

"You're the disgusting one. You think I don't know that you're just unhappy your first love liked Xin Ziao. HAHA, Ziao said you're just like vermin that can't be chased away. Everyone's been saying you're abnormal. You don't even have a woman…"

Li Shaobin's face flushed with anger. He raised his palm and smacked Zhao Zhu's face directly.

As a man, he was very strong. This slap struck Zhao Zhu to the ground and her lips were also slightly grazed.

"You… you hit me." Zhao Zhu's cheek was in so much pain that she almost passed out.

"Yeah. If you're not leaving, I'm going to kick you." Li Shaobin kicked a chair at the side more than 10 meters away.

Following that, Zhao Zhu and a few other women were pale from shock. They quickly helped Zhao Zhu up and left. Zhao Zhu turned back and scolded him loudly, "LI SHAOBIN, JUST YOU WAIT. I WON'T LET THIS MATTER REST SO EASILY. I'M GOING TO TELL THE XIN FAMILY THAT YOU HIT ME…"

Li Shaobin couldn't be bothered with her. He grabbed a wine glass on the bar table straight away and smashed it in the direction of Zhao Zhu. The few women let out shrieks, suddenly flustered, and that ended the chaos.

Ruan Yang looked at the angry man with shock. She thought she had offended this woman in some way previously, but she didn't think that Li Shaobin seemed to also have some grudge against her. There was also someone called Xin Ziao. Why did that name sound so familiar?

"Young Master Li, thank you for helping us out today." Guan Ying forced out a stiff smile as she came over to thank him.

"It's nothing. I didn't like the face of this woman anyway." Li Shaobin was really angry. She actually said there was something wrong with him. Preposterous. "I think she's just sick. Crazy. She needs to get her brain checked."

Guan Ying laughed bitterly. Sometimes, she also felt that Zhao Zhu was like a mad dog biting everyone. "I think she won't let the matter rest after being hit by you today."

"Like I would be scared of her," Li Shaobin scoffed.

"Who is she?" Ruan Yang, standing behind them, suddenly spoke up in bewilderment. "Why did she say I'm a mistress?"

"Ruan Yang, don't listen to her nonsense," Guan Ying quickly said. "She hurt me, Changqing, and Duoyao in the past. God knows how many evil things she's done."

"That's right." Li Shaobin nodded angrily. He thought for a while and said, "In any case, there's something wrong with this woman."

"Then who is this Xin Ziao she was referring to? It's a familiar name," Ruan Yang asked suspiciously.

"She is Song Chuyi's classmate. You might've heard of this name." Li Shaobin changed the topic. "I think we should leave. Let me treat you girls to supper."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》