Reborn Anime Traveller
3 Yes , Still here
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Reborn Anime Traveller
Author :RailyX
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3 Yes , Still here

The sun is rising.

"Where the heck am I?" A tired person stood up and looked around.

"So it wasn't a dream , huh.."

This person is our favourite protagonist who just killed himself last episode. He stretched a bit and sleepily lie down.

"I should go and get something to eat , I guess"

[Ding!!! Mission added.

Mission: Food

You woke up in a new world and realised that it indeed happened. Now you need to get daily essential things like food.

Task: Go hunt for food

Reward: 1 Random draw ticket , map

"Seems like the System really cares about me."

After an hour of walking he found a oversized cat. The moment it saw him , it jumped and attacked him. Too bad that his target dodged and it crashed against a giant rock.

"What the heck? And what am I supposed to do now."

[Searching... System recommends host to kill it to transform your hand to kill it.]

He stood still for a moment and suddenly his right hand gained black and red scales with a claw twice as big as the original hand. He crushed the cat's head with one blow. Blood flew everywhere.

[Ding!...Host has killed Giant Saber Tooth and because of Special Property Devour increased Strength and Speed in Transformation.]

"Ok , but why do I don't feel anything when I killed it"

[Host has withstood a lot of pain and blood in your first life and with the help of the System you won't feel anything while killing someone or yourself]

"So I gonna be some cold-blooded killer in the future if I can't control my emotions."

He thought about if for a few seconds and then used his claw to cut the hide from the animal and roasted it over a fire he made.

[Ding!!!...Mission accomplished...Reward gained: 1x Random Draw Ticket , 1x Map]

Is there something special about this map? , he asked the System.

[Map will automaticaly show everything in a radius of 20 km around yourself.]

"Is there anyway to make you an AI? I really had such Systems. They sounds so boring.

[Searching...Ding!!!...Found a possibility: Need System to restart for 48 Hours

Do you accept Y/N]

"Wait!!! Before that , use the Ticket form the Rewards."

[Using 1x Random Draw Ticket...Ding!!!...Gained increase in overall Stats

Show new Status...

Name: Ruby (?)

Age: 15

Strength: 40 (maybe a bit weaker as an adult)

Defense: 20 (you won't survive in this world but standard)

Magic: 10 (wow you can use now magic for tickling)

Speed: 15 (you run like an elemetary school kid)

Skills: Dragonsformation , Gura Gura no mi]

"Why does it still annoy me after reading the description. Whatever , you can restart now"

[Restart innitiated...Try not to die (。◕‿‿◕。) ]

The only thing what he thought at this moment was , What the ****.

After that he slowly realized he should have taken out his map before letting it restart. He slowly lay down and started humming a song and fell asleep.


Morning it is. A person slowly stood up and stretched.

"BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!!!" *BUMM*

The person slowly turned around , while sweating like a waterfall. Directly around 1 meter behind him was a giant tree which crashed into the ground. After looking at it he finally realised how he escaped death's grip just now.

"Oh there is someone. Huh sorry sorry , didn't knew someone was here."

A teenager with a strawhat sat on the tree while watching him.

"What the ****. You ***** you nearly killed me you ***********"

/{We are interrupting this Programm because of technical issues}\

"Yeah I'm sorry about that"

He slowly regained his composure and when he saw the boy infornt of him , the only thought that crossed his mind was : Destiny really likes the Main Character of the stories.

Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy was standing there. Infront of him. The person who might become the pirate kind in 100 Years after One Piece Manga is finished.

Now he stood infront of a life changing Decision. Like in those story games he never played. He felt like two boxes appeared infront of him.

1. Follow the Main Character and relive his torie together with the Strawhat Pirates.

2. Choose your own way and discover the world of One Piece


I have no idea how this story continues and I decided to let you decide upon the story. Might be interesting. So write your decision in the comments.(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


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