So You're Such A Doctor Song
428 You“ve Already Gotten Your Way; You Don“t Have To Be In Such A Rush
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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428 You“ve Already Gotten Your Way; You Don“t Have To Be In Such A Rush

Ruan Yang watched his back in shock. Actually, even though she lost her memory, she could feel that men didn't really keep their words in this aspect. They would always say they wouldn't do anything, but when they reached that stage, they wouldn't care about a woman's consent. But he was different. He racked his brains just so that he could stay over, but he suddenly stepped on the brakes at this moment.

A person like that was either very good at capturing one's heart or simply wished to keep his promise.

But according to her understanding of Li Shaobin, he was definitely not a sly person, so he must be sincere.

She was deeply moved and her lips curled up slowly. "Now that you mention that… it's true. Besides, it's really not too good since there's no condom either."

"Yeah." Li Shaobin was half-cold and half-hot, so he felt terrible and didn't listen to what she said clearly.

When he had finally calmed himself down, Ruan Yang had already put her pajamas back on. He also put on his pajama pants listlessly and crawled back under the covers. Although he didn't eat Ruan Yang up cleanly from head to toe, he had already eaten all that he could on the outside, so he still felt pretty satisfied. As for the inner filling, there was no need to rush. He could eat her up whole slowly.

After a very long time, he suddenly recalled what Ruan Yang said just now. "Yangyang, what you said just now. Did you mean… when we have a condom next time, we can… do it?"

Ruan Yang was about to fall asleep and when she suddenly heard him say that, she let out a soft "mm" in her semi-conscious state.

Li Shaobin was stunned, then overjoyed, and at the same time, annoyed at how stupid he was. Why didn't he think of it when he went to buy toiletries just now?

Aiya, I'm not smart indeed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been single until now.

If he went down to buy some now, it would look too purposeful. Besides, Ruan Yang was already asleep.

Li Shaobin sighed miserably inside and secretly decided that he must get up early tomorrow.


Perhaps that thought was etched too deeply in his mind because at 6 am before day break the next morning, when Ruan Yang was still sound asleep, he took Ruan Yang's keys and put on his coat silently to run downstairs to buy the condoms. In the end, the supermarket downstairs hadn't opened, so he ran a few kilometers before he found a 24/7 convenience store and bought a box of condoms.

When he returned to the apartment, it was already past 7 am. Ruan Yang was still in bed. After washing up quietly, he took off his clothes and got back under the covers. Only then did she open her sleepy eyes a little bit. "Where did you go? I didn't see you early in the morning."

"Morning jog." Li Shaobin's chest was still rising and falling vigorously from the run and he also kept his voice low.

"You go for morning jogs?" Ruan Yang mumbled, flipped around, and continued sleeping again.

However, Li Shaobin couldn't fall asleep. He usually loved to sleep in, but right now, it was as though he was on steroids. He lay with her for almost an hour when Ruan Yang slowly roused but she didn't seem to want to get up or open her eyes. She just stayed under the covers, half-awake. This was the happiest moment during winter.

Li Shaobin switched the heater on silently and closed his eyes to kiss her on her soft lips.

Ruan Yang's lips were nibbled by him for a while and she had no choice but to open her eyes. She pushed him away lazily and said hoarsely, "Cut it out. I haven't brushed my teeth…"

"It's okay; I've brushed my teeth." Li Shaobin was using this chance when she still didn't want to move to quickly attack. He only hoped he could eat up every inch of her.

He had done it last night and on top of that, he went through it in his head several times when he was sleeping, so Li Shaobin got even better at it. In no time at all, Ruan Yang's face was covered with a layer of vibrant red as her breathing quickened.

He kicked the blanket to the floor. At this moment, the heater in the room made it warm. Ruan Yang opened her eyes to look at him dreamily.

Li Shaobin tore the packaging with all his might as he said nervously, "You said so yourself—we can do it as long as we have this. I specifically went to buy it this morning. I also kept my promise yesterday but I didn't make any promises about today."

Ruan Yang clenched her teeth. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. To think she felt a little moved last night. Who knew that this was what he was thinking? No wonder he disappeared early in the morning. She actually believed that he went for a morning jog.

Come to think of it now, I'm really silly and naive.

However, she had thought things through last night. Since he was already like this, she'd let him be. They were together anyway and what should happen would happen.

However, Li Shaobin was still pretty frustrated about the process. After trialing it for around five to six minutes, he slowly discovered some useful information.

When they were really together, Ruan Yang reached her arms out to hold him and within 10 seconds, his body stiffened.

Ruan Yang felt it too and she felt slightly embarrassed. Li Shaobin was also embarrassed. He crawled up in despair and walked to the bathroom.

Soon after, she could hear the sound of water rushing. Ruan Yang lay on the bed blankly. She currently felt very complicated inside, maybe because Li Shaobin was her first man in her current memory.

Li Shaobin came out after a brief rinse and happened to see Ruan Yang folding the blanket. He walked over with his head hanging low and he said, "Ruan Yang, don't misunderstand. I was too nervous just now."

"I know. I was very nervous just now too," Ruan Yang said as she looked at him with a smile.

Li Shaobin felt his chest heating up and he lowered his head to kiss her again. Ruan Yang covered her lips as she blushed. "Alright, you've already gotten your way. You don't have to be in such a rush. I'm already hungry."

"Then let's get some breakfast." He felt sweet inside. He was willing to even die for her at this moment. "Aiya, I know a really good buffet place. I'll take you there. Go get changed quickly."

Ruan Yang was pushed helplessly into the changing room and when she was changing, she could hear him calling to make a reservation.

She was actually very afraid of the cold so she basically didn't want to leave the house during the winter, but seeing how excited he was, she couldn't bear to reject him.


She wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck and went downstairs. Li Shaobin switched on the heater immediately after getting into the car and it was a mere 20-minute car ride to the buffet restaurant. It was actually in the tallest hotel in Northern City on the 49th floor, the top floor. There weren't many people in the restaurant but every breakfast dish was exquisite. When Ruan Yang entered, from the style of dress and demeanor of the few customers whom she saw, she could tell they weren't normal rich people.

Li Shaobin reserved a table by the window and the long table was already filled with breakfast food.

Ruan Yang sat down and looked down at the entire city from the tallest building in the city. After the heavy snow, everything was covered with a layer of white, and it was so beautiful that it looked like a city that could only exist in paradise.

"Yangyang, quick—try some of the carrot cake here. It's delicious." Li Shaobin picked up a piece and put it in front of her mouth eagerly.

Ruan Yang took a bite and started pouring some hot water. Li Shaobin picked up another piece of fresh prawn dumpling to feed her and she also took a small bite, saying as she ate, "You don't have to worry about me. Eat up."

"Okay, okay." Li Shaobin might've said that, but he kept putting all the best dishes onto her plate. "Yangyang, the soup here is very good. Remember to try it… Yangyang, let me feed you some kiwi…"

When a service staff who was carrying over some stewed noodles saw this scene, her eyes almost popped out. It wasn't that Li Shaobin hadn't come before, but everyone was afraid of him. But now, he was serving a woman, pouring tea for her and feeding her. It felt as though she had mistaken somebody else for him.

The service staff couldn't help but take an extra glance at the woman but was quickly caught by Li Shaobin. He glared and said, "What are you looking at? Leave after you've put the food down."

"I'm… I'm sorry." The service staff apologized profusely and left quickly, not daring to take another look again.

Ruan Yang said softly, "Why do you have to be so aggressive?"

Li Shaobin snorted, "I'm fierce to everyone and only gentle to you."

After he said that, he started blowing on a wonton. When it seemed almost cooled, he started feeding Ruan Yang again. "Yangyang, I've already cooled it down for you. The filling should be fresh prawns they got this morning. It's super good. I could finish a few bowls in the past."

Li Zhongchi and Shen Liu stood behind, not far away from the two of them, while watching this scene with weird expressions.

Li Shaobin had always been the devil in the house and they only saw people serving him, not the other way around. Seeing him like that was as though he was about to become a slave to his wife soon. Besides, she wasn't his wife yet.

Li Zhongchi walked over and happened to hear Li Shaobin say, "So you don't like coriander? It's okay, I'll help you pick them all out."

"I don't like to eat coriander too but I don't see you picking them out for me," Li Zhongchi said in a deep voice.

Li Shaobin turned his head back. "Who are you to let me pick…"

When he saw Li Zhongchi and his sister-in-law, he froze and stood up. He was even a little upset because he was disturbed. "Bro, Sister-in-law, what are you two doing here?"

"Only you're allowed to come here and not us?" Li Zhongchi and Shen Liu sat in front of the two of them, staring at Ruan Yang intently. "Shaobin, aren't you going to introduce us?"

Ruan Yang felt a little awkward. After all, she met Li Shaobin's family members so unexpectedly.

Li Shaobin quickly said, "Yangyang, this is my big brother and sister-in-law. You don't have to be nervous. They dote on me a lot. You can just call them big brother and sister-in-law."

Ruan Yang was embarrassed. She totally ignored the last line and said, "Big brother, sister, how do you do? I'm Ruan Yang."

Li Shaobin pouted. "What sister? She's going to become your sister-in-law sooner or later anyway."

Ruan Yang pinched his thigh secretly and Shen Liu said with a smile, "Binbin, don't scare her."

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》