So You're Such A Doctor Song
408 F*ck, I just saw Xin Ziao Below Ruan Yang“s Apartmen
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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408 F*ck, I just saw Xin Ziao Below Ruan Yang“s Apartmen

When the 2-hour movie ended, Li Shaobin was still immersed in his enjoyment. He only pretended to yawn when Ruan Yang pushed him a little, saying, "It's done already?"

Ruan Yang knew he hadn't really slept at all. She smiled and didn't expose him. "Yeah. Get up quickly—it's time to go."

"Oh." Li Shaobin sat right up.

When they were on their way out, he said, "Watching movies is actually quite interesting. Let's come more often."

Ruan Yang said with a grin, "Doesn't your neck feel uncomfortable?"

Li Shaobin moved his stiff neck when he heard that. It was a little uncomfortable but he could endure all discomfort as long as he could lie on her thighs. "Nope, it's fine. Ruan Yang, let's have supper. I'm a little hungry."

"… Alright." Ruan Yang knew that he didn't eat much that night. Besides, the dishes she made were all bland so it would be easy for men especially to feel hungry again.

Li Shaobin was delighted and took her to a supper place by the beach which he frequented regularly. After they settled down, he ordered quite a lot of food and binged indulgently. He lifted his head and saw Ruan Yang only eating a little. He frowned. "Ruan Yang, you don't like the food?"

"It's a little spicy," she said. "Besides, I'm not like Changqing and Duoyao. I'll gain weight easily if I eat at night."

"It's alright. I'd still like you even if you gained weight." Li Shaobin smiled with his pearly white teeth showing.

Ruan Yang swept her hair to the back and smiled a little helplessly. "I feel that women should still be mindful of their image. Sometimes, a man wouldn't really stay faithful just because he says he won't have a change of heart."

Li Shaobin felt nervous when he heard that. Had she recalled anything about Xin Ziao? "Don't let your thoughts run wild. You can't be traumatized because of a little setback."

Ruan Yang was stunned and understood what he meant. "Did you think I was referring to Xin Ziao?"

"Aren't you?"

Ruan Yang shook her head. "Of course not. I was referring to… my parents."

"Your parents?" Li Shaobin was stunned. "Don't tell me your parents…"

"My dad cheated on my mom once," Ruan Yang said plainly as she held a cup of warm tea in her hands. "When I was in middle school. My mom was a very traditional woman. She was quite beautiful when she was young, but after giving birth to me, she didn't work and was busy taking care of the family. Slowly, she gained weight and stopped dolling herself up. My dad cheated on her then. Although he came back and still liked my mom, it didn't dismiss the fact that he was once smitten by beautiful women outside. So I don't really believe men when they say things like no matter how ugly, fat, or terrible you become and no matter how much time has passed, they'll still like you."

Li Shaobin spaced out for a while. He never thought that Ruan Yang had such a past. If it were him, he would've definitely beaten up his father angrily but his family was doing fine and such things hadn't happened. "Don't think that way. My dad is pretty loyal to my mom. He's never done anything to let her down."

"Of course, not all men are like that. There are still fine men, ordinary men, and bad men out there. After all, everlasting love still exists in this world." Ruan Yang took a little sip of the tea elegantly. "But ever since I was young, I've already been accustomed to seeking perfection for myself in every aspect. I won't lower my expectations of myself because of others."

"Then… that must get so tiring." Li Shaobin felt a little sympathetic for her.

"It's alright. It just needs some getting used to." Ruan Yang smiled. "Hurry up and finish your food. Supper doesn't taste good cold."

Li Shaobin didn't finish everything, maybe because eating was also a social activity and Ruan Yang ate too little.


After paying for the meal, Li Shaobin took her home. Just as they were about to reach the entrance of the Rong estate, he saw a grey Bentley Flying Spur parked at the side. Xin Ziao was dressed in a black overcoat, leaning against the side of the car as he smoked.

He quickly wound up the opened windows. Ruan Yang, who was playing with her phone, didn't realize. She only lifted her head when he drove into the car park. "We've arrived?"

"Mm." Li Shaobin looked as though he had lost his senses. His entire mind was filled with the scene of Xin Ziao waiting outside.

Ruan Yang unbuckled her seatbelt. "Then I'll head up first. Go back soon."

"Oh." Li Shaobin was still thinking of asking her to kiss him when they were on the way back but now, Xin Ziao made him lose all desire for that. "Then you should hurry back up."

He was now afraid that Xin Ziao, that b*stard, would come in. What if Ruan Yang regained her memory when she saw him? He hadn't even set everything in stone with her yet.

"Drive carefully." Ruan Yang had a questioning look in her eyes as she opened the car door and went upstairs.

Li Shaobin drove the car out slowly. He had a new car and on top of that, his windows were tinted so that no one could see what was inside clearly. Xin Ziao definitely wouldn't know that this car was his.

When he drove out of the estate, he slowed down on purpose. Xin Ziao was still standing there, smoking. Perhaps it was because of his handsomeness and also because of his expensive car that passersby would glance at him.

Li Shaobin cursed silently before driving off. He called Hu Zhi. "F*ck, I just saw Xin Ziao below Ruan Yan's apartment. Don't tell me he's here to pester Ruan Yang again."

"Boss, that's very likely." Hu Zhi felt nervous when he heard that too. After all, this Xin Ziao was Boss's lifelong love rival. If Ruan Yang was snatched away again, he would definitely have bad days ahead as Boss's subordinate.

"Why is a married man always pestering her? How shameless," Li Shaobin scolded angrily. "I didn't see him around before. Find out why he came."

"Er… I think it's because Xin Ziao found out Ruan Yang is back," Hu Zhi said. "Didn't Ruan Yang run into Zhao Zhu at the bar back then? Zhao Zhu went to make trouble with Guan Ying afterward. She wanted to inform the media so that they could make trouble with Ruan Yang too but you blocked the news. However, I think news about Ruan Yang's return still got to Xin Ziao."

"What's Xin Ziao trying to do? He already has a wife. Why must he keep pestering Ruan Yang?" Li Shaobin was anxious. "If he comes here every day, what happens if Ruan Yang runs into him? Also, would he go up to look for Ruan Yang? Aiya, this won't do. I have to go back to see Ruan Yang."

"Boss, don't worry. Previously, I was afraid that Zhao Zhu would make trouble with Ruan Yang, so I instructed the security officer at Ruan Yang's estate to not allow any random people into Ruan Yang's block. Also, the security at the estate is pretty strict, so Xin Ziao definitely won't be able to go in," Hu Zhi said with a smile.

"Well done. I'll increase your pay next month." Li Shaobin heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. "But things can't go on like that. Xin Ziao will definitely think of a way to see Ruan Yang. Is there a way to make Ruan Yang move out?"

Hu Zhi thought for a while and said, "There's an easy way. All you have to do is leak Ruan Yang's address and hire a few reporters to come over. Then you can tell Ruan Yang that her address was leaked. By that time, Ruan Yang would definitely think of a way to move and you could suggest for her to move in with you. Of course, it can't be the villa you have outside. Otherwise, your motive would be too obvious. It can be another spot since you have more than just one property."

"That's a good plan but would this be… too scheming?" Li Shaobin was a little worried.

"Boss, sometimes, using some schemes in love is unavoidable. Besides, you're trying to help her. If Xin Ziao were to pester her again, then that would be worse. You're saving her from that. You're being helpful and kind."

"You seem to make some sense. Then let's do it. Hurry up, take action tonight." On the thought that Ruan Yang would move to his house, Li Shaobin felt pretty excited. "But I don't want to see Xin Ziao loitering below Ruan Yang's apartment. Has he been too free lately? Isn't Zhao Zhu very impressive? Why can't she control Xin Ziao? Help me find out."


When Ruan Yang had just woken up the next time, just as she was washing her face with a towel, her phone suddenly rang. It was a call from the property manager. "Miss Ruan, your address was somehow leaked. There are many reporters outside your house right now. Although we've blocked them out temporarily, there are still many other residents here. I think they will definitely try to sneak in, so you have to take note and avoid opening the door for anyone."

Ruan Yang was stunned. The previous time someone recognized her at the hospital was still a traumatizing scene for her. She had a subconscious hatred for these reporters.

She was listless as she made breakfast at home. At around 10 am, she suddenly heard the doorbell ringing and she jumped. When she walked to the door to look through the peephole and saw Li Shaobin, she opened it slowly.

"Ruan Yang, do you know there are a lot of reporters outside the estate?" Li Shaobin closed the door quickly and carefully as he said, "Hu Zhi told me it was Zhao Zhu, the one who picked a fight with you at the bar previously, who leaked your address on purpose. That woman is too vile."

"I see." Ruan Yang frowned. "I'm already not in contact with that Xin Ziao, so what else does she want?"

"She's just twisted," Li Shaobin said angrily. "Changqing knows that very well. She's just like a mad dog. I think you shouldn't live here anymore. The paparazzi these days can go anywhere."

Ruan Yang was stunned. "But where should I move to if I don't live here?"

"Why don't you move to an apartment I have in the northern part of the city first?" Li Shaobin said. "I haven't lived there before; it's always been empty."

"That… isn't appropriate." Ruan Yang was hesitant.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》