So You're Such A Doctor Song
407 I Don’t. I Never Even Thought About That. Ruan Yang, You“re Too Dirty
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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407 I Don’t. I Never Even Thought About That. Ruan Yang, You“re Too Dirty

Li Shaobin was bewildered by her smile. "I was just raising my opinions bravely. You don't have to be so overbearing."

"Yeah. I am this overbearing. Do you have an opinion about that?" Ruan Yang said.

Li Shaobin replied softly, "And if I do?"

"Then make your own food." Ruan Yang motioned to the kitchen with her chin.

Li Shaobin said, aggrieved, "Ruan Yang, you don't dote on me."

Ruan Yang almost choked on her soup. It was too cheesy for a grown man to say something like that. "Shouldn't a man be doting on the woman? Why should I dote on you? If you want someone to dote on you, go find an older sister or an auntie as your girlfriend. She will definitely dote on you like you're her baby."

Li Shaobin's brows twitched.

An older sister… an auntie?

To think she could even say something like that.

"If you complain again, I won't call you over when I cook next time," Ruan Yang added after thinking for a while.

Upon hearing that, Li Shaobin cowered. If they couldn't eat together, how much fun would he be missing out on?

Forget it, he'd better eat obediently.

After dinner, Ruan Yang put her chopsticks down. She stretched and told him: "Clear the things up and do the dishes. I'm a little tired."

Li Shaobin: "…"

Did he hear wrong? She told him to clear up?

No one had never dared to treat him like this. Not even his parents or grandparents.

"I've never done the dishes before." He glared, hinting very obviously.

"It's very easy. You can start learning today." Ruan Yang picked up her book lazily and said, "Shouldn't you dote on me too?"

"But you didn't dote on me." Li Shaobin was really aggrieved. It seemed like no matter what, he had to do the dishes, so he said, "If you let me kiss you, I'll do the dishes."

"You have to bargain even for doing the dishes?" Ruan Yang shook her head and got up. "Forget it. I'll do them myself but I won't let you kiss me again."

"Why?" Li Shaobin was flustered when he heard that. That would be even more unbearable than not letting him eat with her.

"I don't like you acting like this." Ruan Yang stacked the bowls together. "It seems as though I can only get you to do something if I give you something. I don't have so much to give you in my entire life. If you're not willing to do it, I'll do it myself."

Li Shaobin was at a loss. He felt that things were going wrong and he quickly reached out to help her. "Let me do it."

"It's okay." Ruan Yang ignored him and took the dishes into the kitchen to wash.

Li Shaobin felt regretful. Wasn't it just doing the dishes? Why must he come up with so many excuses? Fine, now he couldn't even kiss her at night.

Because of the kiss, he still walked over shamelessly. "Ruan Yang, let me help you."

"It's okay, in case you ask me for something again after the dishes are done." Ruan Yang brushed his hand away.

"I don't want anything. Won't that do?" Li Shaobin said.

"It's too late; I gave you a chance. You didn't know how to cherish it." Ruan Yang used hot water to rinse the dishes dry as she spoke without even lifting her head.

Li Shaobin felt aggrieved. The chance she gave him was doing the dishes? What kind of chance was that?


After Ruan Yang was done with the dishes, she lay back on the couch to continue reading. Li Shaobin went over and hugged her. "Stop reading. Let's go out for a walk."

"I don't feel like it. I'm tired after doing the dishes," Ruan Yang said softly.

Li Shaobin pouted. This woman really bore grudges. "Don't cook next time. Let's go out and eat."

"The food outside is unhygienic. Besides, I like eating at home," Ruan Yang said after flipping a page.

Li Shaobin was anxious. "Then I'll hire a housekeeper for you."

"Do I lack money to hire a housekeeper?" Ruan Yang smiled lightly.

Li Shaobin lowered his head and gave up. "Then I'll do the dishes in the future, alright?"

Only then did Ruan Yang lift her gaze up to look at the pitiful man. She smiled. "Why don't we go out for a movie? I haven't watched a movie in a long time."

Li Shaobin's face sank again. "Ruan Yang, you're a public figure. If you go out for a movie, what would we do if someone recognized you?"

"I came back from Guangzhou this time without getting recognized. You're just saying all this because you don't want to go. You want to go boxing?" Ruan Yang raised her brows. "Why don't I go to the boxing gym with you? But after seeing men with their shirts off and their faces all swollen from getting beaten, stinky, and dripping with sweat, I might not be able to help disliking you."

Upon hearing her say she might dislike him, the matter appeared serious to him, so he quickly dispelled the thought of bringing the woman to a boxing gym in the future. "But it's so boring to watch a movie. I'm afraid I might doze off."

"Don't you think that as long as you're with someone you like, even doing something very boring becomes very interesting?" Ruan Yang glanced at him with her clear and mesmerizing eyes. "Unless you don't like me."

"How could I not like you?" Li Shaobin became nervous again. "You're right; I can do anything with you. If you want to watch a movie, I'll go with you. What do you want to watch? I'll get the tickets."

"You're so nice. Let me get changed." Ruan Yang smiled broadly and turned her head to give him a peck on his cheek before going upstairs.

Li Shaobin touched his cheek blankly. The thought of the feeling of her soft lips made him feel as sweet as honey.

If he had known earlier that she would kiss him like that, he would've agreed to watch a movie right at the start.

Actually, watching a movie was pretty interesting.

Li Shaobin started to search for the movies airing tonight but he hadn't booked tickets before. After searching for a very long while, he still didn't know how to do it, so he called Hu Zhi and downloaded an app.

After more than 10 minutes, Ruan Yang came down. She had put on a grey long overcoat casually with her long hair resting on her shoulders. She wore a pair of black wide trousers but because she was tall, she didn't look fat. Instead, she gave off an imposing aura.

When she went out, she changed into a pair of white sneakers. Li Shaobin recalled that he happened to be wearing a pair of white sneakers too, so he said, "Look—don't you think we look like we're wearing couple shoes?"

"Yeah, I might've worn white because I saw that you wore white." Ruan Yang smiled as she turned her head back.

Li Shaobin felt his chest tightening and couldn't help but feel like he was floating away. Did that mean she was wearing couple shoes with him on purpose?

Oh my, could Ruan Yang not speak in a way that would provoke him?

"I think… we both look good in white sneakers," Li Shaobin said shyly.

"Mm." Ruan Yang turned her head to the side to look him in the eye. "You're quite handsome now too."

Li Shaobin blushed once again. He felt his heart starting to float again.

This woman was definitely seducing him.

"I've always known that I'm quite handsome," he said softly after a while.


The two of them went to a cinema which was a little further away from the city center. There weren't many people around. Li Shaobin rarely caught movies so Ruan Yang collected the tickets and they entered before the show started. In the huge theater, there were fewer than 20 people. The two of them sat in the back as they watched an Arts film about the Republican era.

Ruan Yang was very into the film but Li Shaobin was already getting restless 10 minutes into the movie. Another five minutes later, he started nodding off.

Ruan Yang looked at him and asked, "Do you want to sleep?"

Li Shaobin shuddered and shook his head.

"Sleep if you want to." She patted her legs. "Why don't I let you lie on my lap?"

Li Shaobin's eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously. He tilted his body and leaned on her lap. Although she had her bag on her lap, the back of his head was against her abdomen and he could smell the faint scent of her body. Besides, she even placed her little hand on his arm. He felt completely satisfied, as though he was dreaming.

After lying there for a while, he felt unsatisfied with lying on her bag so he said pitifully, "Ruan Yang, your bag is hurting me. Can you take it away?"

"Without the bag, it might be too low for you. It'll be more uncomfortable," Ruan Yang said softly.

"It won't. It definitely won't be uncomfortable." He couldn't wait to enjoy being able to lie on her thighs.

Ruan Yang looked down and watched him in the darkness for a few seconds. Suddenly, she lowered her head and said, in his ears, at a volume that only the two of them could hear: "Li Shaobin, you gangster. Don't think I don't know what you're thinking about. You want to sleep on my thighs, right?"

He didn't think that he would be exposed so quickly. Li Shaobin was so embarrassed that he only wished hie could disappear into a hole, but he insisted, "I don't. I never even thought about that. Ruan Yang, you're too dirty."

"Who's the dirty one? You don't have to be so impatient. It's not like I won't let you lie on my thighs. It's just that you can't do it now." Ruan Yang's soft breath grazed past his ears.

"Then when can I lie on your thighs?" Li Shaobin quickly said.

"And you're still denying that you want to lie on my thighs?" Ruan Yang had a meaningful expression on her face.

Li Shaobin bit his lip. Alright, he got tricked by her. So he said, "Alright, I admit it. I want to. Ruan Yang, you smell so good."

Ruan Yang's face heated up. Luckily, no one was sitting beside them. Otherwise, it would really be very embarrassing.

However, he looked quite cute when he looked at her with those clear eyes.

She covered his eyes and said, "Stop looking. Sleep."

Li Shaobin turned his face over so that he wasn't facing her abdomen. Her scent seemed to be able to infuse into his body, making him feel as though he wasn't watching a movie in a movie theater but in a large bed that she had been lying in for a very long time. It was all soft and warm all over.

Not only that, but it felt good to have her soft little hand caressing the back of his head.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》