So You're Such A Doctor Song
444 Song Chuyi Was Crestfallen. “Can“t You Have A Better New Year“s Wish?“
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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Author :Leaf Snow
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444 Song Chuyi Was Crestfallen. “Can“t You Have A Better New Year“s Wish?“

Song Chuyi glanced at her and shuddered. It was so mushy. "How could I learn from him? Aren't you right by my side?"

Changqing refused to let it rest. "You can post 'Darling, Happy New Year. Even though you're by my side, I still miss you a lot'."

Song Chuyi: "…"

He lay down quietly and closed his eyes as he covered himself with the blanket, pretending to have heard nothing.

"Hubby… Chuchu…" Chuchu crawled on him and acted coquettishly.

Song Chuyi sighed. "Qing Bao, cut it out. Your husband's love and thoughts are all kept inside my heart."

"If you're not posting it, I'll post it with your phone." Changqing appeared to be hurt as she said, "Ruan Yang is the blissful one. As for me, I can only secretly post things like this using your phone pathetically. Besides, you're going to the States but you still refuse to fulfill my New Year's wish."

Song Chuyi was crestfallen. "Can't you have a better New Year's wish?"

Changqing shook her head resolutely. "No."

He had no choice but to take his phone and post two words: Love you.

Changqing looked at the two words for quite some time and finally glanced at him arrogantly. "Forget it; at least you posted two words. I'll forgive you then."

Song Chuyi closed his eyes. He must make sure she didn't come into contact with Li Shaobin as often anymore. Oh, right, there was one way.

The next morning, while Changqing was still sound asleep, he opened her WeChat stealthily and blocked Li Shaobin's Feed. Mm. She wouldn't be able to see anything he posted in the future.


On New Year's day, the first thing Li Shaobin did was to call Ruan Yang. "Yangyang, Happy New Year!"

"Mm, mm. You said it at 12 am." Ruan Yang was still sleeping so she sounded half-awake. "Why are you awake so early?"

"Because I missed you," Li Shaobin said. "I just sent you a big fat red pocket—accept it. I'll take an afternoon flight to your house."

"Don't be silly," Ruan Yang scolded. "It's only the first day of the new year. You should at least wait until tomorrow to come. Otherwise, your family members will scold you."

"Oh, alright. I'll listen to you." Li Shaobin sounded very obedient. "Get up quickly to have breakfast."

"Got it, got it. You're not allowed to call me so early in the morning to disturb my sweet dreams." Ruan Yang hung up angrily.

When she opened her WeChat, she saw that he had sent multiple red pockets containing 520 (1. Reads 5-2-0 in Chinese and it sounds like "I love you") dollars in value. In any case, her hand ached from accepting all the red pockets.

When she checked her wallet and saw the total value that was more than 10 000, she shuddered. Didn't he feel tired sending all those?

However, he really was sincere. He was just too passionate.

She sent two 520-dollar red pockets as well and that made Li Shaobin elated.


When he got up, he ran into his nephew and said proudly, "Ruan Yang sent me two 520-dollar red pockets today. Just give up."

"Childish," Li Xiaoxia said. "Sister Yang also sent me red pockets."

Li Shaobin was furious. However, he still tried to restrain himself and said, "I told her to do it since you're my nephew. You know what? If you weren't my nephew, you wouldn't get anything. You should be grateful to your Little Uncle."

Li Xiaoxia glared at him hatefully and let out a "tsk" before ignoring him and going downstairs to have breakfast.

"What are you standing there for? Come down quickly for breakfast," Li Congyang shouted from downstairs. "After breakfast, your brothers are going to your Uncle Hong's house to pay them a new year visit."

"Alright," Li Shaobin answered dispiritedly. "Aren't you going?"

"I don't have time today. Your uncles are coming over later," Li Congyang said.

The Uncle Hong that Li Congyang referred to was Hong Shang, his sworn brother. He had taken very good care of Li Shaobin and his brothers ever since they were young. Although he had retired from the business world for many years, his abilities and reputation still evoked respect from others.

When they arrived at Hong Shang's house, Auntie Hong opened the door and they could hear a burst of familiar laughter.

Li Shaobin immediately frowned. Auntie Hong had also heard the rumors spreading outside lately and smiled awkwardly. "Ziao and his wife are here to pay their New Year's visit early in the morning too."

Li Shaobin's face almost fell. Hong Shang was a reputable man who was thought of highly and many received help from him. The Xin family also paid him a New Year visit every year as well, except they usually did it on the second day of the new year in previous years so they rarely ran into each other.

Auntie Hong could guess what he was thinking so she explained, "They said that Ziao has to go to his mother-in-law's to pay them a new year visit tomorrow and would only return after a few days, so they came earlier this year."

"Mother-in-law?" Li Shaobin tasted the words in his mouth and found them disgusting. Xin Ziao was such a hypocrite.

After changing his shoes, he saw Xin Ziao and Zhao Zhu sitting side by side in the living room. He didn't know what the conversation was about, but the three of them were laughing heartily.

Li Shaobin said with a grin, "Yo, Madam Xin, you're wearing a bright red mink overcoat today. You look so joyous, just like a newlywed. People who don't know might even think that the two of you just got married."

Xin Ziao's face froze slightly when he heard that. He kept getting the feeling that Li Shaobin was trying to mock them secretly.

Zhao Zhu smiled very charmingly. "Young Master Li really knows how to make one happy. It's the new year. Of course I must dress up joyously. Now that you've brought up joyous festivities, I have to congratulate Young Master Li too. I've heard everyone say that Miss Ruan is very fortunate to have Young Master Li as her boyfriend. I wonder when we can attend your wedding."

"The wedding is a must." Li Shaobin gave off an apparent smile and said, "I'll try to make it soon. It'll definitely be this year."

Xin Ziao took a sip of tea expressionlessly.

Li Jinchi and Li Zhongchi exchanged glances. They knew they couldn't allow the two of them to continue the conversation like this any longer; otherwise, they would start a quarrel in Hong Shang's house on the first day of the new year. Li Jinchi quickly said with a smile, "Uncle Hong, you seemed to have gotten younger after retirement. You look more energetic than before."

"I don't have that many troubles and I get to take a walk with your Auntie Hong every day, so naturally, I look a little younger," Hong Shang said with a smile. "Jinchi, it's almost been a year since I last saw you. I heard you've become more capable. Impressive. Young and promising. When I tell everyone that Li Jinchi is my nephew whenever I go out now, everyone's really envious."

"It's all because you've taught me well, Uncle Hong." Li Jinchi smiled.

Xin Ziao finished his cup of tea and said as he stood up, "Uncle Hong, we'll be taking our leave first. I'll come over to visit you next time."

"You're leaving already? Stay a little while more." Hong Shang urged him to stay politely.

"I won't be able to. We still have to go elsewhere to complete our new year visits later." Xin Ziao smiled with difficulty.

The moment he left, Li Shaobin scoffed and said, "Uncle Hong, why did you even bother to entertain that hypocrite?"

Li Zhongchi glared at him and Hong Shang quickly waved his hand with a smile as he said, "It's alright. Would I not know what kind of a person Shaobin is? I was afraid Li Shaobin would start quarreling with him just now. Now that Xin Ziao has left, I'm more relieved."

Auntie Hong said with a smile as she brought some tea over, "Looks like the Xin and Li families are going to become enemies."

"If he didn't keep having thoughts about my woman after getting married, I wouldn't insist on turning on him," Li Shaobin said angrily. "He already has a wife."

Hong Shang shook his head and smiled. "Ziao is just like his father."

Li Shaobin was stunned. "Uncle Hong, what did you just say?"

"Nothing." Hong Shang seemed to have realized he said something wrong so he quickly lowered his head awkwardly to take a sip of tea.

Li Shaobin's eyes turned.


When they came out from Hong Shang's house, Li Zhongchi turned his head back to warn Li Shaobin, "You better stay out of trouble."

"Bro, I don't know what you're talking about." Li Shaobin blinked.

"Stop feigning ignorance in front of me," Li Zhongchi said. "I knew what was on your mind the moment your eyes shifted."

Li Shaobin pouted. "Uncle Hong's known Xin Ziao's father for decades. He definitely knows something about Xin Zhanheng's love affairs to make that comment."

"How do you know whether he did it on purpose or not?" Li Jinchi said lightly.

Li Zhongchi was stunned. "Second brother, what you mean is…"

"Although Uncle Hong is nice to us, you guys should all know what kind of a person he is. He's someone who never lets anything out. I've never seen him make such a comment typically. Why would he do that today?" Li Jinchi said. "I heard that the Xin family has been getting ready to expand into the construction industry. Uncle Hong's son-in-law is also in that field. I heard that a large-scale mining project is in development over in Xinjiang. Uncle Hong's son-in-law got part of the project and Xin Ziao is also trying to get his hands on it. It's said that the Xin family wants to reap part of the profits. This is very common in the business industry. That's also why Xin Ziao came over to pay Uncle Hong a visit on the first day of the new year. The Xin family might want to have a share of the profits but the Hong family might not be willing to share the profits. It's just that they've known each other for a very long time and it's not very appropriate for him to reject them."

Li Shaobin suddenly understood. "So Uncle Hong revealed it to me on purpose. I really didn't think Uncle Hong would…"

Li Jinchi smiled. "If he wasn't so good at keeping secrets, the Hong family wouldn't be where it is today. Besides, his son-in-law only has average capabilities. Now that the Xin family wants a share of their profits, once they get to understand this field, they might become a worthy competitor tomorrow. However, Uncle Hong doesn't want to fall out with them completely. It so happened that you, someone who detested the Xin Family so much, came right up to him, so he just made a little use of you."

Li Zhongchi frowned upon hearing that. "Binbin, then you should just pretend that you don't know anything. Don't be used by others. It's better not to get involved in these muddy waters."

"I really didn't expect so many people to dislike the Xin family," Li Shaobin said as he raised his brows.

"No one would like it if you tried to progress too far," Li Jinchi said calmly.

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    《So You're Such A Doctor Song》