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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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11 Chapter 8

My fist clenched damn you... DAMN YOU" I screamed my eyes blazing with rage outside the sky grew dark as thunder boomed across the sky

everyone was looking at me in both shock and fear the evil smirk on the fallens face slowly started to fade away

I pitched my head back and let out a furious roar my hair changing from gold to black rapidly as my eyes turned pup-less

I let out another roar a massive shock-wave occurred causing the entire building to collapse my muscles grew my eyes flashed teal as my hair turned gold the ground started to shake as a golden light enveloped the area making everyone stop what their doing and stare at me

Esdeath was doing one fingered push ups on the floor in the the bed room when she suddenly smirked as she felt my ki rise

{he has done it} she thought

Michael was setting on his desk doing paper work when he suddenly felt the massive power causing him to sweat {I haven't felt this sense father was alive} he thought

what was that

Gabriel to was sweating not because of the power because she felt it the pain sorrow and rage all unleashed at once from a soul so pure

{ who could of caused you this amount of pain} she thought as she started crying

sirzechs was also doing paperwork when the sudden pressure knocked him off his chair

"that was trippy"

once the light died down I was seen completely different Electricity sparking through my body as I glared at the fallen with hate


Dohnaseek snapped out of his shock and screamed

"Priest attack ATTACK"

they all got out of their shock and charged I raised my hand and a blast of ki shot out of it completely vaporizing them

dohnaseek stepped back clearly shocked


I ignored him as I disappeared then reappeared in front of him punching him in the gut sending him flying toward the air, I reappeared above him and spin kicked him toward the ground before I reappeared beside him hitting him with a super god fist sending him crashing to the floor he spat out blood

I turned to issei kiba and koneko

"free raynare from her chains"

they all flinched at my voice but did what they were told

He then started to plead with rias to stop me even willing to give her the twilight healing

she accepted with a smile but it fell when they saw me

"Now naru~kun please don't kill him we nee-"

I ignored her and charged at him as I saw him flying away


as I flew I cupped my hands to the side and did a familiar chant a blue sphere of light started forming in my hand as beams of blue light shot out through the cracks of my fingers and started spinning like a disco


I thrusted my hands forward a blast of power erupted to life traveling toward the fallen angel once it reached him it left nothing in its wake

I sighed as I descended down

everyone was looking at me with wide eyes I saw the women I sent flying not to long ago kalawarner and a cute little blond girl I recognized as millet both looking at me with fear

I turned to see Raynare walking toward me and hug me while crying

look I know that in my old life becoming a super saiyan was cool but the price was almost too much

I grabbed millet and kalawarner put them on my shoulders i grabbed Raynare and picked her up bridal carry as she fainted from the stress I sighed as I flew away leaving a sonic boom in my wake


when I got home I put kalawarner and millet on the couch and I went to my bed as I got in I powered down to my base and looked at my skills

27.Angry Kamehameha

I changed the screen to category and I picked on the new one


Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

My eyes widen {holy crap } I thought as I fainted


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