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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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12 Chapter 9

The next morning when I woke Up I saw that both Raynare and Esdeath sleeping on each side of my of my arms

I saw Raynare waking up slowly she yawned and stretched giving me a full view of her curvy figure

"did you enjoy your sleep?" I asked cheekily

she blushed a little a before she smiled and kissed me on the lips making my eyes widen when she broke apart she started to speak

"I want to join your peerage and your adventure"

My eyes widen including the newly awaken Esdeath

"Are you sure?"

she nodded

"what about Azazel?"

she shrugged "what about him? I love you! My feelings confirmed when I saw your rage for when you saw me caged and beaten I felt protected I felt loved I guess what Im trying to say is I love you naru~kun"

My eyes widen before I looked toward Esdeath and saw that she was awake

she nodded and smiled before I looked back at Raynare

"are you sure" I repeated

/for god sake yes/

she nodded again

I smiled as i picked out a clear chess piece knight

The piece glowed golden as it fazed into her skin the same thing that happened to Esdeath happened to her the only thing that was shocking was that her wings turned gold

shocking the both of us

{uh...veronica what just happened}

[possibly has something to do with your soul being so pure that It also purified her..]


[its called soul piece for a reason master]

I sighed she looked before she fainted from the stress her wings turning silver

"huh...I guess her wings were only gold because of her super saiyan transformation" Esdeath thought out loud

I nodded my head in agreement

later that day

I was staring at the little girl in shock

"come again?"

"I want to join you in your peerage" she said shyly

I looked at kalwarner she was also looking at her with wide eyes

I looked at Raynare she smirked and nodded before I sighed

"Why do you want to join me so badly?"

she grinned "adventure" she said as she waved her hands dramatically in the air which reminded me of a certain yellow sponge tv show I used to watch as a kid

the three of us sweat dropped

"Raynare you told them didn't you?" I asked a little mad "why?"

Raynare suddenly found the floor more interesting

I sighed before I turned back to Millet

"Are you sure Azazel is ok with it?" I asked with mild concern I did not want to start a war over stuff like this that would be a waste of time

"Already contacted him he said that I will be safer with you"

I sighed

"I could be a new little sister"

Raynare and Esdeath flinched as I clenched my fist lightning cackled around my hand

she gulped

"uh.. or a cousin or something "

I sighed

"I"m sorry I had a bad family"

she grinned

"That I can relate too"

"No i'm pretty sure you can't" I replied with a sad smile before I grabbed a chess piece and lifted up in the air as It fazed into her skin the same thing started to happen to her the look on kalwarner's face when she turned into a angel was priceless

I sighed as she passed out exhaustion

"she will be fine shes just tired" I said to kalwarner

who nodded still kind of shocked at what happened


The next week was the same old routine going to school girls staring at me, guys glaring at me, a tomato and sparkles, trying to make me a slave I don't care how nice you try to say it its still enslaving , Rejecting them, training my girls the cool part is I realized that they cant fall any more which made them even more excited

I Also met this dick called Riser this weak funny I always thought he was a dick but when he talked to my girls like they were some type of slut well... things got ugly


Me, Raynare, Esdeath, and Millet were flying around the school when we sensed a sudden power increase

it turns out that It was coming toward the Orc building me I obviously decided to do a more direct approach

I punched the door open with one punch ending up breaking the door in half one hitting a small perv the other a familiar blond guy with fire around him

{so that's Riser} I thought

he spotted me and looked kind of annoyed but glanced behind me he licked his lips

He smirked at the three behind me "hello babes why don't you come with me instead of this scum Im sure I could give you a good time"

Everybody flinched as my face suddenly gained a cold look

Tomato's peerage tensed as they remembered what happened back at the church

he was about to continue when he felt a hand crushing his throat as he started to make gargling noises

"those are my girls you are talking about any more comments about them and I'll break you in half" I growled

My eyes flashed teal for a second before they reverted to normal

Grafia steps in "please release riser~sama sir he want make any remarks on the matter"

I looked at her for a miniute and sighed before I dropped him to the ground making him gasp for air

I started to leave when he shot a ball of fire at me he started to laugh at my supposed defeat that was until Esdeath appeared in front of me and froze the ball of fire with a blast of ice she smirked as she flung the ball back toward riser who barely doges we then left leaving everyone else staring behind us in shock

flashback end

Now the four of us were digging into our meals exhausted after a training session when a red magic circle appeared below me and I was gone a second later


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