Random Fanfic about Anime with a System
129 Ending + Note for the direction of the story + _____ Note.
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Random Fanfic about Anime with a System
Author :StarryUnderworld
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129 Ending + Note for the direction of the story + _____ Note.

This series is ending for a few reasons

1)I'm not going to live past today,My mind is set and I'm going to suicide.

2)School is too stressful and I hate my life,therefore that means that I have given up on life.I wont be living anymore so I cant write anymore.

To be honest,this series was very fun to write,there were ups and downs,criticisms and even some praises(Really surprised).

You see,I'm just a small 14yr old teenager who just had his birthday a few days ago,during the 1st of January 2019.A sec 3.

My school life was very bad and I have had suicidal thoughts ever since I was primary 6.

This was because of childhood abuse and some more during my maturity as I grew up.

Near the end of this 'chapter',There will be 'plans' for the novel,if anyone was curious about where the novel was going to go.

Hark,if anyone wants to take over this novel and rewrite and improve on everything,go ahead.Just put a link to this,the original if you want to.

I have faith in your integrity,if anyone wants to take over this novel.Not that I'll be able to check anyway,sooooooo.... yeah.Lets get onto the other part of this 'chapter',shall we?

I feel like recommending

Ib ~~ Memory -- Ib All Alone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfsxdY2jt3Y)

while you read this.Though you don't have to.



This is where I would usually end this note as well,the below things won't be good to set as public.I am however,publishing this out to public as well,I frankly dont give a Fuck anymore.


School is stressful;who doesn't think so?Maybe some,but generally everyone agree that its stressful.

Before I delve further into the rabbit hole,I would like to thank you all for the support and patience you have shown to me and this book.

Frankly,it was tough writing this and many a times I've wanted to drop this book halfway,but stopped as well,it would suck for a book to end halfway.

Some of your reviews don't make any sense to me,although some were amazing reviews that allowed me to see my flaws.With that said,writing long chapters is hard.

Please dont complain about the length of chapters unless the chapter consists of less than 350 words.Usually I try my Best to write at least 400+ words,sometime even 2000!

One of my shortest chapter was chapter 2,with it around 300 words.To be honest,I felt pissed that people complain about chapter length when they themselves cant write long chapters and quality work;not that I'm saying my is of great quality and length.

Anyway,back to the Suicide note.

Honestly,only a select few of the teachers in my school suck.They are (for me) Mean,rude and doesn't understand me.

Lets start with my sec 1 & 2 El and Form teacher.He was weird and was alright in teaching,although some of his policies/rules for work is plain stupid.Leave a line after every sentence?! What a waste of paper.Do you really think I have time In 'O' levels examinations to ask for more paper to use?Not only is it a waste of paper,it is a waste of space.It is weird to read compositions that leave a line in between sentences,to be honest.

I'll leave it to that.I have one more thing to add,he is a pussy and idiot.I was bullied in sec 1 (Not telling why or what happened cause I'm lazy,cut me some slack because I'm gonna die!) and because I confronted the bully,I got into deep shit.

He didn't believe my side of the story because I couldn't tell him exactly what had happened and what vulgarities said bully spouted towards me and my parents.

Let me get this straight,the other guy was cursing In Another chinese dialect,cantonist/Howkian (Not sure how to spell).

Guess what?My score of chinese happens to be the lowest in the school,a whopping score of about 15.

How do you think I'll remember the words he said?I knew what he meant but forgotten about it,after a few days/hours after the incident.

And since that asshole was smaller/shorter than me,the teachers bought his story and ignored me.From that point on,I gave up.

Not only that,he bugs me and disturbs me everyday,with some of my CCA mate joining in.He often makes fun of me,saying how my manhood is small and I always take a shit,although Im obviously not.He even got one of the taller dudes in my CCA to take pictures of me,while I was changing clothes.This may not sound much to you,but at that time I was depressed,and I currently am.he himself is a joke,trying to be funny at all times,making a fool out of himself.

I'll briefly take about a pe teacher in my school,though he only taught my class briefly,he was rude,mean and gave out bad vibes overall to me.At that point of time,I was injured (I crashed into a metal gate that was from the school field)I ended up having to dress the wounds i received.That guy asked me about my injuries during the next Pe lesson and when I told him I should be fine as it was mostly healed by then.I told him that its quite shallow as it had mostly healed already and he kept asking me to repeat and made fun of me.He humiliated and embarrassed me out of nowhere,for no absolute reason.

Honestly,maybe my opinions are biased,but I feel that the Pe teacher was truly mean.With that said,I feel that of of my teachers,my Sec 3 ones are amazing and nice,though I've only met them for about 3-4 days.

Now,I wont be talking about other teachers as well,the note will get to 4000 words long if I do so.Some teachers are amazing in my school,dont get me wrong;my sec3 teachers are nice and friendly,yet does it make any difference?

As I said earlier,my chinese was the WORST in the ENTIRE school.28/100 total for last year.I was offered to take Clb,Basic Chinese (Foundation/primary level Chinese).i was elated at this because I was sick and tired of failing chinese.Not only that,it would help reduce stress that I have from my 3maths (PoA,AMaths,EMaths)classes.

Yet,my father knowing my results,said "No!You wont drop chinese!Until you get 50 !"

This broke the last straw and thus confirmed how much My life sucks.

Let me put this in a videogame like presentation.

Sec 2 E Chinese : lvl100


Sec 3 E Chinese / Basically O levels: lvl 2000


Complete death.No need to say anything.I just....gave up.

Triple maths was tough,adding in sciences and English with literature didnt help that much.Add a subject I hate and do badly in,Gg no re Im out.

My birthday was only like what,2-6 days ago( depending on when I upload this)I was born on 1st January 2005,being special.My phone was just repaired on my birthday in malaysia(I live in Singapore).

One thing I hate about this school is how much they love camps.Like,do we really need to have a camp each year?With my CCA,NPCC,There is like 5 or more camps this year!I hate my life because of this.Not to mention we owe about 790 punishment to our CIs.

I do have friends,A modest amount,Yes,but great ones they were.They were akin to my brothers I've always wanted,though they were rather narcissistic. I've always held an inferiority complex,especially when it came to height.I felt small,almost everyone was taller than me.My best friends were in my schools basketball team,being great as basketball,with me being below their skill level,yet catching up as I can defend and stop their offence.



With that said,If You are reading this,I wanted to tell you that you guys were the reason why I didn't kill myself at sec1.The moments I've spent with you guys were the best moments of my life,bar none.Goodluck on your Basketball games and matches!

I wont go into details about how my family treats me,as Im too lazy and dont feel like it.No amount of convincing will stop me from committing suicide,so I'm sorry if I let anyone down from my death.

Now,some general complains I have for the school:Its too bloody hot at the back of the hall,especially at the middle.Your shit about your family should be kept to yourself,mr Fat principal.

I won't do much but send the link to this page to my friends and teachers,and If this gets taken down,it is likely due to my Parents or the School or the Police doing it.

I had originally wanted to commit suicide on Friday,but stopped as I wanted to read some more novels until Monday morning before doing so.

I also wanted to play a last game/match of Basketball with my friends,though I couldn't do so and only played some one on one games with another classmate of mine.

Honestly,I don't get why I can't change CCA.I mean sure,the school wants us to be dedicated to our CCA and all,but honestly,its just utter bullshit and restrictive.

As for our CCA motto,it is 'Bitter to Endure,Sweet to Remember'.What nonsense.If you were to think back to the time in CCA,would it really be Sweet to remember about all that time you got punished?

Sure,it may be fun to joke about the reasons why you got punished and stuff but overall,think about it,in the past where you were punished,was it really that fun?

To be honest,I was hesitant on doing this.I didn't want to commit suicide before finishing this story,as it'll honestly make me feel bad.However,I had thought it through from Thursday night until Sunday and decided that I really can't go on with this anymore.

Whilst thinking of Suicide,I was thinking,"What would happen when I die? Would I go to hell/heaven if it exists? If not,would I reincarnate?If I did,wouldn't my memories be wiped,causing me to lose my consciousness,meaning I won't know what would happen,nor would be able to think normally,even in another life,if there is.Or will I be eternal darkness,without hell or heaven,no reincarnation or what not?"

Honestly,I feel scared,like most humans would be when thinking about Death and the Unknowns.I am also sad that I won't be able to read until the End of some amazing Novels here in WebNovel,meaning I will be left on a eternal cliff hanger if I somehow still have my memories.



This segment would be more on what direction I wanted the story to go to:

1)The guild becomes 1st/strongest guild and is renowned,with Momonga being their allies

2)Going to the new world,Karma gives Momonga an item that allow him to read the minds of others,to help momonga have an idea of what ever his guardians are doing.

3)Karma then goes to One Piece again,to allow Erina,Rindo and perhaps the Guardians to train in Haki.

4)Add some lemon in between the chapters of plan 2 and 3.

5)After they train in Haki and what not,they will get some devil fruit powers to get better in power.

6)Mira contacts Karma via a proxy,presumably Izza,to ask for some help.Karma will then transcend to the 'God Realm' after reaching peak Divine combat realm,making him one of the strongest in the 'God Realm.'

7)Some War,with 3 factions: 1)Mira's faction [Neutral] 2)Asmopheas [God of War,basically Bad guy] 3)Kismet Sora [God of Dreams,Good person and Mira's friend]

8)Momo gets Kidnapped by some dude from the Bad faction,causing Karma to get pissed and join the war,under the warnings of Mira.

9)Karma gets destroyed by Asmopheas,Causing him to barely survive as he transports to a random world,presumingly Honkai Impact 3/AzurLane.

10)He powers up from a Huge ass Zenkai boost,while gaining some powers from either one of those two games.He then becomes a God.

11)He gets strong enough to tear a dimensional void,transporting himself into the middle of Asmopheas' base.

12)He kills Asmopheas,nearly dying in the aftermath,only surviving because of consuming multiple Senzu beans.

*13)He tries to find Momo,only to find her in an illusion,whom then proceeds to fatally wound Erina and Rindo who were the ones holding her,under the illusions of the 'God of Illusions'.

14)He goes and heal Erina and Rindo with the last few Senzu Beans he had and kills the God of Illusions,Imosfess.

15)However,Erina and Rindo are currently in a coma,due to a curse on the blade Momo wounded them with.

16)Momo snaps out of the illusion,and cries due to shame and runs away.Karma catches up and convinces her to stay.

17)With the powers of the Mira and Kismet Sora,Erina and Rindo wakes up,much to Momo's Hope.

18)Momo apologizes,while crying and embracing them both,feeling guilty for it all.

19)They ended up forgiving her,making her cry harder,due to her still feeling bad as they had forgiven her without much hesitation nor with any punishment or anger.

20)They told her it was fine and that as 'Sisters'/'Family',it was fine.Because they are still fine without any problems.

21)Momo then accepted it and with that,Karma brings the end to the 'War' and then proceeds to have some kids with the girls,eventually settling down in a world,as for the world,it'll either be Boku no Hero Academia's world,or it'll be Karma's original world,Earth (Our Planet/world).

*22)It was then Karma feels weird,and felt like as if he was 'opening' his eyes,even though they were already 'opened'.

23)He realizes that everything he did was in fact,a dream. He was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a top of the states Hospital,and that he was in a coma of 10 years.He realizes that a girl was sleeping,on his chest.He realized that it was one of his Childhood friends,called Mira.

24)He gets depressed,but soon recovers with the company of his friends,while secretly shedding a tear for his Harem,even if he knew it was all a dream.

25)With that said,his Childhood friend,Mira,confesses her love for him.He wanted to reject her due to him still having some sentiments for Momo and the other girls,only to accept her in the end as he wanted to move on from his dream,no longer thinking about the past.

26)With that,they got married after a year or so of dating and ended up having multiple babies,having 4 girls and 1 boy.

27)He names the girls after Momo and the others,while as for the boy,he names him Karma.Mira joked that Karma wanted a Harem while he laughed it off,while feeling sad inside,thinking about the fun he had in his 'dreams'

28)He then dies a grandfather at the age of 102,dying due to natural causes.

29)It is then revealed that this in itself,was a story being told and narrated by someone to a kid who proceeds to call him Great Great Grandmother.

30)As for the person,it was a girl whose Identity will never see the light of day,though it is rumored that she fought in the great war,as one of the faction leaders.


13) *Darker Route: He finds Momo dead,with her body chained upside down,her limps chopped off,with her eyes gouged out,with writing on her body,them being "Cum Dump,don't need to treat with care."

14)Every thing else would thus change,as a 'Domino Effect'.I will not write out what would happen.Except for the fact the Karma goes crazy and depressed,possibly ending everything.



22)*Original/Planned route: It was then said that he went on and had over 100 children with his wives.

23)This path will be revealed in the sequel novel,had I not decided to do this.



Honestly,that was all I had for the story,I honestly wanted this to be a prequel for another novel,Titled :"A Gods Fury" if it went the Darker Route,detailing how another main character,selected by Izza so that said MC can put a stop to Karma's Madness.

If not,"A thousand problems with children", the basically "Canon" route where it tells the problems he have with his children in the real world and how he deals with it. Be it about money,bullying,gaming and other real world problem,where most of my real life experiences would be used.

Originally,the 'Planned" sequel would be "Can't A God take a rest!?" Detailing how his Children had near death experiences or more cliché situations,such as the first son/daughter would become haughty and arrogant,using Karma's and their mother's background/identity to do some shit,with Karma having to 'punish' the child and clean up after said child.



As for other planned novels,there were excellent Ideas that I felt I had to write here,such as A black Cover system novel book and maybe even in No game no life/in some other games.

My other novel that i wanted to write was one where the mc was in Overlord and whose guild was an ally to Nazarick,with a system.It would've been named as :"Dealing with World Domination in another world together with another Transmigarator!?"




With that,this chapter of my life is finished.I apologize for not finishing my story,but I do believe with my 'notes' that I published,you would be able to tell what I wanted the story to be.

If you want to take over this story and make it way better as I said in the beginning,feel free to do so,all the while linking this story on the Synopsis or in an Auxiliary Chapter,or even better,in the beginning of the chapters,at least chapter 1 - 5 please.

That said,I can't check so please have integrity as a way to show some respect to this poor author who won't be here anymore.

Anyway,for those lazy to find out the link,here it is :




Isn't it Ironic that my longest chapter would be my last and would basically be considered 'Filler'? The total length happens to be 3333.Amazing,isn't it?

Too be honest,I've spent my time over the weekends rewatching old rpg maker games,such as Ib,Misao,Mad father and Witch's House.

I realized that Mad Father and Witch's house are connected,this can be inferred from the Manga of the Witch's House.This is cause there is another demon in the Manga of Witch's house,a crow.There's a similar crow in Mad Father that appears,which sets off alarms.



With all that said and done,This Is your author signing off,

Starry Underworld,



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