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GameShark System In the World Of Pokemon
Author :ParadiseLost
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13 Pewter City

I walked toward the tent and went to go inside the tent but

Misty: Pikachu thundershock, Pi-Kaaa-chu

Ash: Aaaaahhhhh

Laying in the ground burnt with electricity around my body, zip the tent was closed.

Misty: Nice job Pikachu, Pika. Hmph, thinking is that easy to get into this tent, blushing.

Puff black smoke comes out of my mouth this woman trying to kill me and using my own Pokémon to do it.

Next day

Ash: Morning Misty

Misty: Morning Ash, wait Ash let me look at your eyes have they changed color now they looked golden.

Ash: Oh, so they looked good at me getting close to her and click

Misty blushes: Let's go

Misty walking away, wow so they do look good I need a mirror to check my image, hair is getting longer and wavy and it's completely black as the night sky and with golden eye ah I need a mirror.

Bug Catcher: Hello will you like to battle with me

Misty: Another one those bug catchers how many are there in this forest

Ash: Sure, let's battle

GS System: Congratulation for defeating Bug Catcher you get $80

Bug Catcher: That's a wonderful battle until next time

Ash: We're almost out of this forest Misty but I want to stay here for at least three weeks to get some experience for my Pokémon can you handle it or should I take you to pewter city then wait for me there for

Misty: There is no need just find a place we could put a temporary campsite and you could use that as a base. Then you could go do you want and I will stay there at the campsite and wait for you.

Ash: Misty you

Misty was thinking like a wife sending her husband to work while she waits at the house and waits for him there until he comes back.

Misty Blushing: Hurry up what are you waiting for let's find a place to set a campsite.

Ash smiling: Yes, right away

Three Weeks Later

Show status

Name: Ash Ketchum (Richard 19yrs old)

Age: 10yrs old

Pokedex: 21/151

Pokémon: Gyarados Lv.25, poliwag lv.24, goldeen lv.10, Pikachu Lv.15, Fearow Lv.21, Raticate Lv.22, Pidgeotto Lv.20, Nidorino Lv.18, Nidorina Lv.18, Butterfree Lv.10, Beedrill Lv.10, Pikachu Lv.10

Items: Pokeballs 13x, great ball 30x, ultra-ball 10x, master ball 1x, antidote 10x, full heal 39x, paralyz heal 3x, repel 4x, moonstone 1x, burn heal 3x, super potion 10x, escape rope 8x, nugget 2x, revive 5x, water stone 1x

Money: $3,970

Packs: Beginner packs 2x

Looks like every time I pass the ten mark in the Pokedex I get a beginner pack, my first pack was when I caught the two nidoran, my second pack was when they evolved into their second form. The system does not even announce it to me looks like I need to find a way to tell the system to announce it every time I get a new beginner pack when my Pokedex hit the 30 marks. It will have come in handy when you want to grind in a place for three weeks most of my supplies have been dried up.

Ash: Time to go Misty, we are leaving the viridian forest today and heading to pewter city.

Misty: Finally, we could leave this place.

We walk toward the exit of the Viridian forest we hit a building we went toward the door and went in and kept going to the exit of the building heading for pewter city. While we are walking, we see a sign in front of a cave. Should of this cave be in the other side of a fence strange so we head toward the cave to read the sign.

On the sign "Danger ahead Diglett's Cave"

We both read it and look at each other

Ash: I going to enter to get a Diglett I be back in a couple of minutes so wait right here for me ok.

Misty: No, I coming with you

Ash: Uh, fine let's go stay behind me.

Walking into the Diglett's cave was as expected a big hole underground with a passage heading somewhere and that somewhere should be the exit of the other side. We walked for about at least 10 minutes and I spotted a Diglett by itself.

Ash: Come out poliwag use water gun while the water gun connected to Diglett I threw my pokeball shake, shake, ding

GS System: Congratulation for capturing Diglett lv.20

You must be joking a level 20 just like that, walking toward the pokeball I grab it and put it away.

Ash: Let's go Misty

Misty: Um

While we are walking quietly to our next destination that's pewter city.

Misty: Ash, can I ask you something?

Ash: Go ahead

Misty: Am I a bother to you in your journey.

Ash: At the beginning, yes, but I found it enjoyable having you with me to look after me. Smiling towards her

She was sad when I told she was a bother and then blushed when she heard the latter part.

Misty: Let's hurry to pewter city while quickly walking ahead of me.

We made it to pewter city I step onto a rock look at pewter city finally we are here, my first gym badge.

Stranger: Hey kid, welcome to pewter city I see you like my merchandise you're standing on.

Misty: Ash down there. Pointing to a guy underneath where I am at.

Ash: Huh, who are you

Stranger: My name is Flint, the rock you are standing on is my property so you want to buy it, kid.

Ash: Sorry about that and no thanks on the buying of rocks. Stepping down of the rocks man who the hell sell rocks you should be dumb to think of buying one. Walking with Misty to leave this crazy guy behind us.

Ash: That was a strange guy there in front of the entrance of pewter city, let's head to the pokecenter what you think Misty.

Misty: Yes, finally I will have a good sleep and a bath.

Still walking and looking around pewter city is almost the same in the game and anime.

Misty: What you going to do in pewter city, Ash.

Ash: Going to challenge the pewter city gym leader and sell some items. What about you Misty what are you going to do in pewter city, I am sure you don't want to be with me all day.

Misty: I going to look around in pewter city and buy some souvenirs, so why you challenging the gym leader for Ash.

Ash: My goal is to enter the Pokémon league when I register in viridian city nurse joy said I need 8 badges to enter the Pokémon league so that why I am here to challenge the gym in pewter city.

That means he going to find out about me being related to the gym leader of cerulean gym. What should I do, should I tell him now or wait?

Ash: Misty we made it to the pokecenter.

Misty: Um

Ash: Hey there nurse joy can you heal my Pokémon for me.

Nurse Joy: Yes, put your Pokémon onto the tray and wait in the lobby for a bit.

Takes out the pokeballs and put them onto the tray that nurse joy took out and of course put Pikachu onto the tray, kind of looks weird having one Pokémon out and the rest still inside the ball. Maybe find a place and release them to stretch their bodies for a day.

Misty: I going to look around. Without waiting for Ash to reply.

Ash: Um ok, see you later

Misty was out of the pokecenter thinking what she should say to Ash once they reach cerulean city.

Maybe I should go with her looking around pewter city might find some interesting things and also need to look for the PokeMart to sell some of my items. Wait I still have to open the beginner packs to sell more items, but first I did promise my mom to call her when I reach a new city and also Professor Oak to send Pokémon to him.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Do, Do

Ash: Hey Mom

Delia: Ash, where are you, sweetie

Ash: I am in Pewter City

Delia: How your adventure son

Ash: Oh, I met a girl…...

10 minutes later I hung up the phone maybe I should have not brought up Misty with my mom.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Do, Do

Ash: Hey, prof. oak

Prof. Oak: If it isn't Ash you been doing young man how is your Pokedex coming along.

Ash: Is going nicely Professor Oak and I want to send some Pokémon over to take care off for me.

Prof. Oak: Hold on…... I'm ready Ash, you could send your Pokémon over.

Placing the pokeballs into the teleporter next to the telecom to send them to prof. oak lab.

Prof. Oak: Got them, Ash, now let's see what you have send over, come out Pokémon. A Fearow, raticate, Butterfree, Beedrill appear in front of Prof. Oak. That some good Pokémon you capture Ash, I will have them in the lab for you, just call me when you want them back.

Ash: Thank you, Professor Oak.

Turning off the telecom and get up from the chair.

Ding, ding, ding Ash come to the front of the lobby.

Hmm walking toward the main lobby of the pokecenter and headed straight for nurse joy that waiting in the desk.

Nurse Joy: Here you go Ash your Pokémon is all good to go.

Ash: Thank you, Nurse Joy

Pikachu: Pika jumping onto Ash's shoulder

Putting away all the pokeballs and walking toward a bench to sit down, system open packs.

GS System: 2x Beginner packs opening

GS System: Ding! Host has received: pokeballs 20x, potions 10x, antidote 10x, full heal 6x, great ball 4x, ice heal 3x, awakening 3x, repel 2x, camouflag cap blue 1x, artifical flower pin aqua female hat 1x

Show status

Name: Ash Ketchum (Richard 19yrs old)

Age: 10yrs old

Pokedex: 22/151

Pokémon: Gyarados Lv.25, Poliwag Lv.24, goldeen lv.10, Pikachu Lv.15, Pidgeotto lv.20, Pikachu lv.10, Nidorino lv.18, Nidorina lv.18, Diglett lv.20

Items: Pokeball 32x, great ball 34x, ultra-ball 10x, master ball 1x, antidote 20x, full heal 45x, paralyz heal 3x, repel 6x, moonstone 1x, burn heal 3x, super potion 10x, escape rope 8x, nugget 2x, revive 5x, water stone 1x, potion 10x, ice heal 3x, awakening 3x, camouflag cap blue 1x, artifical flower pin aqua female hat 1x

Money: $3,350

Ash: Let's go Pikachu

Pikachu: Pika


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