So You're Such A Doctor Song
419 Ruan Yang Is My Girlfriend Now
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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419 Ruan Yang Is My Girlfriend Now

Li Xiaoxia felt embarrassed. When he got up early that morning, he chose his clothes very carefully, but he felt that winter clothes were all thick and ugly. They couldn't bring out his dashing figure at all, so he clenched his teeth and came out in denim. When he was going out, He Mingshan insisted on making him put on more clothes. Luckily, he scooted off quickly enough, but now, he realized how cold it was. However, the cold was nothing compared to looking cool, so he lifted his chest up and shook his head vigorously. "How could I be cold? I'm the least afraid of the cold."

Ruan Yang looked suspicious. She remembered he was just rubbing his hands together so she reached out to hold his little hands. "They're so cold."

Li Xiaoxia's hands were cold but his face flushed red with agitation. Ruan Yang was actually holding his little hands. How exciting.

"I think we'd better get you some clothes." Ruan Yang thought if the child were to catch a cold, his parents would worry. Even though young children didn't like to put on a lot of clothes, she had to take responsibility since he was out with her. "I think there's a mall around here. I'll buy you some."

"It's okay, it's okay." Li Xiaoxia waved his hands vigorously. "How could I let Sister Ruan Yang buy clothes for me?"

"That's nothing; you're a little boy after all." Ruan Yang smiled. "I know you boys like to look cool. I'll choose a dashing coat for you. Won't that do?"

Li Xiaoxia's face flushed red. He didn't think Ruan Yang would be able to see through his little gimmick. How embarrassing. Thus, he said, "It's not that I want to look cool. I just don't want to look ugly."

"I get it, but you'll feel even colder if you wear this in the mountains. I wouldn't feel reassured about going to Lu Shan with you like this." Ruan Yang started the engine with a smile.


After 10 minutes, she parked her car at a mall. Ruan Yang picked a military-styled down jacket for him at a children's clothing store.

Li Xiaoxia didn't like to wear down jackets but Ruan Yang kept saying he looked handsome when she saw him put it on. That made him very happy so he started to wear the down jacket.

However, when they were about to pay the bill, he insisted on forking out the money and even said, "How can a man allow a girl to fork out money for his clothes? That's not good."

"I'm not a girl." Ruan Yang found him funny.

"That wouldn't do even if you're not a girl. My dad said it's very ungentlemanly to have a woman or a girl pay. Anyway, I have a lot of money from my red pockets." Li Xiaoxia waved his card and said, "I'm very thrifty. I haven't used my pocket-money since I was young. I plan to spend it on my future girlfriend."

"Wow, your girlfriend will be so happy." Ruan Yang was very happy.

"But of course." Li Xiaoxia raised his brows proudly. As long as she was willing to become his girlfriend, he was willing to spend all his red pocket money on her.

After putting on the dashing down jacket, Li Xiaoxia no longer felt cold. When they finally arrived at Lu Shan, he ran towards the mountain energetically and even took out his camera from time to time to take photographs, some even with Ruan Yang.

It had been a long time since Ruan Yang came out on a hike too. Although it was cold and the path was difficult to walk on, Lu Shan in winter was covered with a blanket of white snow and there were very few people, making it beautiful and tranquil. Sometimes, Li Xiaoxia would shake some branches mischievously, causing the snow on the branches to dance in the sky before falling down.

Just as they were to reach the peak, Li Shaobin called. "Yangyang, where are you? Let's have dinner together."

"You can have some free time tonight." Ruan Yang felt that she shouldn't tell him that she was with his nephew in case he came over. That would cause his family to find out, but she still wasn't ready to face his family. "I have something to do outside. I don't think I'll be free tonight."

"I don't want free time." Li Shaobin sounded resentful. "I want to be tied down by you."

"…" Ruan Yang felt like giving him a slap. "Alright, I'll tie you down tomorrow, alright?"

"Sure." Li Shaobin had no other choice. "Don't keep running around. Be careful not to get caught by reporters."

"I won't."

"Call me if anything happens."

"I will." Ruan Yang found him funny. He made it sound as though she was about to do something dangerous.

"Sister Ruan Yang, come quickly. The lake is all frozen up—it's beautiful," Li Xiaoxia shouted from on top.

"Alright, coming." Ruan Yang quickened her pace.


The two played around on the mountain before coming down after 6 pm. Ruan Yang treated him to hotpot outside before taking him home.

"Sister Ruan Yang, let's meet again next time." When Li Xiaoxia got off the car, he threw her a flying kiss before hopping back into the villa.

"Xiaoxia, why are you back so late? Where did you go with your classmates?" He Mingshan looked at the down jacket he was wearing suspiciously. "Did you buy new clothes?"

"Yeah, isn't it dashing?" Li Xiaoxia said delightedly.

"Dashing your head. Your grandma told you to put on more clothes in the morning but you refused to listen then you go out wasting money to get yourself clothes," Li Zhongchi said with a stern look. "How many closets of clothes do you have at home already? You'll spend all your red pocket money sooner or later judging by how you waste your money away."

"You don't understand. You don't understand anything." Li Xiaoxia was in a good mood so he didn't feel angry despite being reprimanded by his father. He skipped upstairs.

"Don't tell me this lad got into some puppy love behind your back, Big Brother." Li Shaobin laughed out loud.

Li Zhongchi's face sank. He shouted at Li Xiaoxia sternly, "Stop, come down. Where did you go today? I've asked the parents of your friends in class. You didn't go out with them today."

"Why must you all always be so strict with me?" Li Xiaoxia was unhappy. He said angrily, "I feel just like a prisoner without any freedom."

"Would there be a need for me to be so strict with you if you were a little more obedient and studied harder?" Li Zhongchi was worried about him getting into a relationship at such a young age right now. After all, his son was only in middle school, but he had already started reading those kinds of books. How could he not be worried?

"I didn't do anything. I just… went to Lu Shan with Sister Ruan Yang." Li Xiaoxia pouted. "She saw that I wore very little clothes and was afraid that I would catch a cold, so she went to buy a jacket for me. She wanted to pay for it but I refused. Look, I even took a lot of beautiful pictures at Lu Shan. I intended to write an essay on it when I returned."

Li Zhongchi was stunned. Before he could even say a word, Li Shaobin had already stood up in a huff. "What? You went to Lu Shan with Ruan Yang?"

Darn, he hadn't even hiked with her before.

"Yeah." Li Xiaoxia looked at him proudly. "It's your fault for always not agreeing when I ask you to take me to meet my idol, so I could only go and look for her on my own. I know her number anyway. Sister Ruan Yang is super nice. She even treated me to hotpot and she just took me home."

He Mingshan frowned. "Xiaoxia, you're still so young. How can you keep hanging out with a female celebrity? Besides, Ruan Yang's reputation isn't very good now…"

"Mom, you're not allowed to spout nonsense."

"Grandma, I'm going to get angry if you talk about my idol like that."


The two angry voices spoke at the same time and He Mingshan was stunned. "What's with the both of you? Xiaoxia likes Ruan Yang, so I'll forget it. Binbin, what's with you?"

"What's with me? Mom, I don't like it when you talk bad about Ruan Yang." Li Xiaoxia snorted angrily. He felt a need to assert his dominance today. Otherwise, Li Xiaoxia would snatch his girlfriend from him. He couldn't tolerate something like that. "Ruan Yang is my girlfriend now."

"What?" Everyone in the house stood up at the same time. Everyone looked at each other as though they had just seen a ghost and He Mingshan was already dumbfounded.

Li Congyang was about to erupt when Li Xiaoxia jumped right into it. "Stop spouting nonsense. How could Sister Ruan Yang be your girlfriend? Her taste isn't that bad."

"What nonsense are you spouting?" Li Shaobin pulled his ears. "What's wrong with me? I'm way taller than you, way more handsome than you and I'm even rich. We're a match made in heaven."

"Nonsense." Li Xiaoxia would rather die than accept the truth. "I'm not fully grown yet, so how could Sister Ruan Yang look for you? She needs to be my girlfriend in the future."

"Hehe, sorry, but she's mine now. Do you see this? This is our couple ring." Li Shaobin waved the shining diamond ring on his hand delightedly. "Li Xiaoxia, you better be nicer to me in the future. If I were to say something about you to Ruan Yang, I guarantee she wouldn't want to see you anymore."

"You're a liar. I'm ignoring you." Li Xiaoxia pouted, looking as though he was about to cry.

"Aiya, Xiaoxia, don't cry." Grandma Li went over to give her great-grandson a hug tenderly.

Li Xiaoxia broke free from Grandma Li's embrace and glared at Li Shaobin with his reddened eyes before running back to his room upstairs.

The Li Family members' faces all sank when they saw that. What was all this nonsense? Uncle and nephew vying over a woman?

And the nephew was only in his first year of middle school?

What on earth?

Li Zhongchi rubbed his glabella. This wouldn't do. He had to digest the fact that his son suddenly matured at such a young age and that his younger brother wasn't a homosexual.

"Li Shaobin, you better explain yourself. How are you with Ruan Yang?" Li Congyang said sternly. "I hope this Ruan Yang isn't the Ruan Yang who was with Xin Ziao."

"I'm sorry, but it's that Ruan Yang," Li Shaobin said with his head and chest held high.

He Mingshan was anxious. "Son, even if you're arch enemies with Xin Ziao, you don't have to go for his ex-girlfriend. Moreover, Ruan Yang was the one who was ditched. If you really can't get over it, you can go for Zhao Zhu then ditch her."

"What nonsense?" Li Congyang glared at his wife.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》