So You're Such A Doctor Song
442 Li Shaobin, Thank You
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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442 Li Shaobin, Thank You

Ruan Yang felt like she had just seen a ghost. What exactly did Li Shaobin do to her parents? They actually put in so many good words for him.

Forget Zhang Shulin, but even Ruan Po liked him.

"Mm." She nodded obediently, afraid to be lectured by her parents again.

Ruan Po's expression changed for the better. "It's good that you've thought things through. Spend your days together well."

"You guys continue talking. I'm going to cook." Zhang Shulin walked into the kitchen while tying her apron.

"Mom, let me help you." Ruan Yang was ready to help.

Zhang Shulin said, "You don't have to help me. Go keep Shaobin company."

Ruan Yang blushed. Li Shaobin also said embarrassedly, "It's alright, Auntie. There's more than enough time for us to spend together. She should spend some time with you."

"This child is so sensible." Zhang Shulin was full of praise for Li Shaobin.

During dinner, Li Shaobin drank a few cups of white wine with Ruan Po. Ruan Po was a little similar to Yan Lei in this aspect. Once he was drunk, he sounded happier even when he talked. "When are the two of you planning to get married?"

Ruan Yang almost spat out her juice. "Dad, that's too early."

"It's not early. Do you think you're still young?" Ruan Po glared at her. "In my opinion, the two of you should settle your marriage quickly so you don't end up nowhere. Youngsters these days aren't even serious about love."

Li Shaobin thought to himself: Didn't you cheat as well? What right do you have to criticize youngsters? However, he said, "Uncle, don't worry. I'm serious about it."

"I believe you're serious. I'm just worried about her." Ruan Po glanced at Ruan Yang.

Ruan Yang felt aggrieved. Am I their child or is Li Shaobin their child?


After the meal, Li Shaobin went over to help wash the dishes eagerly and Zhang Shulin couldn't stop praising him. "Do you do the dishes often at home? You're quite good at washing the dishes."

"I didn't wash the dishes in the past. I only started when I got together with Ruan Yang," Li Shaobin said with a grin. "Ruan Yang's hands are so delicate. I couldn't bear to let her do the dishes."

Ruan Yang was speechless upon hearing him from the side. She was the one who had to force him to do the dishes. She used to think that this man wasn't scheming, but now she knew.

She turned her face away. Ruan Po looked at her with a gaze that seemed to be saying: Look at what a good man you've got here.


After Li Shaobin was done with the dishes, Li Congyang called. "Where have you gone now? It's New Year's Eve tomorrow and I haven't even seen your shadow. Don't tell me you're not coming back for the new year? Otherwise, I'll beat you to death."

Li Shaobin felt conflicted. He hid on the balcony, saying with a stutter, "I have something to do outside. I don't know if I can go back."

"What else do you have to do? Have you gone somewhere to play with Ruan Yang?" Li Congyang said. "Even if you've gone out to play, you can't be so muddle-headed when it comes to the new year. There are still 80 and 90-year-olds at home. Didn't we say that you could bring her home? Don't tell me Ruan Yang didn't want to come so she made you go out?"

"Dad, don't let your thoughts run wild," Li Shaobin said. "I'm at Ruan Yang's parents' place. It's almost the new year, so I came over to send them some gifts."

Li Congyang scoffed. "There's really nothing good about having a son. I haven't seen you giving me or your mom any gifts ever since you were young. It's up to you whether you want to come back or not."

He hung up after saying that.

Ruan Yang came over to ask: "Did your parents ask you to go back?"

"Er…" Li Shaobin didn't know how to explain it to her.

"Go back tomorrow," Ruan Yang said in a complicated tone. "It's the new year after all, and your grandparents are already so old. Don't neglect them just because of me."

"Aren't you going?" Li Shaobin was slightly disappointed, although he had long expected that.

"I haven't spent New Year's with my parents for several years. I want to keep them company this year." Ruan Yang lifted her head and suddenly smiled gently as she said, "I'll go over to your place on the second or third day of the new year."

Li Shaobin's eyes lit up and he was elated. "You've thought things through?"

"How could I not think things through when you're so good to me?" Ruan Yang sighed softly. "If it weren't for you, my parents wouldn't have let me come back so quickly. I should've done it myself, but you did it all for me. Aren't you afraid it's not worth doing all this for me?"

Li Shaobin blinked and said after a while, "Ruan Yang, it's all worth it as long as you're happy."

Ruan Yang felt her heart skip a beat. How was it possible for her to believe that it would all be worth it as long as she was happy?

There weren't that many pure, selfless, and kind people in this world.

She knew it. He just did all this so that he could move her.

His motive wasn't important. What was more important was that he went through the process and he created this outcome too.

Unlike some people who only wanted to obtain her heart with the simplest and most effortless methods. However, the most difficult method was usually the one people weren't willing to do.

He knew what she wanted and he did it. That was the best kind of love.

Now that she thought about it, that jacket Xin Ziao put over her seemed so meager.

She believed that if she had known him earlier, she might've expected him to have done better.

Xin Ziao shouldn't have just covered her up with a jacket. He could've beaten up the director.

"Li Shaobin, thank you." She was silent for a while before she said that.

Li Shaobin felt as though he was floating in the air. Everything seemed so incredible. All of a sudden, the hardships he had suffered seemed insignificant. He could even wait for 20 days, much less two. "Ruan Yang don't thank me. I did all that willingly. I don't know if you're still in doubt right now, but I, Li Shaobin, will never let you suffer. I will definitely dote on you in the future."

Ruan Yang felt a ripple inside. After a while, she lowered her head and put her hands in her pockets. "Don't say all that to me right now. I'm afraid of these words. I've heard them too many times. I don't like it when people say things like that to me. I can feel it for myself if people love me."

"Alright…" Li Shaobin didn't think that the trauma that Xin Ziao brought to her would be so significant. He rarely said such sweet things. "But will your parents be unhappy if I don't spend New Year's at your house?"

Ruan Yang found him funny. "I'm afraid my parents would only side with you no matter what you said."

Li Shaobin was proud to hear that. "It's alright, Ruan Yang. I'll help put in a few good words for you in front of your parents."

Ruan Yang felt like kicking him. However, she held in the urge when she thought of the things that he had done for her. There would be opportunities to kick him in the future.

When they went back into the house, Li Shaobin told Ruan Yang's parents that he would return to Northern City tomorrow. The two of them didn't stop him. After all, he had parents too. He should spend time with his parents during the new year.


When it was time to sleep, Li Shaobin still went back to his guest room obediently while Ruan Yang slept in her previous room.

Just before he slept, Li Shaobin updated his Feed: We have to be together forever…

In her room next door, Ruan Yang's face heated up when she saw that. She pretended to have not seen anything. Nothing at all.

Changqing, on the other hand, messaged Li Shaobin privately in a flash: "Did you succeed?"

Li Shaobin: But of course. Thank you, thank you. It was a very successful show.

Changqing: Treat me to Wagyu beef when you return.

Li Shaobin: No problem.

Changqing: But don't go sneaking into Ruan Yang's room to sleep at night.

Li Shaobin: You're too sinister.

Changqing: HAHAHAHA…


After chatting, Li Shaobin's heart thumped rapidly. He really wanted to sneak into Ruan Yang's room but if her parents found out, it would be disastrous. Forget it. I'll endure it.

He closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep.


The next day after breakfast, Ruan Yang drove Ruan Po's Volkswagon to take Li Shaobin to the bullet train station.

On the way, Li Shaobin was unhappy. "Ruan Yang, why are you driving so quickly? Didn't you say that we must drive more slowly? Drive slower so that we can spend more time together."

Ruan Yang rolled her eyes at him. "If I drive any slower, you're going to be late. Do you know that the bullet train isn't like the train? You have to enter earlier. If you get there right at departure time, you'll be shut outside."

Li Shaobin lay back gloomily when he heard that. However, on the way, he kept touching Ruan Yang's little hand from time to time and moved over to kiss her face occasionally.

When he kissed her again, Ruan Yang slapped his mouth straight away. "Do you still want to live? I'm driving."

Li Shaobin sat there obediently but kept blinking and glancing at her.

Although Ruan Yang was an artiste and was often glanced at like that, she still felt a little uncomfortable since it was in such a tight space, so she chided him. "Stop looking at me."

"I'm only looking at you because you look good," Li Shaobin said. "Ruan Yang, why are you so good-looking? Your parents are just a little above average."

Ruan Yang laughed. 'I'll tell my parents that when I get back."

Li Shaobin quickly pressed his lips together and didn't dare to spout nonsense anymore.

When they arrived at the bullet train station, Ruan Yang turned back and said to him, "I'm not going to see you inside. There's a lot of people inside. I'm afraid someone might recognize me."

"Mm, mm." Li Shaobin nodded. He pouted his little mouth and pointed at his mouth. "A kiss."

Knew it…

Ruan Yang curled her lips up. She wasn't surprised at all and said on purpose, "Only one?"

Li Shaobin was stunned. "Five or six is fine too."

"Fat hope. Not even one for you," she said.

"Why are you like this?" The corners of Li Shaobin's mouth fell.

Ruan Yang looked at him for a few seconds and suddenly moved over, kissing him deeply on the lips.

Li Shaobin was dumbfounded for a few seconds. He was elated and quickly kissed her back, passionate like a husky, unable to withstand it.

Ruan Yang pushed him for a very long time but he was still tightly stuck to her like superglue.

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